Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mossad blamed for kidnapping Iraqi scientists

DEPT. OF HOMELAND STUPIDITY With friends like these, who needs terrorists?

Odd Happenings in Fallujah

There is a simple, fast way to bring our troops home from Iraq. Will you support the way to peace?


(To the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes”)

Yes, I’m comin’ back to serve a second term.
This time I won the national elec-she-un!
Oh, thanks to you O-hi-a,
And dear brother Jebedia,
We get four more years to rule in Washington!

Good God he’s comin’ back to serve a second term.
We were hoping in ’04 we’d get a turn.
But we lost the vicious battle,
Now they’re stuck without a paddle!
Who will save us from con-ser-va-tiz-eum?

I will stabalize Iraq in my second term.
And I will amend the con-sti-tu-sheun.
Then I’ll eliminate all the taxes,
That are breakin; all our back-siz.
And push for more pri-vat-i-za-she-un!

We cannot believe he won a second term.
He destroyed the trans-atlantic alli-unce!
Heck, I’ll extend a friendly offer,
Barbeque and beers in Crawford!
Mending fences broken by pre-emp-she-un!

We want peace on earth throughout his second term.
We want Iraqis to have free elec-she-uns.
There’s a beef here, let’s dispatch it,
And bury that ol’ hatchet.

Yes, we’ve been through stormy weather,
Now it’s time to work together!
Gather round the ol’ chuck wagon,
It’s a grand time we’ll be havin’,
In the four years he has left in Wash-ing-ton!

Not One Damn Dime

1st of several postings about "Not One Damn Dime Day" By the way, I've found the website to be fairly unreliable as far as accuracy about judging the validity of claims.

Link to 911 WTC discussion Board. Information for anybody who wants to think in terms beyond "We gotta get bin Laden and Al Qaeda"

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