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:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Do you know what kind of weapons causes this damage?

As-Safir Newspaper
...The attached pictures are hideously gruesome, but you have to look at them . Help me find out what kind of weapons cause this kind of dismemberment and mutation. What kind of weapons cause this kind of damage? Do you know? Could you find out? None of this is confirmed, or could be here and now. However, there are growing doubts that Israel might be using internationally forbidden weapons in its current aggress! ion against Lebanon. News from "Southern Medical Center", a hospital in Saida( in South Lebanon) are not good. Dr. Bashir Sham, member of "French Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons", explains that the way the corps look when they reach the hospital, especially those of the air strikes in Doueir and Rmayleih, is very abnormal." One might think they were burnt , but their colour is dark , they're inflated, and they have a terrible smell" All this , and the hair is not burnt nor do the bodies bleed. Eight of the victims of an air strike on Rmayleih bridge, near Saida, on the 15th of July, were transferred to Sham's hospital. Sham says that only chemical poisonous substances "lead to instant death without bleeding". And what indicates the power of these substances, is the high and unusual of number of dead victimes, compared to the number of injuries. Sham thinks that whatever "abnormal " substance causing these features might penetrate through the skin, or another explanat! ion would be that the missiles contained toxic gas that stoppe! d the pr oper functioning of the nervous system, and led to blood clotting...
Warning: extremely graphic Pictures

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“Purity of Arms” in Lebanon; “The dead are rotting in the rubble of smashed homes”
Mike Whitney
...There are no good options, but one thing is certain. The invasion of Lebanon proves that the crackpot strategy to Balkenize the Arab world and redraw the map of the Middle East is moving forward according to plan. All eyes should be focused on Damascus and the growing likelihood of a regional war. Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has taken a chapter from Rumsfeld’s book and decided to "expand the conflict", which means! , there’s no telling where it will end. The entire area from the Red Sea to the Caspian Basin has been doused in gasoline and is ready to go up in flames. Lebanon has become a lab-experiment to prove that Israel can extend its model of occupation from Gaza to Beirut...

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Statement of the BRussells Tribunal:
Israel’s wanton bombing of Lebanese civilians is an unequivocal war crime
States are obliged to protect Lebanon, militarily if necessary, lest international law become a travesty
If the Security Council won’t act, the General Assembly can and must

BRussells Tribunal
...The BRussells Tribunal, in solidarity with the people of Lebanon, accuses the State of Israel of war crimes and the United States of complicity. We demand the unconditional end of Israeli agg! ression against the sovereign state and sovereign people of Lebanon. We call upon people of conscience and moral fortitude everywhere to vigorously oppose Israel’s campaign of mass murder and America’s grotesque alliance with Israeli state terrorism. We stand with the Lebanese against imperialism and racism, and in defense of human values, democracy and international law...

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Saddam urges U.S. to leave Iraq in letter
(Full text)

Associated Press
Saddam Hussein has urged the Americans to "save your country and leave Iraq'' in a letter written in prison to the American people and released Friday by his lawyers. Saddam blamed President George W. Bush and pro-Israel groups for misleading the U.S. public to justify into the war. The letter was carried by Saddam's lawyers to Jordan, where it was released. "I see that officials of your administration are still lying to you and t! hey still do not give you a true explanation for the reasons that motivated them to rush on the road of aggression against Iraq,'' Saddam wrote.

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US raid in Iraq leaves civilian casualties
US soldiers have killed six civilians in an anti-insurgent raid in Iraq, local police said, while the US military said its forces killed one suspected "terrorist" and wounded several people. Police said the dead in the raid near Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, included two women and a young girl, and that 20 people were wounded. Pictures taken by an AFP photographer in the aftermath of the raid showed six bodies of civilians, including that of a young child...

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Michael Rivero, WRH
...It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on Lebanon's side of the border with Israel. Hezbollah, which commands the Lebanese south, immediately seized on their crossing. They arrested two Israeli soldiers, killed eight Israelis and wounded over 20 in attacks inside Israeli territory. [Asia Times 7/15/06] In a deliberated way, Tsahal sent a commando in the Lebanese back-country to Aïta Al Chaab. It was attacked by! Hezbollah, making two prisoners. [ 7/18/06] Do you get it yet? Israel sent troops across the border into Lebanon. They then claimed the captured invaders were "kidnap victims" and launched their attacks...

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Israel uses Palestinian children as human shields.
B'Tselem's initial investigation indicates that, during an incursion by Israeli forces into Beit Hanun, in the northern Gaza Strip, on 17 July 2006, soldiers seized control of two buildings in the town and used residents as human shield. After seizing control of the buildings, the soldiers held six residents, two of them minors, on the staircases of the two buildings, at the entrance to rooms in which the soldiers positioned themselves, fo! r some twelve hours. During this time, there were intense exchanges of gunfire between the soldiers and armed Palestinians. The soldiers also demanded that one of the occupants walk in front of them during a search of all the apartments in one of the buildings, after which they released her...

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Modernity and Twentieth Century Holocausts: Empire-Building and Mass Murder
James Petras, Axis of Logic
...From our review of 20th and 21st century Holocausts, it is clear that great crimes against humanity for the most part do not lead to justice. On the contrary, the historical legacy is one of impunity and most likely recidivism. The record is clear: US impunity after the Korean holocaust led to the holocausts in Indochina, Central America and Iraq. The early Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1947-! 1950 led to new wars of conquest, land dispossession, settler occupation, ghettoization and progression toward a 'final solution’ of total expulsion. Turkish-Armenian genocide denial encouraged the ethnic cleansing of Kurds throughout Anatolia. These crimes against humanity are not merely artifacts of psychopathic rulers, or derivatives from authoritarian traditions, because, as we have shown, there are competing traditions, diverse 'national psychologies’ and countervailing ideologies.
What brings to the foreground holocaust behavior, the trigger and motor force, are imperialist drives for domestic cohesion and foreign conquest. It is precisely because imperial powers exercise the holocaust imperative that they are largely unpunished, and, in most cases, their crimes remain unrecognized to this very day...

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VIDEO: Lebanese Forced to Bury Casualties in Mass Grave
David Edwards, Raw Story
BBC, reporting from south Lebanon, says that villages are "being hit and paying the price" as Israel tries to destroy Hezbollah with "sheer firepower." Normally, the bodies of the dead are taken home for burial. Without power and refrigeration, decomposing bodies must be quickly buried in mass graves. In one scene, a bulldozer covers 80 bodies with loads of dirt as loved ones look on...

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Belief that Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Destruction Has Increased Substantially, According to Latest Harris Poll
Yahoo! News (press release)
Despite being widely reported in the media that the U.S. and other countries have not found any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, surprisingly; more U.S. adults (50%) think that Iraq had such weapons when the U.S. invaded Iraq. This is an increase from 36 percent in February 2005. Overall, attitudes toward the war in Iraq are negative, and less than half of the U.S. populati! on believes that the threat of terrorism has been reduced. U.S. adults are not confident that Iraq's government will eventually become stable, and many think the war in Iraq is continuing to hurt respect for the U.S. around the world. Most people do not think that U.S. troops will be out of Iraq in the next two years...

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Iran : the « liberation » of Arabistan
Gilles Munier (AFI-Flash n°59)
As soon as the US consultant firm Hicks and Associates had submitted his confidential survey to the Marines Corps (1), the Western press placated on its front pages attacks or fighting in Arabistan, Azerbaijan; Kurdistan and Baluchistan. At the same time, Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews in Iran are said to be under threat. The fate reserved to the Bahaïs is once again denounced. Because the Persians make up only 50% of the global population ! of Iran, the United States are eager to back up any autonomist, independent or religious movement which can destabilize Iran. A military aggression to overthrow the Islamist regime is too risky or fairly impossible. The US and Israeli neo conservators bank on economic sanctions, the bombings of nuclear research centres and on a financial freeze ….. to "liberate" Arabistan which is rich of 80% of all gas and oil resources of Iran...

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Belgian doctor: Israel using chemical weapons
Expatica, Netherlands
The Israeli military is using chemical weapons during its bombing of Lebanon, a Belgian-Lebanese professor claimed during a press conference in Brussels on Thursday. The press conference was organised by the secretary of the Tripoli archbishop, Monsignor Jean Abboud. The Belgian professor of Lebanese origin, Bachir Cham, is the head of a hospital in Lebanon. "The bodies don't look like they normally do. After an explosion there were no traces of ! blood loss or subcutaneous haemorrhages [bruises]," Cham said via mobile phone direct from Beirut...

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Burned because he is a Sunni, Hospital refused to treat him because his name is Omar
Roads to Iraq
...When people brought Omar to the hospital for treatment, the answer is always negative because the only hospital can treat Omar’s case was "Ibn Sina hospital" because this hospital is the only one in Iraq has the possibilities to treat "burns wounded" patients. People were shocked when they heard the director of the hospital refused to provide healthcare for the child after he knew that his name is: (Omar)! and he! said: (Name is Omar! Better for him to die then, we don’t have treatments for people called Omar)!.

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Corner stones of Israel's terror
Imad Khadduri
In the Beginning, There Was Terror. July-August, 2003 "Much of the history of terrorism in today’s Middle East has been thrust down the Orwellian memory hole due to the highly effective campaign over the past 50 years to suppress information prejudicial to Israel. Blowing up a bus, a train, a ship, a café, or a hotel; assassinating a diplomat or a peace negotiator; killing hostages, sending letter bombs; massacring defenseless villagers — this is terror! ism, as we know it. In the modern Middle East it began with the Zionists who founded the Jewish state"...

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Don’t mention the G word. It’s not good for business!
Gabriele Zamparini
...The Independent (sic!) that a few days ago admitted to be "pro-Israeli", buried a letter by John Berger, Noam Chomsky, Harold Pinter and José Saramago in its LETTERS SECTION: (…) Each provocation and counter-provocation is contested and preached over. But the subsequent arguments, accusations and vows all serve as a distraction to divert world attention from a long-term military, economic and geographic practice whose political aim is ! nothing less than the liquidation of the Palestinian nation (...) The Evacuation Show of these last hours is nothing less than a license to slaughter given to Israel, an immoral country that’s committing GENOCIDE. The Promised Land Myth feeds itself on innocent blood while the Axis Washington-London-Tel Aviv keeps Humanity under their boots (...) But the same "pro-Israeli" Independent that couldn’t find a better place for the Berger, Chomsky, Pinter and Saramago’s letter above to be printed, offers us an exquisite apologia of genocide. "Why is there such unity across the Israeli public, politicians and commentators, on this war, when there was no such agreement on, for example, the 1982 Lebanon war? The answer is simple: because the war in Lebanon in 1982 was not about our survival; this one is. Let me explain." writes Uri Dromi, chief spokesman for the Israeli governments of Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. Remember the Nobel PEACE Prizes?...

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Today in Iraq
A Marine assigned to 1st Marine Expeditionary Force died due to enemy action while operating in Al Anbar Province today. (MNF- Iraq)One Salvadoran soldier died Wednesday and another was wounded in a bombing near Kut, southwest of Baghdad, his country's defense minister said. It was the third fatality among Salvadoran troops since the Central American nation sent forces in 2003. Three Iraqi police and three soldiers were killed in a firefight with insurgents i! n Baghdad. A government official was shot dead in Baghdad. Four dead bodies were found bearing signs of torture in Baghdad...

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Saddam 'health at risk' in hunger strike: lawyers
Ousted Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and three of his aides are pursuing a hunger strike they began almost two weeks ago and are risking their health, defence lawyers said. "President Saddam Hussein and his (three) co-accused are pursuing their hunger strike which is threatening to jeopardise their health," said a statement by the defence committee sent to AFP in the Jordanian capital...

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Israel calls up army reservists
Israel has called up army reservists in preparation for a ground invasion of Lebanon and Beirut has promised that the Lebanese army will resist any Israeli offensive. The Israeli army told 3,000 reserves to report for duty, an Israeli military source said on Friday, a day after Amir Peretz, the defence minister, refused to rule out a land offensive...

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Israeli Apartheid
Bruce Dixon, The Black Commentator
Imagine, if you will, a modern apartheid state with first, second and eleventh class citizens, all required to carry identification specifying their ethnic origin. First class citizens are obliged to serve in the armed forces, kept on ready reserve status until in their forties, and accorded an impressive array of housing, medical, social security, educational and related benefits denied all others. Second class citizens are exempted from military service and! from a number of the benefits accorded citizens of the first class. They are issued identity documents and license plates that allow them to be profiled by police at a distance. Second class citizens may not own land in much of the country and marriages between them and first class citizens are not recognized by the state. Second class citizens are sometimes arrested without trial and police torture, while frowned upon and occasionally apologized for, commonly occurs. Citizens of the eleventh class, really not citizens at all, have no rights citizens of the first class or their government are bound to respect (...) The apartheid state in question is, of course, Israel. Its first class citizens are Israeli Jews, the majority of them of European or sometimes American origin. The second class citizens are Israeli Arabs, who enjoy significant but limited rights under the law including token representation in the Knesset. The eleventh class citizens are not citizens at al! l. They are Palestinians...

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The real aims of the US-backed Israeli war against Lebanon
World Socialist Web Site - Statement of the Editorial Board
As the onslaught against Lebanon enters its tenth day, Israeli troops are poised for a full-scale invasion that has been prepared by murderous aerial bombardment, and the far-reaching imperialist aims of the war have become all too clear. With the full political, financial and military backing of the United States, the Zionist regime is attempting to transform Lebanon into an Israeli protectorate! . This military operation is a continuation and escalation of the imperialist geo-political restructuring of the Middle East and Central Asia that began with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and whose goal is the establishment of US domination of the entire region. The immediate aim of this war—the elimination of Hezbollah as a military and political force within Lebanon—is directed against all mass resistance to Israeli and American domination of the country. The Bush administration and its allies in Jerusalem see this as an essential step toward: 1) the removal of the Syrian Baathist regime, and 2) the launching of a full-scale war against Iran...

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Outlaw state
...Is it not time to put an absolute stop to this by declaring Israel the first Outlaw State? All the writings about Israel, and in particular the bloviations of groups like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, claim that both sides are equally to blame. In fact, Israel consistently uses the claim of self-defense as an offensive weapon, enabling it to commit massive crimes under public relations cover. In fact, the attacks of Israel’s enemies are always – always – a response to ! some hidden provocation, or probably years of hidden provocations. The only way to put a stop to this is the most radical one: declare that Israel has no right to self-defense, and all Israeli officials can be prosecuted for their crimes, while simultaneously removing any threat of sanction from any country or group that commits what would otherwise be crimes against humanity or war crimes against Israel. It’s a radical solution, but apparently the only way to knock some sense into Israelis is to give them a dose of their own medicine. Israel could receive the protections of international law again once it demonstrates that it will no longer abuse those protections to hide criminal acts...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo: a site gathering daily information concerning occupied Iraq: news, analysis, documents and texts of iraqi resistance available in Italian and English.



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Bloglines - This is Planned Parenthood on crack.

Hot Air
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This is Planned Parenthood on crack.

By Bryan on The Blog

Via Dawn Patrol, the latest insanity from the organization founded on eugenics and social engineering:

Safety Counts is a new program at Planned Parenthood aimed at helping injecting drug users who might not be ready to quit, but would like to practice safer drug use and make changes to their habits. Participants can be active drug users. Every participant is using or has used heroine and/or crack cocaine.

Bleach kits with sterile water and cotton pellets to clean off syringes, and mouth pieces for pipes are offered free-of-charge.

“What we’re trying to do is teach them the stages of change, and how to make changes in their lives. We teach them how to stay clean. How to not contract or transmit HIV and Hepatitis C,” said Mary Atilano the program coordinator.

What does this have to do with family planning? Nothing, but it does have to do with you–Planned Parenthood netted millions in federal money to run this program.

Here’s a list of things Planned Parenthood, previously infamous for handing out condoms and teaching edgy sex education courses to teens, won’t hand out for free:

1. Leaflets for the True Love Waits campaign.

2. Cigar cutters.

Feel free to add your own.


Bloglines - Alex Jones panel on C-SPAN

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Alex Jones panel on C-SPAN

By reprehensor

DHS sent us this note;

"Apparently, according to Alex Jones today, the roundtable discussion from the LA Conference will be shown on "American Perspectives" on Wednesday at 8PM, on CSPAN.

That would be 7/26"

Please bear in mind that C-SPAN is notorious for moving things around at the last minute! As current events crop up, they adjust programming to accomodate live feeds. Last year they moved McKinney's Congressional Hearing to C-SPAN2 at the last minute due to Hurricane Katrina, (but they did play the entire session), so watch the schedule, and let us know if anything changes.

Views on torture and the Geneva Conventions

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Best of the Web Today - July 21, 2006


    The Angry Left's Newest Recruit
    "It appears that Saddam Hussein may be inching toward the Democratic Presidential primary in 2008," writes a blogger called "The Influence Peddler." We're pretty sure TIP has his tongue planted in his cheek--Saddam strikes us as more of a third-party type of guy--but the erstwhile dictator is sounding an awful lot like a left-wing Democrat, as the New York Times reports:

    .......... Continued at link

Man Dies After Fall From London Citigroup Building, Police Say

Bloglines - So That's Where They Find Them

A Blue Blog in a Red State

So That's Where They Find Them

By Pete

I'm having a hard time finding anything about Debbie Robbins that would qualify her to write columns in the Courier-Journal. Although I think I did figure out why she wrote a column replete with undercurrents of gay bashing.

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Samuel Danner, Pentagon eyewitness, speaks out

By Total

Samuel Danner saw an aircraft apparently crash into the Pentagon on 9/11 and went to the scene to offer his help as a trained emergency medical technician. Five years later, with his children now grown and himself facing a life-or-death battle with lymphoma, he has decided to speak out. Sam Danner (red arrow), was one of the people who helped pick up scraps. The white arrow points to a

Bloglines - Israel's military targets "have no conceivable relationship to Hizbullah."


Linda Ellman

This looks like great 9/11 Untruth......

9/11 documentary director wants truth to prevail - Yahoo! News

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Don Paul Video (9/11 Research, Author) 2003?

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