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LFCM: Blair to be called to give evidence on the Iraq war in court?

LFCM: Blair to be called to give evidence on the Iraq war in court?

US Diplomat in Baghdad Implicated in Israel Spy Scandal

Informed Comment

CBS News | July 7 Bombers Tied To Al Qaeda | August 18, 2005 21:30:14

CBS News | July 7 Bombers Tied To Al Qaeda | August 18, 2005 21:30:14

Blogger Comment: Hey, wait a sec! The London Police said they were wrong when they said Khan was the rightleader.

Why God hates terrorists more than gamblers - Los Angeles Times

Why God hates terrorists more than gamblers - Los Angeles Times

Blogger Thoughts: I'll assume the the LA Times was responsible for the headline, and thereby give Mr. Prager a pass on such an inane headline.

Now, let's go into the meat of his "Faith Front" article... what wisdom is to be bestowed?

[It is particularly sad when religious people depict God in a way that renders him less intelligent than his creations: "Sure, we humans think that murdering a family is worse than taking a stapler home from the office, but God doesn't!"]

I wonder if Prager listens in on a "party line" and hears from God and his ways at the same time "W" does. How much does God abhor the citizens of a nation who stand by and allow their illegitimate government carry out unspeakable aggression in a foreign land and call it spreading democracy?

Maybe Prager isn't hearing this from God directily. Would Prager's viewpoint be borne out in scripture? Try reading the Book of Job, and see whether you can find out that God has a scoring system for evil and righteousness.

How evil is raping Iraqi child POWs. How evil is lying to the public with the the full cooperation of major news outlets to keep down the anti-war riots? How evil is it conducing a non-stop controlled event Presidency, managing to hide the truth of the public, complete with fake Secret Secret (aka Local Repub. Thugs) to toss the less than reverent out of any of your little rigged get togethers?

How evil is the shooting at point blank range of the innocent man in London, while you have him restrained?

How evil is it to arrange for 9/11 and the death of thousands, simply to have the excuse to ramp up your War Machine?

Mr. Prager, I don't think you are evil. Rather, I don't think you have a clue about who God is, and you certainly don't have a clue about what has been done in Democracy's name, in the US Citizen's name, and in God's name. - Views - Heritage Foundation - Keeping Our Military Strong Through Free Markets - Views - Heritage Foundation - Keeping Our Military Strong Through Free Markets

Blogger Comments: Thank you, Heritage Foundation (Not)

Campaign Extra!: 9/11 "black box" cover-up at Ground Zero? -- a Campaign Extra!/PDN exclusive

Campaign Extra!: 9/11 "black box" cover-up at Ground Zero? -- a Campaign Extra!/PDN exclusive

Memo to NY Post , et al: So-called Gorelick "wall ... [Media Matters]

Memo to NY Post , et al: So-called Gorelick "wa ... [Media Matters]


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You're like a song that I can stop singing,
or a book that I can't put down

No I do not work for the National Geographic.

No I do not work for the National Geographic.

Nor the Conde Naste Traveler. Nor the surfing O’Neill’s.
Nor do I hang around, loitering the sets of Playboy.

It's a hard choice not to.

Besides the money, fame and the perks those big guys throw around,
it's as much a wish as a need, for any aspiring photographer.

What I despise, though, is the attitude.
The bigger the name, the worse it becomes.

Maldives is small. It's impossible not cross each others paths.
Especially when those paths are queued with egos, sneers and
Trucks of photo equipment the big-namers carry around, to, perhaps exaggerate the bigness of the game.
Photography has become a game?
I thought it was all about moments, creativity and hard work.

I have seen Smarties being exchanged for smiles.
I have seen photographers bargaining with greenbacks.
I have seen magic. The special disappearing act performed by many hasty pros in search for the next, award-winning shot.

I am just being jealous. I know.
I am cheap.
I never, ever, offer anything in return for my photos.
Except love.
My people love me, just as I love them.

I also know that I belong. In Maldives, it’s difficult to navigate
the terrain, nor, dodge the beaurocracy that arises in the rush of the moment.

Talking of trucks of photo equipment,
I wish I could land up a decent job, so I can ditch this throw-away pocket camera and invest in a DSLR.

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August 17,2005-Venice, FL. by Daniel Hopsicker

Mohamed Atta was protected from official scrutiny as part of an officially-protected cocaine and heroin trafficking network with ties to top political figures, including Republican officials Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, and it was this fact—and not the “terrible lapses” of “weak on terror” Clinton Administration officials cited by Republican Congressman Curt Weldon—which shielded him from being apprehended before the 9.11 attack.
Weldon alleges that Pentagon lawyers rejected the military intelligence unit’s recommendation to apprehend Atta because he was in the country legally, and therefore information on him could not be shared with law enforcement.
But the “terrible lapses” cited by Weldon do not stem from the nonsensical assertion that Atta had a green card (he did not) which rendered him immune from military investigation but were the result of an officially-protected heroin trafficking operation being conducted on planes like those of Wally Hilliard, whose Lear jet flew"
Moreover the secret military intelligence operation which identified Mohamed Atta and three other hijackers as a threat a year before the 9.11 attack, called Able Danger, was by no means the first military intelligence investigation into the activities of the Hamburg cadre.
Watching the river (of heroin) flow
As far back as 1991, military investigators had been detailed to Hamburg Germany, tracking what one military investigator who was there told us were “Al Qaeda heroin flows” from Afghanistan to the West.
A two-year investigation in Venice, Fl. into the flight school attended by Atta and his bodyguard Marwan Al-Shehhi and which provided them with their “cover” while in the U.S. unearthed the amazing fact that during the same month the two men began flying lessons at Huffman Aviation, July of 2000, the flight school’s owner’s Lear jet was seized on the runway of Orlando Executive Airport by Federal Agents who found 43-pounds of heroin onboard.
43 pounds of heroin is known in the drug trade as “heavy weight.”
In a story in the August 2, 2000 Orlando Sentinel authorities called the bust “the biggest drug seizure in central Florida history.”
“It confirms the sad fact that a massive amount of heroin is coming through Central Florida,” U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration special agent Brent Eaton told the paper. “It’s very disturbing to the DEA that more and more high quality heroin is coming from Colombia and at a cheaper price.”
The DEA was “very disturbed” enough to look more closely at Wally Hilliard’s jet charter operation. The result was their firm opposition to returning the Lear to Hilliard, even though no one from Hilliard’s company, Plane 1 Leasing, had been charged with any crime.

(continued below)

And even while his companies were being used to train terrorists to fly and smuggling heroin into the U.S., prominent Florida politicians Governor Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris publicly endorsed Hilliard’s operation.
Governor Jeb Bush honored Hilliard's operation (called at various times Florida Air, Sunrise Airlines and Discover Air) with a personal visit, posing for photos with the "Discover Air family."
Katherine Harris' endorsement of Hilliard’s operation was splashed across the pages of her beloved hometown Sarasota Herald Tribune. "As one of Florida's top politicians, Katherine Harris doesn't have much time to do a lot of personal traveling," the paper reported.
"But twice in the past month or so, the secretary of state... has taken the 75-minute plane ride from her current home in Tallahassee to her old stomping grounds in Sarasota. Her choice of airline? Florida Air, a start-up commuter airline based here, grasping to be an air-taxi for the entire state."
The Herald Tribune quoted Harris spokesman Ben McKay saying, “She appreciates the convenience that Florida Air offers.”
Ms. Harris' reputation as a stickler for the letter of the law from the contested 2000 Presidential election was apparently put ‘on hold’ on Wally Hilliard’s behalf: While she was "appreciating their convenience," the operation was flying passengers without holding an air carrier certificate.
The juxtaposition of the discovery of a huge cache of heroin on a Lear jet belonging to Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Fl, Huffman Aviation’s owner, at the exact same time terrorist and Osama bin Laden associate Mohamed Atta arrived to attend his flight school from Afghanistan, a country producing well more than half of the world’s heroin, would normally have had U.S. Attorneys looking up the sentencing guidelines appropriate to major RICO narcotics trafficking cases, and getting ready to throw the book at him.
In fact, they did nothing of the sort, which strongly indicates that the Army’s secret military intelligence unit Able Danger’s inability to prod federal authorities to move on Atta and other terrorists known to be in the U.S. encountered the same obstacles, and for the same reason.
In fact, the only effort made at holding financier Wallace J. Hilliard, 70, of Naples, Florida accountable was the weak one of confiscating his plane. When Hilliard sued to get the DEA to return the Lear jet inn forfeiture hearings, attempting to show himself to have been an “innocent owner,” his motion was opposed by the Government and roundly rejected in court.
The U.S. Attorney’s office opposed the plane’s return. Their motion said, “because the property was used or acquired as a result of a violation of the Controlled Substances Act.”
Court documents revealed that Hilliard’s leasing company, Plane 1 Leasing, had been paid in cash for each charter by the two Latin passengers, which aviation experts in South Florida said strains credulity.
“DEA would not return it, they auctioned it off, they told Wally they had ‘reasons,’” said an aviation source in Naples. “It was the first seizure in history for a so-called ‘innocent person’ where they took and kept the plane.”
The court concluded Hilliard’s company knew what was going on. Affidavits later filed by the machine-gun toting DEA agents who had surrounded the Lear jet indicated Hilliard’s company’s involvement went much deeper than anyone was willing to acknowledge publicly.
Red Flags, Red Faces, Red Blood Everywhere
“It was just blatant,” said a manager who worked there at the time. “That same plane flew that same run thirty or forty times, ferrying the same people. And they always paid cash for the rental! The red flags could not have been raised any higher.”
Hilliard lost his Lear jet. America lost (almost) 3000 lives.
And something else as well. The fact that this story was first broken exclusively (and only) by the MadCowMorningNews, and not “papers of record” like the New York Times and Washington Post amply demonstrates the massive 9.11 cover-up led by the FBI which is still in place, a cover-up which has contemptuously mocked the very concept of American democracy, of a “free press,” and of the “people’s right to know.”
Nor were we alone in our discovery of the officially-protected drug trafficking network. FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, in the months after the attack, bumped into the arms for drugs deals. Edmonds alleged that the US State Department blocked investigations showing links between criminal drug trafficking networks and the terror attacks on 9/11.
"Certain investigations were being quashed, let's say per State Department's request, because it would have affected certain foreign relations [or] affected certain business relations with foreign organizations," she stated.
Even if military intelligence unit Able Danger had been allowed to notify the FBI, the information which fingered Mohamed Atta and others of the hijackers was already well-known to the Bureau.
“FBI Knew Terrorists Were Using Flight Schools” the Washington Post reported on Sept 23, 2001. “Federal authorities have been aware for years that suspected terrorists with ties to Osama bin Laden were receiving flight training at schools in the United States and abroad, according to interviews and court testimony.”
Indications of the FBI's "guilty knowledge" were widespread in the aftermath of the attack included the widely-reported fact that the FBI was at Huffman Aviation with search warrants at 2.30 a.m. the night after the attack. An executive of Huffman Aviation told us that FBI agents were on the scene even earlier than that.
"They moved pretty fast for guys in black Florsheims"
"How do you think the FBI got here (Huffman Aviation) so fast after the attack?" asked the executive. "They knew what was going on here. Hell, they were parked in a white van outside my house less than four hours after the buildings collapsed."
"We heard that 16 of the 19 terrorists had been on Interpol's Most Wanted list," this aviation executive continued. "But early on I gleaned that these guys had Government protection. They were let into this country for a specific purpose. It was a business deal."
Amazingly, the smuggling operation being protected continues to this day.
The pilot of Hilliard’s busted Lear, Venezuelan Diego Levine Texar, was not taken into custody. “The pilot was not arrested, according to a DEA spokesman, because of a lack of evidence,” reported the Orlando Sentinel. He has since been identified as also being the chief pilot on Venezuela’s “Air Force One,” which provides a bit of context for last week’s news that the State Department was revoking the visas of three Venezuelan military officers suspected of involvement in drug trafficking.
When we first published the DEA’s official report to the court about the Orlando heroin bust (read it here) on our website and in the appendix to “Welcome to TerrorLand,” we received a very credible death threat... even though the report is a public document available to anyone.
And Rudi Dekkers just told his favorite newspaper, (of course, the Sarasota Herald Tribune) that he was out of work.
Poor man. We guess the trips to Colombia don’t count.

Alternative Media Censorship:

Bob Feldman and Brian Salter reply to a reader
I saw and appreciated your essay on the foundational support for Left orgs and writers that dismiss anything that smacks of "conspiracism".
However, while I share with you the idea that such orgs and writers should be critically evaluated, I do not think your evidence, specifically, against Noam Chomsky is all that weighty. You don't really present any evidence that Chomsky is a controlled person. You cite the Inamori award from the "Japanese Establishment", but that award was for his achievements in the area of linguistics and cognitive science, not his political writings. So what does the Inamori award have to do with anything? The award is somewhat akin to the various Nobel prizes.
Also, you mentioned that Z magazine was perhaps named after the Costa-Gavras film "Z". My recollection is that Z magazine was originally named Zeta magazine, billing itself the last word, as it were, in political writing. When Sargent and Albert found out the name Zeta was already used by someone else, they opted for the abbreviated form, 'Z'.
In any event, I fail to see how your charts, in general, necessarily predict control of the sort you claim. However, I am eager to examine more evidence of such if it exists.
Thanks, WiseSerpent
Bob Feldman replies:
Thank you for considering some of the possible institutional/political reasons for censorship of 9/11 conspiracy journalists and researchers by the foundation-sponsored alternative media gatekeepers.
Although MIT Professssor Chomsky has been on the payroll of the 12th-largest recipient of US Air Force war contracts in recent years, the article isn't asserting "that Chomsky is a controlled person." But there is evidence that Z magazine was unwilling to print an article about MIT's links to the U.S. Air Force's space warfare preparations and to the Pentagon's think-tank, the Institute for Defense Analyses, a few years ago.
Regarding the $350,000 award from the Inamori Foundation that was set up by the chairman emeritus/founder of one of Japan's leading telecommunications companies, DDI Corporation, that was given to ALTERNATIVE RADIO's frequently featured guest: Generally, recipients of such large grants from Establishment foundations are reluctant to scrutinize or criticize a foundation world from which they've obtained such a large sums of money. And, like the Nobel prize money (that was initially obtained from Nobel's invention and marketing of dynamite weapons), some of the Inamori Foundation money was originally obtained from DDI's ownership of 75% of the AVX Coroporation--which is an electronic company that (like MIT) is a key contractor in the U.S. aerospace/military industry.
Regarding evidence that the alternative media gatekeepers are reluctant to either air or publish criticism of the Soros/Open Society Institute, the Ford Foundation, Bill Moyers' Schumann Foundation or the MacArthur Foundation or encourage much fair of discussion of 9/11 conspiracy evidence in their media: I don't think much evidence exists of any foundation-sponsored gatekeeper eagerness to either scrutinize the Establishment foundations or welcome 9/11 conspiracy discussion. Yet as G. William Domhoff wrote long ago in his book Who Rules America?: "The foundation boards have the power to accept or reject various scientific, educational, and culture ventures. They therefore have the power to exert considerable influence over the noneconomic aspects of American life." Refusing to acknowledge that the multi-billion or multi-million dollar foundations possess great power to influence alternative media editorial priorities through their funding policies, seems like an illogical interpretation of current U.S. political/social reality.
Brian Salter replies:
To clarify, Mike Ruppert is of the opinion that the Left "gatekeepers" phenomenon to which we are drawing attention is the result of a classic COINTELPRO-style infiltration. Given his expertise and personal experience in this area, he is more than justified in voicing that opinion. In certain cases, the egregious and unconscionable behavior of some "Left" media figures literally begs the question -- but again, one should note that we have not made this type of claim, and the title of Feldman's article itself says "Sponsored by the Ford Foundation," not "Controlled by the Ford Foundation."
The burden of proof is not on us to verify the existence of a formalized arrangement or quid pro quo in order to raise the issue of foundation funding of Left media as a crucial concern. Instead, the burden of proof is on those who receive foundation funding to demonstrate (against all historical precedents and common sense) that they are capable of providing unbiased and unfettered coverage on the most sensitive issues involving the US ruling establishment. The most logical starting point is not to ask, "are these media figures being controlled and censored by an outside agency?" but instead to ask "are these media figures controlling and censoring themselves?" John Moyers of could not have said it better:
"If they don't like what we're doing, we don't get paid next year."
Even more fundamentally, one of the most damning points of all is already made by the prima facie evidence itself. As Feldman notes above, with an informed and responsible understanding of political and social realities, it would be very naieve to adopt the default assumption that "philanthropic" foundation funding is neutral and benign until proven otherwise. Elite foundations do not throw their money around without looking for a return on their investment, and the rapidly broadening and expanding foundation funding of establishment Left media indicates that they have been getting the return they desire. The elites are paying to promote the type of opposition which they believe is most compatible with their interests; they are paying to promote the type of "dissidence" which will do them the least harm.
Even giving the most generous benefit of the doubt, assuming that the establishment Left media orgainizations and individuals in question are all completely sincere and unhesitant in their pursuits and clear of any conflicts of interest, one still cannot avoid this basic question: if they (and their general school of thought) have found such positive favor with the Ford Foundation and other well-known elite instruments of mass control and social engineering, are they really doing the job that needs to be done? And how can one find any continuing credibility in their rigidly controlled ideological positions as a genuinely effective and viable basis for "dissent"?
As the threat of a new war in the Persian Gulf builds day by day, it becomes increasingly important to ask these kinds of questions. Those who have fully studied the issues and facts concerning 9/11 and the Bush administration's inexplicable coverup and lies understand rationally that this is not a topic of "conspiracy theory" but instead a true scandal of serious proportions. This can no longer be denied. It is a scandal which, if aggressively pursued by the media, should have helped hamstring and sideline the Bush administration months ago, which would have made it politically impossible for them to push ahead with their war plans in the first place. Thus, for those who have been striving to uncover the underlying truths behind 9/11 and the "War on Terror," the imminent possibility of this terrifying new war is a double tragedy. For this reason, we feel there is an urgent imperative to expose and scrutinize the institutional factors which have steered the establishment Left media toward their current gatekeeping / censorship agendas.
original article:

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay
Originally uploaded by christopherdale.
Check the individual snorklers swimming in coral when you GO HUGE --

First shot posted taken in RAW, but converted to JPEG for processing since I don't have Adobe RAW or NikonCapture. Looks much sharper and more vivid than my full-sized JPEG shots at the same resolution. Any image processing buffs know if RAWs generally perform like this over shots taken in JPEG, even if they're converted to JPEGs after the fact? Thought it might be b/c all compression was done by software and not the camera itself...?

This is the view from slightly above what is, to my best knowledge, the most popular snorkeling site on the Hawaiin Islands. We went and tried it out for the first time. I never realized how difficult it is to breathe only through one's mouth, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Roberts ripped anti-sex discrimination efforts - The Changing Court -

Roberts ripped anti-sex discrimination efforts - The Changing Court -

Blogger Comments: This seems to show him as a candidate I wouldn't vote for.

Do Kentucky Repubs have "a lick of sense"?

Judge slams cabinet for withholding from investigators

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) -- The judge presiding over the special grand jury investigation of Fletcher administration personnel practices blistered attorneys for the Transportation Cabinet for withholding subpoenaed e-mails that anyone "with a lick of sense" would know were important.

Franklin County Circuit Judge William Graham on Thursday said he would give the attorney general's office, which has been conducting the investigation, virtually unfettered access to all Transportation Cabinet documents. Previously, the cabinet had hired lawyers to review the materials before they were turned over to the investigation.

Graham said he has been cautious and indulgent of state agencies as they have examined stacks of documents and computer records to determine if they were responsive to subpoenas from the grand jury.

But the judge's patience apparently wore out when a newspaper published e-mail exchanges between Transportation Cabinet officials that Deputy Attorney General Pierce Whites said had not been included in documents subpoenaed by the grand jury.

M. Stephen Pitt, one of what Graham called the "host of lawyers" hired by the state to review subpoenaed records, said the exchange between Dick Murgatroyd and Otis Reed was not responsive to the subpoena. The subpoena asked for records of numerous individuals and hiring, including Murgatroyd, who was then deputy secretary of the cabinet, and Reed, who was then the agency's chief personnel officer.

"I don't think anyone with a lick of sense can read those e-mails, regardless of whether or not they had legal training, and not understand that those e-mails are pertinent to the investigation," Graham said.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher's office declined comment and referred questions about the judge's decision to Pitt and the Transportation Cabinet. A cabinet spokesman referred questions to Pitt.

Graham was clearly exasperated at a hearing called at the attorney general's request that the Transportation Cabinet be held in contempt.

"I just don't see any excuse for these not being provided," Graham said. "These are precisely the kinds of e-mails the attorney general, the grand jury, would be interested in."

In the e-mails on Feb. 26, Reed wrote Murgatroyd during a discussion of state hiring: "I don't know if they don't know the law or if they just don't care and that is the scary part."

Murgatroyd replied: "They believe they are above it."

The exchange was reported by The Courier-Journal newspaper after it obtained the records through a request under the Kentucky Open Records Act.

Pitt said there was nothing in the e-mail to reflect the exchange related to hiring, though Whites said the lawyers left out much of the context.

"I no longer can say that I have confidence in the lawyers to go through these fairly and squarely and ferret out the information," Graham said.

Graham said the lawyers were hired by the cabinet to find materials summoned by the grand jury. "You all represent the Transportation Cabinet. You don't represent individuals faced with the possibility of criminal charges being lodged," Graham said.

Pitt said after the ruling he did not feel like Graham was being critical of the work of the dozens of lawyers hired by the cabinet to review the items that had been subpoenaed. "We did attempt to do it in good faith," he said.

But he added that his own opinion of the investigation had hardened since it began in late May.

"I do think it's bogus," Pitt said. "I think it is a political, very political, investigation."

Pitt said that perspective did not cloud his work in reviewing items sought under subpoena.

Whites declined to say if he believes the documents were intentionally withheld, or whether other agencies are taking a similarly loose view of documents that should be provided.

"This was a particularly egregious case," Whites said. "I certainly hope no other agencies or cabinets have committed similar acts."

© 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

prisoner should be put into the general prison population to "hack it out with the other guys."

Blogger: Sounds like Justice Sunday....

Risking Their Health - Newsweek Health Beat -

Risking Their Health - Newsweek Health Beat -

Blogger Comment: Just a link to get the traffic. » Blog Archive » Propaganda Alert! CNN » Blog Archive » Propaganda Alert! CNN

Gorilla in the Room: Running for Cover (Justin Raimondo hits a home run)

Gorilla in the Room: Running for Cover

Judge Orders Gov’t. to Release Papers Filed in Abu Ghraib Lawsuit

Judge Orders Gov’t. to Release Papers Filed in Abu Ghraib Lawsuit

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (NY22) :: Press Release :: Hinchey, Conyers Call For Investigation Of Former U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft's Involvement

Congressman Maurice Hinchey (NY22) :: Press Release :: Hinchey, Conyers Call For Investigation Of Former U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft's Involvement In Plame Leak Probe


by Sherman H. Skolnick

It happened once in the 19th Century. Following the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln just a few days after the Civil War ended, taking his position was Andrew Johnson who angered key members of both houses of Congress by threatening to finger them for their end-of-the-War-Between-The-States conspiratorial commodity speculations in opposition to Lincoln's proposed post-war policy to go easy on the South to get them back in the Union. Some in Congress, jointly with the French Rothschilds, bet on harsh treatment of the South, which would have made Southern farm products, particularly cotton, to zoom up in price to their immense profit. Johnson was Impeached and escaped by one vote from being removed from office at an Impeachment Trial.

In 1998, President William Rockefeller Clinton was subject to Impeachment Resolutions and was put on Impeachment Trial in 1999. Under the U.S. Constitution's provisions, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist conducted the Senate Impeachment Trial of Clinton. [As to why we properly use Rockefeller as Clinton's middle name, see our series "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police",
At the trial, like a Commissar, Rehnquist sat in his black robes with gold stripes. Key members of the U.S. Senate were subject to blackmail; such as Orrin Hatch for his bribery in the Salt Lake City Olympics Affair as well as his role in the crooked matter of Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI. Also, the Senate, made up mostly of war mongers, secretly got Clinton to agree, that right after he escaped removal, Clinton would authorize the U.S. to bomb Yugoslavia. Why?
Yugoslavia demanded heavy payment from the Oil Cartel (which owns both houses of Congress) to permit the Caspian pipeline to go through the southern Balkans. Under the U.S. Constitution, the President is subject to removal from office by Impeachment Trial and is still subject to federal criminal prosecution for criminal offenses.

"Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to INDICTMENT, TRIAL, JUDGMENT AND PUNISHMENT, ACCORDING TO LAW." (Emphasis added.) U.S. Constitution, Article One, Section 3.

In the Valerie Plame CIA leak matter, there is reason to believe that of the several Chicago Federal Grand Juries considering the matter, that one has concluded their work and has handed up through the Foreman, a True Bill, a federal criminal indictment, to a federal judge.

Subject to Federal prosecution thereby are, as federal criminal defendants, among others:

GEORGE W. BUSH; RICHARD CHENEY and his Chief of Staff. "SCOOTER" LIBBY; THEODORE B. OLSON, Bush's attorney in Bush versus Gore in December, 2000, a private law partner of Eugene Scalia, son of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and later Olson as Bush

Administration, Solicitor General, favored High Court corrupter Mickey Mouse, Disney, which joined with Coca-Cola to corrupt five judges of the High Court in Bush versus Gore including Scalia and Rehnquist; and also indicted, several media hotshots not previously mentioned in the mass media. Scalia and Rehnquist are listed as unindicted co-conspirators.

Ostensibly handling, in secret, some aspect of the handed up indictment has been Chicago Federal District Judge Mark R. Filip (312) 435-5667. Some related and pertinent details.

In 1993-94, Filip was Law Clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. His role at the mergers and acquisitions fixers and manipulators that represent one-half of the Fortune 250 industrial and service corporations, SKADDEN ARPS SLATE MEAGHER and FLOM:

From 1999-2000, Filip was Associate lawyer with the firm. He was Counsel 2000-2001. From 2001 up to about a year ago when Filip became Chicago U.S. District Judge, Filip was a Partner in the Skadden Arps firm.

In November and December, 2000, during the Electoral College vote controversy in Florida, key members of the DEMOCRAT PARTY in southern Florida were bribed to stop the Gore vote recount. This paved the way for the matter of Bush versus Gore to end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

This Obstruction of Justice by bribery pay-offs to members of the DEMOCRAT PARTY, was arranged by former Secretary of State in the Daddy Bush White House, James Baker 3rd, reputedly jointly with fixers/manipulators, called by some "Mergers & Acquisitions Pirates", certain members of the Skadden Arps law firm.

Skadden Arps attorney Mark R. Filip was in a position to know about this Obstruction of Justice and with Theodore B. Olson, Filip reportedly participated in the same.

Used for the bribery pay-offs were illicit funds amounting to forty million dollars of the co-founder of the Colombia Medelin dope cartel, Carlos Lehder. a business partner of Daddy Bush.

[Chandra Levy had knowledge of this. As to why she was murdered, visit my series on her, ]

Judge Mark R. Filip is apparently part of a Chicago Federal Courthouse scheme to deal with the Bush indictment, in secret, quashing the same on false contentions that it involves defects of law and fact.

In the same courthouse is the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit. In the appeals court sit three judges who along with Justice Scalia were professors together, one being the Dean, of Rockefeller's University of Chicago Law School. These four judges, while on the bench, represent the Billion dollar stock portfolio of Rockefeller's University of Chicago. The investment matters are of large firms represented by Skadden Arps. The four judges violate the federal criminal perjury laws by filing as supposedly true and correct, their mandatory annual financial disclosure forms, intentionally omitting that on the bench they represent the selfsame portfolio of stocks and do not disqualify themselves.

Dealt with in earlier parts of this series is the corruption of Theodore B. Olson, including that he is the reputed "bagman", among other places, as to judges "for sale" in the Chicago Federal Courthouse.

Many federal judgeships are bought with criminal funds. Most of the judgeships in the Chicago Federal Courthouse were bought/arranged by the GOP, by Reagan/Daddy Bush, with Daddy Bush arranging matters for Hollywood-script-memorizer Ronald Reagan, as well as by or for George W. Bush. So, in the Chicago Federal Courthouse, Judge Mark R. Filip has plenty of corrupt helpers acting as supposed Judges having taken an oath to supposedly support the U.S. Constitution.

[For related details, visit my extensive series "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts".]

On orders of George W. Bush, the FBI covered up some of the foregoing details of which they became well aware when investigating Mark R. Filip as a presidential nominee to the Chicago federal court bench.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has a difficult task. He has openly tangled with some of the Chicago federal judges regarding Edgewater Hospital against which there have been claims of healthcare fraud done by the doctors/hospital staff. Some of the federal judges in Chicago have for years a secret financial interest in the hospital which has had plaques on the walls praising crooked Chicago federal Judges.

One of those who might have assisted Fitzgerald in secretly dealing with grand jury problems was intimidated to keep hands-off as a result of her husband and mother being murdered. That is the matter of Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, the murders having occurred in February, 2005 and falsely blamed by the FBI on a lone assassin instead of the Russian mafiya which is tight with the Chicago FBI. [See earlier parts of this series.]

More coming. Stay tuned.

Limbaugh backs off Sheehan comparison with Burk ... [Media Matters]

Limbaugh backs off Sheehan comparison with Burk ... [Media Matters]

Without notation, WSJ excised false statement f ... [Media Matters]

Without notation, WSJ excised false statement f ... [Media Matters]

Tunnel III

Tunnel III
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sprayer kid in the tunnel.

- i had fun taking the picture and even more fun croping it. if you start on the right side, your eyes should be led to the kid. Starting on the right side my eyes start rolling through the tunnel.

- put that shoot in the DELETEME-Pool. It even made it in the safe pool. Happy me.

Drug dealer must forfeit lottery winnings - Yahoo! News

Drug dealer must forfeit lottery winnings - Yahoo! News

Blogger Comment: Ouch!

Whitewashing the Protection of Terrorists on US Soil :: 9/11 CitizensWatch :: We are concerned citizens challenging the official story of 9/11

Whitewashing the Protection of Terrorists on US Soil :: 9/11 CitizensWatch :: We are concerned citizens challenging the official story of 9/11

Enabling Danger :: 9/11 CitizensWatch :: We are concerned citizens challenging the official story of 9/11

Enabling Danger :: 9/11 CitizensWatch :: We are concerned citizens challenging the official story of 9/11

ZNet |Terror War | The Rise Of The Democratic Police State

ZNet |Terror War | The Rise Of The Democratic Police State

Olbermann: Limbaugh "worst person in the world" ... [Media Matters]

Olbermann: Limbaugh "worst person in the world" ... [Media Matters]

LFCM: Blair to be called to give evidence on the Iraq war in court?

LFCM: Blair to be called to give evidence on the Iraq war in court?

Leiter Reports: Gitmo Terrorism Hearings "Rigged"

Leiter Reports: Gitmo Terrorism Hearings "Rigged"

Osama Who?

Osama Who? § Lean Left