Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Short discussion about CNN exec. talking about American Military targeting journalists

Maybe of Interest, former Microsoft Executive: How to Manage Smart People

I usually try to stay away from personal attacks, especially on spouses/relatives of politicians, but here's an interesting post: Laura ran a stop sign and struck a Corvair sedan driven by her alleged boyfriend and killed him

Sex hormones plunge in downtrodden females (monkeys)

The commentator, Courtney D. Smith, helped "artificially inflate" GenesisIntermedia Inc.'s stock after the company went public in 1999, the Securities and Exchange Commission alleged in a civil lawsuit filed Monday

Daniel Hopsicker says these companies are intwined with 911

'she's like the big dyke at the melissa etheridge concert that's screaming 'sh!' while everyone's having a good time singing along with 'i'm the only 1.'


Tarpley on WTC Collapse

Corey Feldman goes public with "sickening" Jackson realization

Absolutely Wonderful Restaurant in Baltimore!

To Prejean, death penalty system is guilty as sin


Zoo tempts gay penguins to go straight

Lab monkeys 'scream with fear' in tests

Brian Williams: Republicans' "go-to network anchor"?

Limbaugh, Hannity distorted Dems' 1999 remarks to falsely claim they supported private accounts

Google Maps

Man, Bush Gets All The Tough Questions

Another Disappointing Mass Media Bit