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The view above Boulder, CO today, where a friend told me a story about Not a Damn Dime Day.... She has an eye appointment tomorrow, but wants to honor the day. When the receptionist called to confirm her appointment, my friend explained the object of the movement and asked if she could go ahead and pay one day ahead over the phone, but then if she needed to pay for contacts, etc., tomorrow, if the receptionist could wait to run the charges until Friday. The receptionist said that she would just go ahead and hold the whole payment until Friday. It would be interesting to see how many businesses would be willing to do this. I'm betting tomorrow will be a slow day in the Boulder Whole Foods Market. Posted by Hello

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Grass Roots Action from Tennessee: Election 2004

I received this email tonight from the leader of a group that has been protesting the Pres. Election

From: Bernie Ellis
Date: 01/19/05 20:18:37
To: Fitz Fleenor
Subject: [Fwd: NIGHTLINE: Don't denigrate the evidence for the 2004 election theft. It exists and the American people know it.]

I just heard that Nightline is doing a story tonight on the election theft. ABC has been the most dismissive corporate media on the election theft story so far and their promo sounds like they will continue to dismiss the overwhelming evidence for the election theft tonight. SO I wrote them this memo and sent them one of Freeman's papers and then I called them and got a somewhat startled Nightline producer on the phone. I told her to read my email and to stop dismissing the hard evidence that had convinced 100 million Americans that the election was stolen (a number that is up 50% in the past six weeks.) . Hopefully, my memo and the attached paper will give them pause, even if it does not awaken them to their patriotic and journalistic responsibility. (If the table doesn't come through lined up properly in my memo below, let me know and I'll send it as an attachment.)

I am being interviewed tomorrow live at noon on Pacifica radio in San Francisco about our VOTE/Gathering To Save Our Democracy group. I hope to see all you folks tomorrow (1/20/05) for the rally at the Federal Building from 4-6 pm. Be sure to bring signs and candles. Fitz, if you could bring your BIG sign that says "Bush Lost", that would be great. Also, I would appreciate it if everyone who hasn't sent me their VOTE questionnaire would complete it and return it. To answer the questionnaire, just hit the "reply" button when you're in my email message with the questionnaire and that should allow you to write your answers in the questionnaire and then return it tome. If any of you need the questionnaire again, just let me know. See ya', bye. Bernie

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: NIGHTLINE: Don't denigrate the evidence for the 2004 election theft. It exists and the American people know it.
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 17:17:07 -0600
From: Bernie Ellis

To Ted Koppel:

Given how very dismissive ABC has been so far in its coverage of the
2004 election theft, I am concerned about how you will present the story
tonight. Your promo for tonight's program already suggests that you will
once again be dismissive. You do this at your own peril. According to
Annenberg, approximately 30% of the American people believe the 2004
election was stolen. That's a 50% increase in the number of people who
hold that belief in just the past six weeks.

You only show your own uninformed, complacent, incredulous or perhaps
(in the eyes of many Americans) co-conspiratorial position if you
dismiss the evidence for the 2004 election theft. You must know by now
that -- even thought the corporate media is still holding back from
releasing the full exit poll data and report (for what useful reason
escapes us) -- the complete final national exit poll data (not the
incomplete early "leaked" data your promo refers to) have already been
released on-line by a New Zealand media organization who bought the
complete datatape before Mitofsky stopped responding to requests for the
data. Those data have been analyzed and those analyses are now widely
available. Maybe that's why 100 million Americans believe the election
was stolen.

You must also know that the analyses of Dr. Steven Freeman of the
University of Pennsylvania are based on the final exit poll data
available to all of us directly off CNN at midnight on election day --
once again not the early data leaked on the Internet that your promo
refers to. Dr. Freeman's analysis indicates that someone is twice as
likely to win PowerBall with a single ticket than that the discrepency
between the exit polls and the "reported" vote in just three states --
OH, FL and PA -- occurred by chance. Other analysts -- again using the
complete state-level exit poll data (available on CNN at midnight on
election night) put the likelihood that the discrepencies between the
final exit polls and the "reported" vote in 16 states occurred by chance
at 13.5 trillion to one.

Finally, another analysis by Dr. Freeman demonstrates the election theft
without using exit poll data. Simply put, Freeman looked at people who
voted in 2004 and distributed them according to their self-reported 2000
voting status and their 2004 voting decision within three categories:

1) 2000 Gore or Bush voters who voted for Kerry or Bush in 2004,
2) 2000 3rd party voters who voted in 2004 for Kerry or Bush, and
3) New voters in 2004.

These categories should include all voters for Kerry or Bush in 2004.
With this analysis, Freeman has shown that approximately 4.3 million
votes were switched from Kerry to Bush between the time the votes were
cast and the time the votes were counted. Here's the table from one of
the appendices to Dr. Freeman's paper (which is attached):

Kerry Bush
Votes % Votes %
1) 2000 voters for 48,400,000 95%* 47,900,000 95%**
Gore* and Bush **

2) 2000 3rd party 2,300,000 64% 600,000 17%
(The remaining 19% voted
3rd party again in 2004)

3) 2004 new voters 11,500,000 57% 8,300,000 41%

TOTAL 62,200,000 52.3% 56,800,000 47.7%

Discrepency: (4,300,000) 4,300,000

Suffice it to say, if Nightline does not include Dr. Freeman or another
of the many reputable researchers whose work has documented the 2004
election theft, your presentation will be incomplete. Further, if your
program once again makes light or dismisses the overwhelming evidence
for the 2004 election theft, you will cement your status as a
co-conspirator in this unprecedented rape of democracy.

Of course, ABC could always be the first network to release the complete
exit poll data and reports to the American public. If you don't, what
do you know and when did you know it? And one more question: just what
are you knowingly hiding?


Bernard H. Ellis, Jr., MA, MPH
( )

Has Rush Limbaugh chimed in that this isn't much different than the Center and Quarterback in American Football?


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