Sunday, April 17, 2005

BG: Here is a Reuters photo posted on Yahoo news today with the following copy:

An anti-Bush protester hands out his version of the U.S. Dollar bill during a protest outside the venue of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund spring meetings, in downtown Washington, April 16, 2005. Protest crowds at this weekend's meetings were a fraction of those in the heady days of Seattle, but activists vowed to make enough noise to push their agendas forward. Finance chiefs from the Group of Seven economic powers met Saturday to discuss two of the global economic concerns over which they have least control, high oil prices and China's fixed currency peg. REUTERS/Jason Reed

I wonder if Mr. Reed noticed any of the details of the "Deception Dollar". Perhaps he would have noticed the prominent display of 9-11 in the four corners of the note. Perhaps he would have noticed the website reference which would provide articles such as The 9/11 Truth Movement. Perhaps he would have mentioned the website reference which have articles such as Complete 911 Timeline. Perhaps he would have mentioned the fact that this special version of the dollar bill is not just about President Bush, or the Bush Family. It's about the mob activities, about drug trade, about child sex trade, murder and coverup of the truth in recent American History. It's about Waco, OK City, TWA Flight 800, about 911, and the betrayal of the trust of the American people.

No, Mr. Reed, this is much bigger than some simple anti-Bush campaign. This is about much more than "activists making noise".
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