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sorry... jesse won't be on tonight

Posted by: "reggie501"   reggie501

Thu Jun 8, 2006 4:56 pm (PST)

Just heard from him. Next show is Thursday, June 15th
Revere Radio.....8 pm et


Fwd: Jersey Girls and Coulter debate on Fox News?

Posted by: "erik larson"   rudenatza

Thu Jun 8, 2006 10:10 pm (PST)

Fox News' Sean Hannity

"During a fawning interview on the June 7 edition of Fox News' Hannity
& Colmes, host Sean Hannity asked Coulter a series of leading
questions -- paraphrasing her attacks on the 9-11 widows -- and
praised her for "accept[ing] a challenge" to debate the 9-11 widows
"on the issues" on a future edition of the program. Hannity's leading
questions and comments to Coulter included:"

I'd love to see that debate- what great publicity for some unanswered
questions- that's what Coulter really hates the Jersey Girls for.
Anyone know if they know about this invitation?


Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11
Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")

Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11
Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")


Re: [911indymedia] Fwd: Jersey Girls and Coulter debate on Fox News?

Posted by: "Reggie"   reggie501

Fri Jun 9, 2006 7:09 am (PST)

I don't think that Ann Coulter should be given air time on any 'news'
media. She is a sick woman who needs to be shunned and possibly
medicated. The Jersey 'women' shouldn't deign to sit on the same stage
with her. And on Fox News to boot...come on...... Here's Ann Coulter
in our "LOADED DECK" - of America's LEAST Wanted..... at http://tvnewslies:


erik larson wrote:
> Fox News' Sean Hannity
> "During a fawning interview on the June 7 edition of Fox News' Hannity
> & Colmes, host Sean Hannity asked Coulter a series of leading
> questions -- paraphrasing her attacks on the 9-11 widows -- and
> praised her for "accept[ing] a challenge" to debate the 9-11 widows
> "on the issues" on a future edition of the program. Hannity's leading
> questions and comments to Coulter included:"
> I'd love to see that debate- what great publicity for some unanswered
> questions- that's what Coulter really hates the Jersey Girls for.
> Anyone know if they know about this invitation?
> Erik
> --
> Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11
> Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")

FYI: Ruppert-parody

Posted by: "Peter Kofod"   slashkofod

Thu Jun 8, 2006 10:21 pm (PST)

Hi all.

This is actually rather amusing; from the latest MUJCA-Net newsletter:

Peter Kofod, Denmark
As Sad As It Was Predictable
Regime Change in Washington, DC Marks the End of a Sequential and Planned Campaign to Discredit Only Authentic 9/11 Research--Mine
by Michael C. Duppert and Jamey Heck
© Copyright 2006, From The Bilderbergs Publications, All Rights Reserved. This story MAY be posted on any Internet web site without express written permission. Contact May be circulated, distributed or transmitted for my-profit purposes only.

June 7th 2006, 1:28pm [PST] – “Ignominious” is the only word that comes to mind as I try to describe the horrible feeling of watching the 9/11 truth movement triumph without me. The recent arrests of Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Gen. Richard Meyers, Larry Silverstein, Rudy Guliani and others for high treason are utterly meaningless because I, Mike Duppert, did not get the credit I deserved. Worse, it appears that the apocalyptic meltdown of the US economy that I predicted by spring, 2006 has not happened, and I am living in a cave in Oregon--with Mark Rabinowitz, no less--for no particular reason. Some people might think being stuck in a cave
with Mark forever would boggle Dante's imagination--but actually I think Mark's kind of cute. Note: Contact Osama and Hummux for cave-decorating tips. The war-crimes trials in Washington, D.C. are clearly a disinformation campaign, spun by PROMIS-software-wielding conspirators, to discredit
my masterpiece Glossing the Rube Icon. In that book, I proved once and for all that it doesn't matter whether top US officials blew up the Twin Towers and WTC-7 and murdered almost 3,000 people, nor whether there is something very wrong with the official account of the flights, especially Flight 77. I proved that there is only one thing that matters: ME! Yet the prosecutors are ignoring me and charging Cheney
and company with blowing up the WTC and faking the Pentagon hit. They're ignoring all my cool stuff on PROMIS, Mike Vreeland, and futuristic biological warfare scenarios, and charging those guys with the boring old crimes of mass murder and high treason. It's all the fault of that stupid 9/11 truth movement--those guys just didn't know when to quit. When my book came out and I said, "Okay, that's it--forget about 9/11 truth from now on," only five or ten percent of the population had even heard of us, and Bush's numbers were
above 50%. But because those 9/11 truth freaks just kept on keeping on, the numbers grew and grew, the Bush regime became the most loathed administration in history, and public pressure finally forced the 9/11 story into the media, bit by bit. I did everything I could to discourage them, but they didn't listen to me. What assholes! Now that they've won without me, I hope they realize that it's all part of the great conspiracy--against me, Mike Duppert. Just wait till peak oil gets them, ha ha ha. I'll be sitting pretty in this cave, smoking bat guano with Mark Rabinowitz and dreaming about how Mark and I, together, will repopulate the world.

Re: [911truthalliance] Fwd: Jersey Girls and Coulter debate on Fox N

Posted by: "erik larson"   rudenatza

Thu Jun 8, 2006 10:25 pm (PST)

Just saw the lawsuit email, that is better. Fox News/Coulter is a set
up, beneath them. Still wouldn't mind seeing Hannity and Coulter get
served and America reminded of what the whole thing is really about,
on national TV.

On 6/8/06, malaprop <> wrote:
> Coulter is trash--hope the Jersey Girls politely decline---as they
> file suit against Coulter.
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> Subject: [911truthalliance] Fwd: Jersey Girls and Coulter debate on
> Fox News?
> > Fox News' Sean Hannity
> >
> > "During a fawning interview on the June 7 edition of Fox News'
> > Hannity
> > & Colmes, host Sean Hannity asked Coulter a series of leading
> > questions -- paraphrasing her attacks on the 9-11 widows -- and
> > praised her for "accept[ing] a challenge" to debate the 9-11 widows
> > "on the issues" on a future edition of the program. Hannity's
> > leading
> > questions and comments to Coulter included:"
> >
> >
> >
> > I'd love to see that debate- what great publicity for some
> > unanswered
> > questions- that's what Coulter really hates the Jersey Girls for.
> > Anyone know if they know about this invitation?
> >
> > Erik
> >
> > --
> > Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New
> > 9/11
> > Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")
> >
> >
> >
> > --
> > Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New
> > 9/11
> > Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")
> >
> >

Zogby Poll Finds Over 70 Million Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11
Investigation (Less than half trust the "Official Story")


The Israelites are always pretending that everybody is out to get th

Posted by: "Dick Eastman"

Thu Jun 8, 2006 11:21 pm (PST)

From: jewish_from_brooklyn
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 8:19 PM
Subject: Re: Hatred of Arabs is anti-Semitism

The Jewish-led US Army is committing genocide against the Semitic people
of Mesopotamia, and the Persians appear to understand that they are next
in line for genocide. ...


The Israelites are always pretending that everybody is out to get them
when in fact the reverse is true. Israel is a de facto expansionist military
power and they employ US mercenaries to do their bidding. The state of
Israel, through its representatives in Tel Aviv and in Washington, D.C., is
seeking to commit genocide against their neighbors, the Arabs and the
Persians, but they cannot coax their surrogate into action without another
"false flag" operation like the one which they pulled off successfully on the
morning of 9-11-01. ...


/ / /

Inside-job would involve these:  Partial list of Jews in the Bush Ad

Posted by: "Dick Eastman"

Fri Jun 9, 2006 12:04 am (PST)

Partial list of Jews in the Bush Adminstration:
(March 26, 2003)

Richard Perle
One of Bush's foreign policy advisors, he is the chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board. A very likely Israeli government agent, Perle was expelled from Senator Henry Jackson's office in the 1970's after the National Security Agency (NSA) caught him passing Highly-Classified (National Security) documents to the Israeli Embassy. He later worked for the Israeli weapons firm, Soltam. Perle came from one the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktanks, the AEI. Perle is one of the leading pro-Israeli fanatics leading this Iraq war mongering within the administration and now in the media.

Paul Wolfowitz
Deputy Defense Secretary, and member of Perle's Defense Policy Board, in the Pentagon. Wolfowitz is a close associate of Perle, and reportedly has close ties to the Israeli military. His sister lives in Israel. Wolfowitz came from the above mentioned Jewish thinktank, JINSA. Wolfowitz is the number two leader within the administration behind this Iraq war mongering.

Douglas Feith
Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon. He is a close associate of Perle and served as his Special Counsel. Like Perle and the others, Feith is a pro-Israel extremist, who has advocated anti-Arab policies in the past. He is closely associated with the extremist group, the Zionist Organization of America, which even attacks Jews that don't agree with its extremist views. Feith frequently speaks at ZOA conferences. Feith runs a small law firm, Feith and Zell, which only has one International office, in Israel. The majority of their legal work is representing Israeli interests. His firm's own website stated, prior to his appointment, that Feith "represents Israeli Armaments Manufacturer." Feith basically represents the Israeli War Machine. Feith also came from the Jewish thinktank JINSA. Feith, like Perle and Wolfowitz, are campaigning hard for this Israeli proxy war against Iraq.

Edward Luttwak
Member of the National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence at the Pentagon. Luttwak is reportedly an Israeli citizen and has taught in Israel. He frequently writes for Israeli and pro-Israeli newspapers and journals. Luttwak is an Israeli extremist whose main theme in many of his articles is the necessity of the U.S. waging war against Iraq.

Henry Kissinger
One of many Pentagon Advisors, Kissinger sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle. For detailed information about Kissinger's evil past, read Seymour Hersch's book (Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House). Kissinger likely had a part in the Watergate crimes, Southeast Asia mass murders (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), Installing Chilean mass murdering dictator Pinochet, Operation Condor's mass killings in South America, and more recently served as Serbia's Ex-Dictator Slobodan Milosevic's Advisor. He consistently advocates going to war against Iraq. Kissinger is the Ariel Sharon of the U.S. Unfortunately, President Bush nominated Kissinger as chairman of the September 11 investigating commission. It's like picking a bank robber to investigate a fraud scandal.

Dov Zakheim
Under Secretary of Defense, Comptroller, and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Department of Defense. He is an ordained rabbi and reportedly holds Israeli citizenship. Zakheim attended attended Jew's College in London and became an ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in 1973. He was adjunct professor at New York's Jewish Yeshiva University. Zakheim is close to the Israeli lobby.

Kenneth Adelman
One of many Pentagon Advisors, Adelman also sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle, and is another extremist pro-Israel advisor, who supports going to war against Iraq. Adelman frequently is a guest on Fox News, and often expresses extremist and often ridiculus anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views. Through his hatred or stupidity, he actually called Arabs "anti-Semitic" on Fox News (11/28/2001), when he could have looked it up in the dictionary to find out that Arabs by definition are Semites.

I. Lewis Libby
Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff. The chief pro-Israel Jewish advisor to Cheney, it helps explains why Cheney is so gun-ho to invade Iraq. Libby is longtime associate of Wolfowitz. Libby was also a lawyer for convicted felon and Israeli spy Marc Rich, whom Clinton pardoned, in his last days as president.

Robert Satloff
U.S. National Security Council Advisor, Satloff was the executive director of the Israeli lobby's "think tank," Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Many of the Israeli lobby's "experts" come from this front group, like Martin Indyk.

Elliott Abrams
National Security Council Advisor. He previously worked at Washington-based "Think Tank" Ethics and Public Policy Center. During the Reagan Adminstration, Abrams was the Assistant Secretary of State, handling, for the most part, Latin American affairs. He played an important role in the Iran-Contra Scandal, which involved illegally selling U.S. weapons to Iran to fight Iraq, and illegally funding the contra rebels fighting to overthrow Nicaragua's Sandinista government. He also actively deceived three congressional committees about his involvement and thereby faced felony charges based on his testimony. Abrams pled guilty in 1991 to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to a year's probation and 100 hours of community service. A year later, former President Bush (Senior) granted Abrams a full pardon. He was one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Reagan Administration's State Department.

Marc Grossman
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. He was Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State. Grossman is one of many of the pro-Israel Jewish officials from the Clinton Administration that Bush has promoted to higher posts.

Richard Haass
Director of Policy Planning at the State Department and Ambassador at large. He is also Director of National Security Programs and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He was one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the first Bush (Sr) Administration who sat on the National Security Council, and who consistently advocates going to war against Iraq. Haass is also a member of the Defense Department's National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

Robert Zoellick
U.S. Trade Representative, a cabinet-level position. He is also one of the more hawkish pro-Israel Jews in the Bush (Jr) Administration who advocated invading Iraq and occupying a portion of the country in order to set up setting up a Vichy-style puppet government. He consistently advocates going to war against Iraq.

Ari Fleischer
Official White House Spokesman for the Bush (Jr) Administration. Prominent in the Jewish community, some reports state that he holds Israeli citizenship. Fleischer is closely connected to the extremist Jewish group called the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, who follow the Qabala, and hold very extremist and insulting views of non-Jews. Fleischer was the co-president of Chabad's Capitol Jewish Forum. He received the Young Leadership Award from the American Friends of Lubavitch in October, 2001.

James Schlesinger
One of many Pentagon Advisors, Schlesinger also sits on the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle and is another extremist pro-Israel advisor, who supports going to war against Iraq. Schlesinger is also a commissioner of the Defense Department's National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

David Frum
White House speechwriter behind the "Axis of Evil" label. He lumps together all the lies and accusations against Iraq for Bush to justify the war.

Joshua Bolten
White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Bolten was previously a banker, former legislative aide, and prominent in the Jewish community.

John Bolton
Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. Bolton is also a Senior Advisor to President Bush. Prior to this position, Bolton was Senior Vice President of the above mentioned pro-Israel thinktank, AEI. He recently (October 2002) accused Syria of having a nuclear program, so that they can attack Syria after Iraq. He must have forgotten that Israel has 400 nuclear warheads, some of which are thermonuclear weapons (according to a recent U.S. Air Force report).

David Wurmser
Special Assistant to John Bolton (above), the under-secretary for arms control and international security. Wurmser also worked at the AEI with Perle and Bolton. His wife, Meyrav Wurmser, along with Colonel Yigal Carmon, formerly of Israeli military intelligence, co-founded the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri),a Washington-based Israeli outfit which distributes articles translated from Arabic newspapers portraying Arabs in a bad light.

Eliot Cohen
Member of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board under Perle and is another extremist pro-Israel advisor. Like Adelman, he often expresses extremist and often ridiculus anti-Arab and anti-Muslim views. More recently, he wrote an opinion article in the Wall Street Journal openly admitting his rascist hatred of Islam claiming that Islam should be the enemy, not terrorism.

Mel Sembler
President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. A Prominent Jewish Republican and Former National Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee. The Export-Import Bank facilitates trade relationships between U.S. businesses and foreign countries, specifically those with financial problems.

Michael Chertoff
Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, at the Justice Department.

Steve Goldsmith
Senior Advisor to the President, and Bush's Jewish domestic policy advisor. He also serves as liaison in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI) within the Executive Office of the President. He was the former mayor of Indianapolis. He is also friends with Israeli Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and often visits Israel to coach mayors on privatization initiatives.

Adam Goldman
White House's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

Joseph Gildenhorn
Bush Campaign's Special Liaison to the Jewish Community. He was the DC finance chairman for the Bush campaign, as well as campaign coordinator, and former ambassador to Switzerland.

Christopher Gersten
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS. Gersten was the former Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Husband of Labor Secretary, Linda Chavez, and reportedly very pro-Israel. Their children are being raised Jewish.

Mark Weinberger
Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs.

Samuel Bodman
Deputy Secretary of Commerce. He was the Chairman and CEO of Cabot Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bonnie Cohen
Under Secretary of State for Management.

Ruth Davis
Director of Foreign Service Institute, who reports to the Office of Under Secretary for Management. This Office is responsible for training all Department of State staff (including ambassadors).

Daniel Kurtzer
Ambassador to Israel.
Cliff Sobel
Ambassador to the Netherlands.
Stuart Bernstein
Ambassador to Denmark.
Nancy Brinker
Ambassador to Hungary
Frank Lavin
Ambassador to Singapore.
Ron Weiser
Ambassador to Slovakia.
Mel Sembler
Ambassador to Italy.
Martin Silverstein
Ambassador to Uruguay.

Lincoln Bloomfield
Assistant Secretary of State for Political Military Affairs.

Jay Lefkowitz
Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

Ken Melman
White House Political Director.

Brad Blakeman
White House Director of Scheduling.


Posted by: "Jarrett Smith"   jaz_ukip

Fri Jun 9, 2006 1:37 am (PST)



Alex Jones Detained on Orders of Bilderberg Group
15 hours of hell at the hands of immigration who knew they were coming

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 8 2006

Alex Jones and his team were detained by Canadian immigration on
orders of the Bilderberg Group for a 15 hour nightmare of
interrogation, accusations and threats of arrests in anticipation of
the conference in Ottawa which starts today.

The group was detained at 11:45pm last night and only released after
2pm today.

Customs openly told Alex as soon as they brought him into custody that
the Bilderberg Group was aware of his arrival and that this was the
reason for his detainment. All three members of the team were
instantly detained despite going through different immigration desks.

Officials knew everything about Alex, even the fact that George W.
Bush had once had him arrested in 1998.

"I was screamed at, I was cussed at, I was interrogated," said Alex.

Jail threats were issued as officials seized and searched through
Alex's equipment for 15 hours. He was told that if any trace of
pornography was found on his three computers that he would be

"They were talking about how I was a criminal - they hooked our laptop
computers up and said that if they found any porn, even mainstream
porn, that it's illegal to take it across lines and that we'd be going
to jail," said Alex, thanking God that no trace of any porn was found
on his office computers.

Searches continued throughout the night and again in the morning.

Immigrations officials seemed to take a gleeful satisfaction in
detaining the team, claiming they were liars and not part of the media
despite one admitting to having seen an Alex Jones documentary.
Accusations of drugs and weapons smuggling were thrown around without

"You Americans shit all over us Canadians think you can do anything
you want to us," said one immigration official who was acting more
like a drill sergeant.

Towards the end of the ordeal national media, including the Ottawa
Citizen and CBC, got wind of what was unfolding and sent journalists
to the airport to talk to Alex.

A CBC journalist vouched for the fact that Alex was in the media and
that she was planning on interviewing him, after also being subjected
to a barrage of questions by officials.

At this point immigration officials sharply changed their attitude,
reversed a likely decision to deport the team and by the end were
apologetic and conciliatory about the entire issue.

Alex would like to make it clear that the immigration officials on the
whole were just doing what they were told in trying to prove who Alex
was and they should not be the focus of any vitriol. Alex himself
admits that his behavior was not perfect and he smarted off a couple
of times when he should have remained quiet. The major element of this
story is that the pressure was brought to bear by Bilderberg.

The point to emphasize again is that it was brazenly stated that the
Bilderberg Group were behind the decision to detain Alex and his team.
Bilderberg have acquired a notorious reputation of harassing
journalists, including Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, who are simply
trying to report on a meeting of the world's most influential

The immigrations officials said that their reason for detaining Alex
was because they feared he was in the country to infiltrate the
Bilderberg meeting.

Since being allowed to enter the country the team have been watched
and tracked by several nefarious individuals and also followed by car.

The team booked a decoy hotel in order fool Bilderberg security as to
their real location. The decoy hotel has been receiving numerous calls
from individuals within Bilderberg's Brooke Street hotel - despite the
fact that Alex told no one he was staying there.

Further reports on this incident and developments from the Bilderberg
conference itself will feature here over the next few days.

Click here to listen to Alex's call in to his own show today being
Guest-hosted by Jack Blood.



How they vote in the United Nations:

Posted by: "John Perna"   savefreedom2005

Fri Jun 9, 2006 3:37 am (PST)

How they vote in the United Nations:

Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States which are recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records:

Kuwait votes against the United States 67% of the time

Qatar votes against the United States 67% of the time

Morrocco votes against the United States 70% of the time

UAE votes against the U. S. 70% of the time.

Jordan votes against the United States 71% of the time.

Tunisia votes against the United States 71% of the time.

Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73% of the time.

Yemen votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Algeria votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Oman votes against the United States 74% of the time.

Sudan votes against the United States 75% of the time.

Pakistan votes against the United States 75% of the time.

Libya votes against the United States 76% of the time.

Egypt votes against the United States 79% of the time.

Lebanon votes against the United States 80% of the time.

India votes against the United States 81% of the time.

Syria votes against the United States 84% of the time.

Mauritania votes against the United States 87% of the time.

U S Foreign Aid to those that hate us:
Egypt, for example, after voting 79% of the time against the United States, still receives $2 billion annually in US Foreign Aid.
Jordan votes 71% against the United States

And receives $192,814,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

Pakistan votes 75% against the United States

Receives $6,721,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

India votes 81% against the United States

Receives $143,699,000 annually.

Perhaps it is time to get out of the UN and give the tax savings back to the American workers who are having to skimp and sacrifice to pay the taxes (and gasoline).

Pass this along to every taxpaying citizen you know.

Disgusting isn't it?

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Congress to hold hearings into OKC bombing

Posted by: "S Miles Lewis"   elfismiles

Fri Jun 9, 2006 6:55 am (PST)

Congress to hold hearings into OKC bombing

By J.D. Cash and Lt. Col. Roger Charles U.S.MC. (retired)

In what some on Capitol Hill are calling a surprising decision, U.S.
Rep. Henry Hyde has given the nod for hearings into the long-debated
question of whether those responsible for the bombing of the Oklahoma
City federal building had help from any foreign source.

Spurred to action by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., Hyde has given
Rohrabacher's Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House
International Relations Committee the wide-ranging authority to
conduct interviews and subpoena documents related to the April 19,
1995, terrorist attack that left 168 dead, 19 of them children.

Interviewed Wednesday, Rohrabacher confirmed that his nearly two-year-
long personal investigation into the Oklahoma City tragedy had
finally received the necessary support for an official congressional

"Congressman Hyde has approved my request for hearings into the OKC
bombing. The congressional investigation will be limited to our area
of focus, which is whether there was a foreign connection to the
conspiracy," Rohrabacher explained.

"I think we know what we're looking for and I expect complete
cooperation from the witnesses we call and the agencies we look to
for documents."

Rohrabacher then emphasized that his office would be keeping the
public informed as to the level of cooperation his subcommittee
receives during the official phase of this investigation.

"I must be able to assure the families of the victims of this
horrible crime that their government cooperated with our
investigation. That is very important to our oversight
responsibilities," the congressman said.

Areas of interest

Forecasting the areas of particular interest the congressional
investigation could take, Rohrabacher promised to look carefully for
any evidence linking the cabal to Arab terrorists and or to a German
national in this country illegally in 1995, Andreas Carl Strassmeir.

In his letter seeking authority for hearings, Rohrabacher wrote: "It
is highly likely that the Arab connection and/or the Strassmeir
connection played a significant role in the planning and execution of
the murderous bombing of the OKC federal building. In both possible
scenarios, the official investigation fell short and further
investigation has been discouraged ever since."

Specifically, Rohrabacher said that Terry Nichols' trips to the
Philippines would be examined for links to a theory that he was
actually meeting with Middle East radicals who were providing him
with support.

"I also will call witnesses who say they saw McVeigh with Arabs in
Oklahoma City," he told this newspaper.

Elohim City connection

Rohrabacher also noted that much of the investigation would focus on
a spate of documents recently unearthed during a Freedom of
Information lawsuit in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While attempting to piece together evidence in the mysterious death
of his inmate-brother in August of 1995 at the Oklahoma City Federal
Transfer Center, attorney Jesse Trentadue has sued the Oklahoma City
FBI office for documents that might shed light on the inmate's
bizarre demise while locked up in a suicide-proof cell.

While the documents obtained in the suit have been heavily redacted,
they do appear to link Strassmeir to a foiled "sting operation"
involving the federal government, McVeigh, the Southern Poverty Law
Center, and the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy.

In possession of those documents as well, Rohrabacher said he and his
staff are convinced there are important facts about the bombing
hidden under by the FBI's redactions and he wants un-redacted copies
for his staff to examine.

Among the witnesses the committee intends to call is Danny Coulson.

Coulson was one of five FBI commanders assigned the original
investigation into the bombing. Only a few weeks into the case,
though, all five were suddenly removed to make room for Danny

Still harboring doubts about the FBI's official version of the
bombing case, that only McVeigh and Nichols were largely responsible
for the crime, Coulson said today, "I'm very much in favor of this
investigation by Congress. We need to look very closely at why the
five FBI commanders originally assigned the case were pulled off."

"The FBI needs to answer to the Congress why they shut down their own
investigation into Strassmeir and Elohim City. Why did their total
investigation into Strasssmeir consist of two ASUSAs (assistant
United States Attorneys) calling Strassmeir's flat in Berlin a couple
of times? He never should have been allowed to leave here without a
more thorough series of interviews, face-to-face, by FBI agents
trained in those skills."

Long a subject of interest by this paper, Strassmeir's name only
began to circulate in the media months after the bombing, when this
newspaper discovered that he was the person McVeigh was calling at a
terrorist training camp in eastern Oklahoma, called Elohim City.

Months later, the newspaper reported that the former German military
officer was being closely monitored by the Tulsa office of Bureau of
Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Only weeks before the bombing, the BATF had learned that Strassmeir
was working with others on a plot to bomb a federal building in
Oklahoma City. However, the FBI stepped in to thwart his arrest when
the BATF sought an arrest warrant from the Tulsa U.S. attorney's

Trentadue documents

Several months ago a judge in Salt Lake City, Utah, ordered the FBI
to turn over to Trentadue documents indicating there were informants
at Elohim City at the time of the bombing that worked for a private
charity – the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

According to those teletypes, SPLC informants were present at Elohim
City on April 17 when McVeigh contacted the compound, looking for
additional help in the bomb plot.

However, the FBI blacked out much of the person's name with whom then-
FBI Director Louis Freeh said McVeigh was closely associated. In the
past, the FBI has vehemently denied McVeigh had any close associates
at the camp.

Strassmeir was the compound's paramilitary instructor from 1993 until
August of 1995.

Since the bombing, over a half-dozen of Strassmeir's associates at
Elohim City have gone to prison for bank robbery, conspiracy to
overthrow the government and murder. None, however, were ever charged
in the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City.

Strassmeir left the United States in early 1996. In one of the
teletypes issued by Freeh, the director appeared to know where
Strassmeir was staying in the U.S. and of plans Strassmeir was making
to return to Germany through Mexico.

Days after Freeh's memo was issued, Strassmeir did indeed cross the
Mexican border and make his way to Berlin with the assistance of
former CIA pilot Dave Holloway.

Neither Holloway nor his associate, attorney Kirk Lyons of North
Carolina – who paid for the pair's trip – were ever charged with
aiding Strassmeir's flight. At the time of Strassmeir's escape, he
was listed as an illegal overstay by the INS and wanted by the ATF
for illegally carrying a firearm in the U.S.

Believing him to be "armed and dangerous" at the time, the OKBOMB
task force even contacted the INS and asked that Strassmeir be
stopped at the border and held for questioning in the bombing case.
This was the same week that Freeh told several offices that
Strassmeir was staying in North Carolina with Lyons.

Safely back in Germany for many weeks, it was only after Strassmeir's
name was linked to McVeigh by this newspaper and others that two
Justice Department lawyers in Denver called Strassmeir in Berlin,
twice, to ask about any contacts he may have had with McVeigh and the

During those brief interviews, Strassmeir admitted over the phone
that he may have met McVeigh at a gun show in Tulsa once, but he also
assured prosecutors he did not help with the bomb plot.

In the wake of the tragedy, the FBI had available several well-
qualified commanders with extensive experience in major case
investigations to lead and complete the investigation.

However, a man with much less investigative experience, Danny
Defenbaugh, replaced the original five experienced FBI commanders who
had been initially assigned to the case.

With the original five commanders off the OKBOMB case, considerable
criticism has since been leveled at the job Defenbaugh did while
heading up the FBI's most expensive investigation in U.S. history.

In spite of two dozen eyewitnesses that placed McVeigh with others in
downtown Oklahoma City that day and $85 million that was spent
putting together a case that sent two men to jail and one to the
death chamber, only McVeigh and army buddy Terry Nichols were
charged. Also imprisoned, Michael Fortier admitted his involvement in
the conspiracy and agreed to cooperate with the FBI in return for a
lighter sentence.

Jurors in both cases in Denver, plus a grand jury in Oklahoma City,
said they doubted the FBI had gotten all those involved.

In 2001, over 4,000 pages of FBI interviews and other evidence never
shown the defense teams for McVeigh or Nichols were discovered on the
eve of McVeigh's execution.

The discovery caused McVeigh's execution to be put on hold and the
fiasco quickly led to the sudden resignation of Defenbaugh.

Beyond a congressional investigation, Coulson believes the magnitude
of the tragic attack that left 168 dead and 500 injured also warrants
the appointment of an experienced federal prosecutor to look into all
of the evidence and the use of a federal grand jury to facilitate the

"Based upon my investigation following the bombing of the Murrah
building on April 19, 1995, and these new documents from the FBI
turned up in the Utah case, it's clear to me further investigation is
required," he said.

Referring to the documents uncovered during the FOIA lawsuit and the
large number of witnesses the FBI interviewed after the bombing that
placed McVeigh in the company of others at key points in the
conspiracy, Coulson observed, "The totality of this information very
strongly indicates there are others involved and not charged who were
involved at least in conspiratorial acts.

"Families of victims and the American people deserve answers to many
unanswered questions," he said.





Alex Jones Detained In Canada, 9/11 Lose Change Removed ? Art Bell 

Posted by: ""   ranger116_2000

Fri Jun 9, 2006 7:25 am (PST)

Alex Jones Detained In Canada, 9/11 Lose Change Removed ? Art Bell

Alex Jones Detained Before Bilderberg Meeting In Canada


Demand an Apology from the Canadian Government !

Canada Info: Government: Federal



Two 500 pound bombs hit the house he was in and he looks like he died
in his sleep from a heart attack ?? !

(And Now the Cover Story)
Zarqawi was alive after bombing: US general |


It is time to cut Ann Coulter some slack  !
After seeing her on Good Morning America with Matt Lower it is very
obvious she is not just one of the cold blooded cruel Republicans, But
she is literally a person with serious mental problems and should be
Also seeing a close up of her eyes, She definitely is on some type of
probably antipsychotic drug.

Good picture of Ann/Dann's Adam's apple

Hammer of Truth » Ann Coulter's Gender: Inquiring Minds Still Want to


9/11 Lose Change #2 conspiracy movie taken off the web | The Register

(By the Bush Crime Family)



"Op-Scan Voting Machines Miscount Ballots in Iowa Republican Primary!
Hand Count Reveals Other Candidate Leads By Far!"


Update from Art Bell Now in The Philippines

Hi all!
Hello from Manila, Philippines! I would like to give you all an update.
I arrived here with a big case of the Flu which is just now starting to
fade. Three trips from one side of the world to the other will do that.
We are very happy and living in a very nice condo here in Manila. The
condo was empty and we slept on the floor for the first three days. We
are now all but done with the furniture and so forth, wow what a job.
During this period I have also been trying to deal with Customs here
with regard to the gear the company sent. Being a large and (honest)
company they declared the stuff Broadcast gear, bad mistake because it
triggers a lot of official paperwork with the Gov't. The gear of course
is really just audio and telephone.
The second thing they did was include original new price invoices for
everything, Customs really loved that! So, with enough Peso's that
problem is just about in hand. The next issue is the I.S.D.N. line which
is to be installed by P.L.D.T -- the telephone co. here. I will know
shortly when that will happen.
Nothing here happens as fast as I would like, however this Broadcaster
is very much ready to get back on the air A.S.A.P.
For those of you who may think I made a mistake in this move, you are
wrong; it is a wonderful change that I will never be sorry for. The
people here are friendly in a way that you would have to travel back in
time in the U.S. to match, perhaps to the 1950s or so. The cost of
living is about 25% of what it is in the U.S. Everybody speaks English
as a second language and EVERYTHING is written in English.
As for TV and radio, well I have CNN, HBO, Cinemax, and many other U.S.
TV outlets here on our local cable which also provides a high speed
Internet connection. I have three computers on an 802.11G wireless
See a picture taken from my office window:
Airyn is well indeed and we are very happy. We took a short plane ride
to her home in Cagayan De Oro City last week. We also went to visit
Corrigedor where Gen. Mc Arthur made his famous "I shall return"
statement. I saw all the barracks and big guns still on the Island. Of
course it was also the location of the Death March. Trust me, you could
feel all the Ghosts.
It is now the rainy season here, it started a bit early. There are only
two seasons here....Summer and the Rainy season this close to the
After Ramona passed I was in a tailspin which would have resulted in my
own demise had this Angel not come along. I was not eating and despite
my on-air sound, believe me I was in a very deep depression. So, in
retrospect, I have done the right thing. I am about to quit smoking,
this may cause my demise, or it may add a few years, I will hope for the
latter! Wish me luck, I will need it. As it is, I only now smoke in the
comfort room with a fan on. (That is what they call a bathroom here).
I am a resident of the Philippines now having joined the PRA, check
Google for details. That means I can come and go as I like without all
that Visa stuff. It also has many other benefits. This should be the
number one spot for American Retirement but Americans read the State
Dept. warnings about the southern Islands and conclude it is for the
whole country, that is totally wrong.
Sorry for the long ramble but I have still not told all there is to tell
about this wonderful place. Please feel free to email me at
As for getting back on air I am very much wanting it to happen fast but
I think it will still be a bit. I have most of my Ham gear here but have
not yet tried to get an antenna up-- I am only one floor from the roof
so I have high hopes that I will be able to get a antenna up there.
(200ft) I am on Echolink (using VR2HF) for you Hams.
That is about it for the moment but now that I have my password again I
will continue to update you on progress. I would be happy to answer any
questions any of you may have. Please feel free to cross post this at
other locations. I am indeed keeping the house in Pahrump, however my RV
and all cars are for sale, please contact Paul at: for
more info. The vehicles are all cherry. More soon.
Thank you all,
Art Bell



Re: [Conspiracy-Theory] Question for Joni

Posted by: "James Patton"   james_patton

Fri Jun 9, 2006 7:46 am (PST)

Hi Dick

Thanks for your comments. I'm just a pretty ordinary sort of person too, but if millions of us 'ordinary' folks can maintain solidarity and speak, perhaps we can do something extraordinary?

When I confronted my church pastor (who thinks Bush is a christian and refused to speak against the Iraq war or to allow me to speak) with the fact that during the 1991 Gulf War the American soldiers put bulldozer blades on the front of their tanks and buried men alive, his response was just to end the discussion.

Now the New Testament says:

The Spirit, on the other hand, brings a harvest of love, joy, peace; patience towards others, kindness, benevolence (Galatians)

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (1Cor 13)

Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. (Philippians 4)

"No servant can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money."
The Pharisees, who loved money, heard all this and were sneering at Jesus. He said to them, "You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight. (Luke 16)

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. (1 Timothy 6)

Now ask the christian war supporter "what is loving, kind, patient, gentle and benevolent about burying frightened young men alive with tanks? What's kind and patient about forcing men to sodomise each other? Or causing babies to be born horribly deformed? Where is the 'rejoicing in the truth' about telling bald-faced lies (e.g. 9/11, WMD, babies thrown out of incubators etc.) and then covering them up? What is 'christian' about troops getting stoned on assorted drugs and then going out and murdering innocent people? Would you want foreign troops to illegally occupy your country, get stoned and detain or murder your family? If you don't want them to do this to you, then why do you do this unto others? Is corrupt war-profiteering to the tune of billions in tune with the teachings or the Spirit of Christ?"

I asked one boldly evangelical Australian navy man (remember the Australian navy were helping enforce the sanctions on Iraq) "The sanctions on Iraq killed an estimated half a million children and caused much suffering", and his response was just to shrug his shoulders in a confused sort of manner.

How easy it is to support barbarism, attrocity and every kind of evil "in the name of Jesus"? And some argue the war is a product of "the Spirit of Christ"?

Christianity and the War
by Laurence M. Vance

If there is any religion that should be opposed to war it is Christianity. And if there is any group of people in America that should be opposed to war it is Christians. All wars are, in the words of George Washington, a "plague of mankind," but this war in particular is a great evil. Waging the war is against Christian "just war" principles. Conducting the war is contrary to the whole spirit of the New Testament. Fighting the war is in opposition to the practice of the early church. Participants in the war violate the express teaching of the sixth commandment: "Thou shalt not kill." Supporters of the war violate the first commandment: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

9/11, American Empire and Christian Faith
by David Ray Griffin
(See esp. point 7, how should christians respond?)

kind regards,


Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.

Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay,"says the Lord. On the contrary:

"If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head."

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12

Re: [Conspiracy-Theory] Question for Joni
Posted by: "Dick Eastman"
Date: Wed Jun 7, 2006 5:49 pm (PDT)

I am an ordinary man with wife and kids and a mortgage and a dog -- I am at a loss to confront and combat Joshua Zionists.

They will murder millions and lie about it to further their cause. Ordinary people are no match for them. They commit the mass-murder of 9-11 in order to justify mass-murder war on Moslems/Arabs and to get totalitarian police state control over the United States so that the US is manipulated into doing the bidding of the Zionist masters -- while in Iraq Mossad hit me are doing false-flag assassinations against the educated professionals that country needs to survive.

The Zionist Jew is too terrible for ordinary people to resist -- we are outclassed in audacity, ruthlessness and fight.

Still there is nothing to do but expose them and rally people to resist their domination.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

----- Original Message -----
From: Joni Ferris
Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: [Conspiracy-Theory] Question for Joni

Joni, answer this one for me.

Suppose you learned that Jewish individuals got together and committed a crime that took many lives ( a false-flag crime) and that they did it because they thought it would help the security of Israel.

Have you ever read the book of Joshua? If it would help the security of the Jewish people THAT IS WHAT HE DID to Ai. I would be on the side of Joshua. What about YOU?

-- Joni

Now further suppose that a small group of Jews and gentiles have also learned the truth about this crime and that they have made efforts to make public what they know. And finally suppose that another group of Jews, who don't admit that the false-flag crime has been committed (although you know that it has), nevertheless tell you that it would be very bad for Jews (especially Israelis) if blame for this crime falls on Jewish individuals. Now given all that, the question is, would you side with the group who are trying to expose the crime or would you heed the advice of those who say its best if the truth (what you know to be the truth) does not become known?


Pentagon C Ring Exit Hole Mystery

Posted by: "mikemeyer1964"   mikemeyer1964

Fri Jun 9, 2006 7:51 am (PST)

Detailed below is a revised write up [from "A Boeing 757 did not hit
the Pentagon"] regarding the unexplained Pentagon C-ring exit hole.
I have received valuable feedback on my previous write up, from many
911 researchers. I have included numerous clarifications and
details, and have directly addressed some of the main stream media
explanations regarding the C-Ring Exit Hole.

A great deal has been written about the damage to the Pentagon on
9/11. The focus of this discussion is on the mysterious, and
officially unexplained, "C-Ring Exit Hole". The C-ring exit hole is
significant because it is not consistent with building damage from a
Boeing 757 impact. The C-Ring exit hole carries a unique signature,
which can only be explained by something other than a 757 impact.
No explanation is offered for this hole in the Pentagon Building
Performance Report or the official
9-11 Commission Report.

The exterior C-ring wall is the last wall (the third wall traveling
into the Pentagon) that sustained significant damage during the
Pentagon attack. On 9/11, a near perfectly round, nine foot
diameter hole was cut in the C-Ring wall, known as the "C-Ring exit
hole". It is approximately 310 feet from the impact on the outer
Pentagon wall (E-ring). The unique feature of this hole include:
its circular shape, the clean cut hole in the wall with no visible
damage to the wall immediately surrounding the hole, and steel rebar
is cut by the forces which created the hole. For an overview of the
hole, see this page:

From the impact on the E-ring wall, to the C-ring Exit hole, is an
open office space with only support columns and ordinary
construction interior walls. According to the Building Performance
Report, there were intact (but damaged) support columns starting at
roughly 160 feet into the building in the aircraft flight path,
indicating that the fuselage of the aircraft had effectively been
destroyed by this point. The C-ring wall was constructed of steel
mesh and rebar reinforced brick, 8 inches thick. Details are shown

The initial explanation offered was that nose cone/fuselage of the
757 aircraft punched all the way from the E-ring wall, to the C-ring
wall, to create this exit hole, the "nose cone" theory.

The structural design of the 757 is based on the structural loads of
a pressurized vessel (the cabin), and the structural and aerodynamic
loads from the wings, control surfaces, and the fuel. The plane is
made as light as possible, and not made to handle impact loads of
any kind.

This "nose cone" theory was quickly discounted as there was no
significant aircraft wreckage found at the C-ring wall, nor would an
aircraft impact have cut a clean hole without disturbing any of the
surrounding wall. There were also support columns still standing in
the flight path of the aircraft.

Next, investigators from Purdue University proposed that fuel,
airplane material, and momentum from the aircraft created this
circular cut out by continuing into the building after the plane had
been destroyed. This "circle of energy" concept seems improbable
for a number of reasons:
1. The airplane materials included the plane and fuel in the
fuselage and wings. This material would have been spread out over a
non circular area which included the wings and fuselage.
2. There does not seem to be any historical precedent for this
phenomenon to have occurred.
3. There were support columns that remained standing in the path
between the impact point and the C-Ring exit hole that would have
deflected parts of this "circle of energy".
4. The impact of this material would have knocked the wall down, or
caved it in due to the mesh and rebar reinforcement, not created a
clean cut hole.
To have this material and energy "form up" into a circle so as to
cause this hole seems extremely unlikely. This "circle of energy"
theory seems to have also been discounted.

The National Geographic Channel aired a program "Seconds to
Disaster" which depicted the events at the Pentagon on 9/11. This
program aired most recently on May 24th 2006. They offered the
following explanation for the C-Ring exit hole: secondary explosions
from the impact and jet fuel, coupled with the geometry of the
inside of the impacted Pentagon, allowed shock waves to cause this
circular hole.

This "shock wave" concept also seems improbable for a number of
1. The interior section of the Pentagon where the 757 impacted was
roughly 200 feet wide and deep with a significant hole from the 757
impact. Air is a compressible gas, and the forces required to knock
down a mesh and rebar reinforced wall are substantial. Shock waves
could certainly be present, but these shock waves would be in air,
and would be spread throughout the interior section of the
Pentagon. The hole in the C-Ring would require extremely localized
forces; to have these shock waves form a clean cut circular hole,
including cutting rebar, is extraordinarily remote.
2. Any forces impacting the wall from shock waves would be spread
over some area of the wall. These forces would knock the wall down
or crumple it if they were strong enough. These shock waves would
also be influenced and deflected by the support columns. Once
again, the clean cut hole defies the explanation of shock waves.
3. There does not seem to be any historical precedent for this to
occur, as there are routinely secondary explosions during fires, but
this clean cut circle phenomena has not been reported elsewhere.

Note: I asked to be put in contact with the authors of the "shock
wave" theory, but the National Geographic Channel merely directed me
to the Pentagon Building Performance Report and to Pentagon
reconstruction website as sources for the program. Neither of these
documents offers any explanation for the C-ring exit hole.

So what other possibilities could there be for a hole which has
these unique characteristics. I have previous with experience in
shape charge warheads, and anyone with this experience would
immediately recognize the hole to match that caused by a shaped
charge warhead or device.

The C-ring exit hole has these distinct features, which would have
occurred if this wall was struck by some sort of shaped charge:
1. The hole is circular as the typical shaped charge warhead is
2. The hole is cleanly cut, in that the walls surrounding the hole
do not appear to have suffered any visible forces as would be
expected from the extremely localized and focused energy from the
shaped charge warhead.
3. Windows are broken outside of the C-ring exit hole. Shock waves
from the shaped charge high explosive are strong enough to break
typical glass (but not a reinforced brick wall).
4. The wall beyond the C-ring (towards the interior of the
Pentagon) is relatively undamaged, only some light charring. The
force of the shaped charge warhead is extremely localized and
focused and would have dissipated shortly after it breached the C-
Ring wall.

What is a shape charge? In simple terms it is high explosives
formed in a very specific geometry so that the explosive force is
extremely focused. Some good general information is located here . Look at the hole in
reinforced concrete hole here
You can see how the wall is undamaged except for the hole; also note
how the rebar is cut.

Beyond the similarities in the hole shown in this brochure, are
there any other details about the Pentagon that raise more questions
about the hole in the C-ring wall, yes. On Russell Pickering's web
site he has identified mistakes in the
classification of damage to the Pentagon near the C-Ring exit hole.
In summary, the Pentagon Building Performance Report indicates
gradual decreasing support column damage as you travel into the
pentagon along the flight path, to where there is limited damage by
the C-Ring exit hole, but this is incorrect, the column damage
increases again near the C-Ring Exit hole. This would be consistent
with a shape charge warhead detonating near or at the C-Ring exit
hole. See the detailed write up here.

Was the Pentagon Building Performance Report team allowed
uncontrolled access to the site? Not even close, access was limited
and they were escorted, see excerpts from the Pentagon Building
Performance Report here.
Note that the Building Performance Report team was not allowed to
see this exit hole, the FBI provided a photo and description. Why
would this team not be allowed uncontrolled access to assess
building damage? It should be noted that this team never saw any
damage to the Pentagon until all of the wreckage and debris were

So how did a shaped charged warhead get this far into the Pentagon?
One possible explanation is a multi stage shaped charge warhead
device. I do not propose that the following device was used at the
Pentagon, but one such multi stage device is described here.
A page or so into this site describes "a weapon called a PAM, or
Penetration Augmented Munition". "Although compact and lightweight
(approximately 35 pounds, 33 inches long), it contains the power of
four explosive charges and when deployed, can effectively destroy
bridges, runways, roads, and tunnels". It describes a technology
where multiple shaped charges are used together, where the first
charge creates a hole for a second, and so forth. The successive
charges can be set off by separate sensors which detect the impact
with a wall. If you were to design a "bunker buster" warhead where
you had to penetrate multiple reinforced walls, this would be
technology to utilize, to allow you to penetrate further into a
multi walled structure than with a single shape charge warhead
alone. Due to the lack of walls between the exterior E-ring wall
and the C ring wall, it is likely that such a device would travel
until it hit a support column. Hitting a support column at an angle
could serve to deflect slightly the trajectory of the device.
Following this theory, the last charge struck the C-ring wall and
created the C-Ring exit hole. Having the device follow a deflect
path would also explain how there were still support columns in the
direct path of the aircraft to the C-Ring exit hole.

If something smaller than a 757 hit the Pentagon, a multi stage
shape charge may have been part of the payload to increase the
damage into the building, to better approximate the damage that
would be envisioned by a larger 757. A shaped charge warhead would
seem to be the only explanation that fits the evidence of a sudden
increase in damage to the Pentagon near the C-Ring exit hole and the
C-ring exit hole itself.

The only explanations offered by the "official" community,
the "circle of energy" and the "shock wave theory", have no
precedent, and violate some basic common sense and physics. My
proposal fits the classic shape charge damage seen from a typical
shaped charge warhead. The first time I saw the C-Ring exit hole, a
chill went down my spine because I knew that the only way to cut a
clean hole in a reinforced brick wall (including cutting through
rebar) is with a shaped charge warhead. With any type impact or
wave, forces would have caused the wall to crumble or cave in,
without cutting through rebar.

Many people have claimed that there is no evidence to doubt the
official version of events on 9/11. I guess that really depends on
your definition of evidence. With the C-Ring exit hole, we have a
hole that is clearly out of place with a 757 impact, we have
investigators that are not permitted to see the hole, and we have
damage near the hole not accurately presented in an official
report. What is your threshold for simply accepting a story from
the government?

The C-ring Exit hole is but one small chapter in the unexplained
events of 9/11. There are many other similar, unexplained events.
Isn't the fact that our Republic was forever altered by the events
on 9/11 require an investigation that puts to rest all of these
questions, no matter where it leads?

Mike Meyer


Palast vs. Coulter - Battle of the Books begins 6/6/06....

Posted by: "Marsha MCClelland"   marshamcclelland

Fri Jun 9, 2006 8:27 am (PST)

Palast vs. Coulter - Battle of the Books begins 6/6/06.... Posted by: "" aurorah2o Fri Jun 9, 2006 2:17 am (PST) > Palast vs. Coulter - Battle of the Books begins today (6/6/06)
> latest flavor of hate and militant ignorance; mine -- 'Armed Madhouse:Â Who's
> Afraid of Osama Wolf?, The Scheme to Steal '08 and other Dispatches from the
> Front Lines of the Class War -- the investigations, first broadcast on BBC,
> simply banned from US airways and print. (There's no truth to the rumor Coulter
> chose to release her book on 06-06-06 in honor of her father's birthday.)
> I'm asking you to buy (or order) 'Armed Madhouse' THIS WEEK, right NOW in
> fact. Â
> Why right now? Amazon and the industry have set up this Coulter vs. Palast
> 'launch week' as the Battle of The Books: Can progressives match the forces of
> darkness (they call them "conservatives")?
> Coulter has a million-dollar Right Wing campaign behind her -- thereby
> allowing her and other hate-salesmen to control the media and the national
> discussion. The Coulter crew buys and dumps massive amounts of books, buying her way
> onto the bestseller list. I have only you. Â

> Asia Times says, "Greg Palast, the man widely considered as the top
> investigative journalist in the United States, is persona non grata in his own
> country's media."Â But it's not ME that's 'non grata,' it's the information about
> the Washington regime -- that is shut out of the Fox-ified press. They may
> not count ballots, but they sure as hell count sales. That's the blunt, ugly
> truth of it:Â that's how you get the attention of America's media.
> Pick up Armed Madhouse this week at your local bookstore or through Amazon
> or Barnes and Noble You can get to these from my website
> When my last book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, was released, you made
> it a bestseller and, that ended the silence over the theft of the 2000 vote.Â
> We broke through the electronic Berlin wall of the American media.
> Â
> The new book out today, Armed Madhouse, details the fix of the 2004
> election, the Bush Administration's confidential, and surprising, plans for Iraq's
> oil, the untold story of the destruction of New Orleans, the dark,
> misunderstood economics of the rise of the India-China colossus, Ken Lay's unindicted
> co-conspirators and many more tales of the current regime you won't get on your
> nightly news.
> Don't be fooled by the fact that the book is entertaining -- this is my most
> serious investigative reporting yet, connecting Venezuela's petrodollars,
> 3.6 million missing ballots, Thomas Friedman, Hurricane Katrina and, the death
> of General Motors and the Arnold Schwarzenegger's tawdry little gatherings
> with Ken Lay.
> The full title is Armed Madhouse:Â Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats
> Bush Sinks, the Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left and other
> Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War. Welcome to the world of
> militarized greed, where America's panic over lunatics with box-cutters has
> metastasized into a billion-dollar fear industry, where Republicans sucking on
> Super-Sized Slurpees hunt dark-skinned voters on 'caging lists' for elimination, and
> James Baker's fixer in alligator boots sets up the grab for Iraq's oil on
> her way to the rodeo. Plus 50 illustrations, including several marked "secret"
> by the State Department and a brilliant recipe for fish curry. Â
> Hear excerpts from Armed Madhouse read by Amy Goodman, Randi Rhodes, Larry
> David, Janeane Garofalo and others at
> Randi Rhodes calls it the "best investigative reporting in America -- and
> the funniest." And deadly serious at the same time. Please get their attention
> -- and get it today. Yes, this is a hard sell for this book -- and for good
> reason:Â I'm asked again and again, What can we DO? The answer is, we can't do
> anything until we're INFORMED. We can't prevent the theft of the '08
> election until you know the crazy details of the theft of '04. We can't shield
> ourselves from economic slaughter until we have the hard, if hidden, facts of
> class conflict from the Sino-dollar panic to the privatization of hurricane
> planning. That's why I wrote this book: as a class war defense course.
> Â
> And that's why Code Pink, Operation PUSH, Ohio Citizens for Secure
> Elections, Democracy for America affiliates and a score of other front-line
> organizations are sponsoring the Armed Madhouse book tour.
> The ARMED MADHOUSE TOUR BEGINS TONIGHT. I will be traveling to twenty
> cities across the US to meet with you during teach-ins, which will expose economic
> piggery so deep and devious you'll just have to scream or cry - or laugh.
> For a list of cities and locations, see the end of this email or go to:
> For sponsors and sponsorship info, go to:
> Armed Madhouse Table of Contents here:
> Read an excerpt from Armed Madhouse:
> Armed Madhouse Tour:
> Tue. June 6. San Francisco
> Wed. June 7. Berkeley
> Wed. June 7. Santa Rosa
> Thurs. June 8. Seattle
> Fri. June 9. San Francisco
> Fri. June 9. Los Angeles
> Sat. June 10. San Diego
> Sun. June 11. Chicago
> Mon. June 12. Washington D.C.
> Tue. June 13. NYC
> Wed. June 14. NYC
> Thur. June 15. Boulder
> Fri. June 16. Denver
> Sat. June 17. Albuquerque
> Sun. June 18. Austin
> Mon. June 19. Houston
> Tue. June 20. Columbus
> Thur. June 21. Albany
> Fri. June 23. Atlanta
> Sat. June 24. Tampa
> Details at

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