Sunday, February 13, 2005

Recently Released 911 Report

CNN Picture Picks

Begin a broken record here (playing over and over): Steel buildings don't collapse due to fire dunderheads! WTC Collapses/disintegrations like 911 happen due to detonated charges = bombs.
"tower stayed upright despite fears of collapse"

Doctors say kids should lay off juice

A poppy about to happen

A poppy about to happen
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Just a Flickr pic.

Flickr Graph is an application that explores the social relationships inside .

Zakheim And Clues To
The Murderers Of 911

Social Security "Reform": Thinking Things Through

Maybe Johnny can't read, but he should be well prepared for Sex Ed class

As it now stands, we have no idea who attacked the WTC and the Pentagon.

Cool CA Winery, ETC.

Global Eye
Mother Lode

Photos of Mackinac

Prescription medication is cause for expulsion

Saturday, February 12, 2005

RADLEY BALKO, AGITATOR - Waging war against the illegal drug trade is no mere cliche in Campbell County

Social Security’s “Sleeper Issue”: Price Indexing Exposed By Kucinich

acknowledging that such a ruling would be unprecedented,


The GOP Smears Begin


Public editor Okrent whines that FAIR isn't fair (and continues to embarrass himself and the Times)

Is it reasonable to question possible alternative causes for the tsunami earthquake disaster?

Nobles Need Not Pay Taxes