Wednesday, June 28, 2006

BBC NEWS | UK | Judge quashes anti-terror orders

BBC NEWS | UK | Judge quashes anti-terror orders

Court Nixes Part of Texas Political Map

Court Nixes Part of Texas Political Map

Blogger Thought: WTF?

U.S. cybersecurity chief quits - Security -

U.S. cybersecurity chief quits - Security -

Arianna Huffington: Troll & Mole Scandal

Wing TV - Connect The Dots

Last week, Dr. Peter Rost, former vice president of Pfizer Pharmaceutical, was banned from The Huffington Post - a website that he regularly contributed to - for exposing the site’s technology manager as a clandestine troll who manipulated the site’s poll results. This story has now been covered by The New York Times, The Guardian, and dozens of bloggers on the Internet; and it has direct correlations to what is currently taking place in the patriot movement.

The Blog | Davis Sweet: 6/6/'6 Special: Ann Coulter and Why Atheists Roll Their Eyes | The Huffington Post

The Blog | Davis Sweet: 6/6/'6 Special: Ann Coulter and Why Atheists Roll Their Eyes | The Huffington Post

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9/11 Truth Conference Huge Success From: smacko
911revisited video From: smacko
Re: 911revisited video From: Pay_the_Piper
Watch for breakthrough 9/11 discussion on Wed the 28th From: Cathy Garger
The blurred line of distinction between Mossad and "Islamics" From: jewish_from_brooklyn
dear moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability?  thank From: smacko
Re: [MIT-OpenCourseWare-Discussion] Jeff King, MIT Engineer From: Pay_the_Piper
what does it take to get government to be accountable? From: smacko
How do we get our government to function accountably? From: smacko
Re: How do we get our government to function accountably? From: JP Liggett
video - Thermite Experiment From: smacko
AWOL From: Bugs
Controlled Demolition - Compilation (Video) From: smacko
Senators Finally Hold Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence From: APFN
Join the Defenders of Life on Earth ! From: eaotan
moderator | 911 focus? From: ruxpert
15. From: Bugs
: Important after thought -- Documents! -- Bush Condemns Report on B From: Bugs
September 11 Revisited - New 2006 documentary proves the WTC was des From: Bugs
A Day in the Life: 6/27/6 From: President, USA Exile Govt.
moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability?  thank you From: smacko
Re: moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability?  thank y From: Kevin Hammond
Jerry Springer Wants Evidence From: Joe Stokes
regarding 9/11 incident! Re: [911TruthAction] How do we get our gove From: smacko
For those in the sf bay area..... From: Caomhain {Kevin} Lee Hammond



9/11 Truth Conference Huge Success

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 1:25 pm (PST)

American Scholars Symposium A Huge Success
Attendees from around the globe attest to 'best 9/11 truth conference ever'
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 26 2006

L.A. 9/11 Truth Conference Gets Fair Media Play
Conference a huge success, C-SPAN to air segments this week
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 26 2006

911revisited video

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:32 pm (PST)


Re: 911revisited video

Posted by: "Pay_the_Piper"

Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:07 pm (PST)

Thank you for sending that, Smacko. It is an awesome and historically profound video. Is McNamarra still alive? I'd like to hear what he has to say in the context of his great documentary "The Fog of War".

I'd like to see McNamarra narrating it with some inserts on the real people who lost their lives and what their life stories were. Even without that, what can we say about the human element? When you hear those by-standers saying "My God, My God, My God ...." that sums it up. What other mere words can convey the sorrow and horror it evokes?


And the TV poll post-Sheen ran 2:1 in favour of believing it to be a conspiracy and cover-up.
----- Original Message -----
From: smacko
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 1:36 PM
Subject: [911TruthAction] 911revisited video

Watch for breakthrough 9/11 discussion on Wed the 28th

Posted by: "Cathy Garger"   savorsuccesslady

Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:54 pm (PST)

I just received this about a radio show with Leuren Moret, world-renown geoscientist and expert on Depleted Uranium, on the topic of uranium and 9/11. Am more than curious to find out if my suspicions about the grave and rampant illnesses (including lung disease and cancers) found in high number by those who were at Ground Zero have any possible validity.

Permission granted to forward.

Cathy Garger


Cathy Garger

Dear Cathy Garger

The discussion of uranium at the WTC is still on for Wed the 28th on National Radio and the world wide Net Radio show of Jeff Rense on with world famous scientist Leuren Moret. This was brought up by you in your article for your widely read column:
"9/11 Cough - More Than Just Asthma" Indeed.

Moret will discuss the presence of uranium at the WTC on 9/11/01 after the demolition of the Trade Towers and Building No 7.

Moret just confirmed the show for the 28th in California.


Bob Nichols
Project Censored Award Winner
Correspondent, San Francisco Bay View newspaper

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The blurred line of distinction between Mossad and "Islamics"

Posted by: "jewish_from_brooklyn"   jewish_from_brooklyn

Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:27 pm (PST)

< "It is starting to look more and more likely that the assassination
< of Hariri, blamed by the Israelamericans on Syria, is just another
< in this long line of Israeli assassinations that have occurred in
< Lebanon. The other aspect to this, which may have September 11
< implications, is how easily the Mossad operates in the world of
< what appears to be radical Islamist terrorist groups.


dear moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability?  thank

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:39 pm (PST)

dear moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability? thank you

Re: [MIT-OpenCourseWare-Discussion] Jeff King, MIT Engineer

Posted by: "Pay_the_Piper"

Mon Jun 26, 2006 6:56 pm (PST)

The theory is presented that planned demolition was designed to in effect cut the steel supports into 30 ft. or so pieces which were then immediately taken away to Asia and smelted down. However, there might well be some still buried under the rubble and carrying evidence as to whether they were cut by explosives or not. How to get samples of them?


----- Original Message -----
From: Glacio Sapiens
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 4:22 PM
Subject: [MIT-OpenCourseWare-Discussion] Jeff King, MIT Engineer

27 minutes into the video at <>, King's stunning opinions on what caused the 9/11 destruction.


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what does it take to get government to be accountable?

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:39 pm (PST)

what does it take to get government to be accountable?

How do we get our government to function accountably?

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:43 pm (PST)

How do we get our government to function accountably?

Re: How do we get our government to function accountably?

Posted by: "JP Liggett"   jpliggett

Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:38 pm (PST)

a few thoughts IMHO

voting - return to town halls, no more than 30 people each, who vote with
paper ballots on all matters and budgets for local, state and federal
level. as in Norway, people power from the bottom up.

accounting - have all budgets and gross receipts available on-line for
public access. provide incentives for people to audit fiscal data, rewards
and positive recognition for fiscal whistleblowers

agency, political and courts - full time audio - video records, public
accessible. Use automated real-time voice stress tools to provide truth
meters for all feeds

political races - councils/committee's of each town hall, made up of women,
select their designee for various offices. inspired from native American
tradition. each candidate would have their own channel, and attend
required debates.

*tangent warning - elderly - instead of nursing homes, I believe older
folks can be great teachers. Kids can learn alot caring for an older

government job rotation - a system to have citizens spend 2 weeks / year in
some gov't function, with full reports. each citizen can help with their
own specialties.

I learned bout the origins of the concepts of our constitution, as being a
gift from the native Americans. it appears that we've neglected it for
too long, and we're paying the price NOW.

net> To
Sent by: <>
911TruthAction@ya cc
[911TruthAction] How do we get our
06/26/2006 10:07 government to function accountably?

Please respond to

How do we get our government to function accountably?


video - Thermite Experiment

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:45 pm (PST)



Posted by: "Bugs"   brawny1946

Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:30 pm (PST)

P.O. BOX 1793








Controlled Demolition - Compilation (Video)

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Mon Jun 26, 2006 8:47 pm (PST)

Controlled Demolition - Compilation (Video)

Senators Finally Hold Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence

Posted by: "APFN"   klvnetacom

Mon Jun 26, 2006 10:27 pm (PST)

After Downing Street is a coalition
<> working to expose
the lies that launched the war and to hold accountable
its architects, including through censure and impeachment. More
About Us.... <>

Senators Finally Hold Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence
> —By David Swanson, Tue Jun 27 02:00
* Michael Smith's Prepared Testimony
> — An Oversight Hearing on Pre-War Intelligence,
Tue Jun 27 02:03

* Senate Cmte. Hearing on Iraq Pre-War Intelligence
> — C-SPAN, Tue Jun 27 02:20
* ----------

ENTER: After Downing Street

Media & Government E-mail Addresses


Join the Defenders of Life on Earth !

Posted by: "eaotan"   eaotan

Tue Jun 27, 2006 12:05 am (PST)

The resistance movements in
Sri Lanka
and elsewhere
Other worldwide manifest opposition to the US imperialism by groups and individuals
The presidents of
North Korea
The governments of

Mankind cannot thank you enough for your outstanding various struggles against the
empire of evil.

You constitute the hope for survival of life on Earth and should be supported by and be
the model for each and every Earth citizen.

In the actual situation everybody among other activities must join the immediately most
promising initiatives to defeat the genocidal US terror regime:

Collapse the dollar and thereby the US economy by dismissing the dollar as world reserve
currency, all dollar-denominated assets and in particular replace petrodollar by other

2. Support the planned international tribunal to expose the astonishing fact that the Bush
criminals themselves were behind the 9/11 terror act.

The United Peoples

The SAVE THE PLANET ! Strategy



LOVE THE CHILD, SAVE THE PLANET ! (All sadistic anglo-american parents, attention !)

Even football-fans support the strategy because, without planet, no football.

The United Peoples


moderator | 911 focus?

Posted by: "ruxpert"   ruxpert

Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:25 am (PST)

This group has been created to provide a discussion forum for people
dedicated to disseminating the truth of the U.S. Government's
complicity in the atrocities of September, 11th, 2001.


Posted by: "Bugs"">   brawny1946

Tue Jun 27, 2006 4:47 am (PST)

Long read but worth it,help to understnad all...


: Important after thought -- Documents! -- Bush Condemns Report on B

Posted by: "Bugs"   brawny1946

Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:49 am (PST)

From: Sallie
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 6:41 AM
Subject: Re: Important after thought -- Documents! -- Bush Condemns Report on Bank Records

Important after thought. The leaks by the NYT may lead to further investigation on money being wired out of the country by the government and why King is moving to shut them up. The CIA was still wiring money to Osama in Pakistan as late as Aug 2001. Sibel Edmonds also intercepted a wire concerning funds being wired offshore.

Last night "Dark Side" was repeated in my area on PBS. In the first 90 minuets, it pointed out that Cheney rearranged the whole Bush administration and had all of his loyalists in positions of power, starting with Libby, Feith, Wolfowitz, and Cambone, and the rest. Rumsfeld demanded being over the CIA, and Bush honored his request, according to whistle blowing CIA agents. They ran the government and Mr. Fitzgerald should be calling them to testify before his Grand Jury. If Scooter (Cheney's Cheney knew who rode every day with Cheney in a limousine to the WH) and so Cheney, Rove, and Bush had to know. He wasn't convicted because he leaked, but because he lied to the court, and I'm sure Rove did too, Patrick just can't prove it and why he got a get out of "Jail Free Card." But this ain't over until "the fat lady sings."

According to Randi Rhodes who personally interviewed Bill Clinton several times said, "The first thing Cheney did immediately after Bush took office was to call Clinton, and said "Give me a briefing everything you have on just one country and only one country -- Iraq." Clinton replied, "You must mean Afghanistan?" Cheney responded, "No I mean Iraq."

The Code message to begin 911 was "THE TIME IS NOW, THE MATCH IS HOT" Four U.S. Senators, Pat Roberts (R. KS), William Frist (R. TN) along with Diane Republican-in-the-Closet Feinstein (D. CA.) and Hillary Extortion-Friendly Clinton-Rodenhurst are this time preventing New Jersey Attorney-General from having access to documents of Congressional investigations which are relevant to a State of New Jersey inquiry involving the use of Ptech Software aka encrypted code breaking technology which fingers the infamous Urban Moving Systems -- Dancing Israelis link to 9/11, New Jersey phone companies and the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Authority).

Of greatest import: These are Defense Department staffer Steven Cambone's notes from meetings with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the afternoon of 9/11/01. These documents were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
Cambone's explosive written observations provide proof that a commitment to place Baghdad on the front burner was foremost on the minds of Bush administration officials almost simultaneously as the alleged "hijackers" attacked, revealing Rumsfeld's full fixation on finding a justification "related" to "or not" related to Iraq as 9-11 perpetrator.

The Bush administration wanted to create a "boogie-man" in Saddam Hussein as partly responsible for September 11-no matter what, all according to top-secret internal memos from key aide Cambone; however, both have not publicly explained before career prosecutors why Iraq had to become a perpetrator despite now-proven phony and non-existent evidence.

An explosive CBS News report on September 4, 2002 fully exposed the existence of Cambone's September 11 notes and explained their contents-including the "go massive" and "things related and not" references to war against Iraq.

Congress and the 9-11 Commission obstructed justice by failing to publicly report the stunning revelations which represent meritorious evidence requiring grand jury testimony.

In the 9-11 Commission Report reference was also made to notes made by Rumsfeld's DoD spokesperson Victoria Clarke; however, Congress and the Commission have also covered up the contents of Clarke's potentially explosive contemporaneous written observations in her meetings with Rumsfeld after the attacks.

The top-secret Clarke and Cambone notes provide strong indications that their explosive contents caused Bush and Cheney to require the 9-11 Commission to afford them an unprecedented joint interview in order not to provide testimony which would implicate each other.
Tom Flocco also wrote two explosive articles on Cheney at the bottom of his website

2nd Memo to Cheney after 9-11: "The 'family' wants their boxes"
Congress continues to ignore explosive memos pointing to secret cash payoffs

A November 2, 2001 hand-written memo to Vice President Richard Cheney from former U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Leo Wanta, indicates the White House knew that boxes containing large amounts of U.S. currency were moved from the Philippines seven weeks after the September 11 attacks.


Cheney knew FBI, CIA met with bin Laden lieutenant after 9-11

According to an internal memo sent to Vice President Richard Cheney from former U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Leo Wanta, an FBI special agent-in-charge and a CIA intelligence contractor met with an associate of Osama bin Laden (OBL) in Manila, Philippines 30 days after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Under standard chain-of-custody procedures regarding the sensitive document with evidence directly related to the 9-11 attacks, Cheney would have passed it on to then National Security Advisor Dr. Condoleezza Rice who would have delivered the memo to President Bush, according to intelligence sources familiar with the document..

Top-6 evidence documents obstructed by Congress and media. Especially read the first four links.
* Wanta post 911 letter to VP Cheney-Boxes of cash moved to U.S. after attacks

* Wanta post 911 memo to VP Cheney-FBI, CIA met with bin Laden aide after attacks

* Bank accounts, trust documents proving Bush-Clinton embezzlement of U.S. Treasury

* Top-secret Cambone notes detail Iraq War plans on day of 911 attacks

Secret Division 4 report calling JFK Jr. death an assassinationn

FBI memo, photo link Bush Sr to JFK Dallas murder scene

I don't think it's a far reach to say the media is on to something BIG! So we can understand why the Bush administration and Rep. King is doing damage control. They have to demonize, vilify, and intimidate the NYT when they expose his administration's criminality, so they have to try and shut them up. The DoJ needs to be going after the September criminals not the media. Developing...

An early Happy Fourth of July to everyone, celebrating our independence from the crazy King George III. But I think we have a crazy dictator who does as he pleases -- King George IV and now thinks he's above the law and Congress.
----- Original Message -----
From: Sallie
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 8:15 PM
Subject: Re: Bush Condemns Report on Bank Records

That's the pot calling the kettle black. He spills his guts about Valerie Plame to Shooter and Scooter and classified NIE information, and then the media is suppose to keep silent? I don't think so! It may have intentionally leaked. Here's his sign that somebody doesn't like him.

Port closed after threat found in ship 1 hour, 49 minutes ago 6/26/06 20:03
----- Original Message -----
Cc: Steve Quayle ; Brian
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 4:39 PM
Subject: Bush Condemns Report on Bank Records

The Proactive News Radio Show/Email Alert
Bill Brumbaugh
Bush was thoroughly pissed, and Peter King was noticeably irate. (ah, wasn't King one of the good guys? -NOT!!-). Fakes and flakes Snow and Specter played their rolls as well, with Snow commenting on the legalities of it (Gosh, I thought him to be a journalist, and Specter doesn't see the need for an investigation..

This was kinda cool, as I am fairly confident that Bush was at the Apex of being pissed off. Hehe

How dare anyone challenge Bush's illegalities....


Bush Condemns Report on Bank Records

Published: June 26, 2006
WASHINGTON, June 26 - President Bush today condemned as "disgraceful" the disclosure last week of a secret program that seeks to investigate and block terrorists by tracing financial records through a banking consortium in Brussels.

The existence of the program was reported beginning on Thursday evening by The New York Times and other newspapers.

"We're at war with a bunch of people who want to hurt the United States of America," Mr. Bush told reporters today. "For people to leak that program, and for a newspaper to publish it, does great harm to the United States of America." He added that it "makes it harder to win the war on terrorism."

Mr. Bush did not single out a particular newspaper. But on Sunday, Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York, said he was outraged that such a sensitive program had been exposed, and called for a criminal investigation of The Times.

Mr. King said on "Fox News Sunday" that the disclosure was "absolutely disgraceful."

In a telephone interview Sunday night, Mr. King said he singled out The Times because he considered the paper "more of a recidivist," since it published an article last year reporting the existence of a secret wiretapping program by the National Security Agency.

Mr. King added, however, that he thought the actions of other news organizations, including The Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal, should also be examined.

Also on Sunday, in a letter to readers posted on The Times's Web site, Bill Keller, the executive editor of the newspaper, wrote about the decisions to report about secret programs to monitor terrorism.

"Most Americans seem to support extraordinary measures in defense against this extraordinary threat, but some officials who have been involved in these programs have spoken to The Times about their discomfort over the legality of the government's actions and over the adequacy of oversight," Mr. Keller said. "We believe The Times and others in the press have served the public interest by accurately reporting on these programs so that the public can have an informed view of them."

The financial records program, run out of the Central Intelligence Agency and overseen by the Treasury Department, has allowed counterterrorism authorities to gain access to data on millions of transactions routed from one bank or institution to another through an international consortium called the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, or Swift. The data is obtained using broad administrative subpoenas, not warrants issued by a court.

Investigators have used the data to do "at least tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of searches" of people and institutions suspected of having ties to terrorists, according to Stuart Levey, an under secretary at the Treasury Department, who briefed reporters on Friday. Officials say the program has proven valuable in a number of investigations, and led to the 2003 capture of the most wanted Qaeda fugitive in Southeast Asia, a man known as Hambali.

President Bush today said that "what we were doing is the right thing."

"Congress is aware of it, and we were within the law to do so," he said.

The White House spokesman, Tony Snow, suggested during a televised briefing today that prosecution might be under consideration. "What you have is legal authorities taking a look at the law," Mr. Snow said.

But Mr. Snow also called for stepping back from the "passions" ignited by the articles and called on journalists, the government and "consumers of news" to engage in a thoughtful debate about the role of the press in the struggle against terrorism.

"Everybody has to figure out in a time of war what's the best way to proceed," he said. "How do journalists discharge their obligations responsibly and how does the nation proceed effectively in fighting terrorism?"

Asked whether there was any evidence that the disclosures had damaged the program, Mr. Snow said it was "a little early to say."

Mr. Snow also said that the program had not been opposed by the members of Congress who had been briefed on it, adding that Congress had in fact been pushing the administration to be "more aggressive" in tracking the finances of terror suspects.

On Sunday, Senator Arlen Specter, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that he wanted to "learn more" about the program, but indicated that he did not see a need for hearings. Mr. Specter, a Republican of Pennsylvania, said he found the financial-data program less troubling than the N.S.A.'s secret program for warrantless wiretaps of calls between people in America and suspected terrorists overseas.

Responding to the remarks Mr. King made on television, Mr. Specter said: "I think it's premature to call for a prosecution of The New York Times, just like I think it's premature to say that the administration is entirely correct. I think you start with the proposition that there is not the privacy interest in bank records that there is in a telephone conversation. And let's find out more before we try to make a judgment here."

Mr. Specter also said on Sunday that the White House and Congress were close to reaching a resolution on submitting the National Security Agency's wiretap program to judicial review.

"I think there is an inclination to have it submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, and that would be a big step forward for protection of constitutional rights and civil liberties," Mr. Specter said on "Fox News Sunday."

President Bush and his top advisers have resisted calls for formal legal oversight of the program, which involves the N.S.A. listening in on phone calls and reading e-mail messages to and from Americans and others in the United States who the agency believes may be linked to terrorists. Only those communications into and out of the country are monitored, administration officials say.

Mr. Snow today called the negotiations with Senator Specter "vigorous" and "constructive," but declined to give further details.

Until late 2001, the security agency focused only on the foreign end of such conversations; if the agency decided that someone in the United States was of intelligence interest, it was supposed to get a warrant from the intelligence surveillance court. Now such warrants are sought only for communications between two people who are both within the United States.

Revelations about that program have incited debate in Congress and beyond about the president's constitutional authority to order the wiretaps, and lawsuits have been filed against the government and phone companies.


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September 11 Revisited - New 2006 documentary proves the WTC was des

Posted by: "Bugs"   brawny1946

Tue Jun 27, 2006 7:15 am (PST)

----- Original Message -----
From: InfoNatureOrg - E-News
] September 11 Revisited - New 2006 documentary proves the WTC was destroyed by explosives.




New 2006 documentary proves the WTC was destroyed by explosives.

September 11th Revisited is perhaps the most riveting film ever made about the destruction of the World Trade Center. This is a powerful documentary which features eyewitness accounts and archived news footage that was shot on September 11, 2001 but never replayed on television. Featuring interviews with eyewitnesses & firefighters, along with expert analysis by Professor Steven E. Jones, Professor David Ray Griffin, MIT Engineer Jeffrey King, and Professor James H. Fetzer. This film provides stunning evidence that explosives were used in the complete demolition of the WTC Twin Towers and WTC Building 7.



(More 911 documentaries in the end of the e-mail)





"LOOSE CHANGE" (2º edition):

"Loose Change 2nd Edition" is the follow-up to the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market today. This film shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific fact, and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day:

Watch Documentary:

"911 IN PLANE SITE" (Directors Cut):

An amazing and excellente documentary analysis of the 911 events, proving with eye witness, images and videos, that there is a conspiracy within the Bush Administration concerning the attacks of September 11 - This groundbreaking documentary by Dave vonKleist of the Power Hour radio show addresses the evidence that lead to the conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job. Using photographic and video evidence, vonKleist brings you through all of the unseen evidence:

Watch Documentary:



A Day in the Life: 6/27/6

Posted by: "President, USA Exile Govt."

Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:50 am (PST)

Free Americans
Reaching Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

Via <>

June 27, 2006

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I choose to lead with David Rovic's appeal as a way of reminding
all of us that the best way to liberate today's US students from their
hapless passivity is by first turning them on musically. Without them
there can be no serious resistance to the Fourth Reich.
Since most Sixties history has been written by leftists rather
than hippies, it's easy to forget just how important music was to the
activism of that time.
I remember sometime in '67 in NYC being phoned to join Abbie
Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner and several others who later would
do Yippie. The occasion was the release of the Beatles' Sergeant
Pepper album. When the music had ended with that monumentally extended
chord, we all were silent for a long long time. We felt the music was
so profound that it represented a whole new period of history. And
indeed it did.

Yours for all species,

Keith Lampe, Ro-Non-So-Te,

Ponderosa Pine

Transition Prez


From: "paul illich" <>
Date: June 26, 2006 1:53:08 PM EST
Subject: [bluegreenearth] fwd: [David Rovics] An appeal for support
for my upcoming CD/DVD release

[David Rovics] An Appeal for Support for My Upcoming CD/DVD release

Hi folks,

First of all, some new stuff you'll find up at
my "this month in history and song" section, and a bunch of new song
in the "lyrics and liner notes" section including one about Haditha. My
blog has moved to, where the action is at.
just been in Oslo hanging out with several dozen Afghan refugees who
been on hunger strike against their impending deportation to
and you can read a bit about it there.

But the main thing I wanted to mention is my upcoming CD/DVD,
Boardroom Massacre. Despite his asinine claims to be the first artist
put his CD up on the web before actually releasing it physically, Ronald
Reagan's buddy Neil Young was not. I've been doing it for years. Not
streams, but downloads. (And I imagine I wasn't the first person to do
either.) Plus, unlike Neil's new CD, mine is really good! The last
of it will be up next Friday at

And about the release... Cutting to the chase... It is being
by Caroline, a subsidiary of EMI. The catch: although it will be
distributed to record stores in every corner of the US, Canada, Europe,
Australia and Japan, doing publicity for the release is entirely up to
So what this is is a very grassroots effort with a certain limited
amount of
support from a major record label.

I am doing my best to rise to the occasion and promote this release as
professionally as possible. Aside from a very professionally-recorded
produced by Sean Staples and DVD of music videos put together by Chris
Chandler, thousands of posters, postcards, and other graphics, I am
with a booking agent for my fall US tour (Jen Angel --
if anybody wants to be involved with organizing a gig), a publicist for
print media (Fly PR), an internet promoter, and I'm in the process of
finding a radio promoter. This all costs a lot of money which I don't
actually have.

That's where the grassroots part comes in. I need money. If the money
doesn't materialize, fine, I'll do the release on a shoestring as usual.
If, however, people out there on this email list or other people out
who read this are able and willing to support this release and think
this is a worthwhile thing to do, I've put together a package of "thank
gifts" for different levels of support, detailed below (and on my

In order for this to work I basically need to raise around $20,000 in
next month or so. There are lots of inflexible deadlines for publicity,
advertising and all kinds of other stuff. Contributions may be made to
via PayPal using my email address,, or checks can be
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Here's what I'd like to offer you for your support:

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up on my "gigs" page and details for the fall US tour will be up later
the summer.


David Rovics
(617) 872-5124
P.O. Box 300995
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130


From: ufka <>
Date: June 27, 2006 7:31:43 AM EST
To: "President, USA Exile Govt." <>
Subject: A call to investigate the 2004 election - The Boston Globe


From: Kevin Lee Hammond <>
Date: June 26, 2006 1:29:54 PM EST
Subject: [911TruthAction] Fwd: [ParanoidTimes] FBI Exploits Mentally
Ill in "Homegrown" Terrorism Effort

“Thought crime is the only crime that matters.”

FBI Exploits Mentally Ill in
"Homegrown" Terrorism Effort

Kurt Nimmo
Sunday June 25th 2006

It is now an established pattern: the government seeks out mental cases
and disturbed individuals and turns them into “al-Qaeda” terrorists, or
wannabe al-Qaedaites.

Narseal Batiste, “the accused ringleader of a wacky terrorist cell” in
Miami, as the New York Daily News puts it, “needs psychiatric help,”
according to his father, Narcisse Batiste. “He was distraught after his
beloved mother, Audrey, died in 2000, relatives told The News, and the
next year he left Chicago and dropped out of sight.”

From all accounts, Narseal Batiste is not an over-the-top mental case
like Zacarias Moussaoui, but it appears he is vulnerable enough to be
exploited by the government, determined to fabricate “homegrown”

In fact, the government more or less admits it does not have a case
against Batiste and his young adult and teenage charges.

“Even as Justice Department officials trumpeted the arrests of seven
Florida men accused of planning to wage a ‘full ground war against the
United States,’ they acknowledged the group did not have the means to
carry out the plan,” reports Knight Ridder. “The Justice Department
unveiled the arrests with an orchestrated series of news conferences in
two cities, but the severity of the charges compared with the seemingly
amateurish nature of the group raised concerns among civil
libertarians,” who noted that the group had “no weapons, no explosives”
and yet the government considers the arrests and case a “major

If not for the “confidential government informant” inserted in their
midst, who convinced them to pledge allegiance to the cartoonish
“al-Qaeda,” there would be no case.

After “sweeps of various locations in Miami, government agents found no
explosives or weapons. Investigators also did not document any direct
links to al-Qaeda.” But this complete lack of evidence did not stop the
FBI. “This group was more aspirational than operational,” said John
Pistole, the FBI’s deputy director. In other words, merely thinking
about “al-Qaeda,” even if such a thought is planted by an agent
provocateur, is illegal, a crime against the state.

George Orwell called this “thoughtcrime,” and wrote: “Thoughtcrime is
the only crime that matters.”

It does not matter if the hapless victims of FBI entrapment in Miami
were actually a threat, the point here is they were thinking about
“al-Qaeda,” never mind this thought was planted in the mind of Narseal
Batiste by the FBI.

“U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales held up the case as a good
example of the Justice Department’s strategy of taking out domestic
terrorists before they strike. He said the group is representative of
‘homegrown’ terrorist cells that operate without ties to a larger group
such as al-Qaeda.”

Thus we have realized the world envisioned by Philip K. Dick in his
1956 short story, Minority Report, made famous by Steven Spielberg’s
film by the same name. In the short story and film, it is illegal to
think about crime. In the story and film, the government employs
“precogs,” or “previsions,” to detect illegal thoughts. However, in
Miami, no such talents were required, as the FBI simply located a man
with mental problems and had an agent provocateur insert thoughts in
his mind, and then the boom was lowered.

In addition to planting thoughts in the mind of Batiste, the government
has characterized the group as Muslim, even though there is no evidence
of this, not that evidence matters.

“Despite early reports to the contrary, the men didn’t appear to be
members of mainstream Muslim communities. A close friend of one of the
defendants said Batiste’s teachings came from the Moorish Science
Temple of America, an early 19th-century religion that blends
Christianity, Judaism and Islam with a heavy influence on
self-discipline through martial arts.”

Even though Knight Ridder makes mention of the fact Batiste and his
pathetic crew of impoverished kids have nothing to do with Islam, and
include this fact in the second to last paragraph of a follow-up news
article, no doubt many Americans, carefully indoctrinated over the last
few years, believe “al-Qaeda” is alive and well in Florida, as initial
news stories certainly give this impression.

In fact, convincing Americans that “al-Qaeda” sleeper cells -- not
necessarily Arabs, but in this instance seemingly innocuous
African-American kids -- may live next door, or reside in the ghetto
across town, is what the Justice Department’s absurd case is all about.

“The Justice Department made it clear that it is determined to stop
people from following the model of al-Qaida,” reports the Sun-Sentinel.
“There is cause for concern that this ideology of hatred has the reach
and tentacles that it appears to have,” Jack Riley, a “terrorism
expert” at the Rand Corporation, told the newspaper.

Finally, it should not be surprising the corporate media, fully onboard
with the insane neocon plan for generational war and its necessary
pretexts, including manufacturing pathetic patsies, would run to the
Rand Corporation for meaty quotes.

“Covert foreign policy became the standard mode of operation after
World War II, which was also when Ford Foundation became a major player
for the first time. The institute most involved in classified research
was Rand Corporation, set up by the Air Force in 1948. The interlocks
between the trustees at Rand, and the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie
foundations were so numerous that the Reece Committee listed them in
its report (two each for Carnegie and Rockefeller, and three for Ford).
Ford gave one million dollars to Rand in 1952 alone, at a time when the
chairman of Rand was simultaneously the president of Ford Foundation,”
writes Daniel Brandt (Philanthropists at War).


Date: June 26, 2006 11:54:53 AM EST

FOX News-Challenge to HS & Univ. Physics Clubs - see "Scholars for 9/11

Recently, Dr. James Fetzer, who along with Physics Professor Steven
Jones (of
Brigham Young University in Utah) co-founded "Scholars for 9/11 Truth",
appeared on FOX News' Hannity and Colmes - SEE VIDEO AT BELOW LINK:

Does the official story of 9/11's collapsing WTC buildings due to fire
physical sense when held up to the rigors of proof? WTC's 1, 2, and 7
were the
first steel reinforced skyscrapers in engineering history to collapse
due to
fire, and all made history on the same day.

Does jet fuel burn hot enough, in the open flame situation, to weaken
all the
massive steel in the WTC's to allow a "pancake" collapse that brought
buildings down at very near the speed of free-fall? And into their own
with no tipping of the structures on the side that had more flames?
See more
physical details of building structure, etc. at below Scholars website.


Recent polls indicate that nearly 50% of Americans are "skeptical" of
official explanation of the events of 9/11/2001.



From: "Bob Nichols" <>
Date: June 26, 2006 4:49:28 PM EST
To: "President, USA Exile Govt." <>
Subject: Watch for breakthrough 9/11 discussion on Wed the

Cathy Garger

Dear Cathy Garger

The discussion of uranium at the WTC is still on for Wed the 28th on
National Radio and the world wide Net Radio show of Jeff Rense on with world famous scientist Leuren Moret. This was brought up
by you in your article for your widely read column:
"9/11 Cough - More Than Just Asthma" Indeed.

Moret will discuss the presence of uranium at the WTC on 9/11/01 after
the demolition of the Trade Towers and Building No 7.

Moret just confirmed the show for the 28th in California.


Bob Nichols
Project Censored Award Winner
Correspondent, San Francisco Bay View newspaper


From: "smacko" <>
Date: June 26, 2006 2:42:06 PM EST
To: <>
Subject: [911TruthAction] 9/11 Truth Conference Huge Success

American Scholars Symposium A Huge Success
Attendees from around the globe attest to 'best 9/11 truth conference
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 26 2006

L.A. 9/11 Truth Conference Gets Fair Media Play
Conference a huge success, C-SPAN to air segments this week
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 26 2006


From: Pay_the_Piper <>
Date: June 26, 2006 8:52:52 PM EST
Subject: [911TruthAction] Re: [MIT-OpenCourseWare-Discussion] Jeff
King, MIT Engineer

The theory is presented that planned demolition was designed to in
effect cut the steel supports into 30 ft. or so pieces which were then
immediately taken away to Asia and smelted down. However, there might
well be some still buried under the rubble and carrying evidence as to
whether they were cut by explosives or not. How to get samples of them?


----- Original Message -----
From: Glacio Sapiens
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 4:22 PM
Subject: [MIT-OpenCourseWare-Discussion] Jeff King, MIT Engineer

27 minutes into the video at <>,
King's stunning opinions on what caused the 9/11 destruction.



From: "ruxpert" <>
Date: June 24, 2006 5:12:12 PM EST
Subject: [911TruthAction] moderator | 911 focus?

This group has been created to provide a discussion forum for people
dedicated to disseminating the truth of the U.S. Government's
complicity in the atrocities of September, 11th, 2001.


From: "paul illich" <>
Date: June 27, 2006 6:02:05 AM EST
Subject: [bluegreenearth] fwd: Energy & Global Justice Conference
Reclaim Our Fate! Reframe The Debate!

Reclaim Our Fate! Reframe the Debate!

Climate, Energy and Global Justice Conference

Featuring vegan burritos, with workshops & trainings for all!
Rising Tide North America <> & Mobilization for
Justice <> present:

A *FREE* half-day Teach-In, followed by Action Spokes meeting and
On July 9th in Washington, DC, join anti-war, global justice and
environmental activists to speak out against Climate Change and
critique the
"Energy Crisis." * As Global Justice movements plan worldwide protests
opposing the July 15-17 2006 G8 Summit in Russia -- where world leaders
including President Bush will meet for to reach agreement on enforcing
wartime "energy security" policies and that threaten the Earth and
communities everywhere with invasion, ecological disaster and economic
collapse -- we will gather to reclaim the debate and our fate from
domination by the Group of 8, eight of the world's largest consumerist
countries. THEY want massive expansion of nuclear power plants
worldwide AND
trillions of dollars in new subsidies to the fossil fuel industries
responsible for increasing climate chaos... *but WE have different
SUNDAY July 9th, noon-midnight* (doors open 11:30 am -- see schedule
At the People's Media Center and AlFishawy Cafe * - 4132 Georgia
Avenue, NW
Washington DC (between Upshur & Taylor, 3 blocks North of Petworth metro
Station on the green line, Bus #70/71/62/64)
* 12 to 1:45 -- Climate Science 101 and Direct Action Strategies to Stop
Climate Catastrophe*. Presented by Climate Crisis
Coalition<>and Rising
Tide North America <>
* 2 to 3:45 -- The Mountain Justice Movement to save Southern
Mountains from Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining -- and Energy
that Don't Suck! *Presented by Mountain Justice
Summer<>activists and Energy
Justice Network <>
* 4 to 5:45 -- Oil and Empire, Bombs and Poverty ... For Global Justice,
Against War: Linking Our Movements, Before It's Too Late! * Discussion
facilitated by local DC anti-war and global justice activists
PLUS trainings (Legal, Medical, Direct Action Tactics)* for affinity
and individuals participating in non-violent direct action with the July
10-16 DC Gr8 Week of Resistance to the G8's Great Greed

Teach-In organized by Rising Tide North
America<>and Mobilization
for Global Justice <>, Sponsored by Reclaim the
Commons. <>
Visit <> and e-mail for more details

6-midnight -- $5 vegetarian dinner-n-drink ( No Alcohol )
6:30 pm -- *Action Spokescouncil* meeting for DC Week of Resistance to
G8 **
8-midnight -- *Benefit Concert* for "Green Scare" imprisoned
activists and for the July 15th International Day of Direct Action
Climate Change <> **

OPEN TO ALL! With Mosquito Death Squadon (art/experimental rock) and
bands TBA $5 donation suggested (no one turned away).

** The Green Scare is a federal round-up of environmental and animal
activists, which The National Lawyer's Guild among others has condemned
unconstitutional. Officially called "Operation Backfire", this
orchestrated investigation of activists uses paid informants,
spying on a range of organizations, and threats of severe sanctions to
leverage fear of conviction under unprecedented penalties for property
crimes. 888-NLG-ECOLAW is a hotline established to support these
Visit <>for more info on
with Green Scare victims.

** The G8, or Group of 8, is the seven wealthiest industrialized
nations in
the world plus Russia. They officially meet once a year to strategize
policies and plan their joint domination of the world, and in recent
have been confronted by intense popular demonstrations wherever they
go. The
political heads of these countries -- the U.S., Canada, England, France,
Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan -- are pushing the agenda of corporate
globalization at the cost of the welfare of the people they claim to
represent. We take to the streets when the G8 meets to reject their
worldview of profit at any cost, and to reclaim our commons of
political space. Authentic democracy or corporate oligarchy? The choice
<>for frequent updates about global resistance to
July 15-17 2006 G8 Summit. Contact



From: Rick Davis <>
Date: June 26, 2006 7:56:29 PM EST

From: Jeff Blankfort
Date: June 27, 2006 2:23:07 AM JST

This is an interesting article by investigative journalist Greg Palast
who, in the past, has avoided any mention of Israel or the Israel lobby
even in his book, "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy," when, if he
really wanted to know who the biggest buyers were, he could have
readily found them in the internet among the Mother Jones 400, and the
big donors from the Communications and Finance industries on the Center
for Public Integrity site, and they are not oil men. Of the 400 top
donors to the 2000 election cycle, 7 of the top 10, 12 of the top 20
and at least 125 of the top 250 were Jewish. Haim Saban, an
Israeli-American, and a big backer of AIPAC, gave to the Democrats in
2002, $12.3 million, which is two million more than Ken Lay and Exxon
gave to the Republicans over a 10 year period but strangely, it didn't
get the same media attention.

On the other hand, this article of his bears out what I have been
saying for the past three years, that the neo-con notion to take over
and privatize Iraqi oil was nonsense and flies in the face of how the
oil industry operates, that the neo-cons were no longer running the
show, but what Palast doesn't deal with is the initial opposition to
the war on the part of Bush Sr., as well as James Baker, and oil
company executives including Phillip Carroll of Shell, nor does he,
once again, mention that not only were the neo-cons the main tub
thumpers for the war, it was also supported by the major organizations
of the Israel lobby, led by AIPAC and the parade of pro-Israel Jewish
columnists who are nationally syndicated and led by Tom Freedman,
William Safire (since replaced by David Brooks), Charles Krauthammer,
Jeff Jacoby, and all the publications of Rupert Murdoch and Mortimer
Zuckerman. The war was also called for by the major principals of both
Likud and Labor in Israel, Sharon, Netanyahu and Peres, as well as Chef
of Staff Shall Mofaz who said that after taking care of Iraq, the US
should do the same with Syria and Iran.

If Palast was not so intent on shielding Israel and its American
supporters from scrutiny, he would have acknowledged that the reason
that the Democrats joined the Bush administration in supporting the war
was that the majority of their funding comes from pro-Israel lobbyists
which makes the Party, as Prof. Francis Boyle recently said, "a front
for AIPAC." Now that the war has taken out Saddam and literally
destroyed the country, the Democrats are allowed to criticize the
conduct of the war, but not so directly the war itself, and will be
ready to serve the lobby's call when it comes to taking on Iran. They
have already overwhelmingly approved the Iran Freedom Act, the latest
AIPAC war-mongering effort.

It is a shame that Palast has not employed his excellent investigative
skills to examine this aspect of American society and instead has
allowed them to play second fiddle to his attachment to Israel.
Otherwise, he would not also be trying to convince us that both Bolton
and Wolfowitz have important roles still to play for the Bush regime.

I have sent a copy of this to Greg Palast, with whom I have had two
superb interviews on my radio program, but not on this subject. I am
hoping that he will reply and, if so I will forward it to my list.

Was the Invasion of Iraq a Jewish Conspiracy?

Tikkun Magazine JULY/AUGUST 2006

*Investigative Reporter Greg Palast is the author of the New York
Times bestseller, Armed Madhouse: Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China
Floats, Bush Sinks, the Scheme to Steal '08, No Child's Behind Left and
other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War to be released
next week in United Kingdom and Ireland by Penguin UK, from which this
essay is adapted.

June 26, 2006

Did the Jews do it?

The US Congress will open hearings this week on the War in Iraq -- a
wee bit late one might think. But one question at the forefront of the
minds of many on both the Left and the Right is sure not to be asked:
Did the Jews do it? I mean, after killing Jesus, did the Elders of
Zion manipulate the government of the United States into invading
Babylon as part of a scheme to abet the expansion of Greater Israel?

The question was first posed to me in 2004 when I was speaking at a
meeting of Mobilization for Peace in San Jose. A member of the audience
asked, "Put it together- Who's behind this war? Paul Wolfowitz and
Elliott Abrams and the Project for a "Jew" American Century and, and,
why don't you talk about that, huh? And ...."

But the questioner never had the full opportunity to complete his query
because, flushed and red, he began to charge the stage. The peace
activists attempted to detain the gentleman-whose confederates then
grabbed some chairs to swing. As the Peace Center was taking on a
somewhat warlike character, I chose to call in the authorities and slip
out the back.

Still, his question intrigued me. As an investigative reporter, "Who's
behind this war?" seemed like a reasonable challenge-and if it were a
plot of Christ-killers and Illuminati, so be it. I just report the
facts, ma'am.

And frankly, at first, it seemed like the gent had a point, twisted
though his spin might be. There was Paul Wolfowitz, before Congress in
March 2003, offering Americans the bargain of the century: a free
Iraq-not "free" as in "freedom and democracy" but free in the sense of
this won't cost us a penny. Wolfowitz testified: "There's a lot of
money to pay for this that doesn't have to be U.S. taxpayer money."


And where would these billions come from? Wolfowitz told us: "It starts
with the assets of the Iraqi people.... The oil revenues of that
country could bring between $50 and $100 billion over the next two or
three years."

This was no small matter. The vulpine Deputy Defense Secretary knew
that the number one question on the minds of Americans was not, "Does
Saddam really have the bomb?" but "What's this little war going to cost

However, Wolfowitz left something out of his testimony: the truth. I
hunted for weeks for the source of the Pentagon's oil revenue
projections-and found them. They were wildly different from the
Wolfowitz testimony. But this was not perjury. Ever since the
conviction of Elliott Abrams for perjury before Congress during the
Iran-Contra hearings, neither Wolfowitz nor the other Bush factotums
swear an oath before testifying. If you don't raise your hand and
promise to tell the truth, "so help me, God," you're off the hook with
federal prosecutors.

How the Lord will judge that little ploy, we cannot say.

But Wolfowitz's little numbers game can hardly count as a Great Zionist
conspiracy. That seemed to come, at first glance, in the form of a
confidential 101-page document slipped to our team at BBC's Newsnight.
It detailed the economic "recovery" of Iraq's post-conquest economy.
This blueprint for occupation, we learned, was first devised in secret
in late 2001.

Notably, this program for Iraq's recovery wasn't written by Iraqis;
rather, it was promoted by the neo-conservatives of the Defense
Department, home of Abrams, Wolfowitz, Harold Rhode and other desktop
Napoleons unafraid of moving toy tanks around the Pentagon war room.


The neo-cons' 101-page confidential document, which came to me in a
brown envelope in February 2001, just before the tanks rolled, goes
boldly where no U.S. invasion plan had gone before: the complete
rewrite of the conquered state's "policies, law and regulations." A cap
on the income taxes of Iraq's wealthiest was included as a matter of
course. And this was undoubtedly history's first military assault plan
appended to a program for toughening the target nation's copyright
laws. Once the 82nd Airborne liberated Iraq, never again would the
Ba'athist dictatorship threaten America with bootleg dubs of Britney
Spears's "...Baby One More Time."

It was more like a corporate takeover, except with Abrams tanks instead
of junk bonds. It didn't strike me as the work of a Kosher Cabal for
an Imperial Israel. In fact, it smelled of pork-Pig Heaven for
corporate America looking for a slice of Iraq, and I suspected its
porcine source. I gave it a big sniff and, sure enough, I smelled
Grover Norquist.

Norquist is the capo di capi of right-wing, big-money influence
peddlers in Washington. Those jealous of his inside track to the White
House call him "Gopher Nose-Twist."

A devout Christian, Norquist channeled a million dollars to the
Christian Coalition to fight the devil's tool, legalized gambling. He
didn't tell the Coalition that the loot came from an Indian tribe
represented by Norquist's associate, Jack Abramoff. (The tribe didn't
want competition for its own casino operations.)

I took a chance and dropped in on Norquist's L Street office, and under
a poster of his idol ["NIXON- NOW MORE THAN EVER"], Norquist took a
look at the "recovery" plan for Iraq and practically jumped over my
desk to sign it, filled with pride at seeing his baby. Yes, he promoted
the privatizations, the tax limit for the rich, and the change in
copyright law, all concerns close to the hearts and wallets of his


The very un-Jewish Norquist may have framed much of the U.S. occupation
grabfest, but there was, without doubt, one notable item in the
101-page plan for Iraq which clearly had the mark of Zion on it. On
page seventy-three the plan called for the "privatization....[of] the
oil and supporting industries," the sell-off of every ounce of Iraq's
oil fields and reserves. Its mastermind, I learned, was Ariel Cohen of
the Heritage Foundation.

For the neo-cons, this was The Big One. Behind it, no less a goal than
to bring down the lynchpin of Arab power, Saudi Arabia.

It would work like this: the Saudi's power rests on control of OPEC,
the oil cartel which, as any good monopoly, withholds oil from the
market, kicking up prices. Sell-off Iraq's oil fields and private
companies will pump oil in their little Iraqi patches to the max. Iraq,
the neo-cons hoped, would crank out six million barrels of oil a day,
bust its OPEC quota, flood the world market, demolish OPEC and, as the
price of oil fell off a cliff, Saudi Arabia would fall to its knees.

"It's a no-brainer," Cohen told me, at his office at Heritage. It was a
dim little cubby, in which, in our hour or two together, the phone rang
only once. For a guy who was supposed to be The Godfather of a
globe-spanning Zionist scheme to destroy the Arab oil monopoly, he
seemed kind of, well...pathetic.

And he failed. While the Norquist-promoted sell-offs, flat taxes and
copyright laws were dictated into Iraqi law by occupation chief Paul
Bremer, the Cohen neo-con oil privatization died an unhappy death.
What happened, Ari?

"Arab economists," he hissed, "hired by the State Department -- the
witches brew of the Saudi Royal family and Soviet Ostblock."

Well, the Soviet Ostblock does not exist, but the Arab economists do.
I spoke with them in Riyadh, in London, in California, in wry accents
mixing desert and Oxford drawls. They speak with confidence, knowing
Saudi Arabia's political authority is protected by the royal families
-- of Houston petroleum.


After two mad years of hunting, I discovered the real plan for Iraq's
oil, the one that keeps our troops in Fallujah. Some 323 pages long
and deeply confidential, it was drafted at the James A. Baker III
Institute in Houston, Texas, under the strict guidance of Big Oil's
minions. It was the culmination of a series of planning groups that
began in December 2000 with key players from the Baker Institute and
Council on Foreign Relations (including one Ken Lay of Enron). This
was followed by a State Department invasion-planning session in Walnut
Creek, California, in February 2001, only weeks after Bush and Cheney
took office. Its concepts received official blessing after a March 2001
gathering of oil chiefs (and Lay) with Dick Cheney where the group
reviewed with the Vice-President the map of Iraq's oil fields.

Once I discovered the Big Oil plan, several of the players agreed to
speak with me (not, to the chagrin of some, realizing that I rarely
hold such conversions without secretly recording them). Most
forthright was Philip Carroll, former CEO of Shell Oil USA, who was
flown into Baghdad on a C-17 to make sure there would be no neo-con
monkey business in America's newest oil fields.

It had been a very good war for Big Oil, with tripled oil prices
meaning tripled profits. In Houston, I asked Carroll, a commanding,
steel-straight chief executive, about Ari Cohen's oil privatization
plan, the anti-Saudi "no-brainer."

"I would agree with that statement" Caroll told me, "privatization is a
no-brainer. It would only be thought about by someone with no brain."
Bush world is divided in two: neo-cons on one side, and the
Establishment (which includes the oil companies and the Saudis) on the
other. The plan the Establishment created, crafted by Houston oil men,
called for locking up Iraq's oil with agreements between a new state
oil company under "profit-sharing agreements" with "IOCs"
(International Oil Companies). The combine could "enhance the [Iraq's]
government's relationship with OPEC," it read, by holding the line on
quotas and thereby upholding high prices.


So there you have it. Wolfowitz and his neo-con clique- bookish,
foolish, vainglorious-had their asses kicked utterly, finally, and
convincingly by the powers of petroleum, the Houston-Riyadh Big Oil

Between the neo-cons and Big Oil, it wasn't much of a contest. The
end-game was crushing, final. The Israelites had lost again in the land
of Babylon. And to make certain the arriviste neo-cons got the point,
public punishment was exacted, from exile to demotion to banishment. In
January 2005, neo-con pointman Douglas Feith resigned from the Defense
Department; his assistant Larry Franklin later was busted for passing
documents to pro-Israel lobbyists.

The State Department's knuckle-dragging enforcer of neo-con
orthodoxies, John Bolton, was booted from Washington to New York to the
powerless post of U.N. Ambassador.

Finally, on March 16, 2005, second anniversary of the invasion, neo-con
leader of the pack Wolfowitz was cast out of the Pentagon war room and
tossed into the World Bank, moving from the testosterone-powered,
war-making decision center to the lending office for Bangladeshi
chicken farmers.

"The realists," crowed the triumphant editor of the journal of the
Council on Foreign Relations, "have defeated the fantasists!"

So much for the Big Zionist Conspiracy that supposedly directed this
war. A half-dozen confused Jews, wandering in the policy desert a long
distance from mainstream Jewish views, armed only with Leo Strauss'
silly aphorisms, were no match for Texas oil majors and OPEC potentates
with a combined throw weight of half a trillion barrels of oil.




US Collusion with Iraqi Death Squads
Diyala -
A Laboratory of Civil War?

By Max Fuller
June 26, 2006

A recent case study in the dynamics of occupation and sectarianism

Part 1:

Operation Knockout in Diyala Demonstrates US Collusion with Death Squads

In November last year Sunni members of the Diyala provincial council
began to boycott meetings in protest at a 13 November raid on the
provincial capital Baquba and surrounding towns, according to a report
by UPI’s Pentagon correspondent, Pamela Hess. According to a US
military official, the boycotting council members sent a letter to the
chairman of the council in which they alleged that that raid had been
orchestrated by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq
(SCIRI) as part of a plan to disenfranchise Sunnis during the upcoming

Such accusations chime with almost every commentator it seems both
inside and outside Iraq, who have lavished criticism on SCIRI and the
paramilitary militia known as the Badr Brigade associated with it.
Whilst anti-occupation sources tend to regard SCIRI and Badr as US
allies, the Western media have chosen to focus on their relationship
with Iran, where they were primarily based since their foundation in
1982. In either case, commentators charge that SCIRI’s militiamen have
infiltrated or been amalgamated into Iraq’s nascent security forces.
Many reports make little or no distinction between the Badr Brigade and
the security forces. In the Western media lens, this depiction tends to
function as apologia for human rights abuses attributed to the security
forces (for examples of this in action, see Soloman Moore writing in
the Los Angeles Times or Jonathan Steele writing in the London

Hess agrees with the media consensus, stating that ‘anecdotal evidence
of targeted and unsanctioned violence against Sunnis from cities across
Iraq suggests Badr or other rogue elements have a presence throughout
the ministry’. In the case of the Baquba raid which had prompted the
walkout by Sunni councilors, Hess informs us that in this instance it
was the Wolf Brigade, an ‘Iraqi special police unit of some 2,000’,
that ‘swept into Baqubah, the capital of Diyala province, and arrested
some 300 people’. As if to clarify matters, she then tells us, citing a
US military source, that ‘The operation came in the wake of the
appointment by the Shiite governor of Diyala of a new police chief for
the province ... The new police chief has no law enforcement experience
... but he is associated with the SCIRI, the political arm of the Badr

But in fact what initially appears to be an open and shut case is not
so straightforward. While, according to the same military spokesperson,
the governor may have requested the raid ‘to show that he’s got muscle
to flex’, ‘US police assistance teams worked with the Wolf Brigade to
plan the operation and American assets – including a surveillance
drone, medical team and a quick reaction force – were assigned to
support it’. Nonetheless, the spokesperson goes on to imply that
support was reluctant, adding, ‘We put forces with each of their units
so that we could watch them work’.

In the case of the 13 November raid, outside observers are fortunate
that, unlike Pamela Hess, they do not have to rely solely on one
military spokesperson feeding a line to the press. The raid in question
was called Operation Knockout and was the first time that the Iraqi
Special Police Forces of the Ministry of the Interior had planned,
prepared and executed a division-size raid ‘designed to destroy or
disrupt all of their [ie insurgents’] cells in a large locality in a
single night’. For a far more in-depth depiction of the action, we can
be grateful to US Army Col James K Greer, who was so impressed by the
whole operation that he wrote an account of it for the
November–December issue of Military Review.

The following passages are taken from Greer’s account.

In late October, the minister of the interior [Bayan Jabr] told the
Operations Directorate to study options for a large-scale, simultaneous
strike in Diyala against a large number of suspected insurgents and
their support and information networks ...

[On 5 November] the Operations Directorate provided a list of insurgent
and terrorist targets to the Public Order Division commander with a
warning to be prepared to move to Ba’qubah and conduct operations to
detain those targets.

The Public Order Division immediately began planning, focusing on
developing target folders for the hundreds of discrete targets forces
would have to secure. Simultaneously, Multi-National Force-Iraq (MNF-I)
was notified through its cell in the MOI National Command Center.
Planning and coordination continued with an MOI/Multinational
Command-Iraq (MNC-I) meeting on 9 November ...

Throughout the planning and coordination stage of Operation Knockout,
Special Police Transition Teams (SPTTs) under Colonel Gordon B. ‘Skip’
Davis and Colonel Jeffrey Buchanan advised the Iraqis and planned and
coordinated their own support to the operation. These teams of 10 to 12
soldiers lived, trained, and fought alongside the Iraqi Special Police
24 hours a day and contributed significantly to the Iraqi’s development

At execution, Public Order Division elements, reinforced by a brigade
of Iraqi Special Police commandos, moved along three separate routes to
their objectives in and around Ba’qubah, conducting clean-up operations
in small towns along the way ...

Operation Knockout demonstrated the necessity for and effectiveness of
intelligence-based COIN [counterinsurgency] operations. The MOI
Intelligence Office of the Operations Directorate spent several weeks
developing the targets that would eventually be raided. Local
informants confirmed potential targets, and the Intelligence Office
produced one- to three-page papers detailing why each individual was
targeted ... Special Police units developed a target folder for each
individual. Surreptitious eyes-on provided last-minute updates to
target sets.

In the rare case of Operation Knockout, we even have a third, official
military account of proceedings given at a press briefing. This
description adds one further important detail, which is that 70 per
cent of the 377 detainees were Sunni, 30 per cent were Shia and 10 were
Kurds. While these proportions may not accurately reflect the
ethno-confessional makeup of Diyala province (exact figures are hard to
come by), they do indicate that the raid was far from exclusively
directed against Sunni targets, despite popular impression.

Implications of the reports

This illustration of an intelligence-based counterinsurgency operation
undertaken by US-trained proxy forces, which could have been written
just as well about Vietnam, the Philippines, El Salvador or present-day
Colombia, reveals a number of important points about the conflict in

(i) SCIRI had no part in orchestrating Operation Knockout
One of the most important conclusions to be drawn is that we can be
certain SCIRI had absolutely nothing to do with the 13 November raid on
Baquba and its environs. This simple fact discredits 99% of what has
been written in the mainstream media about the role of SCIRI and Badr
within the new Interior Ministry.

(ii) Even within Iraq it is very difficult to accurately assess
security operations
It is striking in this case that, if we are to believe Hess’s sources,
even public representatives on the ground in Iraq are unable to
distinguish between what they perceive to be sectarian paramilitaries
and the forces operating directly on behalf of the Occupation. This is
in no way intended to represent a criticism of those on the ground, but
only highlights the duplicity of the US Imperial war machine, whose
goal is to cover its own tracks and spread discord amongst its enemies.

(iii) The Wolf Brigade continues to be used by the media as a fob-off
It is extremely revealing of the mainstream media position that even in
Hess’s relatively detailed and informative report, the responsibility
for a joint MOI/MNF-I operation was subtly shifted towards SCIRI and
that it was the Wolf Brigade which was reported to have carried out the
raid. While Hess does not underline the point in this piece, the
reference is unlikely to be missed altogether. The significance of the
attribution is that in many media analyses of human rights abuses
related to the Ministry of the Interior, the Wolf Brigade has been
singled out for blame. Rather than seeking to analyze its structure,
most commentators have been content to describe it as a police commando
unit attached to the Interior Ministry with a specifically Shiite
leaning (for instance, see the Knight Ridder report by Hannah Allam,
now very hard to find on the Internet). In this UPI report, the US
military spokesperson describes the Wolf Brigade as a ‘public order
Brigade’ rather than as police commandos. In fact, the MOI special
police forces are made up of both police commandos and public order
brigades, all of them trained and supported by embedded advisors from
MNF-I. According to Greer’s account, the 13 November raid was planned
by a Public Order Division and was conducted by Public Order Division
elements, reinforced by a brigade of Special Police Commandos, probably
the Wolf Brigade. The effect of the UPI report is once again to divert
attention from structure and organization and frame discourse within
narrow sectarian lines that exclude US responsibility.

(iv) Counterinsurgency operations are not in the remit of backroom
In view of the persistent reports that the majority of extrajudicial
killings can be attributed to members of the security forces following
the detention of the victims (eg UN Human Rights Mission, Iraqi
Organization for Follow-up and Monitoring), it is beholden on all
interested parties to take any insight into the workings of those
forces and the processes by which ‘targets’ are selected for arrest
with the utmost seriousness. Yet no journalist has so much as mentioned
the existence of an Operations Directorate, still less MNF-I’s cell
within the MOI National Command Center, while the one journalist that
seems to have written about Operation Knockout has fallen back into the
familiar groove of ‘allegiance to Shiite groups’ etc. The reason that I
have quoted from Greer’s account at such length is to demonstrate the
enormous behind-the-scenes effort required to conduct counterinsurgency

To reiterate the stages by which targets were selected:

1) Two months before the operation the intelligence section of the
Operations Directorate began preparing a list of suspects based on
intelligence gleaned from local informers;
2) The intelligence section produced dossiers on individual suspects;
3) One week before the operation the intelligence section passed the
list of suspects to the Public Order Division commander;
4) The Public Order Division prepared folders on the individual
suspects, making use of an airborne mapping capability;
5) Before commencement of the operation, last minute visual checks were
made of individual suspects.

In the case of Operation Knockout, which seems to have half-served as
PR exercise, Greer et al are falling over themselves to persuade their
audience that the police behaved in exemplary fashion and that
detainees were treated humanely. So how far is it possible to regard
this operation as representative and how should we evaluate such
operations in human rights terms?

Beyond Knockout

By far the most important aspect of this operation from an analytical
perspective is that it was ‘Intelligence Based’. It is quite clear from
Greer’s description that what that means in layman’s terms is that
lists of targets were put together in some sort of centralized planning
hub before being passed to individual police units responsible for
seizing them in the middle of the night.

Whilst nothing like the level of detail offered in Greer’s report is
available for most of the cases of arrest and extrajudicial killing by
the security forces, in a few accounts we do have evidence that the
victims have been selected based on lists of suspects (eg see Sydney
Morning Herald, 11 March 2006, Reuters, 17 November 2005), These
details are the hallmarks of ‘intelligence based’ counterinsurgency
operations and strongly indicate that most or all of the campaigns of
mass arrests taking place nightly across Iraq emanate from the
intelligence offices of the Interior Ministry. This impression is
further reinforced by another UPI account of an earlier raid that took
place in Baghdad in June 2004. Once again, we are told that the lists
of suspects (in this case ordinary criminals) had been meticulously
prepared in advance through the use of informers by the intelligence
branch at the Ministry of the Interior, incidentally under the command
of a Sunni Kurd.

Such operations simply cannot be conceived and carried out from some
backroom at Badr or Mahdi HQ. If we were still to persist in advocating
that SCIRI, or some such party, was behind these operations, against
all of the available evidence, we would also be forced to conclude that
the US had ceased to have influence inside the Interior Ministry,
unless of course they were acting in tandem. In fact, we know that
Iraq’s entire new intelligence apparatus was built by the CIA (see
Washington Post, 11 December 2003, Knight Ridder, 8 May 2005) and we
can be certain that the intelligence offices at the Interior Ministry
and elsewhere remain saturated with US intelligence agents/advisors
(New York Times, 14 December 2005).

And despite reassurances from the US military that Knockout represents
the new style of ‘humane’ Interior Ministry operation, the empirical
evidence keeps mounting up , day upon day, week upon week and month
upon month, that death squads are continuing their genocidal campaign
without stint. The latest figures from Baghdad suggest that an average
of 70 new victims of extrajudicial execution appear in the Morgue every
single day and these are now starting to be backed up in Basra, where
we told that on average one person is killed per hour.

Let us pray that in this case the more than 300 detainees taken during
Operation Knockout have indeed been treated humanely. In this case it
is beholden not just on the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior but on Multi
Nation Force-Iraq to demonstrate that every one of the people seized
from the Baquba vicinity on 13 November has either been released or
continues to be held in ‘humane conditions’. If MNF-I really wants to
prove that it is not responsible for the death squads, it must publicly
release the names of all 377 supposed suspects so that the world can
see who it is arresting and tell us where they are today. It needs to
prove to its critics that the human rights of its detainees have been
respected and that they have not been hung by their wrists until their
arms are dislocated or beaten until it is impossible to tell the color
of their skin, or burnt with cigarettes, or had their eyes gouged out
or their fingernails removed. MNF-I needs to prove that one of its
proxy policemen hasn’t tortured a single one of them with an electric
drill and thrown their body onto the street like the other thousand
that appear every month in Baghdad. It needs to prove it, because
otherwise we’ll know for sure that this time it ordered it!

Part 2:
Out for the count? Interpreting conflicting narratives

Operation Knockout proved to be no final engagement for the security
forces either in Diyala province or just around Baquba. Since then the
social and political space has been dominated by at least five forms of
violence. The following analysis is drawn from a trawl of mainstream
Western media sources on the Internet and from a day by day examination
of Iraqi Resistance reports compiled by Free Arab Voice between 13
November and the middle of May. It is not intended to be seen as

(i)Police/army raids
Resistance reports make reference to around a dozen supplemental raids
since Operation Knockout in which hundreds more Iraqis have been
detained. No information is available about the fate of the detainees
and detailed reports of the raids themselves are absent. The raids are
variously described as having been undertaken by ‘troops’, ‘Interior
Ministry Shock Troops’, ‘US occupation forces backed up by Iraqi puppet
army troops’, ‘Interior Ministry troops’, ‘militiamen with official
government documents issued by the Ministry of the Interior’, etc. From
such descriptions it is difficult to know which units were responsible,
although in most cases one suspects units of the Special Police.
Western media sources do not make identification any easier and fewer
raids have been reported.

(ii) Resistance attacks against US/Iraqi security forces, including
killings of alleged collaborators and members of Shiite militias
Most of these attacks took the form of roadside bombs, but
well-orchestrated assaults on police/army bases and checkpoints were
also frequently reported. A handful of alleged ‘collaborators’ are also
reported to have been executed by Resistance fighters.

(iii) ‘Mysterious’ bombings
Several bombs which exploded in civilian areas were described in
Resistance reports as mysterious. Mosques seem to have been the
intended targets in several instances; one is reported to have been
Sunni, one Shiite, and two others are not attributed. Other targets
included a girls’ school and a crowded market. According to a report
for Middle East Online, dated 1 May 2006, the police chief of Baquba
claimed that 70 bombs had been planted on the city streets in the
preceding two weeks alone, of which 40 had gone off, killing 12 people.

(iv) Extrajudical killings and assassinations
Several instances of extrajudicial killings bearing the hallmarks of
death squads have been reported. On 23 December 2005 three bodies were
found with multiple gunshot wounds in Southern Baquba; the bodies were
found blindfolded with their hands and legs bound. On 23 February
gunmen pulled factory workers off buses and killed 47 of them; the
bullet-riddled bodies were found behind a brick factory. On 25 February
2006 13 members of a Shia family were killed in their home by gunmen.
On the same day, 12 farm laborers, both Sunnis and Shiites, were found
shot dead in an orchard; the victims had been shot in the head and
face. On 26 February two boys were killed when gunmen opened fire on a
group of teenagers playing football. On 28 February nine bodies were
found in wasteland around Tarfiya; the victims had been shot in the
head. On 27 March at least 18 bodies of males were found in a deserted
brush area around Tarfiya; the victims are variously described as
having been decapitated or having been shot in the head. On 8 April 10
bodies were found in black body bags in Balad Rooz; the victims had
been shot in the head. On 19 April three professors were killed when
gunmen opened fire at Diyala University. On 10 May 11 workers at an
electrical plant were killed by gunmen on their way from or to work. On
13 May four unidentified bodies with bullet holes in their heads and
chests were dumped in a stream in Khan Bani Saad; according to one
report they were Shiites. It should be noted that the spike in reports
after 23 February may well represent increased media attention
following the bombing of the Askari mosque in Samarra, rather than any
quantifiable surge in attacks.

(v) Ethnic cleansing
According to Quds Press, quoted in a Resistance report for 8 March,
around 1000 Sunni families have fled their homes in the Madain area
after receiving death threats from members of the police and special

While these accounts of various forms of violence and intimidation
undoubtedly reflect a climate of pervasive and widespread violence,
including an ongoing struggle between the forces of occupation and an
organic resistance, it is extremely difficult to make objective
comments about their significance. The following passages drawn from
four separate accounts underline this point.

a) ‘If the insurgency stays at this level, I expect to free up combat
power before the end of our deployment,’ [US Col] Salazar says.
The Nation, 9 April 2006

b) In this confessionally divided provincial capital [Baquba] just
north of Baghdad, the mounting sectarian tensions that have gripped the
new Iraq have spelled a spate of tit-for-tat killings of civilians as
Shiite militiamen avenge attacks by Sunni insurgents, sparking a
vicious circle of violence ...

"Drive-by shootings and other gun attacks have proved deadlier, killing
nearly 40 people in the past two weeks," Bawi said ...

The apparent impotence of Iraq’s fledgling security forces in the face
of the worsening bloodshed has sparked anger among residents.
Middle East Online, 1 May 2006

c) rebels spread control over most of Diyala Province of which the city
of Baquba is the capital.

The city’s nearly 350,000 live in a state of terror as the security
forces charged with keeping law and order can hardly protect
Azzaman, 11 May 2006

d) Mrs Mohammed is a Kurd and a Shia in Baquba, which has a majority of
Sunni Arabs. Her husband, Ahmed, who traded fruit in the local market,
said: ‘They threatend the Kurds and the Shia and told them to get out

It was impossible to travel to Baquba, the capital of Diyala, from
Baghdad without extreme danger
Independent, 20 May 2006

It should be noted that the US assessment referred to here predated a
major increase in attacks against occupation forces that began towards
the end of April, which might well invalidate the opinion expressed by
US Col Salazar.

Nonetheless, even comparing these descriptions of the overall situation
with the various accounts of violence that are available is far from
straightforward. The account in Middle East Online indicates a level of
violence against civilians that is not adequately reflected in either
the mainstream media nor the Resistance reports. However, it remains
credible because we know the same relationship would hold in areas
where we have a better overall impression of the extent of the

Uniting the narratives

The accounts offered in the Independent and Azzaman appear to stand in
total opposition to one another. If the Resistance has spread control
over Diyala, surely a communitarian civil war of the kind alluded to in
the Independent is extremely unlikely to be taking place. That is,
unless we are prepared to entertain a very special definition of ‘civil
war’. Such a definition would require us to accept that the Resistance
represents an exclusively Sunni faction (not even borne out in the US
military’s statistics for detained suspects, see above) and that the
security forces, especially the counterinsurgency brigades, represent
an exclusively Shiite faction (not borne out in any credible analysis
of their composition, nor in their relationship to the occupying
powers, including the presence of special police transition teams).
Thus, with a fierce conflict taking place between the Occupation and
the Resistance, it might indeed be possible to conclude that a
‘sectarian civil war’ was underway. This seems to be the preferred
definition for the Western media establishment.

But what of Mrs Mohammed? It is possible that angry Sunnis have
responded to perceived sectarian assaults in kind, but, assuming that
this story is real, it seems much more likely that she and her family
are the victims of a cruel deception designed to fracture the country
along ethno-confessional lines. More and more evidence of such a
pattern is starting to emerge, including a recent account published by
the BRussells Tribunal anonymously from within Iraq, which refers to
evidence that the same special covert units are employed to fabricate
sectarian attacks against both Sunni and Shiite Iraqis. In addition,
there are indications that other killings are being carried out by
death squads operating from within the paramilitary Facilities
Protection Service.

If we want to make sense of what is happening in Iraq we need to
recognize that words like SCIRI, Badr and Mahdi, together with phrases
like civil war, sectarian violence, revenge killings and tit-for-tat
murders all serve to deemphasize the centrality of the occupation and
mystify what is a very real and deadly counterinsurgency war.

From an external perspective, it is extremely difficult to discern
whether the Resistance has seized control of Diyala or whether a
genuine civil war along sectarian lines has broken out. What we must
suspect, though, based on concrete reasoning, is that the security
forces trained, armed and guided by the British and Americans will be
committing terrible crimes against humanity in their role as attack
dogs for the occupation.

This is not to try to say that every single killing is carried out by
the security forces, but it is to say that the security forces are so
obviously involved in a great many cases that the Western media and
other apologists for the occupation and abettors of genocide have been
forced to resort to claiming that the security forces have been
infiltrated by various militias. If there are militias in the Ministry
of Interior, you can be sure that they are militias that stand to
attention whenever a US colonel enters the room. And if there are
masked gunmen claiming to be from Badr of Mahdi or anywhere else, the
first question we should all be asking is where did they get their
lists of victims from? For my money, they will have come straight out
of the Intelligence Office of the Operations Directorate at the US-run
Ministry of the Interior.

Appendix: The Memory Vortex

Communities fight back against raids
Two reports in May seem to indicate that communities are seeking ways
to fight back against nighttime raids. According to an Iraqi Resistance
report dated 1 May 2006, citing Mafkarat al-Islam, fierce fighting
erupted around the areas of al-Hadid and Abu Zayd when a raid by ‘Iraqi
puppet police and puppet army troops’ was opposed by armed residents.
According to the report, nine of the assailants and dozens of locals
were killed in the fighting. Following the battle, US troops joined the
Iraqi forces in carrying out massive and indiscriminate arrests.

On 11 May, international press sources reported that village leaders
and clerics alerted police and US soldiers when gunmen, some of them
wearing military uniforms, raided two ‘Sunni’ villages near Khan Bani
Saad. According to these reports, US and Iraqi forces were able to
rescue seven of 10 men that were being abducted. Thirty people were
arrested, including an unknown number of the gunmen. According to the
reports, some gunmen told police they belonged to the Shiite militia
loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr. This attribution was supported by the
Interior Minister at the time, Bayan Jabr, who claimed that the gunmen
were carrying badges identifying them as belonging to the Force
Protection Service (FPS) of the Ministry of Health, which has been
reported to be under the control of Muqtada al-Sadr. A spokesman for
al-Sadr subsequently claimed that that the FPS members had gone to
help, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

It is difficult to believe that these two account are not related
despite the time gap, although I can find no evidence that this is the
case. It is also difficult not to credit the Mafkarat al-Islam as being
a far more plausible general depiction of events. Clearly, if Sadr
militiamen had formed a secret death squad to attack villages around
Khan Bani Saad, we should be hearing about it all over the press.
Unfortunately, this is yet another case ‘under investigation’ that is
likely to be consigned to the dustbin of history and blacked out by the
Western media.

Diyala police linked to death squads
On 27 March, in what was described as ‘an unusual admission’, Reuters
reported that the Iraqi Interior Ministry had arrested a police major,
Arkan al-Bawi, in Diyala province for operating death squads in Baquba.
According to the Interior Ministry, Bawi confessed that his gang
members wore police uniforms stolen during attacks on police
checkpoints and that they had killed many people. On 28 March, Reuters
reported that the police chief in Diyala, major-general Ghassan
al-Bawi, the brother of Arkan, had been arrested for ‘corruption and
threatening security’. Unbelievably, even this bombshell of a story
died instantly [in fact, the story now seems to have been removed from
the Internet; the version offered here is copied from a printed extract
of the original]. Even more remarkably, on 28 April, provincial police
chief Maj. Ghassan al-Bawi was reported to have stated that troops and
police were on the streets of Baquba and roads to the city were closed
because of fears the insurgents might regroup [This story too is now
extremely hard to come by, with only two examples still available
through Google; the only other evidence that Ghassan al-Bawi has
retained his post is a cached BBC page which refers to an Interview
with al-Bawi in June 2006]. It appeared that the arrest of two senior
police officers linked to death squads in Diyala had simply not taken
place at all. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps it
was another major-general Ghassan al-Bawi that had been arrested for
‘threatening security’!

If we go right back to Hess’s UPI report of the November 13 raid, we
will recall that the new police chief ‘is associated with the SCIRI,
the political arm of the Badr brigade’. Is that not then newsworthy
either! Mahdi militiamen in death squad arrested in act and SCIRI
police appointee linked to death squads! Apparently not. One can only
assume that any detailed independent investigation would rapidly be
forced to conclude that neither Mahdi nor SCIRI were responsible, but
the US-installed police force were.

Max Fuller has worked for some years as a member of the Colombia
Solidarity Campaign in the UK and has read extensively on US policy and
Latin America. He is the author of several reports published in the
'Bulletin of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign'. Max Fuller is the
author of ‘For Iraq, the Salvador Option Becomes Reality’ and 'Crying
Wolf: Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq' , both
published by the Centre for Research on Globalisation. He is a member
of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee and he is an authority in
the field of "Death Squads" and "the Salvador Option". He can be
contacted via the website

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the sole
responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of
the Centre for Research on Globalization.

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From: "paul illich" <>
Date: June 26, 2006 1:38:53 PM EST
Subject: [bluegreenearth] fwd: We are following in the path of
Comandante Guevara - Morales [Granma]

Granma International On line - June 15, 2006

"We are following in the path of Comandante Guevara,"
Proclaims President Evo Morales in La Higuera



LA HIGUERA, Bolivia, June 14.--For those who are fighting today in Our
America for equality, justice, solidarity and for a life in harmony with
nature, the only path we have to follow is that taken by Che Guevara,
affirmed the president of this South American nation, addressing
hundreds of Bolivians, Venezuelans and Cubans gathered here to celebrate
the 78th anniversary of the birth of the heroic guerrilla.

We are following in the path of Comandante Guevara Right in the small
settlement where Che was murdered 39 years ago, the sons and daughters
of the three countries met to reaffirm that nothing will halt their ties
of cooperation in fields like those of health and education, because,
Morales recalled: "Our continent is experiencing times of profound
change, of the restoration of its national dignity and sovereignty."

Today La Higuera is a virtually unpopulated place; it never had many
inhabitants, but its inhospitable conditions, the lack of work and hope
have forced numerous people to emigrate over the decades. Nonetheless,
the locality is still much loved on account of its wealth of symbolism,
the exhortation not to forget anything that has happened there, because
the enemies of today are the same as before, and their methods are no

Evo Morales highlighted in his speech that, as opposed to U.S.
imperialism and that of other powerful nations, aid from Cuba and
Venezuela is happening without conditions of any kind, in a spirit of
solidarity, total respect for equality and Bolivia's decisions. Those
are realities that Bolivian health professionals who have rejected the
development of medical cooperation should understand, he commented.

A medical post was officially inaugurated in La Higuera and the first 15
people in the area to become literate via the "Yes, I Can Do It" method
devised by Cuban specialists were acknowledged in the act of tribute.

For families living in the area these are great events; and that is what
everyone says in their own way when they are asked. Pedro Calzadilla, a
rural school teacher for 31 years, affirms that to give people health
and education is to offer them invaluable well-being; without healthy
people with educated minds it is difficult to think about development
and national independence, he says.

Speakers at the event included Alvaro García Linera, vice president of
Bolivia; Osvaldo Peredo (the brother of Inti and Coco, two valiant
fighters in Che's guerrilla force); and Julio Montes and Rafael Dausá,
the Venezuelan and Cuban ambassadors in Bolivia, respectively.

Dausá noted how in less than four months the Cuban medical brigade has
attended more than 600,000 patients, has helped to save more than 1,000
lives and performed more than 15,000 eye operations. At the same time,
he added, the donation of modern medical equipment destined for 20
hospitals is underway, including that belonging to Valle Grande, a
facility reopened with the participation of President Evo Morales and
the Cuban authorities.

A further example of that solidarity are the 120,000-plus men and women
who are already incorporated into classes to learn to read and write.

The event closed with a cake topped with white meringue and 78 red
candles, which would have been Che's age today. People spoke of sadness,
of the intrepid revolutionary and daring thinker who commanded his men
with valor and gallantry until the last minute.

Not one detail of the crime has been forgotten but, in the end, those
present preferred to sing Happy Birthday to an Ernesto Guevara whom they
feel is still alive, converted into millions in every compatriot
disposed to fight for the second and definitive independence of this
great homeland that is Our America.


moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability?  thank you

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:42 am (PST)

moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability? thank you


Re: moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability?  thank y

Posted by: "Kevin Hammond"   sir_oglaigh

Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:02 am (PST)

To what, Sir are you reffering?

smacko <> wrote:

moderator, please reciprocate regarding accountability? thank you

Saoirse go deo!

Talk is cheap. Use Yahoo! Messenger to make PC-to-Phone calls. Great rates starting at 1¢/min.

Jerry Springer Wants Evidence

Posted by: "Joe Stokes"   jokeslove7

Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:10 am (PST)

Hello everyone,
A little while ago I was listening to Air America as I drove.
Jerry Springer was doing a show about homosexuality when a caller
asked him why he doesn't do a show about 9/11 being an "inside Job".

Jerry responded by saying and this is almost verbatim: "if I could see
some evidence, I would devote a full three hours to it."

Did anyone else hear that?

I think we can overwhelm him with evidence.
DVDs (not streaming) should be mailed to him. I don't have a physical
address but someone can find it.

Plus many of us have ready made email packets of websites, articles,
streaming video links.






regarding 9/11 incident! Re: [911TruthAction] How do we get our gove

Posted by: "smacko"   drsmacko

Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:43 am (PST)

dear JP
the question was asked in context of/and regarding 9/11 incident!

are there any people of honest / accountable intent on this board able to process information accountably, inspite of the ongoing cognitive dissonance mockery onslaught?

are there really 400 real humans that joined this discussion forum for people
dedicated to disseminating the truth of the U.S. Government's
complicity in the atrocities of September, 11th, 2001 .... if so, why are they not helping to speak out against the ridicule and mockery taking place here against such dedication to said endeavor as outlined as board mandate/constitution?

why does the moderator mock & betray us regarding such?

----- Original Message -----
From: JP Liggett
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 8:39 PM
Subject: Re: [911TruthAction] How do we get our government to function accountably?

a few thoughts IMHO

voting - return to town halls, no more than 30 people each, who vote with paper ballots on all matters and budgets for local, state and federal level. as in Norway, people power from the bottom up.

accounting - have all budgets and gross receipts available on-line for public access. provide incentives for people to audit fiscal data, rewards and positive recognition for fiscal whistleblowers

agency, political and courts - full time audio - video records, public accessible. Use automated real-time voice stress tools to provide truth meters for all feeds

political races - councils/committee's of each town hall, made up of women, select their designee for various offices. inspired from native American tradition. each candidate would have their own channel, and attend required debates.

*tangent warning - elderly - instead of nursing homes, I believe older folks can be great teachers. Kids can learn alot caring for an older person.

government job rotation - a system to have citizens spend 2 weeks / year in some gov't function, with full reports. each citizen can help with their own specialties.

I learned bout the origins of the concepts of our constitution, as being a gift from the native Americans. it appears that we've neglected it for too long, and we're paying the price NOW.

"smacko" <>

"smacko" <>
Sent by:
06/26/2006 10:07 PM Please respond to



[911TruthAction] How do we get our government to function accountably?

How do we get our government to function accountably?


For those in the sf bay area.....

Posted by: "Caomhain {Kevin} Lee Hammond"   sir_oglaigh

Tue Jun 27, 2006 10:31 am (PST)

I and a couple of associates will be doing a screening of Loose Change
2nd edition wed. july 12th at 7pm at the four star theater at clement
and 23rd ave. Please come and support this event! We are asking a 5
dollar donation with no one turned away for lack of funds.


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