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The Coming Muslim Takeover of Europe

The American Thinker

Blogger Thoughts: Not sure this is worth any time. Of course, since there are so many suckers who believe Islamiic Fundumentalists were behind 9/11, even what would seem like fringe thinking like this needs to be addressed.

[political-research] Robert Fisk: On the shocking truth about the American occupation of

Robert Fisk: On the shocking truth about the American occupation

[political-research] Maureen Dowd: Teaching Remedial Decency

Teaching Remedial Decency

No More Support of Senseless Govt. Sponsored Murder
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I almost vomited on my keyboard reading this.....

The American Thinker: What Bush needs now is your Prayers




    JUNE 2-4 2006

    Under the Cheney doctrine and the Pentagon�s Global Strike, US forces are now on the verge of a surprise attack, quite possibly in nuclear form, against Iran. As Philip Giraldi wrote last July, the Cheney doctrine prescribes that this attack will come in the wake of a new 9/11 or new Gulf of Tonkin incident. With the US and UK stalled at the UN by Russian and Chinese rejection of their plans for aggression, all indications are that such a new 9/11 is being actively prepared by rogue networks within the US intelligence community of CIA, NSA, DIA, NSC, Pentagon, and State Department, plus allied and privatized capabilities. The neocons, many of whom face early criminal indictment, are opting for a flight forward into war.

    With the visits during late May of Israel's Ehud Olmert and Britain�s Tony Blair to Washington, the aggressor coalition seems to be ready. Cheney�s controllers now require only a pretext, a provocation to justify their attack. Will they attack under the cover of the soccer World Cup, to be held in Germany during June? An attack in Europe would help recruit coalition partners. Will they sink a US warship in the Gulf? In this case, a third country could do the job, with the blame going to Iran. As in the case of 9/11, they will manufacture the provocation they need for the next phase of the war of civilizations. Arabs and Moslems will be involved as patsies � under the label of Hezbollah, Iran, etc. An attack on Iran will kill Chinese in the oil fields and Russians in the nuclear reactor sites. It will begin the inexorable slide into World War III. Neocon fascist madmen Lieber and Press, writing in the March-April issue of Foreign Affairs, promise that a thermonuclear first strike against Russia and/or China is eminently feasible. The same neocon networks which promised the Iraqi cakewalk are now promising a nuclear cakewalk. This time the result could be the incineration of the US and large parts of the world. The neocons must be driven from public life, even as the September criminals are brought to justice.

    The attack on Iran has little to do with unproven allegations that Teheran might acquire a nuclear device. Israel alone has nearly 500 nuclear weapons of all types, plus an ABM system. The insanity of the Anglo-American elites reflects the death agony of the US dollar. As Iran, Russia, Venezuela and even Norway prepare to buy and sell oil in rubles, euros, and through barter deals, hundreds of billions of dollars of central bank reserves are poised to quit the greenback. The result would be a dollar panic, with dollar owners stampeding towards the exits. The US currency might lose between 25% and 75% of its value. With emerging market currencies and stock markets crashing, the tropism of the US-UK elites is toward war in a bid to retain world domination.

    Bush retains the support of some 35% of the US population. With this 35% he can resist impeachment and wage war indefinitely. These are persons who have accepted the government�s nightmare vision of 9/11. They are terrorized, literally scared out of their wits. They are relatively impervious to the many valid arguments which can be made against the Iraq war, against Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, torture, secret prisons, illegal renditions, NSA wiretaps, and totalitarian police state policies. These they regard as necessities of a war forced up the US by a foreign aggressor. The only hope of reaching these people, and thus of attrition and erosion of Bush�s base, is to demolish and discredit the 9/11 myth itself. The attacks came from the US secret government, not from Bin Laden�s cave. The Charlie Sheen episode shows that the 9/11 issue offers by far the greatest bang for the buck � it is the ultimate weapon against Bush. Only a sustained series of explosive revelations and exposures of 9/11 truth can cripple the Bush regime, roll up the rogue networks, and block the new 9/11 and October surprise scenarios. It is here that the treachery of the gatekeepers emerges. Left liberal figures like Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, The Nation magazine, and most of Air America have stubbornly parroted the Bush-FBI lies about 9/11. There are right gatekeepers too, like and many of its writers. The gatekeepers must catch up with the truth or enter the dust bin of history.

    But what about 9/11 truth? Within the 9/11 truth movement, some still debate unanswered questions, or the incompetence and negligence theory. Others continue to embrace LIHOP, the notion that the Bush regime Let It Happen On Purpose. In our view, these approaches are gravely deficient because they all accept the key point of the government�s demagogy: they assume that some such independent entity as "al Qaeda" really exists, and really has the capability of producing the results seen on 9/11. This is precisely the Big Lie we must reject. "Al Qaeda" could not subsist without the support of CIA (and of Britain�s MI-6, as David Shayler�s reports show). "Al Qaeda" is a wholly owned subsidiary of US-UK intelligence. The true face of "al Qaeda" was that of the psychotic patsy Moussaoui, who was deemed a delusional paranoid schizophrenic by psychiatric experts, or of Richard Reid, the mentally retarded derelict produced by the MI-6 school for patsies at Finsbury mosque in London. Moussaoui claimed they were going to attack the White House with a 747. In reality, this pathetic pair could hardly have hijacked a pushcart.

    There is no substitute for MIHOP (the idea that US government forces Made It Happen On Purpose). As David Ray Griffin recently observed, "It is already possible to know, beyond a reasonable doubt, one very important thing: the destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job, orchestrated by terrorists within our own government." Morgan Reynolds and other members of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth also argue this point. Our European colleagues have been MIHOP from the outset. (Please feel free to add other names as indicated.) The 9/11 truth movement should now unite on the basis of MIHOP, and put aside uncertainty.

    Anything short of full political MIHOP leaves us with a powerful enemy and the need to wage the fraudulent war on terror in some better form. Anything short of MIHOP is ultimately compatible with support for Democrats who want to continue the Afghan/Iraq/Iran war if they seize control of the Congress this November, or with the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who is running as a bigger and better warmonger than Bush, while promising to extort European troops and European funding which Bush cannot provide. By failing to filibuster Hayden for the CIA, the Democratic Party has again proclaimed itself feckless. The Republican Party may break up over the immigration issue. The Democrats may break up if they attempt to prolong the wars. 9/11 truth can be a catalyst for a progressive outcome of the looming crisis of the political system.

    If the new 9/11 comes, it will likely be under the guise of a government drill or exercise. As Operation Mongoose was used to bootleg the JFK assassination, and as Nine Lives was used to conduit the Hinckley hit on Reagan in 1981, we have seen how the 9/11 events were run through the fifteen plus drills going on that morning. We have seen the London explosions of July 7, 2005 carried out under the aegis of Atlantic Blue (UK), Topoff 3 (US), and Triple Play (Canada), plus Visor Consultants. Our movement was able to block Sudden Response 05 in Charleston, South Carolina, last August. It shall be the policy of our movement to monitor, identify, expose, denounce, and shut down WMD drills and exercises which threaten to go live in the form of real attacks anywhere in the world. It is our urgent duty to inoculate populations against this notorious trick of the rogue networks.

    The 9/11 truth movement may currently include as many as 5,000 activists. To pull the world back from the brink of general war, it is imperative that this be expanded a thousand fold, to 5 million. Five million activists influencing a periphery of 20 to 25 million activists � leftists, progressives, conservatives, communitarians, independents � could shift the political constellation, starting with the left wing of the Democratic Party. As for conservative 9/11 truth activists, they are the adversaries Bush-Cheney fear most. The Pentagon�s 9/11 tape release has proven a fiasco. The Moussaoui jury refused to execute. Recent calls for 9/11 truth by the late William Sloan Coffin, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and above all the new Zogby poll showing that 42% of Americans reject the 9/11 commission report, with 47% wanting a Congressional probe or an independent international truth commission, show that the massive expansion of our movement is within reach.

    Accordingly, we commit ourselves to the following actions over the remaining months of 2006:

  • The Vermont Green Party is the first state party to call for the impeachment of Bush-Cheney based on their 9/11 crimes, with the first article against Bush for misprision of high treason. This approach should be replicated everywhere. Our movement is the cutting edge of impeachment, and we must guarantee that the impeachment groundswell includes the 9/11 element without which it will falter.

  • We will take back the air waves from the corporate media with a relentless barrage of phone calls to C-SPAN, Air America, and to every television and radio talk show in this country and beyond, all for the purpose of placing 9/11 truth at the top of the national agenda. This guerrilla war can bring our message to tens of millions of people every day, circumventing the gatekeepers.

  • We will support candidates of any party or of no party who embrace 9/11 truth. We will focus national attention on key candidacies like those of Carol Brouillet for Congress in California, Bob Bowman for Congress in Florida, Craig Hill in Vermont, and others. We also wish to direct international attention to the candidacy of Irish 9/11 truth movement leader Morgan Stack to the Dail (Parliament of the Republic of Ireland) for the district of Cork South Central.

  • We will continue our surveillance of drills and exercises to raise the political price the invisible government must pay if it seeks to carry out new crimes.

  • While stressing that the MIHOP historical and political analysis of 9/11 is already conclusive, we urge that 9/11 deep throats and whistleblowers come forward, both to testify and to produce additional written or recorded evidence of courtroom quality on the scale of the Watergate tapes that can put the September criminals behind bars.

  • In the event that Bush-Cheney seek to impose martial law, we will agitate for an open-ended general strike of the civil rights movement, the labor movement, immigrant groups, minorities, students, and all persons of good will to demand the restoration of Constitutional rule.

    We call for a united front of groups and organizations for action on these points.









    9/11 TRUTH LA


[political-research] Bloglines - US military lies about Ishaq Iraq murders (updated)

Truth About Iraqis
Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes: "We have heard that half a million [Iraqi] children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"
US Secretary of State Madeline Albright: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it."

US military lies about Ishaq Iraq murders (updated)

By Truth about Iraqis

Of course.

Just consider. The US investigation said 1) four people died and 2) they took fire from the house and 3) the troops acted appropriately.

But the AP video shows at least five children and four women killed.

Furthermore, this picture from AP shows at least six corpses, four of what are discernible are children.

Has no one questioned the discrepancy in the death toll?

Tsk, tsk ...

What will this kind of justice breed, I wonder ...

Iraqi PM Maliki must be wondering the same thing today. He just received a sharp rebuke from the White House:

The White House on Friday sought to soften criticism by Iraq's prime minister over allegations that U.S. Marines killed two dozen unarmed civilians in the western town of Haditha last November.

White House press secretary Tony Snow said that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had told U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad that he had been misquoted. But Snow was unable to explain what al-Maliki told Khalilzad or how he had been misquoted.

"That is a little too complicated for me to try to read out," Snow said at a briefing where he was pressed to explain how al-Maliki's remarks were supposed to have been distorted. "It becomes a little convoluted and so I don't want to make a real clear characterization because it's a little hazy to me," Snow said.

The prime minister was quoted a day earlier as saying the Haditha deaths were "a horrible crime." He also was quoted as saying, "This is a phenomenon that has become common among many of the multinational forces. No respect for citizens, smashing civilian cars and killing on a suspicion or a hunch. It's unacceptable."

Now we know why the US refused to sign on to the International Criminal Court, to save itself an almost daily humiliation, methinks.

From Wikipedia: The U.N. General Assembly called the "United Nations Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court" in Italy, where the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court was adopted on July 17, 1998.

Almost all states participating voted in favor of the statute; the United States joined Israel, People's Republic of China, Iraq, Qatar, Libya and Yemen in voting against it.

Israel reversed its decision and signed the statute just before the conference closed, but later reversed again and nullified its signature. Initially, the United States under Bill Clinton signed the treaty but never submitted it for ratification. When George W. Bush took office in 2001, he nullified the signature amid bipartisan consensus on the matter.

Update: More on Ishaqi:

From the Associated Press:

A U.S. ground force conducted the Ishaqi attack, said two defense officials in Washington. After being fired upon from the targeted building, the soldiers pulled back and called in airstrikes by an Air Force AC-130 gunship, which attacked and collapsed the building, they said.

One of the officials said the investigation into the circumstances of the Ishaqi attack found that four people in the building were killed by U.S. forces, including two women and a child. The main target of the attack, said by U.S. intelligence to be an al-Qaida figure, ran from the building but was later captured, the official said.

Caldwell said that a search found "the body of Abu Ahmed plus three noncombatants," while the "investigating officer concluded that possibly up to nine collateral deaths resulted from this engagement but could not determine the precise number due to collapsed walls and heavy debris."

Local Iraqis said there were 11 dead, contending they were killed by U.S. troops before the house was leveled.

The bloody aftermath of the attack was captured at the time in the footage shot by an AP Television News cameraman. The video became the focus of attention Friday when the BBC aired it in the wake of recent allegations of U.S. troops killing unarmed civilians.

The footage shows at least one adult male and four of the children with deep wounds to the head that could have been caused by bullets or shrapnel. One child has an obvious entry wound to the side and the inside of the walls left standing were pocked with bullet holes. A voice on the tape said there were clear bullet wounds in two people.

The video includes an unidentified man saying "children were stuck in the room, alone and surrounded."

"After they handcuffed them, they shot them dead. Later, they struck the house with their planes. They wanted to hide the evidence. Even a 6-month-old infant was killed. Even the cows were killed, too," he said
Hello Mr. Soldier Man could you tell us how the collateral damage happened and you could tell us why you came out with a pronouncement of innocence on the same day the BBC aired their video?

Can you also tell us why you have been able to determine no misconduct but a) you do not know the exact number of collateral deaths and b) why the same said children and women appear with gunshot wounds?

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[political-research] Bloglines - NYC Out to Cripple 9/11 Claims

Bloglines user has sent this item to you.

9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News
All comments are welcome! but please avoid hate speech and profanity, and use references when possible.

NYC Out to Cripple 9/11 Claims

By reprehensor

City out to cripple 9/11 claims, say docs


City lawyers are "fishing for information" at medical gatherings that could be used to undermine claims for 9/11-related health problems, doctors and union officials charged yesterday.

Two attorneys from the Law Department attended a meeting last week that organizers said was intended for doctors and advocates to have a frank discussion about how to treat patients suffering from illnesses believed linked to Ground Zero toxins.

"This was an outrage," said Micki Siegel De Hernandez, health and safety director of the Communications Workers of America. "We never would have participated in the meeting if we knew that the city Law Department was there fishing for information they could use against future claims."...

...The controversy emerged as the city Health Department launched the second phase of the World Trade Center Health Registry, which will resurvey the 71,000 participants to see if they have lasting ailments resulting from the terror attacks.

Continued at link.

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[political-research] Greg Palast: How They Stole Ohio And the GOP 4-step Recipe to


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There are 12 messages in this issue.

Topics in this digest:

1. 9/11 WTC 7 + 2nd plane impact
From: "APFN"
2. Re: 9/11 - Did a missile take down building 7?
From: "APFN"
3. AUDIO: 9/11 & Osama bin Laden's rise through the Jihad
From: "APFN"
4. Breaking the LAW by Frist
From: "Bugs"
5. tagging human beings
From: "cherishedheart2005"
6. Here is my post to the Daily Kos - lets see if I get banned, ha ha
From: "mikemeyer1964"
7. A Day in the Life: 6/2/6
From: "President, USA Exile Govt."
8. Fw: "Islamo-fascism" is basically a boogy-man intended to frighten e
From: "Dick Eastman"
9. Re: 9/11 - Did a missile take down building 7?
From: "flanker12k"
10. Re: Well oh my golly my GOSH!
From: "President, USA Exile Govt."
11. FW: [Avian2005] laura bush finds the decider is dishonest
From: "Eva Walker"
12. "...and the wind cries freedom."
From: "mikerusober"


Message: 1
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 12:55 am (PDT)
From: "APFN"
Subject: 9/11 WTC 7 + 2nd plane impact

9/11 WTC 7 + 2nd plane impact
building 7 collapse or missile ? September 11
Tower 7 collapse 911 Did
a missile take down building 7 ?
http:// Watch the video then compare
it against the 3D layout ... 7 7 .html
- 16k - Cached
- Similar pages
and Ralph Reed Buddy Up in Georgia | Air America Radio Fire did not take
down Building 7 .
period I am trying really hard to agree with you here. K? The true
virtue of human beings is fitness to live together as ... 7 2 - 43k - Cached
- Similar pages
Don't shoot the messanger...... just passing the info along!!!!


Message: 2
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 1:05 am (PDT)
From: "APFN"
Subject: Re: 9/11 - Did a missile take down building 7?

Guerrilla News Network
The 9/11 Conspiracy: A Skeptics
Guerrilla News Network -
May 2, 2006
... alleged military aircraft or cruise missile
approached and ... 9/11, and its willingness to take
full advantage ... They did not take
countermeasures because they saw ... (satire)
The 9/11 Conspiracies
(satire), UK - May 17, 2006
... the explosion (it also doesn't show a missile
hitting the ... the 9/11 attacks in advance but did
nothing to ... the hope that the USA would then take
action against ...
building 7 collapse or missile ? September 11
Tower 7 collapse 911
Did a missile take down building 7 ?
http:// Watch the video then compare it
against the 3D layout ... 7 7 .html
- 16k - Cached
- Similar pages
and Ralph Reed Buddy Up in Georgia | Air America Radio
Fire did not take down
Building 7 . period I am trying really hard to agree with you here.
K? The true virtue of human beings is fitness to live together as ... 7 2 -
43k - Cached
- Similar pages
Missile , not Flight 77 hit Pentagon Defense
Secretary: "and the missile to damage this building " ...
Here is a photo showing what a Tomahawk cruise missile did to
the Chinese Embassy in ...
www.the 7 Politics%20and%20History/Missile-Not-Flight- 7 7
- 162k - Cached
- Similar pages
JP Liggett wrote:
the wtc 7 controlled demolition films has been the most powerful
and effective tool to demonstrate the evidence to two new recruits this
week. I'm using the network footage, instead of the close-ups from some
of the 911 films. Then I show the mineta testimony and the pentagon
strike video. In less than 10 minutes, people see exactly how criminal
these perpetrators are. I'm trying to get the whole proof down to 30
seconds with a call to action at the end.
we can be more effective using the best evidence in a concise clear
manner. When I give out copies of dvd's I m not sure if the people will
sit through the whole thing.
as a poll question, Which 911 dvd is the best one made so far?
Kevin Hammond
Sent by:
06/02/2006 02:27 AM
Please respond
Re: [911TruthAction] 9/11 - Did a missile
take down building 7?
Anyone that attempts to put this information out is
either fooled by the disinformationalists which has happened to me as
well, OR they are disinformationalists themselves attempting to
discredit the movement. wtc7 was 100% without a doubt brought down by
controlled demolition It was a classic case of such.


Message: 3
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 1:31 am (PDT)
From: "APFN"
Subject: AUDIO: 9/11 & Osama bin Laden's rise through the Jihad

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Message: 4
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 4:18 am (PDT)
From: "Bugs"
Subject: Breaking the LAW by Frist

Friday, 06/02/06 PASS TO ALL...........

Frist camp broke rules with 2000 loan
Two groups borrowed it; just 1 reported it

Tennessean Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON � Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's 2000 campaign committee violated federal campaign law by failing to disclose a $1.44 million loan to the campaign, the Federal Election Commission has determined.

Under a conciliation agreement released Thursday between the commission and Frist 2000 Inc. and its campaign treasurer,
Dawn Perkerson, the campaign agreed to pay an $11,000 fine and promised not to violate the law again.

"The loan was fully disclosed, but what the FEC ultimately suggested we believe would have resulted in double reporting of the loan," Jason Torchinsky, an attorney for the 2000 campaign, said in a prepared statement. He declined further comment.

The loan was taken out jointly by Bill Frist for Senate Inc. and Frist 2000 Inc. on Nov. 24, 2000. Frist signed the loan documents with First Union bank on behalf of both committees, according to the FEC. Bill Frist for Senate was Frist's 1994 campaign committee.

The loan was reported by his 1994 campaign committee but not on the year-end report of Frist 2000 Inc.

The FEC investigation was based on a complaint filed last July by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Melanie Sloan, executive director of the nonpartisan group, said the fine was low.

She had accused Frist of hiding the loan to make it appear he had more campaign funds, thereby scaring off challengers.

"There is no disincentive to lie," Sloan said, because the fine could be considered a small price to pay for making it easier to win a Senate seat.

But the loan was made after Election Day 2000, and Frist had already announced he would serve only two terms. He is not seeking re-election this fall.

When this was pointed out to Sloan, she said: "I'm wrong about that."
Bill Frist
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Message: 5
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 8:06 am (PDT)
From: "cherishedheart2005"
Subject: tagging human beings

Saw where Scott Silverman, (sounds like a Jewish name to me) is
proposing the chipping of immigrants that come to the United States.
In Nazi Germany the government started the tatooing of people to keep
track of them like a farmer tracks his stock and how the prison
wardens keep track of their prisoners. Sounds like the first step in
conditioning the general population to accept the inhumane treatment
of people and to start treating them like cattle. After having been
referred to the website of, it appears the Jews are
in the process of installing Jewish Imperialism, a.k.a. communism on
the people in the United States of America. Nazi Germany was blown out
of existence and it appears as if the beginnings of the destruction of
the United States of Amerika ( K for Kosher) is beginning to rear its
ugly head.


Message: 6
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 8:20 am (PDT)
From: "mikemeyer1964"
Subject: Here is my post to the Daily Kos - lets see if I get banned, ha ha


Message: 7
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 9:57 am (PDT)
From: "President, USA Exile Govt."
Subject: A Day in the Life: 6/2/6

Free Americans
Reaching Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free
Via <>

June 2, 2006

From: "Amy Sasser" <>
Date: June 1, 2006 1:43:33 PM EST
To: "President, USA Exile Govt." <>
Subject: Re: A Day in the Life: 6/1/6

Was the
2004 Election Stolen?
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"I'm not confident that the election in Ohio was fairly decided."
-- Howard Dean

"Ohio was as dirty an election as America has ever seen."
-- Lou Harris, father of modern political polling

In the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
investigates a GOP voting scandal in the 2004 presidential election
that virtually guaranteed another four years in the White House for
George W. Bush. Surveying reports by federal officials, election
scholars, and voter advocates, Kennedy finds that in Ohio alone, a
critical battleground state, Republicans prevented more than 350,000
voters -- the overwhelming majority of them Democratic -- from casting
ballots or having their votes counted. In a race decided by only
118,607 votes, he concludes, these votes could have been enough to put
Senator John Kerry in the White House. In his article Was the 2004
Election Stolen?, Kennedy also uncovers evidence of outright fraud that
may have shifted more than 80,000 rural votes from Kerry to Bush. The
primary culprit behind the widespread barriers to voting was Ken
Blackwell -- now the GOP candidate for governor of Ohio -- who used his
powers as secretary of state to purge tens of thousands of eligible
voters from the rolls, create long lines in Democratic precincts, and
oversee a rigged recount. Says Rep. Dennis Kucinich, "The secretary of
state is supposed to administer elections, not throw them. The election
in Ohio in 2004 stands out as an example of how, under color of law, a
state election official can frustrate the exercise of the right to

Kennedy investigates numerous election night irregularities including
the monumental discrepancies between exit polls and actual voter count.
As the last polling stations closed on the West Coast, the polls showed
Kerry ahead in ten of eleven battleground states. But as the evening
progressed, official tallies began to show implausible disparities � as
much as 9.5 percent � with the exit polls. In ten of the eleven
battleground states, the tallied margins departed from what the polls
had predicted. In every case, the shift favored Bush. Based on exit
polls, CNN had predicted Kerry defeating Bush in Ohio by a margin of
4.2 percentage points. Instead, election results showed Bush winning
the state by 2.5 percent. Bush also tallied 6.5 percent more than the
polls had predicted in Pennsylvania, and 4.9 percent more in Florida.

According to Steven F. Freeman, a visiting scholar at the University of
Pennsylvania who specializes in research methodology, the odds against
all three of those shifts occurring in concert are one in 660,000. "As
much as we can say in sound science that something is impossible," he
says, "it is impossible that the discrepancies between predicted and
actual vote count in the three critical battleground states of the 2004
election could have been due to chance or random error."

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Rolling Stone spent four months
investigating the 2004 election in Ohio, interviewed dozens of election
officials, pollsters, candidates, voter advocates, and political
scientists, and reviewed reports by federal officials, statisticians,
voter advocates and journalists. Kennedy's article, Was the 2004
Election Stolen? appears in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone, on
sale nationwide, Friday, June 2.


NOTE: I think this gathering in Chicago this weekend will be quite
beneficial despite the fact that two of the speakers--Kyle Hence and
Nicolas Levis--make presentations (see summaries below) which continue
some folks' impression that these two have infiltrated the 9/11 Truth
Movement in order to obstruct it. Neither of them is nearly as stupid
as each pretends to be. -- kl, pp

From: Joe Stokes <>
Date: May 31, 2006 9:14:36 PM EST
To: Joe <>
Subject: [911TruthAction] 911 Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future

Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future

The 9/11 truth movement has gained enormous credibility and momentum in
2006. Help us build that momentum into a political force that will
carry us to success. Let us reveal to all that 9/11 truth offers the
greatest opportunity in modern history for courageous, ethical people
to positively influence the future of humanity. We hope to achieve no
less than a return to Constitutional rule with the re-establishment of
our precious civil liberties, the end of fraudulent wars and true
justice for all the victims. We should act on this opportunity with
gratitude and intelligence, sounding an alarm as well as a declaration
that we are free and in charge of our own destiny as awakened and
empowered citizens shaping a better world. This conference offers an
intensive weekend of presentations, strategy sessions and abundant
opportunities for the growing 9/11 truth movement to gather. We are
very pleased to announce commitments from approx. 45 presenters, as
listed at Speakers and Program. Media coverage is planned by INN World
Report, KPFA Berkeley, KPFK LA, and many others. Many
other luminaries, authors, researchers, organizers and media activists
are expected. Program is now posted at Events and Event Details pages.

Event Descriptions

9/11 Truth Rally/March in Downtown Chicago

2:15-6:00 Friday
The 9/11 Truth Excursion/Rally/March will be a wonderful networking,
activist opportunity, to raise the visibility of our issue, to see
Chicago, to let the public, the press, the world know that 9/11 Truth
Movement is alive, growing, and a champion of truth, peace, justice,
human rights, democracy, freedom, hope, and courage. We hope all those
coming to Chicago for the conference, who can, will join us, as well as
the local peace, truth, justice, impeachment groups. We encourage
people to bring banners, signs, their voices, enthusiasm, chants,
musical instruments; we will also provide signs, Deception Dollars,
hand-outs, whistles, chant-sheets.
We've promised to abide the laws of Chicago and hope to win the hearts
and minds of public, police, and press in a non-violent, peaceful, fun
march, minding traffic rules, keeping to the sidewalks, not littering
(though it's fun to give away the money/Deception Dollars to folks who
have never seen them before). If you want to speak, sing, or volunteer-
contact Carol Brouillet ( or Gary Franchi
( We will try to get back to the hotel by 6:00
2:20 p.m. Activists will leave en masse for the El Train, Blue Line,
and Downtown Chicago to Rally by 3:30 in Daley Plaza (on 50 W.
Washington, between Clark and Dearborn At). 4:00 p.m. we will begin our
march to ABC's new headquarters at 190 North State Street, then on to
NBC, Chicago Tribune, WGN on Michigan just north of the Chicago River,
and at Tribune Plaza. March route map available here.

Building Financial, Political, & Spiritual Lifeboats
Byron Belitsos

What happens if peak oil and uncontrollable inflation cause the
collapse of the dollar, followed by worldwide depression? What if the
Bush regime spins completely out of control, leading to civil unrest,
open fascism, and wars for resources? Dark times may be ahead for those
trapped inside the matrix by mind control; but brighter times are
ahead for those who opt out and build creative communities outside the
matrix. This talk & workshop will focus on how to build a financial,
political, and spiritual lifeboat with a group of up to 12 cohorts�even
while working for 9/11 truth and for global justice at the planetary
level. Building upon the Solari model of Catherine Austin Fitts, learn
how to thrive at all levels during the inevitable decline of the
current world order amidst financial mayhem, unstable weather, rising
energy prices, and political chaos.

The Falling Towers of Tyranny Rising:
Warlords of Manifest Destiny, the Real WMD
Brian Bogart (Education track)

Context of American empire since 1770; arranging external threats and
first strikes against itself to legitimize aggression and galvanize
public opinion. Cold War as cover for imperialist expansion, bipartisan
complicity and reliance of administrations on external threats to avoid
social programs (promise progress during campaign but use "strong
defense" to keep power); origins of Project for the New American
Century policies and personnel in WW2; repetition in documents from NSC
statements of late 1940s to 2006 National Security Strategy. Methods
for neoconservative media, corporate, political dominance since 1970s;
current repetition of Cold War triumphalism to mold distracted
Americans. Cold War dispersal of weapons manufacturing to all states
motivating their leaders to perpetuate militarism; early 1990s
outsourcing of military to private sector by Dick Cheney; inventing
axis of evil; role of Paul Wolfowitz as architect of transition to war
on terror.
HOW TO APPLY this knowledge -- with illegalities of 9-11 and
pre-planned invasion of Iraq -- to explain what "war on terror" is and
awaken second superpower of public opinion using global climate change
as strongest ally in the age of the end of empire.

People Power in Politics
Brian Bogart (Political Strategy Workgroup)

Understanding government illegalities of 9-11 and its pre-planned
invasion of Iraq as leverage for change today, and arranging external
threats and first strikes against itself as traditional tools to
legitimize American aggression and galvanize public opinion.
Understanding these in the context of domestic and international
manipulation -- and that America has rarely been of by and for the
people -- will help us form a strategy appealing to the mainstream as
humankind encounters a forced awareness in the age of the end of
empire, decidedly forged upon Earth's anvil of climate change. We will
not stop American imperialism alone, but with our planet's help. Our
task is to broaden awareness of America's true historical nature and
shape a positive form of popular demand for change as Earth rejects
militarism and the "creative destruction" of capitalism.

Rapid induction of mass hypnotic trance on 9/11
How to break the spell?
Larry Burk

The sequence of events on 9/11 has much in common with standard
hypnotic techniques for rapid trance induction. These characteristics
include hypnotizable subjects, focused attention, rapid induction,
trance deepening, hypnotic suggestions, depth of trance testing,
post-hypnotic suggestions, and delayed activation of anchors.
The hypnosis scenario explains why the majority of people did not
believe what they saw with their own eyes; a controlled demolition of
the World Trade Center. Although trances tend to wear off with time,
repeated triggering of hypnotic anchors can prolong the effects
indefinitely. The challenge now is to break the spell for a critical
mass of people prior to any future false flag terrorist attack.

How Social Movements Work--The Eight Stages of Social Movements
Carol Brouillet

Effective/Ineffective roles we can play; Identifying where we are
currently and the next most strategic move.
(Based on the book/work- Doing Democracy- The Eight Stages of Social
Movements by Bill Moyer)

Dissent: Figuring Out What Works--Direct Action, Popular Resistance
Rebecca Cerese, Chuck Knowles, Janice Matthews, Ralph Schoenman

Dissent is the foundation upon which our country was built and on which
all positive social change occurs. From the first revolutionary
Declaration of Independence from King George and Great britainB people
have been fighting to manifest the American ideal of equal access under
the law for all citizens with the touchstone of these words:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of
Happiness. - That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted
among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,
- That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these
ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely
to effect their Safety and Happiness.
We will explore some important movements throughout our history, that
were fueled by the power of people and have worked effectively to
garner social change. Regular citizens taking a stand, demanding
answers and accountability from our government, and achieving varying
degrees of success in their endeavors. In recent years, marches and
protest that had worked in the past have proven to be less effective.
By looking at success stories from our past, and from around the world
we hope to brainstorm on a new wave of dissent movements that can help
to bring about real change. Come join us and share your ideas.

Ralph Schoenman will join Rebecca Cerese, Chuck Knowles & Janice
Matthews, to share his thoughts on "Treason at the Top," addressing the
structure of power in the U.S. and, in particular, what it means to
build a mass movement.

9/11, Madrid (3/11) & London (7/7)
Ian Crane and Annie Machon

- Pre-empting and Responding to False Flag Terrorism
- Lessons from Europe and the US
Ian will present his research into the Madrid Bombings (3/11/04 �
exactly 911 days after 9/11) and the London Bombings on 7th July of
last year (7/7). Research which indicates that the scriptwriters of
9/11 contributed to the planning for 3/11 & 7/7 �.and he doesn�t mean
Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda!

Countering Government/Corporate Mind Control

Byron Belitsos, Publisher, Origin Press: Deep Politics, Deep
Spirituality, and 9/11
Ken Jenkins, Video Producer: Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth
Joyce Lynn, Journalist: Turning Dream Wisdom into Political Action
Government disinformation and propaganda, echoed by the corporate
media, has created a climate of denial and massive public psychological
resistance to the truth about 9/11 and other cover-ups that can be is
akin to mind control. The result is an unprecedented spiritual crisis
in this country. This session offers an antidote. Through
psychological, spiritual, and intuitive perspectives, we can rise above
the emotional blocks, fear, projection, anger, vengefulness, and
despair in others and ourselves.
This session will empower participants, as individuals and through
break-out groups, to overcome our own resistance; heal the divisions in
our movement; convey our message without alienating those we want to
reach; explore conscious attitudes toward the perpetrators of 9/11;
and look toward a new future based on sanity, social justice, and
spiritual values.
Part presentation, part hands on strategizing, you will leave the
session with a political and spiritual agenda you can implement
yourself and an agenda we can present to the Reclaiming the Future

The Oklahoma City Bombing - Prelude to 911 The Facts That Were Hidden
By the DOJ and Mainstream Media
Chris Emery

This presentation will geared towards those in the audience that may
very well be brand new to the truth movement.
What piqued my interest in the OKC case? Why produce and distribute a
film doc on the OKC bombing?
A short review of the researched information that is the basis for the
screen play of the OKC bombing Film Documentary. And the irrefutible,
well documented sources of that information.
Correlations betweent the OKC case and 9/11 and what our OKC research
team has learned over the past eleven years about the top level DOJ and
FBI complicity in covering up both cases.
Present several striking/very disturbing similarities between both
cases which would lead many people to believe that both were planned
and carried out in textbook fashion.
Now that we have this information in front of us, what do we do with
What direction have the OKC researchers, victims' family members and
survivors moved and how have they reacted to the 9/11 disaster?
Resolve that everyone at the presentation [and the conference as a
whole] are empowered to continue to fight for the truth on both cases
and seek justice towards those that were complicit in the planning,
commission and cover-up of both cases.
Q/A from the audience.

9/11: Moral, Political, and Religious Dimensions
Jim Fetzer

Explains differences between morality and politics in relation to 9/11
and how "Old Testament" Christians have affected decision-making.
Compares traditional Republican principles with those of the Bush
administration, analyzing the motives for the war on terrorism against
the background of globalization, including the benefits that are
derivable from substituting "terrorism" for "communism" to enhance the
wealth and power of the military-industrial complex. Considers oil,
ideology, and Israel in the Middle East. Examines the role of 9/11
education and activism in finding solutions to these problems.

Become the Media!
Gary Franchi

Why has the media ignored the truth of 911 for so many years? The
media's blatant ignorance has caused people like you and me to have to
dig for the truth. They have left a vacuum� and now we must fill that
void� We need to pick up the slack the media has left behind.
We must become the press. We still have the freedom of it, right? So
let�s use it! Do we have any bloggers here today? Any webmasters? Video
production folk? Newspaper, magazine editors? Can YOU type? Can you
TALK? You see we all possess the tools to do the job and we need to use

Grassroots Organizing 101
Gabriel Day, Les Jamieson & Jon Gold

This workshop will focus on facilitating personal interaction with
fellow citizens as well as group organizing ideas for local actions. We
want people to:
--Understand the challenges in speaking about the controversial
aspects of 9/11
--Learn simple talking points
--Be able to introduce the information to their relatives, neighbors
and co-workers and know the common objections and how to respond
--Be able to get people past fear as well as resignation
--Be able to explain 9/11 in a historical context as one event in a
pattern of events
--Be able to explain possible motives as outlined by PNAC
--Be able to explain why it's necessary to question the official story
--Be able to respond to media in "sound bites"
--Be able to make a 2-3 minute presentation at any organization
meeting to urge others to get informed and take action
--Understand that their role is to:
get people to realize the official story doesn�t add up, become
informed, spread the word, get connected, and take political action
--appeal to organizational leaders to become informed and disseminate
the information to their membership
Additionally, with the release of the recent Zogby Poll, we'll look ahead to the next
phase of organizing and activism. This will include focus on Citizen's
Counter-Coup as a vehicle for monthly action and political activism
leading to the mid-term election.

Take Back The Media by Stepping Up to the Plate and Become the Media!
Meria Heller

Meria Heller, Producer and Host of The Meria Heller Show, heard
internationally at 24/7 will tell you what it takes to
become an online media person. Meria has two years of radio background
before pioneering radio on the internet. She's been there since the
start. Meria began on Net Radio Live and created her own network.
Meria's been going strong since the stolen election of 2000 and has
hosted the greatest luminaries on the planet in six years of
webcasting. 9/11/01 is a day that belongs in infamy and Meria covers it
regularly with the best people out there, many of whom are presenting
at this conference.
If you've ever wondered what it takes to be an online personality, keep
your integrity despite corporate offers, stay independent not partisan
and just tell it like it is, this is the workshop for you. All the
nuts and bolts of webcasting will also be discussed from the equipment
necessary, the smarts needed, and the costs as well.

9/11: Press For Truth
Kyle Hence

9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH is the story of how a small circle of relatives
of the September 11th victims, including four grieving widows from New
Jersey �known as �The Jersey Girls.� Together they battle the White
House for over a year after 9/11 to force an independent investigation.
The families soon discover the 9/11 Commission is hopelessly
compromised and when it completes its work the women find that 70% of
their questions remained unanswered. Charged with emotion and new
revelations, this documentary dramatically retraces their quest for
truth and connects the dots with the help of Paul Thompson's The Terror
Timeline. The biggest questions of all remain: Why after all this time
are we still not close to the truth? Will new facts, whistleblowers and
a new investigation lift the lid off a massive cover-up, as Americans
continue to Press for Truth about 9/11?

Skepticism Distilled into Success
Sander Hicks

Can the mass skepticism out there about 9/11 be distilled into a
successful electoral strategy? Can candidates win in 2006 and 2008
based on transparency, truth and accountability? Will 9/11 help third
party candidates?
Sander Hicks is a Green Party candidate for US Senate, and author of
"The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up." He
will join Carol Broulliet, et. al. to discuss how 9/11 skepticism
influenced his choice to run for public office.
What has worked, what hasn't, and how can we build the mass movement.

What Was Supposed to Happen on 9/11 and Didn't
Ken Jenkins

The 9/11 plot did not go entirely as planned. For example, there were
serious problems with Flights 77 & 93 and with WTC 7. These problems
lead to our having far more evidence than we would have had if all had
gone according to the original plan.
Learn what we know and theorize and how it helps our case for proving
that 9/11 was an inside job. Included will be information on the
divisive question "did 77 hit the Pentagon?" without either side being
favored - an effort at healing that divide in our movement.

Solar Cookers, Archaeometry and the 9-11 Disaster
Steven Jones

I�m known for work on solar cookers for families in developing
countries � I invented a widely-used solar funnel cooker about a decade
ago. With students, I tested and refined the solar cooker and then made
and shipped out hundreds to Haiti, Kenya, Bolivia and other countries
around the world. The first problem is getting people to believe that
the sun can actually cook food. The next hurdle is getting people to
think about and consider the needs of families world-wide, not putting
one country�s needs ahead of others. Truth-seeking and caring for
people are values we all relate to�
In archaeometry (which I have taught at the graduate level), we use
advanced physics methods to determine what happened in the past from
available evidence. That is just what I�m pursuing in 9-11 research.
When I saw the WTC 7 collapse videos, I immediately suspected
something was amiss with the official explanation.
With this background, we proceed to consider facts and evidences
regarding the 9-11 disaster, and what this means to the peoples of the
world. And why we may all need solar cookers in the future unless we
act quickly to change direction�

9/11, Muslims, and Interfaith Outreach
Faiz Khan and Kevin Barrett

How do American Muslims feel about 9/11 and the so-called War on
Terror? Why have so many remained silent? What are the prospects for
the interfaith 9/11 truth movement, now that many prominent Christian
and Jewish religious leaders, including theologians David Griffin ,
John Cobb and Rosemary Reuther, and prominent Jewish activist Rabbi
Michael Lerner, have suggested that 9/11 truth may help trigger
profound spiritual and policy changes?

The 9/11 Key to Grasping and Ousting the Corporate Coup
David Kubiak and Ken Reiner

A workshop to awaken, empower and unify anti-corporatists with 9/11
Many powerful constituencies -- from religious groups and labor unions
to environmentalists, retirees and anti-war types -- are finally waking
up to the reality and lethal risks of America�s corporate coup d'�tat.
The corporate world�s execs, lobbyists, flacks, and wholly owned
politicos have of course been attacking democracy for generations, but
only 9/11 succeeded in giving them total power.
This briefing will focus theoretically on corporate pathology in our
body politic, and how to see it in a systemic way that suggests
powerful new antidotes. Practically, it will also examine fresh ways to
expose and explain 9/11 truth to anyone who already fears, loathes or
fights against corporate domination so they can connect the dots

Has 9/11 Skepticism Succumbed to Faith-based Science?
Nicholas Levis

Two years ago, a debate on differing paradigms of the September 11th
events might have focused mainly on questions of authorship,
foreknowledge, financing, motive, geostrategy, history and precedents.
Much of the research sought to identify salient and actionable
contradictions in official accounts, in an effort to gain grounds for
discovery, the holy grail of a legal venue.
For many, this richness and appeal has now been reduced to a near-
exclusive focus on the demolitions hypothesis - for which there are
powerful arguments, but which is often treated as an article of faith,
with invective directed at those who hesitate in pledging allegiance to
it. In this and in many other matters, the preference seems to be for
magic shortcuts that supposedly provide instant proof of one's
preferred hypothesis, that require no further argument or persuasion,
just a comfortable announcement of "Case Closed." Much of the real
evidence for official complicity in the attacks is obscured by phantom
evidence. Many claims that were falsified years ago are repeated
ritualistically, and have become seemingly immortal.
This workshop is designed to ask why we should care. The movement is
growing, of that there can be no doubt. So do we really need logic and
rigorous empirical method? Do we really need to establish peer review
and think tanks? Or should we be content with accepting every claim and
advancing whatever argument seems to convince people directly at the

Defining Loose Change:
Making a Difference One Person At A Time
Loose Change

As filmmakers we have tried to use the medium to effect a "Loose
Change" in people's perceptions, their actions and the subsequent
movement towards a new awareness of our situation in a post 9/11
America. The most frequently asked question we receive from first time
viewers is, "What do I do now?" We believe that answering that question
is the single most important mission anyone in this movement can do. We
must have a plan that directs those who no longer live in a world of
illusions, a method for converting righteous indignation into focused
and sustained activism that capitalizes on the energy and excitement of
fighting for a cause as important as the Truth.
The strategy we're considering has to do with directing the unleashed
energies of the newly awakened by steering them into activist teams
based on region and talents. We have been utilizing the people who
contact us to set up screenings- as you know- to promote them via radio
call ins, flooding local forums, doing handouts, going into video
stores and simply slipping the dvd in and hitting play so the show up
on sixty monitors, etc. The results have garnered a lot of media
attention to the point where they finally have begun to address the
matter rather than to ignore it. Wasting the energies of these folks by
failing to respond to their questions- particularly this one- "what do
I do now" is to squander a precious resource. After all, it was our own
government who coined the term, an army of one, and frankly, it works
for us.

Turning Dream Guidance Into Political Action
Joyce Lynn

What is the most effective way for you to spread the truth about 9/11?
What is the most salient truth factor about 9/11 for you? What can you
do to open the floodgates about 9/11 truth? What can you do to bring
9/11 perpetrators to justice? What is the most politically or
spiritually powerful path for you right now?
Here is how to answer these questions: Listen to your dreams. These
nocturnal messages can guide us in these troubled times. They can
empower our activism, reporting, organizing, healing. For centuries,
dreams have guided nations toward their destinies. In the book of
Genesis, Joseph's dream work saved his family and adopted country.
Mohammed received the text of the Koran in a dream. The intuitive dream
work of the Senoi tribe in Malaysia helped create their peaceful
existence. Dreams can give us the truth behind media headlines, tap
into the collective unconscious, and provide tools for social change.
We can each use our inner wisdom--our intuition, our dreams--to find
the act, deed, project, message that will make us an even more powerful
force for social change. Bring relevant/reoccuring dreams, if you wish.
No former dream work necessary.
Melding information and intuition is a powerful antidote to
misinformation/propaganda and denial. Individually and together, we can
combine the powerful 9/11 research we have amassed with our inner
wisdom, our intuition, our dreams, as a powerful force for social

Joyce Lynn

The 9/11 Commission, also known as the Kean Commission, was officially
the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.
The Commissioners perpetuated the Bush administration's official story
that a guy with a long white beard living in a cave in Afghanistan
masterminded 9/11 surprising the $40 billion a year "bungling" U.S.
intelligence community.
The Commissioners were linked to the parties they should have
investigated--the CIA and intelligence community, oil interests, and
the Bush administration. As a result, the Commissioners issued a
whitewash report , giving U.S. government officials cover to act as an
international aggressor and impose national security state measures.
This presentation will include discussion and diagrams of the
commissioners' conflicts of interest.
JOYCE LYNN is a journalist including eight years as a political
reporter in Washington, D.C. After she moved to San Francisco, she
turned to writing about matters of the mind. She began investigating
and writing about 9/11 based on an Inside Source, her dreams, two weeks
after 9/11. Her presentation on the 9/11 Commission, including 8
diagrams, is also available on CD.

From Art to Activism (A Survivor's Strategy)
Janette MacKinlay

Janette will do a powerpoint presentation, with commentary, beginning
with personal photographs of 9/11, art pieces done in response to 9/ll,
and photographs of Ground Zero in it's current state of construction,
including photos of NYPD terror and bomb drills. She will focus on her
experiences of becoming a 9/11 truth activist and the importance of
becoming involved.

Life in the Matrix
Jim Marrs

Today, most Americans live in an electronic matrix created by the
constant bombardment of music, news and entertainment on radio,
television and computer. While this deluge by the corporate mass media
cannot tell one how to think, it certainly sets the agenda on what one
is to think about. Millions of American know the last winner on
�Survivor� or �American Idol,� but virtually none of them can recall
the name of the US commander in Iraq or that war game exercises,
including scenarios of hijacked aircraft, were being conducted the
morning of 9/11.
Journalist and New York Times Best Selling author Jim Marrs will
present an overview of 9/11 and its aftermath unfettered by the
conventional thinking of the mainstream media which is now under the
tight control of a mere handful of multinational corporations. Included
in this presentation will be revelations concerning bombs at the both
the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; the immense amount of
information showing foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks within the
federal government; and the names of key suspects who may have been
involved in either the planning or facilitation of the attacks.

The Global Dominance Group and 9/11
Peter Phillips

This talk will document how the leadership class in the U.S. is
dominated by a neo-conservative group of people with the shared goal of
aggressively asserting U.S. military power worldwide. Recent research
at Sonoma State University lists 240 global dominance advocates who
have been the primary promoters and beneficiaries of the war on
terrorism before and after 9/11. These advocates dominate the US
government today and receive a lion's share of corporate media

"Who Killed John O'Neill"
Ty Rauber

"Who Killed John O'Neill?"
SYNOPSIS: One Actor, One Room, Seven Characters: 9/11.
Traumatized by the September 11th attacks, one man struggles to
dismantle official history, at the expense of his sanity and even his
life. Grappling with multiple realities - and multiple personalities -
he must retreat into his mind in pursuit of the truth. In a fictional
film about non-fictional events, there is a place where belief and
faith will blind you, where nothing is sacred, and to get there all you
have to do is ask: "Who Killed John O'Neill?"

Shaping the 9/11 Message:
Clarifying the Believability Factor
Jesse Richard

TvNewsLIES editor Jesse Richard will be sharing his views as to how
and why the 9/11 truth seekers should steer clear of the infamous and
inaccurate title of "conspiracy theorists!" By limiting and shaping the
message Jesse hopes to assist the truth community in their efforts to
battle the propagandist who wish to discredit the valid information.
Jesse will also make himself available to advise people as to how to
handle media inquires and interviews; especially when it comes to traps
set up to make the 9/11 truth seeker look less than credible.

Let's Improvise! Coming Out of the 9-11 Closet
Andrew Ritter

This workshop will be a chance for participants to team build and
learn how to talk about 9-11 with friends, colleagues and relatives.
The first 1/2 of the session will utilize basic improv games and
exercises for participants to achieve the following goals: warm up
their voices, bodies and minds; begin to know each other better and
feel comfortable with participation; experience joy and laughter; learn
some of the basic guidelines to improvisation and role play.
The second 1/2 of the session will focus on giving the participants a
chance to share challenges and successes they have had in�talking
about�9-11 truth with people they know and love.� It will begin as a
group discussion and morph into a role-playing exercise where
participants will practice explaining 9-11 to another participant who
will be playing the role of�a�resister.� The audience will give
feedback and suggestions and we can replay scenarios multiple times
introducing different kinds of challenges and different kinds of

Common Law Grand Juries:
The Forgotten Fourth Branch of Government
Kathleen Ferrick Rosenblatt

According to the Fifth Amendment, a Common Law Grand Jury is supposed
to act as a check on the government--a people's watchdog, with the
power to investigate officials and ferret out government corruption.
But a 1946 ruling sheered it of its power by declaring its independent
presentiments obsolete-- a virtual coup d�etat against us, the Fourth
In this talk we will relate the story of the historic Los Angeles
Citizens' Grand Jury on the Crimes of 9/11, 2004 and 2005. The jurors
formally rejected the legitimacy and conclusions of the Kean-Hamilton
9/11 Commission, and declared the Official Story "physically impossible
and fraudulent." Following an active celebrity outreach, we are
preparing an upcoming high profile Grand Jury which will focus on �The
Case to Indict.� Court TV has expressed an interest in airing the
proceedings. The Grand Jury�s attorney promises to take this case �all
the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. �
We will explain how communities in concert across the nation, and
hopefully in each of the 82 nations who lost family/friends on 9/11,
will be enabled to create Town Hall Meetings and elect their own
Citizen Grand Juries, linked up together and with ours. They will be
provided written testimony through various sites, with downloadable
video evidence and access to a live feed in a variety of formats. We
will share the template and production details to facilitate this
grassroots movement in other cities.

The NIST World Trade Center Report:
A New Standard for Deception
Kevin Ryan

A whistleblower examines NIST's explanation for "Why and How" the World
Trade Center towers collapsed.
As a laboratory manager and industrial scientist, Kevin Ryan spent
years testing samples for conformance to national standards. During
this time, while managing Underwriters Laboratories (UL) water testing
division, he noticed a number of inconsistencies related to UL's
involvement in the World Trade Center investigation being performed by
the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In November
of 2004, after attempts to obtain answers from UL's top management, he
allowed his questions to be made public and, as a result, lost his job
at UL. Since that time, Mr. Ryan has written several essays on the
subject and has also spoken out within his local community.

Mr. Ryan's participation in this conference does not indicate his
agreement, or disagreement, with the positions or statements of any
other presenter, investigator or theorist.

What is the Corporate News Media For?
A Look at the Invisible Structures of the Corporate Media
Bryan Sacks

Why do news stories critical to the public interest routinely go
unreported or underreported in the corporate press? This brief lecture
will offer specific examples of recent 9/11-related stories and other
taboo topics that have been ignored by the corporate press, and will
suggest possible explanations related to the 'invisible structures' of
the corporate media, drawn from the work of sociologist Pierre

Discussion and/or Q&A to follow.

9/11 and the Capitalist State:
The Underlying Politics
Ralph Schoenman

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11,
2001 are facilitating events, designed to provide the necessary if not
the sufficient conditions for implementing longstanding plans for those
in command of state power in the United States. In this regard, 9/11
forms a distinct continuity and a longstanding pattern, wherein staged
events serve to facilitate designs for the seizure of resources, the
imposition of imperial control and the necessity for periodic war. Any
cogent and coherent explanation and understanding of this history
requires a critique of how power is structured in the United States and
the nature of the State under capitalism. In particular, U.S. capital
has been in terminal decay since the latter part of the last century -
not withstanding its imperial reach and relentless pursuit of global
hegemony over resources, labor and markets. Capitalism is wholly
dependent upon a perverse form of pump priming - deficit financing tied
to the merchants of death. Capital in the U.S. is addicted to military
expenditure and in ever increasing doses. This, however, can only be
sustained by postponing the day of reckoning - with respect to the
collapse of the house of cards andl the setting in motion of mass
resistance by working people - those who produce everything of value
and who receive a fragment of the value of what they create.
In examining how 9/11 was planned and put together, we are drawn
inexorably to two basic features of late capitalism: 1] the addiction
to waste production, notably arms. 2] the relentless destruction of the
productive forces of society and their replacement with fictive capital
- speculation and financial manipulation and the inexorable
criminalization of the state that this entails. Every past imperial
adventure of U.S. rulers has displayed similar features and has
included false flag operations even more complex and far reaching than
those of 9/ll. During the past 40 years, the Pentagon has received over
$10 trillion of on the book funds - more than the combined value of
everything produced in the United States. Of these funds, some $7.3
trillion have no paper trail and the GAO has been unable to account for
them. The rationale for a permanent war economy and for massive
military buildup AFTER World War 2 was the presumptive menace of
"communism," the "threat" of 'subversion,' the fiction of a
revolutionary expansionism on the part of the Soviet Union. With its
collapse, a replacement was required and the Category of Terror was
contrived. The young Netanyahu, as a CIA operative, organized a series
of conferences on the new menace - the ubiquitous apparatus of
"terror", first in Tel Aviv and then in Washington, with all the major
ideologues of the ruling class in tow - Kissinger, Brezinski, Schultz,
Bush, Sr. and the Joint Chiefs.
The false category of terror is a central feature of ruling class
ideology today and the importance of the 9/11 movement lies in no small
measure in the demolition of this myth. The events of 9/11 were
proposed in 1962 with Operation Northwoods and rehearsed in 1993. The
presumptive terrorists in every such operation emerge as high ranking
operatives of the intelligence agencies of the United States. in
reviewing these false flag undertakings, we gain an essential
understanding into the criminal nature of the state under capitalism.
Without exposing the false nature of this central theme of ruling class
politics, no movement of resistance can be built. There is, as well, a
defining feature of this "war on terror." It is aimed against the mass
of our people and it is perpetrated by the rulers themselves.
The use of biological and chemical agents against entire populations,
the literal creation of the next pandemic through the weaponization of
viral agents targets the mass of our people, no less than it does
victim peoples in such countries as Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, whose
domination has been long a feature of imperial reach. The evidence for
the origin of these viral agents in military laboratories is massive
and we shall look at its salient features here.
What is required to challenge those in power in the United States?
What is our constituency, how is to be mobilized, around what program
and what perspective - those are the issues that confront any movement
serious about challenging those in power. Those in command of the state
apparatus in the United States can not be influenced. They can not be
persuaded. They can not be reformed. They can not be contained. They
have to be removed. That task must be identified, declared and
prepared. We have a movement in the United States of working people
mobilizing against the exploitation to which they are subjected but
without a political instrument to provide the necessary organization
and program. In examining what would be required to achieve these
objectives, we begin to provide an answer to the question of how the
handful of people who command state power in the United States and who
deploy it against our population can be removed from power and cast
into the dustbin of history - a process crying out for completion and
long overdue.

Government Atrocities and the News Media Cover-up
Pat Shannan

Investigative reporter Pat Shannan has been on top of the OKC case
since the day it happened, and the title of his new DVD presentation
says it all: "OKC Bombing -- The Forerunner to 9/11." Mr. Shannan will
outline other cases in recent history to show that the facts and
evidence never did fit the official stories, and how a cooperative news
media allows the deception to continue. (See

MI-5 Whistleblowers
Annie Machon and David Shayler (Shayler--Cancelled, unable to get

David Shayler and Annie Machon both spent over 5 years working for MI5,
the UK security service. During their years at the heart of Britain�s
secret state, they saw an alarming catalogue of mistakes, cover-ups and
crimes, which led to the deaths of innocent people.
In particular, David had personal experience of a false-flag terrorist
operation. His counterparts in MI6 officially briefed him on a plot to
assassinate Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. This consisted of MI6 officers
paying associates of Bin Laden over $100,000 in an illegal operation
which was not sanctioned by the British government. The attack went
wrong and innocent people died.
In the wake of this operation David and Annie left MI5 and blew the
whistle. As a result they have spent 3 years on the run and in hiding
in Europe, seen friends, family, and journalists arrested and
persecuted, and David has been to prison, not once, but twice. Further
intelligence has since emerged that proves the Gaddafi plot went ahead
as David described, but the British government continues to refuse to
hold an inquiry. David sees the Gaddafi plot as one of a sequence of
false-flag terrorist operations designed to give the UK and USA the
pretext to attack oil-rich Middle Eastern countries. He will be
addressing the conference on this and other examples of the crimes of
the intelligence services.

Most Activists give Nonviolence Lipservice.
Good Thing Gandhi Didn't.
David Slesinger

How Gandhian satyagraha offers important opportunities for 9/11
activists. The mahatma's concern for a priority on truth seeking should
not be lost on our 911 truth movement. His ability to unite Hindus and
Muslims parallels our need for coalition involving those left and right
of center. Nonviolence and police infiltration will be addressed.
Several civil disobedience proposals will be examined.

"Now Is Your Time": 21st Century Activism
Fred Smart and Aaron Russo NOTE: Aaron has unfortunately taken ill and
will not be able to join us at the conference.

Redressing Government From a Personal & Group Perspective Using Aaron's
New Movie.
Aaron Russo, Hollywood Producer, and Fred Smart, Regional Coordinator
for We The People Congress and National Coordinator for Aaron's new
"America: Freedom To Fascism" organization (AFTF) will outline
empowering practical steps that every individual can take in a national
movement that will return our country to our Constitutional roots where
personal freedom and liberty can reign once again. The vehicle is
Aaron's new movie: "America: From Freedom To Fascism". The keys to the
vehicle - including a full screening of Aaron's new movie - will be
reviewed, outlined and given over to each conference participant.
Now is the time for every able-bodied man, woman and child to get into
Aaron's vehicle and drive it at full speed on the highways and byways
of our cities and towns all across America. Personal passion and
commitment is required. All liberty loving groups are invited to
become "one with the road of freedom" in our country.
If We The People are going to expose the lies that underlie 9/11 and
reverse the trend from Freedom To Fascism in America - and our world -
we must personally connect, help and serve up the awareness of this new
movie because it exposes the fraud that underlies the money power that
is at the core of the problems in our world.

Reaching Out: Changing the Climate of Denial and Despair
Hal Snyder

As we become informed about the issues of 9/11, connecting with others
is probably the most important thing we can do. But conversations
quickly turn into arguments that discourage us and alienate those we
are trying to reach. Our goal is to replace the denial, avoidance, and
hostility to unpleasant truths with hope and positive action.
The talk addresses the following questions, offering scientific
perspective from the study of topics such as defense mechanisms and
coercive techniques, drawing from classics such as Anna Freud's "The
Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense" (1936), and William Sargant's
"Battle for the Mind: The Mechanics of Indoctrination, Brainwashing,
and Thought Control" (1957) as well as newer material.
1. What are we up against? A look at the defenses that come up when we
try to break through to others and the forces at work that feed those
2. What can we do? By changing how we approach the debate, we stand a
much better chance of getting our message across without alienating the
people we are trying to reach.

Pooling Our Energies for Regime Change
Debra Sweet and Jim Oberg

This conference challenges us to "reclaim the future," which will
require pooling our energies. The onslaught of this administration is a
reflection of its program, which the World Can't Wait movement has
summarized in its Call ( This workshop is your
chance to get to know this movement.
We need to stop the disastrous course of the Bush regime, and it's up
to us. Do we expect the truth about 9/11 to come out, or the war in
Iraq to end, while Bush and Cheney and their friends remain in office?
Do we expect a savior from the Democratic Party?
WCW is determined to drive out the Bush regime by creating a political
situation where its program is repudiated. October 5 will be the
movement's next national mobilization, a day of repudiation and protest
around the country. We are building this movement through forums,
actions such as the disruption of Rumsfeld's appearance in Atlanta on
May 4, as well as grassroots activities that raise awareness and build
a network of activists from all walks of life. WCW is not an ideology,
an "ism" or a long-term program. We hold a variety of visions of the
future but we all know we must drive out this regime to ensure we have

When the Dams Break:
9/11 Truth as the Key to Avoiding Nuclear War
Webster Tarpley

With active preparations for a nuclear sneak attack on Iran, and neocon
Strangeloves raving about a nuclear first strike against Russia and
China in Foreign Affairs, a decisive breakthrough on the 9/11 truth
front emerges as the most likely means of breaking up the Bush machine
and stopping general war at the eleventh hour. Under the Cheney
doctrine, a new synthetic 9/11 is slated to provide the pretext for the
Iran war. Only mass political education based on a consistent and
uncompromising MIHOP (made it happen on purpose) analysis can inoculate
target populations against these scenarios.
New research results on the use of war drills by the rogue faction in
the 9/11 coup, on Able Danger as terrorist controllers, and on moles
and patsies in the Moussaoui trial provide new insights. Impeachment
can only succeed if the 9/11 crimes of the Bush-Cheney regime are the
first article. Public reaction to the Charlie Sheen statements provides
encouragement that the 9/11 coverup may be on the point of collapse.

Flights of Fancy � The 9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales of Flights
11, 175, 77 and 93
Ian Woods

Ian Woods will be presenting "Flights of Fancy" in the education track.
This will closely follow Professor's David Ray Griffin's paper, "The
9/11 Commission's Incredible Tales of Flights 11, 175, 77 and 93" which
highlights the many inconsistencies between The 9/11 Commission Report
versus the NORAD timeline, the testimony of expert witnesses and the
presumed facts.
This presentation will demonstrate that despite the three different
versions of the official version of what happened that day, none of
them gets the military off the hook. (Thanks to Professor Griffin for
permission to give this presentation based on his paper.)
Also, in the strategy track, Ian will join others in the "Make a Movie"
session to talk about how we can obtain up-to-date video interviews
with some of the six so-called 9/11 hi-jackers who are still alive
which can be used to undermine the official story, plus Woods would
like to form a group to develop a screenplay for a "Dan Browne/Da Vinci
Codes" type movie on 9/11 (based on the know facts of what really

Agents of the State
Barrie Zwicker

William �Wild Bill� Donovan, grandfather of the CIA, was �a great
believer in psychological warfare,� according to Joseph Trento in his
book The Secret History of the CIA. To Donovan psywar included
�propaganda, sabotage, guerilla activities, bribery, blackmail,
First, this session will examine some of the history and methods
employed by agents of the state. Second, we will discuss which ones are
being used against the 9/11Truth movement. Third, what can be done by
9/11Truth activists individually and collectively to minimize the
damage? Finally, beyond reactive strategies and tactics, what can be
done to combat and end illegal and undemocratic activities of agents of
the state?


From: "jewish_from_brooklyn" <>
Date: May 29, 2006 4:23:51 PM EST
Subject: [911TruthAction] Fwd: LaRouche Warns of Cheney Plan to Launch
Iran Strike in June

LaRouche staff thinks they can steer off this attack by reporting
it right away. Please forward. LaRouche doesn't do hoaxes,
folks. This is strategy, and quite brilliant, on closer
examination. It took me a long time to get this...and to even
determine what was real and what was a hoax.
Time to do your homework!
Regards. RB

Lyndon LaRouche PAC
P.O. BOX 6157


LaRouche Warns of Cheney Plans to Launch Iran Strike in June
Democratic Party statesman Lyndon LaRouche has issued a new
statement on the danger represented by an ever-more desperate
Cheney-Bush government and its Synarchist backers. As Special
Prosecutor Fitzgerald zeroes in on Cheney's role in the center of
the Libby case and the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, there is
more motivation than ever to launch a preventive military strike
against Iran sometime between now and early July.

LaRouche warns, "They are seeking a Reichstag Fire or 9/11-type
incident to give them the psychological leverage to launch their
pre-planned attack on Iran. That can only be prevented by placing a
very powerful public spotlight on their schemes, in advance." The
World Cup soccer matches in Germany during June may be a target of
such a Synarchist-run terrorist pretext for war.

Read and circulate this press release to stop Cheney's plans for a
new war.

Next LaRouche Webcast on Friday, June 9
2006/060609_webcast_announ ce.htm <
The next live webcast address from Washington, DC by LaRouche will
be on Friday, June 9, beginning at 1:00 pm Eastern Time (12:00
noon, Central; 11:00 am Mountain; 10:00 am Pacific). He will
present the latest developments in the increasingly obvious
meltdown of the world financial system, as seen in the
hyperinflationary explosion of raw materials prices. He will also
discuss his proposed emergency legislation to save and use the
machine-tool capacity in the auto industry and how Americans can
mobilize to get their congressmen and senators to support his

Mark June 9 on your calendar and organize everyone you know to
watch LaRouche's webcast address. Forward this e-mail widely to
your family, friends and elected officials and bring together
people to watch the webcast with you, either live or later when it
has been archived.

New Postings on the Website:
The Governments are Collapsing: The Cities of the Plain
The Empire Versus the Nations: Synarchism, Sport Iran

Paid for by the Lyndon LaRouche PAC
and Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Candidate's Committee



Now Introducing, the Office of Iranian
Affairs (Formerly Doing Business
as the Office of
Special Plans)
Embedded Journalism and the Disinformation
Campaign for War on Iran

by Prof. Gary Leupp
June 1, 2006

According to Laura Rozen of the Los Angeles Times, the Office of
Special Plans has been reincarnated as the Office of Iranian Affairs,
apparently housed in the same Pentagon offices inhabited by its
predecessor and involving some of the same slimy personnel. Notably,
Abram Shulsky, who headed the OSP under Douglas Feith, is back. His
crew will be reporting to none other than Elizabeth Cheney, Assistant
Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, and daughter of the Vice
President. Dick Cheney is generally understood to be the strongest
advocate for an attack on Iran in the administration. (He is also, by
the way, architect of Bush's "signing statements" appended to laws
entitling him to ignore them. He is the man behind the throne,
surrounded by neocon acolytes.)

As I wrote last November, "it is too soon to speak of the 'twilight of
the neocons' while [John] Hannah, [Stephen] Hadley, [William] Luti,
[David] Wurmser, Elliott Abrams, John Bolton, John Negroponte and other
neocons remain in power, with [Michale] Ledeen and [Abram] Shulsky
still skulking about."

This was the same month that Democrats staged an abortive
mini-rebellion in the Senate, demanding that the Intelligence
Committee's long-delayed Phase II investigation focusing on Feith's OSP
finally get off the ground. But this seems to have been deliberately
delayed by the initiation of a separate in-house investigation of
Feith's office by the Pentagon's inspector general. Feith's successor
and fellow neocon Eric Edelman and Rumsfeld's intelligence chief
Stephen Cambone are supposedly cooperating on that. I wouldn't expect
any startling report detailing the disinformation campaign leading to
the Iraq war anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Abram Shulsky, the neocon's neocon, a scholar of Leo Strauss
and Machiavelli, who has written about the application of Strauss's
thought to intelligence, is back. The Straussians of course uphold the
use of disinformation ("noble lies") to prepare the public for the
difficult choices they, the Wise, have made. Already there is evidence
for the deliberate planting of bogus stories planted in the press, such
as occurred in the months leading up to the Iraq attack. Amir Tahiri's
report on the front page of Canada's National Post about a religious
dress code adopted by the Iranian parliament was immediately, eagerly
embraced by State Department spokesman Sean McCormick, who at a May 19
press briefing was asked by James Rozen of Fox News the following:

QUESTION: On Iran, are you aware or is the Department aware of
published reports stating that the Iranian parliament this week passed
a measure that would require non-Muslims to wear badges that identify
them as such?

MR. MCCORMACK: I have seen the news reports. These have, I think,
recycled over time. There is -- as I understand it, there is a -- some
law currently in the parliament, the exact nature of which is unclear,
so I'm not going to try to delve into giving a definitive comment or a
detailed comment about something about which I don't have all the
That said, if you did have such an occurrence, whether it was in Iran
or elsewhere, it would certainly be despicable.

QUESTION: Can I just follow up for a second on it?

MR. MCCORMACK: Go ahead.

QUESTION: You said that it's been something that, to your
understanding, has been recycled over time. How long has the Department
been following it or did you just become aware of these reports today
for the first time?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, I've seen various news -- similar news reports and
I can't give you the exact dates, you know months ago, and they seem to
be coming up again, based on the progression of -- well, I guess, for
lack of a better term -- law through the Iranian parliament. The exact
nature of that law is a little bit unclear and the exact motivations
behind that are a little unclear. So I can't offer, like I said, a
detailed comment about it.

QUESTION: Two more questions, if I might. What is the -- what kinds of
means does the Department have at its disposal for verifying the
passage of laws in the Iranian parliament?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, certainly we have access to open source material
and we also talk frequently with other countries who have diplomatic
representation in Iran.

QUESTION: And is there an effort underway right now to ascertain more
about this?


QUESTION: And why would it be despicable, if it were true?

MR. MCCORMACK: Well, I think it has clear echoes, James, of Germany in
the -- under Hitler, so I think that that's pretty clear. But again,
you know, I don't want to delve too deeply into that because we don't
have the facts.

Does anybody else smell the soggy sheets of embedded journalism here?
The Canadian paper was retracting the sensationalistic story even as
McCormick spoke. There is in fact discussion in the Iranian Majlis
about a law specifying Islamic dress. There've been laws about
appropriate dress in Iran for better or worse since the inception of
the Islamic Republic, so this is nothing new. But badges? The
disinformationists may have cooked that up recalling an effort by
Afghanistan's Taliban in 2001 to require Hindus to wear yellow badges.
Or maybe they were thinking about their own press badges.

I can just imagine some brainstorming session between the Office of
Iranian Affairs guys and some Judith Miller-types.

"So what else can we do to equate Ahmadinejad to Hitler?"

"How about the dress code law?"

"Well, that's an Islamic thing, like the dress code in Saudi Arabia."

"We could say, badges."


"You know, like Star of David badges in Nazi Germany."

"Do they really plan badges?"

"No, but remember the Taliban, how they put yellow badges on Hindus in

"Yeah, in Afghanistan."

"People will buy it. They won't distinguish Afghanistan and Iran."

"Yeah, and if the Afghans could do it, the Iranians could."

"And the Germans."

"Yeah, that works. Let's try it."

"The administration will comment on a press report. We'll cover our ass
and say we don't have all the facts. But if it's true, it's awful."

"Follow-up question will prompt the reference to the Nazis."

"Yeah, that's good. Let's get on it."

In the coming weeks I'd expect a rash of false reports emanating from
the duplicitous fear-mongering apparatus straddling the press and the
Bush administration as the western alliance heatedly debates Cheney's
plans to attack Iran, as Israel intensifies its campaign to encourage
such an attack, and as U.S. efforts to legitimatize the use of force
through the UN Security Council run their course. Jorge Hirsch makes a
good case for the possibility that the administration will accuse Iran
of spreading bird flu into the west. Yes, it's nuts. (Just as nuts as
the reports by Martin Arostegui in Insight Magazine after 9-11
suggesting "evidence pointing to [Fidel] Castro's involvement with the
introduction of West Nile virus into the U.S. via migratory birds."
John Bolton and Pat Robertson have used such material to build a case
for regime change in Cuba.)

Justin Raimondo of dissects a report in Israel's most
popular newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth to the effect that the Lebanese
Shiite party Hizbollah, aligned with Iran, plans a terrorist attack on
the World Cup soccer tournament in Germany. Here's another story to
watch warily. The Europeans only last year, reluctantly and under U.S.
pressure, added Hizbollah to their list of international terrorist
organizations. But demonizing Hizbollah is key to the U.S. and Israeli
policy of effecting regime change in Syria and Lebanon. The still
mysterious assassination last February of Rafiq Hariri was immediately
attributed by U.S. officials to Hizbollah's patron Syria. Iran is an
even more important Hizbollah supporter.

There was a real attack by some Arabs on a sports event in Munich,
Germany in 1972. Palestinian terrorists seized the Israeli athletes'
quarters and killed eleven. Maybe some are thinking, "What if something
like that happened again? People would be so outraged! And if we could
blame Iran---well, enough said!"

The strategy is clear. Define a target as evil. Find some kind of
connection with weapons of mass destruction---chemical, biological,
nuclear---or just to low-tech "terrorism," draw some sort of Hitler
parallel and get strategically placed press people on board. Plant the
stories, then cite them as though they were troubling news to you. Then
cite "intelligence"---this mystical reservoir of wisdom restricted to
the elite (rather like the gnosis of ancient mystery
religions)---trusting that the foolish masses will accept it on faith,
at least until the job's all done and the noble lies are inevitably
exposed. You can always scapegoat the intelligence community for any
errors. It can't, by its very nature, resist that scapegoating.

And maybe, just maybe, the neocon-led administration will stage
something in Germany or elsewhere that could serve as another 9-11. In
his Universal Fascism (1995), prominent neocon Michael Ledeen (widely
accused of involvement in the Niger uranium forgery) wrote, "In order
to achieve the most noble accomplishments, the leader may have to
'enter into evil.' This is the chilling insight that has made
Machiavelli so feared, admired and challenging... [W]e [ordinary
people] are rotten.... It's true that we can achieve greatness if, and
only if, we are properly led."

What I'd call "proper leadership" at this point is calling for regime
change in this country, through impeachment or more radical methods.

There is a race for time, a battle to create public opinion, lopsided
given the mainstream press's abject deference to the neocon project.
There is no emotion stronger than fear, and the Bush administration so
clumsy about everything else deploys this weapon with extraordinary
deftness. In opposition the antiwar movement at its best wields
critical reason, humanism, truth. However powerful the lies, that truth
will ultimately out.

Sooner better than later.

Gary Leupp is Professor of�History at Tufts University, and Adjunct
Professor of Comparative Religion. He is the author of Servants,
Shophands and Laborers in in the Cities of Tokugawa Japan; Male Colors:
The Construction of Homosexuality in Tokugawa Japan; and Interracial
Intimacy in Japan: Western Men and Japanese Women, 1543-1900.

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Osama Tape Appears Fake, Experts Conclude

By Scholars for 9/11 Truth.
June 1, 2006

The latest audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden appears to be one
more installment in a succession of evidence fabricated by the US
government to deceive the American people, according to Scholars for
9/11 Truth. "This tape is only the latest in a series of fabrications
intended to mislead the American people," said James H. Fetzer, the
society's founder. "The closer we get to revealing the truth about
9/11, the more furiously the government fights to conceal it!" He said
members of Scholars and other experts had detected evidence of fakery.

In this new recording, a voice attributed to Osama bin Laden asserts
that Zacarias Moussaoui was not involved in 9/11, which he knew to be
the case because he had personally assigned the 19 hijackers involved
in those events. The Osama of this tape thereby implicitly confesses
his responsibility for orchestrating the attacks. However, in a tape
released on December 27, 2001, the authenticity of which is not in
doubt, Osama denied having had anything to do with 9/11. "Moreover,"
Fetzer added, "some of the 19 hijackers he 'personally assigned' have
turned up alive and well."

To be sure, this new tape is not the first one in which bin Laden
appears to take responsibility for the attacks. As David Ray Griffin, a
prominent member of Scholars, points out, "The Osama on the video tape
that appeared on December 13, 2001, confessed to planning the 9/11
attacks. But he is far darker and much heavier than the real Osama bin
Laden. People can see the difference by looking up 'The Fake bin Laden
Video Tape' on Google."

Griffin's point is supported by a work-in-progress by members of
Scholars for 9/11 Truth, which appears on its web site under the
heading, "9/11: Have we been lied to?" It offers evidence of fakery in
some of the videos based upon various physical properties of the
figures that are presumed to be Osama, pointing out that there are
differences in the ears, cheeks, eyebrows, length of the nose and shape
of the nostrils. "The use of computer analysis can 'fine tune' these
questions of facial characteristics," Fetzer said, "but the gross
differences already show they are not the same."

Content Inconsistencies

"Another problem with the video of December 13, 2001," Griffin pointed
out, "was that its stocky bin Laden praised two of the alleged
hijackers, Wail M. Al-Shehri and Salem al-Hazmi, by name, and yet both
the London Telegraph and the Saudi embassy reported several days after
9/11 that al-Hazmi was still alive and working in Saudi Arabia. Given
the fact that the earlier video in which Osama confessed was clearly a
fake, we should be suspicious of this latest apparent confession."

A professor at Duke, Bruce Lawrence, who has published Messages to the
World: The Statements of Osama bin Laden, expressed profound skepticism
about a tape that was released January 17, 2006, in a report that
appeared two days later. "There's nothing in this from the Koran,"
Lawrence said. "He's, by his own standards, a faithful Muslim who
quotes scripture in defense of his actions. There's no quotation from
the Koran in the excerpts we got, no reference to specific events, no
reference to past atrocities." Lawrence also observed the tape ran only
10 minutes, whereas the shortest previous tape, at 18 minutes, was
nearly twice as long.

Fetzer noted that many of the same anomalous properties are found in
the latest tape. "Compared to Osama's past performances," he observed,
"this message is too short, too direct, and full of falsehoods. It was
even described on CBS News by Bob Schieffer as 'almost American'." A
translation of the text of the tape has also been released by
IntelCenter, a private company that does contract work for the US
government. "I suppose I would be accused of being a 'conspiracy
theorist' to suggest there is any connection," Fetzer added.

Authentic Voice/Fake Content

Informed that Reuters news agency has reported confirmation that the
voice on the tape is indeed that of Osama bin Laden, Fetzer replied,
"The fact that the voice is his does not prove that the tape is
authentic. We have had phony tapes before using voices that were
authentic. Mark Bingham, a passenger on Flight 93, is supposed to have
called his mother and said, 'Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham!' His mother
confirmed it was his voice, but does anyone seriously believe that Mark
Bingham would have used his last name in identifying himself to his

Griffin agreed, adding, "Back in 1999, William Arkin published an
article entitled, 'When Seeing and Hearing isn't Believing' (which can
also be accessed on Google). Describing the new technology of 'voice
morphing' (or 'voice synthesizing'), Arkin explained that, if audio
technicians have a recording of your voice, then they can create a tape
in which your voice�your authentic voice!�says anything they wish."

In a press release on April 22, 2006, the Scholars observed that a tape
played at the trail of Zacarias Moussaoui included discussion among the
passengers about using a drink cart to break down the cabin door
alleged to have been picked up on a cockpit voice recorder, which does
not record conversations in the passenger cabin. "This is not the first
and certainly will not be the last time that the American government
plays the American people for suckers," Fetzer said.

"We have just acquired new evidence that the Pentagon video tapes were
processed and manipulated in an apparent effort to distort or conceal
what happened there on 9/11," Fetzer observed. "Apparently, whenever
the government feels the need to bolster the official myth about 9/11,
it simply fabricates a new tape! Anybody who wants to keep score should
visit our web site.""�

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responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of
the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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From: Judy Cunningham <>
Date: June 1, 2006 11:23:10 AM EST
IRAQIS ! (video) tvnl

I am a protester, and I believe that my eyes were irradiated by a CIA
microwave gun.� I am a very healthy person. I used to run 6 miles per
day, 4 days per week, and do 400 sit- ups at a time, etc.�I have never
had a rash or a blemish, perfect peaches and cream complexion.�
However, now I have developed an odd rash around my eyes, no where
else.� It is just red, and appears to be like skin has been killed, or
irradiated.� I have poured over my medical books, and gone to med
school, and hospital libraries, and med school book stores, to see if I
could find anything to describe the phenomenon.� The only explanation
appears to be that my eyes were irradiated.� Judy

reggie501 <> wrote:
May 31,2006



From: "paul illich" <>
Date: June 1, 2006 2:29:15 PM EST
Subject: [bluegreenearth] fwd: Pesticide Industry Plotted Bush Human
Testing Policy

Pesticide Industry Plotted Bush Human Testing Policy
Meeting with OMB Staff Laid Out Exemptions
for Experiments on Children



- MAY 30, 2006 - 12:49 PM - Common Dreams News Center

WASHINGTON D.C. - One month before the Bush administration proposed
authorizing experiments on humans with pesticides and other chemicals,
key operatives met with pesticide industry lobbyists to map out its
provisions, according to meeting notes posted today by Public Employees
Environmental Responsibility (PEER). The industry requests for
allowing some chemical testing on children and other provisions were
incorporated into the human testing rule ultimately adopted this January

At the August 9, 2005 meeting held inside the President's Office of
Management and Budget, representatives of the pesticide trade
Crop Life America, as well as Bayer Crop Life Science met with OMB and
Environmental Protection Agency officials. Also attending was a former
EPA official, James Aidala, who now acts a lobbyist at a law firm
representing chemical companies.

The meeting notes detail industry concerns about the text of a proposed
that the Bush administration first unveiled a month later on September
For example, the Crop Life America attendees urged:

"Re kids-never say never" (emphasis in original);

"Pesticides have benefits. Rule should say so. Testing, too, has
benefits"; and

"We want a rule quickly-[therefore] narrow [is] better. Don't like
singled out but, speed is most imp."

"These meeting notes make it clear that the pesticide industry's top
objective is access to children for experiments. After reading these
ghoulish notes one has the urge to take a shower," commented PEER
Director Jeff Ruch, whose organization works with EPA scientists who
been prevented from voicing ethical and scientific concerns about human
subject testing. "For an administration which trumpets its concern for
'value and dignity of life,' it is disconcerting that no ethicists,
advocates or scientists were invited to this meeting to counterbalance
pesticide pushers."

The upcoming August 3rd deadline for EPA final approval for a
class of pesticides derived from nerve agents called organophosphates
appeared to be a top industry priority. Jim Aidala, the industry
stated, "Won't be able to meet the FQPA [Food Quality Protection Act]
deadline. Wouldn't anyway. Just do the rule first, then proceed ASAP."

Aidala also suggested how the rules could make subtle exceptions for
chemicals testing on children:

"Distinguish testing kids from using data on kids who were tested";

"Some workers may legally be children, albeit old enough for DOL"
[Department of Labor coverage].

The human testing rule adopted by EPA earlier this year contains the
loopholes advocated at the OMB meeting for exposing children to
such as testing on workers and exposures unconnected with the approval
process for new pesticides or new uses for existing agents. In
addition, the
rule broadly allows dosing experiments on infants and pregnant women
non-pesticide chemicals.

"Unfortunately, using human beings as guinea pigs to test the toxic
of commercial poisons has become a central regulatory strategy under the
Bush administration," Ruch added.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)
Chas Offutt (202) 265-7337



Message: 8
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 10:57 am (PDT)
From: "Dick Eastman"
Subject: Fw: "Islamo-fascism" is basically a boogy-man intended to frighten e

From: "jewish_from_brooklyn" <>
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 6:21 AM
Subject: [Conspiracy-Theory] Re: Attention: Joni.

--- In, razl dazl <razldazl@...> wrote:

> Islamic-Fascist's continue to kill, and spread hate daily?

"Islamo-fascism" is basically a boogy-man which emerged from out
of the rubble of 9-11. The concept was intended to frighten everybody
into taking up arms against the enemies of Israel.


/ / /

No one else had the connections to pull off the 9-11 inside job -- the
Zionists knew they had complete institutional and information control over
the situation -- only a few thousand on the internet would catch on and
post the truth, but they could be neutralized by an army of cyber operatives
who would call "whacko" and "anti-Semitic" and "paranoid" and "skinhead"
anyone with 9-11 evidence establishing the inside-job mass-murder
provocateur frame-up.

If you read "Razl Dazl" attacks on 9-11 investigators and anti-war speakers
you see at once what he is.

Dick Eastman


Message: 9
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 10:58 am (PDT)
From: "flanker12k"
Subject: Re: 9/11 - Did a missile take down building 7?

Part II of III of Martial Law I think.

as to the fake terrorist threat Masters of Terror Exposed by alex

both are by jones

--- In, "JP Liggett" <JP@...> wrote:
> the wtc 7 controlled demolition films has been the most powerful
> effective tool to demonstrate the evidence to two new recruits
this week.
> I'm using the network footage, instead of the close-ups from some
of the
> 911 films. Then I show the mineta testimony and the pentagon
strike video.
> In less than 10 minutes, people see exactly how criminal these
> are. I'm trying to get the whole proof down to 30 seconds with
a call to
> action at the end.
> we can be more effective using the best evidence in a concise
clear manner.
> When I give out copies of dvd's I m not sure if the people will
sit through
> the whole thing.
> as a poll question, Which 911 dvd is the best one made so far?

> Kevin
>> To
> Sent by:
911TruthAction@ya cc
> Re: [911TruthAction] 9/11 -
Did a
> 06/02/2006 02:27 missile take down building


> Please respond


> Anyone that attempts to put this information out is either fooled
by the
> disinformationalists which has happened to me as well, OR they are
> disinformationalists themselves attempting to discredit the
movement. wtc7
> was 100% without a doubt brought down by controlled demolition It
was a
> classic case of such.
> Kevin
> Dick Eastman <olfriend@...> wrote:
> Building 7 came down in such orderly fashion that it could not
have been a
> missile. Pre-set charges at strategic points throughout the
building. No
> other explanation.
> Ken Vardan at APFN is caught in Grable's web.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: APFN
> To: APFN Yahoogroups
> Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 7:12 PM
> Subject: [911TruthAction] 9/11 - Did a missile take down building
> Did a missile take down building 7?
> Watch the video then compare it against the 3D layout of the WTC
> Click on the video plug-in you have in the back of your head.
> Saoirse go deo!
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Message: 10
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 10:58 am (PDT)
From: "President, USA Exile Govt."
Subject: Re: Well oh my golly my GOSH!

Please stand by. . . -- Pondo

On May 31, 2006, at 3:35 PM, Kevin Hammond wrote:

> In think that 300-500 dollars would be a pretty good start. I
> actually still owe Jeremy for the last shipment that he sent me. I
> gotta pay him before I make any more financial committments.
> Actually, 200 would'nt be a bad start. That would be about 200 or so
> dvds.
> "President, USA Exile Govt." <> wrote:
> How much money would it take to get it going? -- pondo
> On May 30, 2006, at 2:14 PM, Kevin Hammond wrote:
> > I believe so my friend.  It is I believe only a matter of
> financial
> > resources.
> >
> > "President, USA Exile Govt." wrote:
> > Great work, Kevin. I wonder if we're together enough now to take this
> > a step farther and get into two-person Truth Teams going door-to-door
> > with "Loose Change" and several other relevant videos and CDs--not
> all
> > of them necessarily on the 9/11 theme. Greenpeace used to do this
> > extensively (I was one of their canvassers briefly around 15 years
> > ago)
> > in a manner which not only spread their word rather effectively but
> > also provided livelihoods (austere ones, though) for hundreds of
> > extremely well-intentioned people. --- Regards, Pondo
> >
> >
> > On May 28, 2006, at 10:27 PM, Kevin Hammond wrote:
> >
> > > Thank you my brother. It is the thought of NOT doing so that
> > > unnerves me.
> > >
> > > DOUGLAS CLARK wrote:
> > >
> > > Kevin Hammond wrote:
> > > Awe geee shux!
> > >
> > > Jamie Welsh wrote:
> > > it's ok boast away kevin! you make me proud.
> > > -jamie
> > >
> > >
> > > On May 28, 2006, at 10:06 AM, Kevin Lee Hammond wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > As I was on my way out the door from work fri eve. my boss stopped
> me
> > > and asked if I knew where he could get a copy of loose change!ÂÂ
> > Could
> > > it be perhaps because I have given a copy to each of my co-workers
> > and
> > > made sure that they watched it?! Could it be also, That I have
> > woken
> > > up damn near every shop owner and worker on the block where I
> > work?!ÂÂ
> > > With copies of not only Loose Change, but also of martial Law and
> > > other such dvds!. One woman in turn took them to her church and
> > woke
> > > up her entire congregation! Please do not take this as boasting
> > bu t
> > > as just informing you all of the fact that folks are WAKING UP!
> > > ÂÂ
> > >
>                  ÂÂ
>    Kevin
> > >
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Message: 11
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 12:15 pm (PDT)
From: "Eva Walker"
Subject: FW: [Avian2005] laura bush finds the decider is dishonest

Wonder if this will get him out of the White House?!
From: "mojo_j_2000" <> Reply-To: To: Subject:
[Avian2005] laura bush finds the decider is dishonest Date: Fri, 02 Jun
2006 07:10:53 -0000 >June 1, 2006 -- Rocky shoals for Bush marriage?
Informed sources >Inside the Beltway report that First Lady Laura Bush
has established >temporary residence in the Mayflower Hotel in
Washington, DC as a >result of a tiff with President Bush over an
extramarital relationship >involving her husband. Mr. Bush's tryst is
said to involve Secretary >of State Condoleezza Rice. It is not known
how long Mrs. Bush plans to >remain at the Mayflower, however, her
security detail has been present >at the hotel during hours when
the First Lady would normally be >residing in the White House. While she
was National Security Adviser, >Rice, who has never been married,
referred to George W. Bush as "my >husband" before she corrected herself
and said, "the president." Rice >was speaking at a dinner when she made
her "husband" remarks. > >WMR is tracking the Laura Bush story. > > > >
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Message: 12
Date: Fri Jun 2, 2006 12:29 pm (PDT)
From: "mikerusober"
Subject: "...and the wind cries freedom."

A Surprise!

A former federal government undercover agent confesses the truth of his
involvement with the Waco Massacre, the Oklahoma City Federal Building
Bombing, and his involvement in the first bombing of the World Trade
Center in 1993, as well as 9/


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