Wednesday, September 22, 2004

President Bush's Lead Balloon

Divine retribution?
This is too funny. After you click the link, scroll down for the map.


The Rapture racket

Allawi barking up the wrong tree

The Former Cat Stevens Gets Plane Diverted
Thank God for GWB, Thank God for Tom Ridge, Thank God for Homeland Security!

No Peace Train for you, USA

Marvin Bush, just a good article to mark
suspicious death

Taking Liberties: Ashcroft: 0 for 5,000

Time For A Checkup

Healthcare in the USA.

Crude dudes

Kerry in Florida: Bush failed to level with the U.N.

Put Away Your Hankies...a message from Michael Moore

Widespread Torture of Iraqi Prisoners Feared as Reports Emerge of Prisoner Abuse By U.S. In Mosul

How Tax Cuts Feed the Beast

KE04: Someone's Been Reading The Art of War or Something.

Wonkette may have started drinking early today. Still a interesting post.

The policy roots of Iraqi prison abuse

I picked a bad day to quit drinking

Journalism Under Fire
Bill Moyers

Embarrassing Find

Incident on Haifa Street (Iraq)

A Puzzling America

The Unfeeling President

In addition, based on the political polls, there must be a large contingent of unfeeling citizens too.

Why Americans Back the War

words on paper (pixels on the computer screen): how many other reader's stomach's turn as they read this, absorb, and face up to the American record of murderous acts.

Makes me think about Billy Joel song: "We didn't start the fire."

If one doesn't take a biblical prospective, who did start the fire? Testosterone? Empire? Tribalism?

Makes me think about "Lord of the Flies"

Separately, another quesiton: "Is it moral to pay taxes to this Regime"?