Thursday, August 12, 2004

Rummy's Charitable Side

Everybody needs to perform outreach activities in their spare time.
Look at how this key govt. official finds time to make sure world oil interests don't go hungry.

The Original No-Fly List was already outrageously administered, will this plan be better or worse

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 · Last updated 4:22 p.m. PT
No-fly list raises civil-liberty concerns
SAN FRANCISCO -- The Sept. 11 Commission wants the government to expand the no-fly list airlines now check to keep suspected terrorists off planes, consolidating as many as 12 secret lists maintained by different intelligence agencies.
That worries the American Civil Liberties Union, which has already sued the government, saying the airlines' effort to keep terror suspects and other dangerous people off planes ensnares innocent passengers and subjects them to unnecessary searches and delays. Also, the government provides no way for those wrongly named to get themselves removed.
"Right now, if you're on the list, you're in a no-fly jail. There is now no way out of this," said Barry Steinhardt, the director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Project.
Commissioners agree the government has a "definite interest" in ensuring the protection of passengers' civil liberties as well as their safety. Their report, however, didn't spell out how the government should improve its checks and balances for the watch lists.
In lawsuits filed in San Francisco and Seattle, the ACLU has demanded the government explain how wrongly flagged travelers - usually targeted because they have names similar to those on the list - can get off it. The ACLU also wants to know how many people are on the list.

"They have to make the best efforts to make sure it's accurate and has to have a procedure to make sure people mistakenly identified can get off the list," Steinhardt said.
U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, who privately reviewed the government's "sensitive" data, ordered the government in June to further explain why it hasn't disclosed certain documents in response to the ACLU's Freedom of Information Act request.
Breyer said the government has refused to say why the number of people on the list should not be disclosed. He also wonders why the government classified its procedure for adding names to the list as "non-disclosable sensitive security information."
"In many instances, the government has not come close to meeting its burden, and, in some cases, has made frivolous claims of exemption," Breyer wrote.
Authorities have repeatedly refused comment on Breyer's ruling or questions about the no-fly list.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Transportation Security Administration and other agencies cite security concerns for not publicly disclosing to the ACLU why two of the group's clients - peace activists who publish a magazine critical of the Bush administration - were detained at San Francisco International Airport. The two believe they were wrongly detained because their names popped up in the database.
The agencies even blacked out names of government officials in charge of the list, including the FBI employee responsible for responding to inquiries from the public regarding names appearing on the list.
President Bush last year authorized the FBI to establish the consolidated database the commission recommends be used at airports. Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge, when announcing the creation of the still unfinished mega-database last year, said "the job of the new Terrorist Screening Center is to make sure we get this information out to our agents on the borders and all those who can put it to use on the front lines."
The Sept. 11 Commission urged that the government take over pre-screening responsibilities from the airlines even before a new system is developed.
The list the airlines use includes only the people the government believes "pose a direct threat to aviation." Many names of potential terrorists, now kept in a slew of government databases, have been held back from the airlines because some agencies consider the information too sensitive to share.
That problem can be solved, the commission said, if the lists are consolidated and the TSA takes charge of preflight passenger screening.
"Because air carriers implement the program, concerns about sharing intelligence information with private firms and foreign countries keep the U.S. government from listing all terrorist and terrorist suspects who should be included," the report said.
The airline industry has welcomed that recommendation, which is expected to be the subject of congressional debate this month. House leaders say they want legislation to implement the commission's proposals in September, and Senate leaders by October.
"We are all for the government being in charge of that, of the government assuming that responsibility," said Diana Cronan, a spokeswoman for the Air Transport Association of America, which represents 22 airlines, including all major U.S. carriers. "They have all the information. They're trained and they have the intelligence."
The commission noted its airline screening proposal, as well as other ideas that would increase the government's power over the public, could tread on civil liberties. That's why it recommends the creation of an executive branch board committed "to defend our civil liberties" at a "time of increased and consolidated government authority."
"How that may be fashioned is probably best left to the Congress and president," said commission spokesman Jonathan Stull.

More Evidence: 911 Commission is Bunk

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Stan Goff Interview - Riveting!

Bush isn't our Worst Pres..... Yet...

The Ultimate in Crimes Against Humanity

Cartoon from Miami Herald

Convene a Meeting of the 911 Commission: Here's Part of the Real Explanation Rather Than Politically Orchestrated Cover-Up

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Pravda: Iraq's slide toward separation

Why do we care, we'll be going next door to Iran...?

Flash: There are Some in Our Govt. who Don't think the 911 Commission Report Should be Added as a New Book in the Bible

Govt., Health Care, and Vaccines

Not always a great combination.....

Iraq, US prepares for final offensive in holy city, Can you say Bloodbath?

Remember the Berg Beheading
(you may need to click [options] after clicking link or go to Fox's site)
(no objectionable content)

I can't prove the Berg video was a fake, but Fox News interviews the guy from California who recently put his fake out: (video link)

For Fox News, the tone of this interview is not out of usual character. Yet, it's still astounding to see heavy demonization that the Fox News anchor spews against the "terrorists." Murdock and Karl Rove must be proud.

Iraq Atrocity Watch

This is a few weeks old.....
If Abu Ghraib is still being covered up, this could be accurate:

Presidential Election Polling

It's a Horserace:

The Right to Choose

I respect the sincerity and logic of those who have a moral argument against the act of abortion.

I firmly support a woman's ability for access to abortion services as part of the healthcare system.

Here's a site that is all about adoption resources.

Before we had a War Criminal as President, and the Bill of Rights was suspended, I thought Abortion Rights was at the top of the list as a national political issue.

Do I Believe Every 911 Alternative Viewpoint

Pentagon 911:
No, I don't believe everything. Here's a link to a Alternative Viewpoint

It doesn't help that Rummy really did say what is reported here (mid way thru article):

Here's the debunk... maybe:

If the above area of discussion were the only significant 911 possible "anomaly", I'd venture to say that there wouldn't be a 911 Truth Movement. But, this just scratches the surface. Here are some tasty morsels:

And then, there's Sibel Edmonds, FBI Whistleblower
She's one brave soul.

Boys and Girls, We Have Surprise for you: Terror Exercises Coming to Your Community

There's a reason this stuff is happenning.
Another tidbit that will be explained in due time.
If you dare, read the whole story at

Laying the Foundation

Here we have a seemingly meaningless post. This link gives you some nice pictures and diagrams of Lower Manhatten after 911. Don't worry, nothing gruesome.
For any of you who haven't spent a lot of time investigating the events on 9/11, this is a your door to open up some truth.

Hint: Don't bother reading the 911 Commission Report

More Preaching

Some of you may have guessed my favorite bumper sticker at this point:
If you aren't outraged, you aren't paying attention!
Our President, he's a uniter. And new, improved, he says he wants to be a peace President.....

Winning your Hearts and Minds

Warning: Strong Political / Ethical / Human Rights Lecture Ahead

Ok People, some of you will not be able to go here with me, but just stick you toe in the water,
If you aren't ready for this, just consider it a tiny friendly nudge.

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