Thursday, August 19, 2004

Porter Goss - CIA Chief Nominee

I've stayed away posting anything about the nomination of Porter Goss. The primary reason for doing so is the thought that given the bogus nature of the 911 Commission and the circus like side show that is sometimes called the Congress of the US, I thought a focus on Goss would tend to draw any reader into accepting the idea that the nomination mattered and was worthy of discussion. It does not matter and is not worthy.

However, just to open the door to one commonly accepted theory about why our govt. has been hijacked (The Rise of the NeoCons!), here's this entry:

For me, there has to be more to the story of what subversive forces are in play than is in the above article, so much so that focusing on the details and personalities seems to be a sure way to make sure the big picture is obscured.

Remember that malfeasance of our govt. has continued for decades and has been immune from which political party may have controlled the Congress or the White House.

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