Monday, April 17, 2006

Re: [political-research] A General Misunderstanding

It would be easy to find any number of neoliberals under the Democrats to replace Donald Rumsfeld, and all of whom would be even worse than the Republican neocons.  The major political parties, the mainstream media and much of the alternative media (like The Huffington Post) are furiously pissing away their energy and moral outrage in a hamster wheel designed by a lobby that they dare not name, not to mention challenge.
This isn't about Rumsfeld -- it's about the entire political and media establishment.
The New York Times and The Washington Post could have easily shot down the entire neocon scam in Iraq before it got started, with a few well-aimed questions, but they chose to enable it instead.  They are continuing to enable the neocon campaign to ignite World War III/IV by failing to pursue dozens of huge Bush administration scandals that far exceed in seriousness anything committed by the Nixon administration. wrote:
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When will we ever blast through all the false debate? Delong fails to mention that Rumsfeld and others were discussing invasion of Iraq on 9/11. Even of one signs on the the PNAC argument and supports the false flag operation of 9/11, would you approve Rumsfeld's oversight. Even if you believe in the elites ruling over the "excess population", how can anyone in their wildest insanity think anything except Rumsfeld has set back the overall process. (Unfortunately, Rumsfeld failures may only help corrupt Democrats return to commanding the slaughterhouse.) Is it really that hard to find a willing neo-con to replace Rumsfeld?

OPINION   | April 16, 2006
Op-Ed Contributor:  A General Misunderstanding
Donald Rumsfeld alone is not to blame for the mistakes in Iraq.

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