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Fac Recteneminem Time: 12.31.05 Charley Reese on the Downside of the Iraq War

Fac Recteneminem Time: 12.31.05 Charley Reese on the Downside of the Iraq War

Increase your energy levels in 1 minute. - Parapsychology articles and blog

Increase your energy levels in 1 minute. - Parapsychology articles and blog


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german forest

german forest
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Repost: Chaos of 9/11 revealed in vivid oral histories - U.S. Security -

Chaos of 9/11 revealed in vivid oral histories - U.S. Security - "�We heard a rumble�
Emergency medical technician John Felidi recalled that when the south tower fell, 'We heard a rumble. I heard the rumble"

Repost: In a Speck of 9/11 Dust, a World of Chaos

In any sane world, people would recognize the information in this article as possible evidence of bombs in the WTC on 911.

September 7, 2004
In a Speck of 9/11 Dust, a World of Chaos

When David Scharf first examined dust that another photographer had scooped up from her quarantined apartment 350 feet from the collapsed World Trade Center, he was a bit spooked.

Mr. Scharf, an Emmy-winning photographer (for his work on a National Geographic film about parasites), has three scanning electron microscopes in his home that he uses to produce highly magnified images of ordinary things - fruit flies, fungi, even dental plaque.

He was curious to examine the dust. "I wondered what exactly is in there," he said. But he did not want to disturb the dead; he did not want to be looking at even microscopic human remains.

Fortunately, he did not find any signs of life, like red blood cells. The dust contained mostly ash and fiberglass and an occasional thread of asbestos. "It was an extremely high-energy, high-temperature event," he said. "Everything organic was incinerated."

He has captured images of the dust in a series of prints (this one magnified about 275 times) that seem to show chaos itself. He has presented them only at a microscopy conference. "Hardly anyone knows I've taken these photographs," he said.

Moon Landing Hoax

Moon Landing Hoax

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1) have no connection to the linked web site.
2) don't have any direct reason to blog this info along with the other content of my blog.
3) have no way to profit off this linked web site.
4) hestitate to post this for fear of putting off those, finding the idea that moon shot being faked as patently absurd, might toss out everything blogged here.
5) find it very strange that Tavistock Institute advisors seems to have been an integral part of NASA guidance in the 60's

The following is copied from:

APOLLO : one giant hoax

At the present time, nowhere on Earth does there exist, nor is there any prospect in the foreseeable future of there being, the technology to put men on the moon and bring them back safely.
When NASA realised that President Kennedy’s 1961 call, for a man on the moon and back alive before the end of the decade, was totally impossible, they decided, rather than lose face, to hoax the whole thing. With $40 billion – at 1961 rates – available, the scope for deception was endless.
The major problem was the impossibility of overcoming the cosmic radiation threat within and beyond the Earth’s Van Allen Belts and on the moon’s surface. At least 5 feet of lead would be needed in all directions to protect the voyagers : for one man, in a telephone kiosk, this would involve a thousand tons of lead. 35-plus years later, the unprotected Apollo travellers, all of whom would have been fried, have shown no signs of radiation sickness.
Another problem was the inability of NASA to produce a stable craft which was intended to be the lunar landing module. “Lunar astronaut”, Neil Amstrong, almost lost his life when one of the prototype flying-bedstead LMs crashed and disintegrated. The problems were never even close to being solved.
The highly secret Area 51, in the Nevada Desert, is believed to be the location for the film studios – still visible from satellite photographs – which produced the television programmes – “live from the Moon”, whilst the astronauts merely sat out their time 200 miles above the Earth’s surface.
The official NASA record of the six Apollo excursions is so full of basic mistakes that various observers believe that some NASA personnel, very unhappy at being forced to be part of the hoax, deliberately left what would become obvious flaws in the record. The American flag flapping in the atmosphere-free, windless conditions ; the school-boy-level fake “moon photographs” and their difference from the live (film studio) transmissions ; the miracle of the standard Kodak film which withstood the X-rays and the extremes of heat and cold - 250 to minus-250 degrees ; the chest-mounted cameras which, without a viewfinder, produced hundreds of clear, well-framed photographs ; the multiple light sources ; the clear, uninterrupted voices of the astronauts as they sat above 10,000 lb-thrust, 140-decibel rockets ; the lack of any crater beneath the LMs; the lack of any exhaust smoke from the LM rockets (as it was pulled upwards, Thunderbird-style, by puppet strings in the studio) ; the lack of any stars in the lunar sky ; … and so on.
The impression that the men and vehicles were moving in a less dense gravity was created by simply slowing down the film to half-speed.
One of the “whistle-blowers”, Bill Kaysing, former analyst and engineer with Rocketdyne, the Apollo rocket designers estimated that “.. there were 85 completely separate manoeuvres involved in a lunar landing. Statisticians have calculated that the chances of completing this set of manoeuvres six times, without a single failure, were totally beyond the realms of possibility”.
Kaysing also reckoned that the chances of a successful, manned return trip to the moon were .0017%.
Other informants have not been so lucky. The outstanding critic of America’s chances of lunar success, Gus Grissom was one of ten astronauts who had “freak fatal accidents” between 1964 & 67. Apollo 1 safety inspector, Thomas Baron, produced a 500-page report. He stated that “The Apollo 1 programme was in such disarray that America would never make it to the moon.” One week later Baron and his family were killed in a road crash : the report disappeared.
Although the Americans recruited over 120 Nazi space scientists for their use, the Apollo scam is well beyond anything in the Joseph Goebbels Manual of Public Relations. Channels 4 and 5 TV have broadcast programmes exposing the fraud, but the Establishment media, led by -who else?- the BBC, have taken every opportunity to reinforce the hoax, with very good reason. If it were generally accepted that The Scientists have told us a pack of lies on “Man’s Greatest Achievement” - and they have - even the most trusting of punter is likely to ask on what else would they deceive us : answer - everything.
Moon Landing Hoax

Pat Rattigan Video now available
Supporting Links:
Wagging the Moondoggie (Written July 2000)

Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars

All Roads Lead Back To Cheney

All Roads Lead Back To Cheney

Greenberg defender accuses Spitzer of making threats - The Boston Globe

Greenberg defender accuses Spitzer of making threats - The Boston Globe

Bush Arrogantly Ignores FOIA Demand

Bush Arrogantly Ignores FOIA Demand

Bush Arrogantly
Ignores FOIA Demand
Congressmen Request WMD Intelligence Info

* The White House and DOD have failed to turn over WMD evidence after 500,000 Americans signed a petition delivered to Bush six months ago. He also has failed to answer questions or turn over documents requested by 52 Congressmen after the Downing Street Memo also surfaced in May. Many observers feel Bush thinks he's above the law, acting like Hitler in Nazi Germany.

By Greg Szymanski

The White House is again demonstrating how it feels above the law, as it arrogantly has refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made six months ago by 52 Congressmen.

The Democratic lawmakers are seeking information on whether President Bush doctored WMD intelligence data to justify the Iraqi War, a hotbed issue for millions of Americans with over 500,000 officially writing Bush, asking for immediate answers.

However, Bush has ignored both the FOIA request and the public outcry, hiding behind what some* *call a cloak of arrogance, phony national security reasons and a Republican majority inCongress, openly furthering a neo-con war agenda destructive to American interests.

Although Rep. John Conyers (D-Mi) and the other band of 50 Democrats are fighting the good fight and working within the system, critics suggest they are just "beating their heads against a neo-con brick wall" since Bush and his protective Republican allies have no intention of leaking the truth to the American people, knowing it will lead to impeachment.

In the interim, many critics suggest Rep. Conyers and the others are fighting a losing battle, both on Capitol Hill and in the public relations arena, where much of middle class America has been sheltered from the facts behind Bush's real motives for going into Iraq by a cooperative and partisan press, also protecting secret White House interests.

It's common knowledge Bush's public approval ratings have fallen below the political Mendoza Line, but administration operatives and Bush himself appear to care less.

Although support is fading, the administration appears anxious to further its war agenda, displaying outright arrogance while knowing the President is insulated from serious impeachment action due to what many critics feel is "a one-party dictatorship created after a 30 year neo-con power grab has now fully cast its dark shadow over the Washington D.C. landscape."

It's no secret American is trouble going into 2006. But the question remains how can the people fight back? Or the bigger question looms: Do enough Americans really care?

"Americans have been played for suckers and now all hell will break loose in the years to come," said one neo-con critic, adding any corrections to America's dilemma cannot be made from within a corrupt political system gone "mad with power" and beyond the point of return.

"We need to remove the cancer from within, save the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and then begin again. I just hope it's not too late."

While some in America are calling for outright revolution like fashioned by America's forefathers against the British, Rep. Conyers is embroiled in a political battle within the halls of Congress against the administration over the release of vital documents concerning the strong possibility Bush lied to the American people about his real motives behind the Iraqi War.

Although Bush's foot has been put in the fire over a number of other issues meriting impeachment inquiries, the fixing of WMD intelligence data to fit a pre-established war policy remains his Achilles Heel if Democrats can ever break through the barrier of suppression and protection provided by neo-con minions in all three branches of government.

To illustrate how uncooperative the administration has become with FOIA requests, it took the Department of Defense (DOD) almost five months to respond to Rep Conyers initial request when On Nov. 30 DOD officials told Conyers in part:

"The request would take considerable time to process," asking Conyers his willingness to pay fees for the WMD documentation, estimated by the DOD to be $110,000.

This callous response, boarding on outright refusal to turn over anything, came after Rep. Conyers wrote the DOD on June 30 and then follow-up with an Aug 11 letter to the Office of Counsel to the President, saying:

"On June 30, 2005, I and 51 other Members of Congress requested access to 'all agency records, including but not limited to handwritten notes, formal correspondence, electronic mail messages, intelligence reports and other memoranda,' as described in five enumerated paragraphs. A copy of the request letter is enclosed.

"The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires your office to respond to a FOIA request within twenty business days from the date of receipt of such a request. See 5 U.S.C. § 552(a)(6)(A)(i). The deadline has now elapsed without any response from your office. Because the leaked memoranda from Great Britain raise serious questions over when important war-related decisions were made, time is of the essence.

"I and the other Members of Congress do not wish to resort to litigation because, at this point, a cooperative approach is better suited to resolving the situation. I am available to assist your office in any way possible to facilitate the prompt release of the requested documents. If you need clarification of the request or have any questions, please contact Stacey Dansky of the House Judiciary staff at 202-225-6906."

Since Rep. Conyers has not received an adequate response from the administration, last week he has introduced bills to censure Bush and Cheney for their refusal to respond, the Resolutions to be voted on by the House when it again convenes in January 2006.

"I have introduced a Resolution creating a Select Committee with subpoena authority to investigate the misconduct of the Bush Administration with regard to the Iraq war and report on possible impeachable offenses, as well as Resolutions proposing both President Bush and Vice-President Cheney should be censured by Congress based on the uncontroverted evidence of their abuse of power," said Rep. Conyers.

For more informative articles, go to

U Of Toronto Student Slams Canada's Hate Laws

U Of Toronto Student Slams Canada's Hate Laws

U Of Toronto Student
Slams Canada's Hate Laws


To the Faculty and Students at the University of Toronto:

I and a small group of my fellow students have dared to distribute a little piece of paper that dares to expose Jewish supremacism.

In it, we dare to quote from from outspoken, former American elected official, Dr. David Duke, who has written a book called Jewish Supremacism.

Dr. Duke has been one of Americas most persistent and eloquent foes of the Iraq War and American Israeli policy.

Jewish Supremacism is not an anti-Semitic book.

In fact, it is dedicated to a Jew, the late Dr. Israel Shahak, a survivor of the concentration camps during WWII and a leader of the Israeli Peace Movement.

People can read parts of the book for themselves on Dr. Duke's website, , and see clearly that it is not anti-Semitic but simply opposes the extremist Jewish supremacism that drives the Israeli state and its supporters around the world. Merely calling someone anti-Semitic doesn't make it so.

At the University of Toronto we are free. We have free speech. We are free to expose and condemn White people for mistreatment of Indians, for White Colonialism around the world. We are free to accuse White people and the White establishment of racism real and imagined. We are free to condemn any person who says being straight is better than being gay.

We can do these things without threat of being expelled from the university, without the possibility of the police coming and getting us in the middle of the night and throwing us into jail for months or years.

However, if we dare to expose elements of Jewish supremacism - for instance the Jewish supremacism that exists in Israel and that is being advanced by extremist Jews around the world who support the extremist Jewish state - we will find ourselves the "criminal".

Expose the open anti-Gentile, anti-Christian hatred of extremist Jews in Canada or the United States and we may well find ourselves charged with hatred and face expulsion and even years of imprisonment!

Why is it that exposing elements of racial or religious hatred among extremist Christians deserves praise but exposing it among Jews deserves jail? Why is exposing White extremism called "love" but exposing Jewish extremism is called "hate?"

Why is it called hate to expose the fact that Israel is a Jewish supremacist, Apartheid nation of segregation of Jews from non-Jews?

Why is it called hatred to expose the fact that in Israel marriage between a Jew and Gentile is against the law?"

Why is it called hatred to expose the fact that Israel is a Jewish supremacist nation that limits immigration only to Jews?

Why is it called hatred to expose the fact that Israel routinely tortures thousands of Palestinians each year but will never do so to a Jew, for any crime?

Why is called hatred to expose the fact that Jews in Israel have stolen huge swaths of Palestinian land and oppressed, tortured, and murdered thousands of Palestinians in the occupied territories?

Why is it called hatred to point out that Jewish supremacist Neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Wurmser and Libby lied to the world about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and have led the efforts for the murderous Iraq War resulting in the deaths of at least 100,000 and a rise in world terrorism and hate?

Why is it called hatred to tell the obvious truth that the Iraq War is a war conceived and driven by Jewish supremacists - a war for Israel?

Why is it hatred to point out that Jewish Neocons seek to exacerbate relations between the Christian and Islamic world and wash the world in blood in what they call proudly World War IV?

Canada oh Canada, fellow students and faculty, where is the freedom of our fathers?

Where has gone the most important of human rights, Free Speech, the right upon which all other rights are hinged? Who has taken these rights from you?

It is not we who put our ideas on a small pieces of paper who should be investigated by the police. You should investigate the authorities and groups who promote these laws against free speech, free thought and free conscience!

You will find they are most vigorously promoted by the same Jewish Supremacist organizations, such as the Canadian Jewish Congress, who are desperate for you not to learn of their own supremacism. These organizations support the Apartheid State of Israel, a state that routinely tortures thousands of Palestinians each year, but never will torture a Jew for any offense no matter how heinous. They support Israel which is a state that is based primarily on genetics, more so than religion.


Comment (From the Canadian sender of this University student's statement)

Technically, it is actually based entirely on racial genetics : the "Jewishness" of a person is DEFINED according to Israeli law as it is defined in the Babylonian Talmud - viz. someone is "a Jew" if, and only if, their biological mother was Jewish. It has absolutely nothing to do with religious ideology per se.


A person of Jewish descent who is an atheist from anywhere in the world can immigrate to Israel while a Palestinian who was born there cannot. And, the Canadian Jewish Congress works desperately to stop intermarriage of Jews and Gentiles in Canada, an act by itself which would be universally condemned if any White Canadian group did so.

Why is the Canadian Jewish Congress afraid of free speech? Is it not afraid that free speech would expose its own hypocrisy, its own supremacist theology? What truth is so weak that it must imprison human beings who dare to question it? stand up for your rights---Jewish supremacism thrives on intimidation--fear and opportunism.

Rival Networks Expose Traitors

Rival Networks Expose Traitors


© 2005


By: Dr. jur. Stefan G. E. Grossmann, 11-5-5
(400th Guy Fawkes Day)


I have collected evidence from 1990 to 2001 in litigations including campaign financing that is very hot in the present situation. It ties together many of the publications and talk radio shows by: Skolnick, Bloom, Tarpley, Heneghen, Schoenman, Phelps, Grossmann and others at the site over the past two years.

The evidence shines a light behind the scenes and reveals what made 9-11 possible: Highest National Security government officials were blackmailed at gunpoint, as became apparent during the crisis in June 2000 (below, sections B.4 and 5, red captions). They were forced to sabotage major litigations, to spy on citizens, to launder hundreds of millions of black money under the disguise of „campaign financing“ and to obey the commands of a secret small traitor clique inside America. The government officials were entrapped and in the hands of the traitors.

The outlook is historic in scope and looks back before the terror attacks on 9-11-1 took place. The article, largely based on personal experience of the author, uses examples to put things into perspective.


How did I get into this? It started in 1990: I was admitted to the bar in Frankfurt, Germany. In July a law professor in Frankfurt, Germany asked me to write a Ph.D. thesis about the history of the prosecutor in American law, i.e. a specialized history of the American criminal law system. Over the next ten years, research on this project opened my eyes to how corrupt the American court system is. The research finished with a book report in 2000 (292 pages, over 1100 footnotes, large bibliography, presently only in German, pdf file available).

On August 23, 1990 I met with my first important client, a Greek-American businessman from Florida by the name of Spyridon „Spiro“ Armenis. His two main cases lasted until summer of 2001. Spiro was related to one of the top executives of Onassis and was in the oil and gas business and land development business. Spiro was a knowledgeable insider of American political campaign financing at its dirtiest.

Spiro’s litigation involved a lot of money. Let me highlight up front an „Order to Litigate“ in my files, signed by Spiro Armenis, dated 2-10-92, for an amount of $2,046,000,000 (two point zero four six billion dollars) regarding a land venture south of Melbourne Beach, Florida (the „Aquarina“ project). Details not of interest in this summary. Spiro’s adversary was a German brewery owner, Albert Cramer, Warstein (owner of the „Warsteiner“ beer brewery in Germany).

Not much is published about Cramer. I have heard reports that his father was a local Nazi big shot under Hitler. Spiro reported statements from Cramer that are undemocratic and fascist. For his land in Florida, Cramer employed a law firm in Miami, Greenberg Traurig. More will be said later about this law firm and its senior partner, Marvin S. Rosen.

In 1996-1999 Spiro, with myself as a partner, did a lucrative oil and gas exploration venture in the central Asian republic of Kazakstan near the Caspian Sea. In 1999, we founded an internet project called (see my site today:, now loaded with 9-11 research). One motive of the internet project was to publish hot news and to put pressure on certain forces who were obstructing the multi-million dollar litigations. Unfortunately, in May 2001 a corrupt federal judge, Jennifer B. Coffman, London and Lexington, Kentucky, shut us down. I feel our publication back at that time would have stopped the attacks of 9-11-1.

In 1990 I was a beginner. Over the years, I learned a lot through working on my thesis and Spiro’s cases with his dirty political contacts, and through the Kazakstan oil and gas project. Spiro left me his most important papers and asked me in writing to publish them – when the time is right. These papers relate to his travels to the MidEast in 1990 and 1991 and further negotiations with Libyan diplomats for campaign funding. That part of the story is mostly not covered by my personal experience; but I have Spiro’s epic stories and his papers to back it up, plus my own meetings with a Libyan diplomat and two Washington insider attorneys over the Lockerbie issue.


I cannot tell it all here because the details fill volumes. But only a small part of those volumes is important. In the following I present what I believe are the most important examples in my convoluted eleven-year experience.

See the scanned ARMENIS PAPERS in the Cloak and Dagger Members Archive. Many names, details and some annotations.

Here: Vol. 1, Introduction to the ARMENIS PAPERS.

1. Outline of Armenis’

MidEast Campaign Funding Forays:

The DNC and RNC campaign finance vultures were hungry for black money. One of their methods was to shake-down and raid weak Middle Eastern oil states with threats, wars and sanctions.

N1 See report about another one of these

shake-downs by Sherman H. Skolnick based

on his copy of a Chicago federal court file.

This was a profitable blackmail racket with some openings for humanitarian action. Armenis, according to his own understanding a humanitarian, was involved in the negotiations with two of the „customers”, namely Libya and Iraq, with the backing and knowledge of DNC and RNC leadership who are all of them crooks and hypocrites in this respect.

Libya was sanctioned for the explosion of a Pan Am jumbo jet (Pan Am 103) over Lockerbie, Scotland just before Christmas 1989. The negotiations ended with a reputed payment of up to $2 billion by Libya in 1998 and a 100% CIA-faked „trial” against two subordinate Libyan intelligence agents, one of them convicted on forged evidence (forged according to the testimony of a retired Scottish police officer recently reported). The Iranian and CIA agents actually involved came out free.

Iraq was sanctioned after the first U.S.-Iraq war. Iraq was a notorious cash cow for politicians through UN humanitarian aid programs.

N2 British anti-war MP George Galloway

was scandalized in April 2004 as a receiver of

Iraqi bribes by compromising documents „found“

in the rubble of Baghad that turned out to be forged.

So as not to have me mis-interpret the complex historical source documents, please refer to these directly together with the notes I have inserted there (see next paragraph).

Details: See the scanned ARMENIS PAPERS in the Members Archive. Many names, details and some annotations. Vol. 1 is an introduction. The papers , culled from various files of my law practice and my former client Armenis, are in chronological order (vol. 2-18).

Here: Vols. 3 (pages 33-35, 39 ff.) through 9 (to page 41),

10 (pages 38-43), 11 (pages 27-30), 12 (pages 19-36).

2. Ladder of Escalation in Major Litigation

Cramer v. Armenis / Armenis v. Cramer:

The multi-million Cramer v. Armenis and Armenis v. Cramer litigations were running into strange difficulties in the Florida courts and the Atlanta federal appears court. Such as: hearing transcripts with altered dates and names, missing filings, very strange and - we believed - compromised behavior of Armenis’ attorneys (Doug Marks, Melbourne, Florida and two attorneys from Oklahoma City).

There was a progressing ladder of escalations in the litigation especially since 1998:

Using his knowledge of the political scene, Armenis prepared to depose powerful people who he believed were helping Cramer with the litigation behind the scenes. These people included specifically Marvin Rosen of Greenberg Traurig and an ex-Senatorial investigator from Alexandria, Virginia, Philip Manuel.

Manuel, himself a target of a Congressional investigation, had a reported track record of working with the Greenberg Traurig law firm as their thug, such as for witness tampering and intimidation, dirty tricks operations etc. in the Kennedy rape case in south Florida and financial manipulations in the Justice Department relating to immigration cases. One of Cramer’s attorneys (Friedman) admitted in a sworn deposition that Philip Manuel worked for Cramer against Armenis in their multi-million dollar litigation war.

Then, surprizingly, Cramer’s big litigating law firm from Miami, Holland & Knight, bought Armenis’ litigating law firm, a mid-sized local law firm in Melbourne, Florida where Doug Marks was a partner. This side-tracked the litigation for two years. Thick motions were filed to disqualify all of Cramer’s attorneys from the case for a conflict of interest (looking in the cards of Armenis’ former lawyers by acquiring their whole law firm, etc.). As part of the disqualification hearings, a crisis arose in May and June 2000 that reportedly buzzed all the way up into the White House through clandestine channels (see sections 4 and 5 below, the crisis).

Details: See the scanned ARMENIS PAPERS in the Members Archive. The pdf volumes require some detective work and reading to go through. They are not exactly easy reading but I did not find it fit to change these scanned papers in any way, of course.

Here: Vols. 2, 3 (up to page 32), 9 ( page 42 ff.), 10 up to page 25),

11 (pages 28 ff.), 12 (pages 16-18 and 37 ff.), 13, 14 (pages 17-24, 40-43),

15 (pages 24, 26, 33-34).

3. The Founding of

With an investment that ran up to more than $4 million to shareholders, the start-up internet project was founded in April 1999. It was planned to bring it public in an IPO for the business of offering and selling framed art posters. A side motive, mentioned in all the prospectuses and paperwork, was to publicize hot political news (the above). The project had its logistics located in a warehouse in a federal empowerment zone in Jackson County in the Appalachian region of rural Kentucky, for some time employing over 50 people. Conveniently, President Bill Clinton visited the Jackson County federal empowerment zone on Monday, July 5th, 1999 as part of a six-state tour to stimulate business growth in the nation’s most poverty-stricken areas. Armenis and I were invited to present the project as a model high-tech project. Unwisely (or I say: wisely), I in the presence and with the consent of Armenis handed the preparation team copies of some of the hot political materials that we wanted to publish relating to the U.S. shadow government. I declined to meet Clinton.

From that time on, the federal and local funding of our project in the empowerment zone was blocked, and the programmers (who were from India but California-based) sabotaged the project by making the software disappear. This was the first sabotage of Gallerize. The software program, a difficult and costly program that needed to be written to specifications, had to be restarted by different programmers in London, Kentucky (Sunspot, led by a retired member of the U.S. armed forces) and never really came to a good end, despite costing tens of thousands of dollars.

To prepare for the IPO and going public, Armenis (acting as the consultant CEO of the project company, Eagle Net USA, Inc.) acquired a number of shareholders from Greenwich and Stamford, Connecticut (the birth region of George H. W. Bush). These included, among others, a son of New York real estate investor Larry Silverstein, and the President of AIG International Asset Management, Inc. by the name of Andrew T. „Andy” Gitlin. These all formed a close social clique including an old friend of Armenis, John Stevens (according to Armenis the grandson to a former RNC leader). Gitlin will play a prominent role in the mid-2000 crisis to be described next.

Details: See the scanned ARMENIS PAPERS in the Members Archive.

Here: Vols. 14 (pages 25-39), 15 (pages 16-23, 25, 27-32).


On May 24, 2000 in the state courthouse in Titusville, Florida, I and then Armenis testified regarding to the disqualification issue. We had a relative of Armenis, a student, pose as a journalist, sit in the audience and take notes. We testified about Marvin Rosen and the dirty tricks. This was very hot news in those pre-election months before the November 2000 presidential elections.

Details: See the scanned ARMENIS PAPERS in the Members Archive.

Here: Vol. 8 (pages 40-47), together with the Marvin Rosen article

linked at the end of this article below (see sections from my

book report „The Brotherhood of the White Monks”).


Our testimony and the presence of a purported journalist taking notes let panic bells ring inside the organization who was corrupting the multi-million dollar litigation. Contacts that Armenis had in the NSA (headed by a woman, not to be named) surveiled, audio-taped and videod an extended secret meeting in Washington, D. C. and Miami, Florida on Saturday, June 3, 2000 involving the following people:

● Leon S. Fuerth, National Security Advisor to Vice President Al Gore

● Andy Gitlin, President of AIG International Investments, Inc.

● Philip Manuel, investigator for Albert Cramer

identified from the video, Manuel from an older photo.

They reportedly conspired to manipulate the multi-million dollar court case and to assassinate Armenis, which was attempted by Gitlin through the motor cycle gang of „Raoul” from California in the weeks and months to come. Gitlin was confronted with this and fell speechless. He later fled to Athens, Greece; and his AIG foreign investments subsidiary was sold off to Wasserstein Perella end of 2000. Today Gitlin is back in the U.S.A. in the investment business.

Most importantly, according to the reports, Gitlin threatened Leon S. Fuerth for the event that he wanted out. The semantics when studied make if clear that Fuerth was acting under threat of death (entrapment). Fuerth was one of the key insiders to Armenis’ campaign financing forays in the Middle East reported above.

Al Gore and his closest advisor Leon Fuerth were part of a legitimate American political network. Andy Gitlin and his intelligence-linked bosses in the money laundering cartel AIG are part of a traitor network inside America. They pull the strings, not the government and not the courts. This has been so for decades. They are the deep root of the JFK assassination, the idiotic Warren cover-up and all the many major U.S. government follow-up crimes since then, including the disappearance of tens of trillions of dollars of public monies through the Pentagon black budget. They control elections, such as bribing the son of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in Bush v. Gore through Marvin Rosen’s law firm Greenberg Traurig in November 2000 through January 10, 2001. They kill politicians and judges who are not obedient such as JFK junior, Senator Goldwater, Al Gore (attempted in mid-1999 in the air over Chicago by vectoring) and many others.

N3 See story by Sherman H. Skolnick

mentioning Chicago press reports.

Further see Skolnick’s article on

the 9-11 Murder Triangle.

The coherent group that does these things may rightly be termed the „Beast” in an apocalyptic sense. They are not identical with the Jesuits. I believe that the Jesuits (Catholic, Vatican) are a centuries-old clandestine military organization fighting against this group (perverted Protestant, Satanic money worshippers in violation of warnings by Moses and Saint Paul) to the point of bringing this group to a downfall. (I am of course not a Jesuit, but this is my opinion.)

My sense of justice tells me to forgive Al Gore and Leon Fuerth. While involved in politics, they are essentially innocent. I am not accusing them. They were acting at gunpoint.

Read the documentation (anonymous report of the surveillance) in the notes at the end of this section.

The episode illustrate that the legitimate U.S. government was powerless even in middle 2000. They were under draconian control of a mafia, here represented by an agent of AIG the reputed global money laundering cartel. See report about Maurice Hank Greenberg and AIG and their evident involvement in the multi-billion dollar insurance fraud of 9-11-1 (operational foreknowledge, etc.) that is linked below at the end of this article.

Details: See the scanned ARMENIS PAPERS in the Members Archive.

Here: Vols. 8 ( page 48), 9 (pages 17-24) together with the

Maurice Greenberg/AIG article linked at the end of this article below.

6. Early 2001: Jennifer B. Coffman –

A Crooked Federal District Judge Enters the Scene:

Now we were really ready for news to publish at We were giving signals to the other side in the Cramer litigation that they were to settle „or else”. This was apparently understood. (I. e. it was understood that our special web site would start talking to the world about the purported other side’s dirty court corruption business as mentioned above.)

This apparently triggered a nuclear legal attack by the other side and their terrorist mole network inside the shadow regime. They used a federal District Judge in Kentucky, Jennifer B. Coffman, in order to shut down under a malign and corrupt influence in breach of procedural and substantive laws. I was the legal and registered owner of the office home in Lexington, Kentucky and the main shareholder in the company. (There were other shareholders but not Armenis.) In a bout of judicial fantasy the judge ruled me an „insider” of Armenis and held that I was the alter ego of Armenis. There was an old judgment (Aguirre v. ARW Exploration Corp.) for several million dollars against Armenis (not against myself or against This was corruptly used to sell of the office home and the logistics of Armenis as my caretaker in the U.S.A. (I live near Frankfurt, Germany) was forbidden to enter the company or do any transactions for the company. Thus, the internet project was shut down.

This was done by the judge and her handlers inside the shadow government in order to keep our information away from the public. This information reveled the network of thugs and murderers that later played a major role in the mock-attacks of 9-11-1. The conduct of the judge was in clear and fraudulent violation of the applicable U.S. laws. The whole appearance of judge Coffman was an orchestrated fraud upon the court. (See analysis in notes following.)

Details: In the Members Archive, namely the following ARMENIS PAPERS:

Here: Vols. 15 (pages 35 ff.), 16-18, plus analysis: 9-11CourtReport.htm.

7. Criminal Complaints etc. in the U.S.A.:

Specific information was offered by phone to the office of Congressman Dan Burton and was excitedly accepted by the person answering the phone. The promised follow-up reaction never came from the Congressman’s office, however. On June 1, 2001 a detailed criminal complaint of these connections was filed, heavily documented, and was sent by FedEx courier to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. There was no reaction of any kind. Two reminders were sent, the second one dated September 10, 2001. If the Justice Department was for real (which it is not) they could have prevented the attacks on 9-11-1 based on these materials. There has to this date been no reaction of any kind. There was a follow-up by sending materials of this connection by FedEx courier to the U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney as Chairman of the Senate in April 2004. There has been no reaction to this to date. The state is covering up its own state crime.

Details: In my files, in essence the above per this article. Selection (scrap book) in the Members Archive:

Here: See compiled source document: #3_American_Al_Qaeda_2.pdf –

document opens with a table of contents. Ranting but very informative!

8. Criminal Complaint in Germany:

In 2002 I entered into discussions with the German police in Frankfurt am Main (national security division, Staatsschutz, Polizeipraesidium Frankfurt am Main) to file a criminal complaint in Germany. I met with them and in early 2003 gave them the originals of the Armenis Papers.

During these discussions two of the policemen advised me that they were unable to investigate or prosecute U.S. state crime. They told me that they had just been in a meeting with their friends in the FBI. They asked me: What hit the Pentagon on 9-11-1? I answered, not being into 9-11-1 at that time: A passenger jet. They replied: No, it was not a plane. According to their friends in the FBI the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile of the U.S. Air Force on 9-11-1; there never was a plane that hit the Pentagon. I was stunned. This started me on my 9-11-1 research that is now presented at my site

Before bringing them the originals of the Armenis Papers in a travel bag I scanned the most important papers and have edited them in pdf format in 18 volumes (the 19th volume, the evaluation, is superseded by this present article). These pdf volumes form an essential documentary back-up for the convoluted story of my eleven-year personal experience as outlined above. These pdf volumes are at talk radio for download in the Members Archive. Many names, details and nitty-gritty specifics (including a report on the fraud by U.S. District Judge Jennifer B. Coffman in the first half of 2001) are mentioned in these papers, including some annotations by me.

9. Book Summary, Related Articles:

For numerous additional details and names of the above traitor cabal inside America, please consult our pdf e-book „T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders’ Attack On America”, now also in the Members Archive at This includes, among other things, a rare photo of the former AIG stooge Andrew T. „Andy” Gitlin. etc. The book is only partly a 9-11 book; it is actually, mainly, a book about the traitorous American terror cell that is outlined above.

Details: See pdf e-book „T MINUS 9-11” linked in the Members Archive (zip).

Based on compiled materials I have published related articles, one more drastic in reportable content than the other:

About some of the convoluted 9-11 connections:

The Four Riders of the 9-11 Apocalypse

About Maurice Hank Greenberg, AIG, Blackstone Group, Larry Silverstein, 9-11 multi-billion Insurance fraud:

Wall Street Terrorist Throws Towel

N4 Ron Hicks has compiled much additional

research about vast corruption of AIG here.

Reportedly, AIG founder founder Cornelius

V. Starr was an uncle of Kenneth Starr,

and many juicy financial details.

About Marvin Rosen, Greenberg Traurig, Corruption in Bush v. Gore:

Legal Opinion: Criminal Presidents

and the Law of the Opium Republic, Part 2

* * *

A note at the end: The above is an outline in the sense of an Executive Summary. It cannot be fully understood and critiqued without studying the papers (many papers, I’m sorry) that are quoted and provided in the Members Archives. Also, a basic historical knowledge of the Nazification of America in and after the Second World War is needed (Prescott Bush Sr., Rockefeller etc. fascism, Gehlen, Operation Paperclip, JFK assassination conspiracy, secretive Lemnitzer biography, government crime, black budget, court corruption, synthetic terrorism).

To sum it up: We know who they are. We have their names and crime families, we have outlined their acts, we have their photos. The truth must come out.

Spitzer: Insurance Exec. Shorted Foundation -

Spitzer: Insurance Exec. Shorted Foundation -

Keld Bach’s Press Cuttings » Blog Archive » The Truth About Pearl Harbor

Keld Bach’s Press Cuttings » Blog Archive » The Truth About Pearl Harbor

Calamus: Halt, citizen! Has Miniluv approved that article?

Calamus: Halt, citizen! Has Miniluv approved that article?

Victor Davis Hanson on War on National Review Online

Victor Davis Hanson on War on National Review Online: "horror of 9/11"

Blogger Thoughts: If he only had a clue to the true horror of 9/11!

We need 9/11 Truth to help people understand that Mr. Hanson's thoughts have no basis in reality.

Unified Physics Theory Explains Animals' Running, Flying And Swimming

Unified Physics Theory Explains Animals' Running, Flying And Swimming

village voice > news > Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway

village voice > news > Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway: "The 9-11 attacks provided the rationale for what amounts to a Bush family coup against the Constitution."

Internet Archive: Details: mumia speaks: live from within the belly of the beast

Internet Archive: Details: mumia speaks: live from within the belly of the beast

Bonfire of the Vanities: Sex and the Catholic Faith

Bonfire of the Vanities: Sex and the Catholic Faith

Blogger Thoughts: This attempt at logic and rhetoric is excruciatingly sad.

THE BRAD BLOG: "'Downing Street Documents' - Confirmed and Corroborated!"

THE BRAD BLOG: "'Downing Street Documents' - Confirmed and Corroborated!"

Spielberg's Munich: Profoundly Flattering to Israel

Spielberg's Munich: Profoundly Flattering to Israel

Train Ahead

Train Ahead
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Video: In Plane Site

Economics focus | The route to real pensions reform |

Economics focus The route to real pensions reform

Blogger Thoughts: Two changes will immediately fix the short fall estimated to be 30 to 50 years out:

a) change the withholding formula to remove the 94,200 wage ceiling as scheduled in 2006.

b) change the calculation to be based on (marked to the market) investment income (dividends, capital gain, and passive) as well as wage income.

Next Crisis.

105mm f2.8 MACRO

105mm f2.8 MACRO
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Gaza slides closer to chaos |

Gaza slides closer to chaos

Dec 30th 2005 From The Economist Global AgendaIn the latest sign that the Palestinian government is failing to assert its authority over the Gaza Strip after Israel’s withdrawal, dozens of policemen stormed the Rafah border crossing on Friday, causing it to be closed for several hours. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, will have to show a lot more political cunning if he is to stop the rot
Ructions at Rafah
Get article background
IS THE Gaza Strip sliding into anarchy? When Israeli settlers and troops were pulled out in September, optimistic observers hoped the Palestinian Authority (PA) would quickly assert control over the coastal sliver of land, in what would be an important step towards the creation of a Palestinian state encompassing both the strip and the West Bank. But events in recent weeks have proved the pessimists right, for now. In the latest of a series of worrying incidents, on the morning of Friday December 30th, around 100 Palestinian policemen, angry at the growing lawlessness in Gaza, stormed the Rafah crossing between the strip and Egypt.
Backed by gunmen linked to the ruling Fatah party, the policemen forced monitors from the European Union (EU) to withdraw to an Israeli-controlled border crossing at Kerem Shalom. The Rafah crossing was immediately sealed off and would-be travellers turned back. By mid-afternoon, Palestinian officials were able to announce the reopening of the crossing, though the situation there remained tense.
The closure of Rafah, albeit for only a few hours, is a setback for Palestinian efforts to show that order can be restored, and to the peace process more broadly. The PA took control of the crossing only last month, under a deal brokered by America’s secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice. At the time, it was hailed as a move that would make Gaza a testing-ground for Palestinian statehood. It was also seen as a crucial step in reviving the strip’s sickly economy. Under the terms of the deal, EU monitors must be present for the crossing to operate.
The storming of Rafah is the latest in a series of violent incidents in Gaza since the Israeli “disengagement” three months ago, following almost four decades of occupation. The incident that appears to have triggered the police assault on the crossing was the death of an officer, and another man, in a feud among one of Gaza’s clans on Thursday, which had begun when a man was arrested. These killings in turn set off gun battles across Gaza City, including one outside the home of Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), though the Palestinian president was in Jordan at the time.
In recent weeks, gunmen have stormed government buildings several times. The military wings of political factions, as well as the police and criminal gangs, have engaged in shoot-outs in the streets of Gaza City and other built-up areas, underscoring Mr Abbas’s inability to establish order and create a stable political scene. Armed kidnappings are also on the rise: a British human-rights activist and her parents were abducted near Rafah on Wednesday. The same day, Israel imposed a no-go area in northern Gaza, in an attempt, it said, to stop Palestinian militants launching rocket attacks into Israel. Soon after the buffer zone was declared, Israeli forces shelled parts of the area, which contains no Palestinian villages but was home to several Jewish settlements until the pull-out.
The situation has been made even more tense by parliamentary elections that are due to be held on January 25th. Much of the unrest is the result of muscle-flexing in the run-up to the poll. Within Fatah itself, there has been lengthy feuding over which candidates the party will field. On one side is the old guard, including Mr Abbas, which is seen by many Palestinians as tainted by the crony-ridden legacy of Yasser Arafat, who died a year ago; on the other side is a group of younger politicians, who want Fatah to put up vote-winners rather than old-timers. On December 14th, the “young guard” announced a breakaway party list, calling it Al-Mustaqbal: “the Future”. A few days later they agreed to return to the fold and field a unified list, but only after extracting a number of concessions from the president.
Palestinian voters blame the corruption and ineptitude rampant in Fatah and the PA mostly on a small group of Arafat loyalists. Yet though Mr Abbas has sacked some of the group, such as Arafat's cousin Musa Arafat (who was later murdered), he has been reluctant to move against other hangers-on, to the bafflement even of some of his close advisers. Instead, the young guard has done it for him, making him look indecisive and foolish.
It is still not clear whether the elections’ outcome will help or hinder Mr Abbas. The main opposition party, the Islamists of Hamas, took control of three key cities in local elections earlier this month, including a landslide in Fatah’s former stronghold, Nablus in the West Bank. And Hamas has been cleverer about allocating its parliamentary candidates in a complex new system whereby each voter chooses both a national list and a local representative. How much of the parliament Hamas will take—some say as little as a fifth, others as much as a half—is a guess. The result will dictate the extent to which the group may be prepared to subject both its politics and its militant wing to the PA’s authority, something Israel sees as a precondition for any peace talks.
Palestinians accuse Israel’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon, of stoking unrest by expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Mr Sharon recently split from his Likud party to form a new political grouping, Kadima (“Forward”), and, despite suffering a minor stroke two weeks ago, is favourite to win the general election due to be held in Israel on March 28th. He has vowed to keep the big settlements in the West Bank but has also said, to the anger of right-wingers, that some isolated communities may be removed under the internationally backed “road map” peace plan. The Israeli military said on Friday that it had dismantled three stone-and-wood structures used by West Bank settlers. Jewish nationalists stake a biblical claim to land Israel seized in the 1967 war with its Arab neighbours. Palestinians want Gaza and all of the West Bank for their own state, and East Jerusalem for their capital.
Life for Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank could get even worse in the coming days. In an attack on Thursday, claimed by Islamic Jihad, a suicide-bomber killed an Israeli soldier and two Palestinian bystanders close to the West Bank city of Tulkarm, prompting Israel to promise a new military crackdown. And on Sunday, a “period of calm” declared by Palestinian militants at the urging of Mr Abbas is set to expire. If the Palestinian president is to stop the situation descending into total chaos, he will have to show a lot more political guile than he has hitherto displayed.

darkness and light.

darkness and light.
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(DV) Street: "The Face of Sacrifice"

(DV) Street: "The Face of Sacrifice"

“The Face of Sacrifice”: Another Example of the New York Times’ Service to Imperial Power by Paul Streetwww.dissidentvoice.orgDecember 29, 2005
Here's a little new wrinkle in the story of the corporate-liberal New York Times' servility to imperial power. Last Monday's Times contained an outwardly progressive item: a two-page photo essay on civilian casualties (what the paper calls “The Face of Sacrifice”) in Iraq (“The Face and Voice of Civilian Sacrifice in Iraq: Photographs by Adam Nadel,” NYT, 26 December 2005, pp. A16-A17).
“In Iraq,” the Times says, “nobody knows, and few in authority seemed concerned to count, just how many civilians have been killed and injured. Soon it will be three years since the American-led invasion. The estimates of those killed run into the tens of thousands, the numbers wounded two or three times the number who lost their lives. Even President Bush, estimating recently that 30,000 civilians may have been killed, acknowledged that was no more than an abstraction from unofficial calculation, not a Pentagon count.” Of course, people on the left have been talking about -- and trying to put a human face on -- Iraqi civilian casualties since even before the murderous and illegal occupation was launched. Maybe the Times’ willingness to see and show some of that that Iraqi civilian face is better late than never.... But there's a curious and revealing problem with the Times' photo essay.
It relates seven incidents in which Iraqis have been violently killed or injured since March 19, 2003 (day one of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”). And who did the killing in the small number of such incidents it chose to report? In three of the seven, the killers are technically unidentified. Regarding these three cases, readers learn only that the damage was done by “a bomb” that somehow exploded, though the suggestion is strong that anti-occupation forces (“terrorists”) were the agents. In another three of the seven incidents, the Times clearly identifies the occupation resisters (“terrorists”) as the perpetrators of violence against Iraqi civilians. And in the last incident, located at the bottom right of the second page (A17), the Times shows a surviving husband who claims to have lost a wife and a daughter when his family's car was shot up by the American “liberators”. According to the Times, Ahmed Moayda “said his family was fired upon by an American convoy as they were traveling by car from Baghdad to Jordan. The Times makes no such source qualification in regard to any of the other incidents related in Monday's photo essay. In the three attacks attributed to anti-occupation forces, the perpetrators’ identities are simply stated as an uncontested matter of fact, without any “he said/she said” prelude. Interesting.
Just for the record, Iraq Body Count (IBC)'s recently published “Dossier of Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 2003-2005” reports that one in every 1,000 Iraqis was violently killed between March 20, 2003 (the day after the beginning of the U.S. invasion) and March 19, 2005. By projecting from readily available data on Iraqi marriage and childbirth rates, IBC infers that “tens of thousands of Iraqi women and children have lost a husband or father to violence since March 2003, a loss which will have long lasting psychological and economic consequences for the bereaved families.” Iraqi families are also dealing with crippling injuries resulting from wartime violence. By IBC's tabulation, 42,500 Iraqis have been wounded during the occupation. By IBC's meticulous account, based on multiple verifiable media reports, anti-occupation forces have killed less than 10 percent of the total number of the nearly 25,000 dead for whom the killers can be identified. “Criminal elements,” who have thrived in the lawless environment created by the destruction of Iraqi civil authority, killed 8,935 or 36 percent. The biggest killers have been the US-led armed forces, which violently ended the lives of 9,270 Iraqis or 37.3 percent. In separate databases that include real-time accounts from reporters in Iraq, IBC presents a number of accounts of Iraqis killed by American “liberators”. IBC's “Falluja Archive” contains (to give one among many examples) an April 2004 Associated Press (AP) story relating how more than 600 Iraqis, “mostly women, children, and the elderly,” were butchered during Uncle Sam's massive “retaliatory” (after the resistance killed US-funded Blackwater USA Security mercenaries) campaign in Falluja. “Iraqis in Falluja,” the AP noted, “complained that civilians were coming under fire by U.S. snipers.” One such civilian was mentioned in an especially chilling account quoted in the Falluja Archive. “One of the bodies brought to the clinic,” wrote journalist Dahr Jamail in The Nation, “was that of a 55-year old man shot in the back by a [U.S.] sniper outside his home, while his wife and children huddled wailing inside. The family could not retrieve his body for fear of being shot themselves. His stiff corpse was carried into the clinic, flies swarming above it. One of his arms was half raised by rigor mortis.” That would have been a good picture for the Times to have taken and included at the top, not the bottom of its photo essay. If accurate portrayal of the violence's agents had been a value in the construction of its story, at least two of the Times' photos should have portrayed victims of direct U.S. violence. At least two should have portrayed victims of criminal violence related to America's destruction of Iraqi civil authority. No more than one should have portrayed victims of those resisting the occupation. There's certainly more people in Iraqi authority than in American authority that are “concerned to count just how many civilians have been killed and injured.” And it was General Tommy Franks of US Central Command who said the following when asked how many Iraqis had died in the initial phases of the U.S. invasion: “We Don't Do Body Counts.” How odd and revealing for the Times to say that “even Bush” can give only an abstract estimate of Iraq's casualty number and “not a Pentagon count.”
Paul Street is a Visiting Professor of American History at Northern Illinois University. His latest book is Empire and Inequality: America and the World Since 9/11 (Boulder, CO: Paradigm Publishers, October 2004). He can be reached at:
Other Recent Articles by Paul Street
* Pentagon Puppets and Other Orwellian Horrors at USA Today* Messianic Militarism Versus Democracy in Imperial America * “Dishonest and Reprehensible”? * The "Cowardice" Card: Militarism's Last and Self-Fulfilling Refuge* Bill Clinton Was No Champion of the Poor * Dominant Media and Damage Control in the Wake of a Not-So Natural Disaster* The All-Too American Tragedy of New Orleans: Empire, Inequality, Race and Oil* Still Separate, Unequal: Race, Place, Policy & Racism Avoidance in and Around Chicago * Bush, China, Two Deficits, and the Ongoing Decline of US Hegemony * Watergate Was a Minor Crime * The Nuclear Option” and the One Party State * Terri Schiavo, 84,000 Black Men, and Dominant Media's Selective Morality * “Because We Are America!”* Martin Luther King. Jr. and “The Triple Evils That Are Interrelated”* Love Motivates Us to Kill the Enemy* Rumseld to Troops in Iraq: “Fight Naked...Life’s a Bitch and Then YOU Die”* No Apology for Dissent: Truth and Cowardice* Love, Hates, Kills, Dies* Killing on Tape and the Broader War Criminality* Dear Europe* The United States: “As Menacing to Itself and the World As Ever”* The Fabric of Deception and Liberal Complicity* Campaign Reflections: Resentment Abhors a Vaccum* The 9/11 Commission Report: Bush's Negligence Didn't Happen* Notes on Race, Gender, and Mass Infantilization * “A Descending Spiral Ending in Destruction for All-Too Many”* Racist Democratic Empire and Atrocity Denial* Kerry's Predictable Failure to Make Bush Pay for Rising US Poverty* Thought Control, Costas, the Olympics and Imperial Occupations Past and Present* JF Kerry: “I am Not a [Redistribution] Democrat”* Stupid White Men and Why Segregation Matters* The "Vile Maxim" Versus the Common Good: Different Approaches to November* We Need a New Media Relationship * “Failed States” at Home and Abroad* Be “Part of Something”: Sign Up With The American Empire Project * Congratulations, Mr. Bush: You Have Not Presided Over the Final Collapse of Capitalism * "Slaves Had Jobs Too"* Brown v. Board Fifty Years Out: Still Separate and Unequal * Let Them Eat "Cakewalk" * England, America, Empire, and Inequality* Niall Ferguson Speaks on the Need for Imperial Ruthlessness* Richard A. Clarke, Rwanda, and “Narcissistic Compassion”* Honest Mistakes? The New York Times on "The Failure to Find Iraqi Weapons"* Urban Race Relations: "Everything Changed" After 9/11?* Forbidden Connections: Class, Cowardice, and War* The "Repair" of "Broken Societies" Begins at Home* Deep Poverty, Deep Deception: Facts That Matter Beneath The Imperial Helicopters

Security Contractors in Iraq..Rep Marcie Kaptur says 100,000 +

Daily Kos: State of the Nation

Torture doesn’t bother Krauthammer’s crowd

The BEAST: America's Best FIend

It'raining cats and dogs

It'raining cats and dogs
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Muhammed Asadi: The 'Power-Elite' Model & Global Reality —

Muhammed Asadi: The 'Power-Elite' Model & Global Reality —

rubber hose: time for a new posterboy

rubber hose: time for a new posterboy

3quarksdaily: Monday Musing: Richard Dawkins, Relativism and Truth

3quarksdaily: Monday Musing: Richard Dawkins, Relativism and Truth

The hourly wages of average workers are 11 percent lower than they were back in 1973

Left I on the News

is big brother listening?

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MSM does kick ass sometimes, and it still seems to make no difference.

Playing with the mind – NLP and the War on Terror

"It’s interesting to ponder that the CIA has often been accused of having connections with the birth of Al Qaeda and thus, the 911 attacks."

Blogger Thoughts: Clueless understanding, but still interesting.

GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - News

GlobalFreePress- Dep. INN - News

Happenstance review: The lost terror drill- Pt.11 B

The Blog | Harry Shearer: Katrina's Smoking Gun Appears--Does Anybody Notice? | The Huffington Post

The Blog | Harry Shearer: Katrina's Smoking Gun Appears--Does Anybody Notice? | The Huffington Post

TAPPED: December 2005 Archives

TAPPED: December 2005 Archives

A STRADDLE STRATEGY. Ramesh Ponnuru has further thoughts:

Friday, December 30, 2005

Video: MSNBC Video, Interview with Sander Hicks


Book Review: The Big Wedding. CIA, FBI and the White House all Tied to 9-11 Attacks

Is Mr. Hicks being paid to support the Hijacker's did it mislead?

Is that why he is getting MSM coverage?

Disinformation :: Jonathan Schell: The Hidden State Steps Forward

Disinformation :: Jonathan Schell: The Hidden State Steps Forward

The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Bob Fitrakis

The Free Press -- Independent News Media - Bob Fitrakis

Fake voting rights activists and groups linked to White House

Suburban Guerrilla » No Help For You

Suburban Guerrilla » No Help For You

Blogger Thought: This is interesting. Will blog further when time allows.

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Krugman: Heck of a Job, Bushie

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Krugman: Heck of a Job, Bushie

Out of Synch: British torture memos

Out of Synch: British torture memos

Out of Synch: Like it is

Out of Synch: Like it is

Rolling Stone piece pulling back the curtain on the Bush image machine.

Out of Synch: Clark for President (for now, at least)

Out of Synch: Clark for President (for now, at least)

Link for Traffic: Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

Environmental 'Political Machines' Getting EPA Grants

Environmental 'Political Machines' Getting EPA Grants

Blogger Thoughts: Although there may be corruption or malfeasance going on at the EPA, Newsmax's point seems to be as stupid as they come.

Chicago Tribune | Blagojevich to Rumsfeld: Act against trafficking

Chicago Tribune | Blagojevich to Rumsfeld: Act against trafficking

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In a letter expected to go to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Friday, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich said he is troubled by the Pentagon's inaction on human trafficking and called on Rumsfeld to take aggressive measures to protect human rights.

Blagojevich, a former congressman, was reacting to a story in Tuesday's Tribune about the Pentagon's delay in adopting rules that bar overseas contractors from supporting human trafficking for forced labor and prostitution. His letter also is in response to a Tribune series in October, "Pipeline to Peril," that exposed an illicit pipeline used to funnel thousands of workers from South Asia to privatized U.S. military support operations in Iraq.

"The time to act is now," Blagojevich told Rumsfeld, according to a copy of the letter provided by the governor's office. The letter also touts a new Illinois law, which takes effect Sunday, that Blagojevich says will create stiff new penalties for anyone engaged in trafficking.

portland imc - 2004.05.16 - Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines Flight 11

portland imc - 2004.05.16 - Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines Flight 11

As We Look To The New World Order's 2006 Agenda, It's Best To Review The Research And Writings of William Cooper

Articles, government corruption, freedom of speech, truth

30 must-have PC skills - Part 1 -

30 must-have PC skills - Part 1 -

You don't have to believe the POD stuff.....

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Welcome to vSocial - 9/11 And The Pentagon

Welcome to vSocial - The Video Clip Sharing Community

Welcome to vSocial - WTC7 09/11/2001

Welcome to vSocial - The Video Clip Sharing Community - Misc. Audio/Video Evidence - Misc. Audio/Video Evidence

Memory Improvement Techniques from Mind Tools - Improving Your Memory

Memory Improvement Techniques from Mind Tools - Improving Your Memory

Out of Synch: Merits attention

Out of Synch: Merits attention

George Washington's Blog: Intelligence Failures

George Washington's Blog: Intelligence Failures

THE BRAD BLOG: "Sibel Edmonds Calls for National Security Officials to Step Forward as Whistleblowers"

THE BRAD BLOG: "Sibel Edmonds Calls for National Security Officials to Step Forward as Whistleblowers"
In her first BRAD BLOG Guest Editorial, the 'Gag Ordered' FBI Translator Cites 'Patriotic Duty' of America's Intelligence Officials to Make Themselves Available for Congressional Testimony, Oversight
Appeals to them to contact her newly formed 'National Security Whistleblowers Coalition'
Guest Blogged by Sibel Edmonds & William Weaver ED. NOTE: FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds' story has been partially told over the last several years in several different media outlets, including...
Guest Blogged by Sibel Edmonds & William WeaverED. NOTE: FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds' story has been partially told over the last several years in several different media outlets, including a lead story on CBS' 60 Minutes and more recently, a detailed feature in Vanity Fair. The information she has been able to reveal publicly about her experience during her time translating for the FBI has so far been limited given the arcane "States Secrets" privilege that the Dept. of Justice and the Bush Administration has invoked to effectively place a "gag order" on the information she has shared with internal FBI investigators as well as the Dept. of Justice's Inspector General who found her allegations "credible" and "serious" and "warrant[ing] a thorough and careful review by the FBI." Edmonds was fired by the FBI after voicing allegations including those about possible espionage inside the bureau. She has also testified to the 9/11 Commission, U.S. Senators Grassley (R-IA) and Leahy (D-VT) and many other officials on both the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. Her case recently made its way to the Supreme Court who refused to hear it on November 28, 2005, thus ending her legal options to have her case heard publicly. More info on her and her co-writer William Weaver follows her editorial below.Without whistleblowers the public would never know of the many abuses of constitutional rights by the government. Whistleblowers, Truth Tellers, are responsible for the disclosure that President George W. Bush ordered unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens. These constitutional lifeguards take their patriotic oaths to heart and soul: Rather than complying with classification and secrecy orders designed to protect officials engaging in criminal conduct, whistleblowers chose to risk their livelihoods and the wrath of their agencies to get the truth out. But will they be listened to by those who are charged with accountability?The Whistleblowers Law of Congressional Hearings holds that the higher ranking the official who testifies the less the likelihood that the truth will be revealed. With this in mind, it is impossible to proceed to the viscera of what happened to whom and when without asking those who are charged with putting policy decisions into the actual stream of practice. High officials have perverse incentives to hide what is done in their orders by the employees below them. It is indispensable that Congress reach deep inside the National Security Agency and other agencies, seeking out employees at the operational level to determine how the President’s illegal order was carried into action. To assure that this occurs, we need for people with information from the agencies involved to come forward and ask to be interviewed by Congress. The National Security Whistleblowers Coalition calls on people with knowledge of unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens to contact NSWBC and let us know that they are willing to provide congress with information and testimony. Anonymity, if desired, will be scrupulously honored. NSWBC will provide contact information to Congress and investigative authorities, and will follow up to ensure that these witnesses were in fact interviewed in good faith by congressional staff and committees and allowed to participate in the hearing process. NSWBC will be the conduit between agents and Congress for those like Russ Tice, a former intelligence agent at the National Security Agency, who announced his willingness to disclose to Congress illegal acts by officials at his former employer. At NSWBC we know what we are asking people to do: Our organization is made up exclusively of veteran intelligence and law enforcement officers, agents and analysts.Now is the time to come forward, not to reveal legitimately classified information, but to make yourselves available as witnesses and to serve the true supervisor of us all: the Constitution. Ordinarily one would expect the congress to be the guardian of our freedom by living up to its storied role as a check and balance to the President and the Executive Branch. But for four years, members of our Congress in supposed oversight committees were aware of illegal spying on American citizens. Co-opted by an unscrupulous commitment to secrecy and the state, intelligence oversight committees in Congress must step out of the way for a People’s hearing on the matter of presidentially ordered illegal surveillance. Congress must engage in a broad, public hearing of these matters.Accountability, in the end, always comes down to the public’s right to know, the right to have the most basic knowledge about what its servants are doing with its money and its authority. Ambassador Maxwell Taylor, when asked what he thought about the public’s right to know of what the government is doing on its behalf, infamously responded the he did not “believe in that as a general rule.” Fortunately, that is not a general rule that comports with our system of government. Citizens cannot make informed choices if they do not have the facts. Public servants should not be forced to choose between career and conscience, between commitment to oath and commitment to colleagues, and if we live by our words, laws, and principles they will not have to. Protecting all employees of the People are that:
Their higher loyalty is to the Constitution and the rule of law;
Information may never be classified as secret merely because it is embarrassing or incriminating, or to cover up criminal and unlawful conduct;
There is no agreement that public servants may sign that will require them lie to the Congress or courts;
The United States’ Code of Ethics for Government Service explains carefully and clearly in an assured voice that "Any person in government service should put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to the Country above loyalty to persons, party, or Government department."
Contact: Sibel Edmonds-Director, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition,
Sibel Edmonds, NSWBC Founder & President, sedmonds@nswbc.orgSibel Edmonds, a former FBI language specialist, was terminated from the bureau after reporting security breaches, cover-up, and blocking of intelligence with national security implications. Since that time, court proceedings in her whistleblower case have been blocked by the imposition of “State Secret Privilege,” and Congress has been prevented from discussion of her case through retroactive reclassification by the Department of Justice. Edmonds, fluent in Turkish, Farsi and Azerbaijani; holds an MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, and a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University.Professor William Weaver, NSWBC Senior Advisor, wweaver@nswbc.orgBill Weaver served in U.S. Army signals intelligence for eight years in Berlin and Augsburg, Germany, in the late 1970s and 1980s. He holds a law degree and Ph.D. in politics from the University of Virginia. He currently is an associate professor and associate director of faculty for the Institute for Policy and Economic Development and an Associate in the Center for Law and Border Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso. He specializes in executive branch secrecy policy, governmental abuse, and law and bureaucracy.About National Security Whistleblowers CoalitionNational Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), founded in August 2004, is an independent and nonpartisan alliance of whistleblowers who have come forward to address our nation’s security weaknesses; to inform authorities of security vulnerabilities in our intelligence agencies, at nuclear power plants and weapon facilities, in airports, and at our nation’s borders and ports; to uncover government waste, fraud, abuse, and in some cases criminal conduct. The NSWBC is dedicated to aiding national security whistleblowers through a variety of methods, including advocacy of governmental and legal reform, educating the public concerning whistleblowing activity, provision of comfort and fellowship to national security whistleblowers suffering retaliation and other harms, and working with other public interest organizations to affect goals defined in the NSWBC mission statement. For more on NSWBC visit

FBI Hides 85 Pentagon Videos And 9/11 Truth

FBI Hides 85 Pentagon Videos And 9/11 Truth

By Jon Carlson 12-29-5
The Karl Schwarz group has found that the US plans for what has come to be known as 9/11 because of its date and its aftermath of ongoing wars originated in the Clinton Administration. Gore, Kerry, Clintons, Kennedy, Liberman et al join with the NY Times to hide the 9/11 photos and analysis:

Not surprisingly the Pentagon Reconstruction was also started during that Administration (1997). A portion was specially reinforced to take a airliner hit and 'just happened' to have had few workers in that area on 9/11:

On 9/10 curiously it was announced that $2.3 Trillion in Pentagon funds was MIA:

Patriots Bronco Bingham and attorney Scott Hodes continue their battle with the FBI to pry loose the 85 videos from the security cameras galore in the Pentagon vicinity:

Find the Appeal of the FBI Denial:

Previously an engine was identified from debris in front of the Pentagon as a JT8D. This engine powered early versions of the Boeing 737-100 and 737-200 airliners and could have been installed on latter versions:

Read the RENSE article, Missing Pentagon Jet Engine Identified,

that compared the found engine with an Boeing 727 JT8D engine on display at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago.

As engine parts are made of heavy steel alloys several were found and identified at the Pentagon. This is a damaged fan hub assembly from a JT8D:

This cherry JT8D fan hub assembly is a dead ringer:

The heaviest body part found at the Pentagon was a half ton landing gear main support.

It also is a dead ringer for the main support of this Boeing 737 landing gear:

Former USMC aviator Terry Morin working as a contractor at the BMDO offices at the old Navy Annex identified the airliner as a Boeing 737:

"The plane had a silver body with red and blue stripes down the fuselage. I believed at the time that it belonged to American Airlines, but I couldn't be sure. It looked like a 737 and I so reported to authorities."
This graphic discussing the large number of surplus Boeing 737's circa 9/11 suggests the weapons of choice on 9/11 probably were sold at bargain basement prices:

Sibel Edmonds, FBI whistleblower, discovered the can of worms that financed 9/11 but has been gagged by Bush who ordered 9/11 carried out by the CIA and the US Navy:

Gary Potter reports on that can of worms in his article, Organized Crime, The CIA and the Savings and Loan Scandal:

In 2000 the 2 biggest sources of opium were Burma and Afghanistan. However in 2000 the victorious Taliban decided to destroy the opium poppy crop (notwithstanding its considerable financial importance) and before the US invasion in 2001 it had been virtually all destroyed. However the US victory meant that by 2002 Afghanistan under US guns had regained its previous important position as a major World opium producer:

The FBI has a flock of 9/11 Boeing 737 engines stashed away in 'investigative files': Two from the Pentagon, one from the alleged Flight 93 crash, and this CFM56 engine identified on a NYC street after the South Tower crash:

The Power Hour radio show has confirmed our research that the NYC street engine from the South Tower crash was a CFM56 from a Boeing 737 and that Flight 175, a Boeing 767, did not hit the South Tower:

In addition, the Power Hour has found that Pentagon 9/11 'witnesses' were given prepared written statements to say that a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon" when in fact they had no knowledge of the fact or knew it was false. They interviewed a former Pentagon insider working there on 9/11 who presented damaging evidence that the military brass lied about what type of aircraft actually struck the Pentagon. Reporter Greg Szymanski concluded that by following orders from the Pentagon brass, Pentagon worker Flowers provides even more evidence that the government was involved in causing 9/11 and the resulting deaths of more than 3,000 people.

The Power Hour has requested identification of the object hidden under a tarp, the start of the 'coverup' of 9/11 Pentagon activity, but light enough to be carried by Pentagon staff so clearly it wasn't a heavy Boeing 767 wing. Of course if it was there would be no need to cover it up just like the 85 Pentagon videos:

The Sugano Experiment showed what happens to the wings of an aluminum aircraft striking a masonry barrier similar to the Pentagon foot and a half thick masonry walls. Remember the Pentagon walls were specially reinforced in anticipation of 9/11. Finding the wings and engine in front of the Pentagon is proof positive that the aircraft hit the thick masonry wall and collapsed not entering the Pentagon. It carried explosive charges that blew it to bits shortly after impact. The bits rained down for blocks around. This is what the FBI knows the 85 videos will show along with the aircraft being a Boeing 737 and not a Boeing 757, the aircraft of alleged Flight 77. So where is Barbara Olson today?

Photo PentagonSugano500C.jpg APPEARS HERE.


NO NEED to tell RENSE readers that the Pentagon staff is covering up a Boeing 737 wing.

Hat's off to premier 9/11 librarian and whistleblower Web Fairy's article, 150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns Found in the Mainstream Media:

Note the paucity of NYTimes links as they continue their coverup of the Federal Government mass murder of 3000 of their subscribers. Jessie of who carries the RENSE 9/11 articles has a response: Hey NY Times: Go to Hell You Criminal Bastards!:

For different slants on the Pentagon 9/11 story:

Top-notch reporter Chris Bollyn, Web Fairy, Sherman Skolnick, Greg Szymanski, Phil Jayhan, and myself all from Chicago. We model our work after Sherman Skolnick who still leads the way on 9/11.

Web Fairy said this site was promoting the photo of a piece of metal (see link) circa 9/11 to many Internet sites as the 'proof' that Flight 77 actually hit the Pentagon. It doesn't fit anywhere on a Boeing 757. Many analysts have tried. For homework, RENSE readers can try to fit it on a Boeing 737. However, American Airlines has NO Boeing 737 aircraft in their livery. Apparently the Boeing 737 that struck the Pentagon had a brand-new AA paintjob just for 9/11!

DON'T MISS more 9/11 analysis and photos that the NY Times finds NOT fit to print:
( and Google have articles from broken links.)