Thursday, February 24, 2005

We are sure that the International Organizations have a lot of evidences on these violations and crimes, but what astonished us the dubious silence.

They've Only Just Begun...
The War Party's agenda: Syria, Iran, and beyond by Justin Raimondo

Tony Blair came under renewed pressure yesterday to publish the legal advice on which he took Britain to war in Iraq after fresh doubts were cast about the opinion given by the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith.

In the days after former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib's interview with Channel Nine's 60 Minutes program aired on February 15, the Howard government and the heads of ASIO and the federal police were feeding every conceivable accusation to the corporate media in a desperate attempt to undermine Habib's credibility.

Ex-Ogilvy Ad Executives Convicted of Overbilling

Photos of the Week: ABCNews

We're accustomed to thinking of liberalism and conservatism as parallel ideologies, with conservatives preferring less government and liberals preferring more.

Is Anyone Listening to the Whistleblowers?

Company's work in Iraq profited Bush's uncle

There are interesting connections between the White House credentialed Talon News Service, owned by Houston-based GOP activist Bobby Eberle, Jr., and two other "Talon" entities

Why would Osama bin Laden want to kill Dubya, his former business partner?
By James Hatfield

Admiral Crowe's associates on the Board and management of Kellerstrom Industries (tender offers, etc. not yet reviewed) located at 1100 International Parkway, Sunrise, FL -- Ticker Symbol: KELLE, from DEF 14A Proxy filed 4/30/99.
Below notice director Niv Harizman was with Alex. Brown (BT for Bankers Trust): This is the firm that executed the "puts" prior to the September 11 attack that took positions the stocks of American Airlines, United Airlines, Boeing, some brokerage houses, and several reinsurance companies (some inter-locked) including AXA Assurance, Swiss Re and Munich Re would plunge ... as if portending fore-knowledge.
Seems these trades hubbed from Alex. Brown which was acquired with Deutsche's Bank acquisition of Bankers Trust. The gent heading Alex. Brown unit, which was Deutsche's trading/brokerage arm, was terminated rather suddenly; former Director of Enforcement for SEC, Richard Walker, took a position as staff counsel for Deutsche. (I would trust Walker to the nth degree to get to the bottom of "who knew").

Wead to Bush Beat: Yeah, The Tapes Made Bush Look Good


The "Eddie Ordeal"
First let me start out today's post by saying that if I poke fun at you, your religion, or anything else you may care about. You must understand that I'm not trying to be mean its just that thats what I do. If you don't like ignore me I know that many people do


Hinchey on Karl Rove
Congressman Hinchey is devastating, and silly little Ms. Woodruff is shown for what she is.

One of the best, BEST, stories ever about GannonGuckertGate and what it means, and why it matters, comes from one of the most - MOST - conservative pro-Bush news sources on the Internet. This guy spells out exactly why this is a story. Exactly why this is so outrageous

If you think the department of Homeland Security is not spending money stupidly, check this out.

WHISTLEBLOWING....Remember Sibel Edmonds? She's the FBI translator who charged the FBI with incompetence in the wake of 9/11 and was then fired

Bush Propaganda: Sanitized for your protection

I’ve been playing mainstream media’s little “game” for more than three years now. The game involves trying to have an actual conversation with one of them

Amazing. And Depressing

Gannon: The question is what the White House knew and when?