Monday, March 14, 2005

Homeland Security / Harvard / Dora Maria Tellez

Giuliana Sgrena: Who were the hostage takers?

The rich are getting richer while the poor remain poor. If you doubt it, ponder these numbers from the US, a country widely considered meritocratic

The Game of Role-Playing and the Ambush of Giuliana Sgrena By VALENTINA NICOLI
Rome, Italy.

More Lipstick on the Pig?

In reality, the record appears to be quite different

The Homeland Security Department's former independent watchdog says he was twice summoned to then-Secretary Tom Ridge's office last year and asked why his reports criticizing the agency were being sent to Congress and whether they could be presented more favorably to the department

Email to NPR

Date: 03/13/05 18:49:09
Subject: Article: No evidence al-Qaida knew of Madrid plot

On Friday afternoon I was listening to the hourly NPR news in Nashville TN. I was simply astonished when the newscast said that the Madrid bombing was the biggest Al Quaida attack since 911, or something to that effect.

Please note this article:

Hearing this news story presented as it was on the radio is a sad reminder of how NPR has progressed toward having no serious independence from the vicious fascist lies of the MSM.

I don't believe this email (or any other appeal) to NPR will make even a tiny bit of difference. Your organization must be wholly compromised.

If there is a way to redeem yourself, it would be to start by reviewing the outrageous lies told by the US Govt. and the MSM about 09/11/2001.

Don't they have Google at NYT?

Joe Biden's pathetic letter to the LA Times

.... warning small rant to be had here...... The primary purpose of this blog, more than anything else is to record news about our sad America unraveling (as Krugman puts it). The thing is: Krugman doesn't write about the real horrors; I'm not sure he knows. The other purpose of this blog is to point out to others the news stories and issues that I see that I think deserve our attention. In this endeavor, I have to admin that hardly anyone seems to be viewing this blog. Perhaps I don't realise those of you who may have me as part of your RSS feeds. I know if right wingers were reading my posts, there would be mean comments. In any case, I have hestitated to include gruesome photos. At least for a while, I'm going to start including the related photos that show the results of our tax dollars and corrupt murderous leaders.

Nevertheless, I replied to the notice by inquiring if organizers had been adequately briefed on the latest revelations about 9/11, and if they hadn't, I offered to happily volunteer my services. After all, it doesn't take a genius to realize that if 9/11 hadn't happened, the bogus Iraq invasion wouldn't have happened.

In other violent conflicts, child soldiers have created an extremely vexing challenge to practice a sorting out of child v. enemy ready to mow you down with gun fire, but I doubt that we treated children as the enemy as part of a well thought out plan.


U.S. Judge Bars Transfer of 13 Guantanamo Detainees

Chalmers Johnson telling it like it is.....

I hadn't visited the blog for a good while. Here's one post I noticed: it's proof positive that a PHD, a Professorship at major U., and a record of (possibly) reliable legal and business analysis does not guarantee a open mind to the sad reality of our corrupt govt.: The claim is so transparently bogus that one wonders how anyone could believe it

Europeans probe CIA role in abductions

Pope warns that Democracy is in violation of God

Seth Rosenfeld