Friday, July 28, 2006

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Man Arrested For Taking Cellphone Photo Of Police Activity

C-Span Airing Of L.A. Conference Shows Mainstreaming Of 9/11 Truth

The family of Neftaly Cruz said police had no right to come onto their property and arrest their 21-year-old son simply because he was using his cell phone's camera. They told their story to Harry Hairston and the NBC 10 Investigators.

> Riot Erupts in Southwest China After Boy Beaten

> FOX News And Sean Hannity Distort Reality Of Israeli War Protest

> Met chief warning on Menezes prosecution

> U.N. rights body tells US to shut "secret" jails

> International Media Freedom Watchdogs Alarmed Over Murder of Russian Journalist

> Missing in China

> Deluxe High Quality Final Version Terror Storm Now Online

> Australian FM warns of UN 'suicide mission' to Lebanon

> 'Zombies' arrested in downtown Minneapolis

> VIDEO: Protester Disrupts Bolton Hearing

A decision that many of us were waiting on with baited breath - C-Span's scheduling of the American Scholars Symposium highlights - infuses the 9/11 truth movement with a fresh injection of credibility and exposure to more mainstream audiences.

> Israel has a long history of abusing the United Nations

> Blair set for White House talks

> Israeli bombs kill 11 in Lebanon

> Truckers stay off roads for fear of being targeted by warplanes

> Armitage Fears Bombing Campaign Will ‘End Up Empowering Hezbollah’

> Sparks fly as ExxonMobil profit tops 10 billion dollars

> Minutemen dispute Reuters report of attack

> Ode to the Neocons

> Israeli soldier 'to be released'

> Who's Arming Israel?

> Get an advance Terror Storm DVD signed by Alex Jones!

The JFK Assassination & 9/11

ACLU catalogs government surveillance of political activities

Alex welcomes journalist and best-selling author Jim Marrs to discuss his work researching the JFK assassination conspiracy, how it inspired the movie of the same name, and how it ties into 9/11 and his upcoming appearance in Dallas at the TerrorStorm Premier.

> D.U. In Lebanon: Dr. Doug Rokke

> 9/11 Symposium: Professor Steven Jones

> 9/11 Symposium: Lt. Col. Bob Bowman

> Cynthia McKinney Speech

The American Civil Liberties Union released a compilation of covert government surveillance of political activists in northern and central California on Thursday, decrying a "greater expansion of government power and the abuse of power" since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

> Homeland Security can now search your laptop computer: Man gets 25 years for deleted image files

> Judges weigh combining US telecom spying suits

> Laptop border searches OK'd

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Dead UN soldiers had atrocoities info Opposition to hostilities gains momentum around world

Our intelligence sources report that the Israeli Defense Force attack on Lebanon is being carried out as a joint Israeli-U.S. military operation. Moreover, there are joint Israeli and U.S. war rooms coordinating the U.S.-supported Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

> The Lebanese Invasion and the Beaver Creek Plan

> Demonizing Hezbollah: Usher in Ayman al-Zawahiri

> They simply can't stop lying, can they?

> The United Nations' Global Straightjacket

Public opinion surveys conducted in major countries this week revealed that most people believe that Israel's reaction to the capture of two of its soldiers by the Hizbullah resistance group in Lebanon has been disproportionate.

> Bush Cites Iran's Role in Lebanon Conflict

> Chavez hails Russia alliance with another attack on US

> N Korea threatens to quit talks

> US rejects weapon flight concerns

> Order Out Of Chaos: Government Sponsored Terror

C-Span Airing Of L.A. Conference Shows Mainstreaming Of 9/11 Truth

Bloglines - Terror, Power and the NeoConservative Ideology

"Weren't you a blonde when I came in?" -James Bond (Diamonds Are Forever 1971)

Terror, Power and the NeoConservative Ideology

By Jersey Cynic

I hope some of you copy and paste this and pass it along: Neoconservatives desperately needed more power, and that power was delivered on a silver platter in the form of 9/11. Neoconservative documents have long professed a desire to rule the world. Their own documents show they knew a truly "American" society would never support their plans. ...their own documents show they understood the

Mish Mash of Buildings in Macau

Opinion: Israel's Mistakes in Lebanon - Newsweek Mideast Crisis -

Opinion: Israel's Mistakes in Lebanon - Newsweek Mideast Crisis -

VIDEO: US Plans to Use Nuclear Weapons against Iran

VIDEO: US Plans to Use Nuclear Weapons against Iran

Virtually unnoticed, the inauguration of the Ceyhan-Tblisi-Baku (BTC) oil pipeline....

According to General Wesley Clark

Bush administration nervous that officials and troops involved in handling detainee matters might be accused of committing war crimes,

The US: Too late for empire

Bloglines - What Would It Take?

George Washington's Blog

What Would It Take?

By George Washington

What would it take to convince you that 9/11 was an inside job? I'm just talking hypothetically, not real-world.

Is there any proof, any piece of evidence, any confession -- no matter how far-fetched or impossible -- which could, just hypothetically, convince you?


You might have responded "confession by high-level insiders". If only such a confession would convince you, think about this for a second:

If you helped to kill 3,000 of your own people, would you admit it?

Probably not.

That's why most criminal convictions take place in spite of the fact that the defendant strongly denies he committed the crime. But there's enough evidence from other witnesses or the crime scene that the judge or jury finds him guilty. Or maybe there is such strong evidence that the defendant had the motive to commit the crime -- because he would benefit handsomely from it -- that he's convicted.

You might say that 9/11 is different. If there was a conspiracy that big, someone would have spilled the beans by now. Right?

But that's not true. If -- just hypothetically -- 9/11 was an inside job, then it was carried out by a group of very disciplined military type folks who know how to carry out a military operation and keep their mouths shut. Moreover, a small group of people could have carried out 9/11.

And when you think of confessions, you're thinking of small-time criminals. High-level criminals like the Nazi leaders didn't really confess their crimes (some did at the Nurenberg trials, but not before).

In any event, many witnesses who are high-level officials, and firefighters, police and FBI have come forward to testify against the U.S. government's official story of how 3,000 people were murdered on 9/11.

So can you at least consider the possibility that 9/11 might -- just possibly -- be an inside job even if none of the actual perpetrators have yet confessed?


Of course, it's IMPOSSIBLE that anyone in our government would do that. We know that because we know that we're the good guys, right? And that our government tries its hardest to protect us.

Its like a defendant falsely accused of a crime. The jury should find him innocent, because he's a good guy, and his life, his actions have been those of a basically decent guy. Right?

It would be very different if the defendant had previously been found guilty of similar crimes. Obviously, in that case, it would be alot more like that the defendant did it this time, too.

A good example is evil nations who have terrorized their own people for political gain (this includes Muslim countries). If the leaders of one of those countries was accused of a terrorist act, we might think "hmmm . . . its possible they did it again". Right?

Well, here's the thing. American political leaders have occassionally exaggerated military intelligence a little for political gain.

And, our leaders have in fact used terrorism in the past.

So we can't assume, without looking at the facts of 9/11, that this is not the kind of thing that our leaders would do.

What would it Really Take?

So what would it really take for you to believe 9/11 was an inside job? Disproof of the official story?

Scientific experts saying it?

Or do you just NOT want to believe it? That's okay. Admit it.

Then when you are ready, take a look at the evidence . . .

You can start by actually reading the information contained at the links.

Allahpundit Again Does Not Seem to Realise the Evidence of the Controlled Demo

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Kevin Cosgrove’s 911 call from the World Trade Center

Listen to the massive rumble at the end of the call. This is NOT a collapse based on failure of "softened" steel due to fire!

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Allahpundit has no idea that his post is another strike against the 9/11 Govt. Story

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This is insane! This is psychological warfare! — Blogging from Beirut, Fri Jul 28 00:52

...pretext of ‘self-defense’, is immoral bullshit.

Bloglines - 'Beyond politics'

Spyhopping the Right.

'Beyond politics'

By David Neiwert

One of the really offensive aspect of the right-wing drumbeat of eliminationism is that so many of its purveyors -- notably Rush Limbaugh and his many imitators, including Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin -- try to slough off criticism of the nastiness of

Bloglines - Belgian Jewish Leader: Israel Committing War Crimes


Belgian Jewish Leader: Israel Committing War Crimes

By _H_

Jewish associations have begun to react against the Israeli offensive into Lebanon. Head of the Union of Belgian Jewish Progressives (UPJB) Dr. Jacques Ravedovitch stated that Israel is committing war crimes in Lebanon. In an interview with Zaman in Brussels, Ravedovitch said that while former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon committed indirect war crimes, current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Bloglines - Haaretz News : Israel says UN can't be part of probe of deadly attack on post

Ziki - Bgiltner's last published content
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Haaretz News : Israel says UN can't be part of probe of deadly attack on post

Israel's UN ambassador on Thursday ruled out major UN involvement in any potential international force in Lebanon, saying more professional and better-trained troops were needed for such a volatile situation. ...

bin Laden... returning to a screen near you .... Soon!

Democratic insiders working to crush unions, limit citizens legal rights and, of course, perpetuate our corporate-written trade policy

I was no fan of President Bush's first attorney general...


Undernews is the online report of the Progressive Review, edited by Sam Smith, who has covered Washington under nine presidents and edited alternative journals since 1964. The Review is an online journal and archive of alternative news. It has been on the web since 1995. See main page for full contents



ASSOCIATED PRESS - Citing national security, a federal judge Tuesday threw out a lawsuit aimed at blocking AT&T Inc. from giving telephone records to the government for use in the war on terror. "The court is persuaded that requiring AT&T to confirm or deny whether it has disclosed large quantities of telephone records to the federal government could give adversaries of this country valuable insight into the government's intelligence activities," U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly said. . . Kennelly's ruling was in sharp contrast to last week's decision from U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker of San Francisco, who said media reports of the program were so widespread there was no danger of spilling secrets.


Bloglines - The Strange Case of Doug Thompson and Others

Smoking Mirrors
As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends some of us need to keep pointing it out.
  • Visible Origami
  • is the metaphysical mirror side.

    The Strange Case of Doug Thompson and Others

    By Visible

    Yes, I have not been around for awhile. I’ve been thinking. I’m still puzzled. I’m puzzled about Doug Thompson over at Capital Hill Blue; once a fairly entertaining source of well written commentary on administration humbuggery and various other buggeries as well. I’m puzzled about what happened to Doug as I am puzzled about what happened to Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens also was entertaining and

    This book exposes the ugly side of Zionism and Israel

    Into The Great Wide Open

    Into The Great Wide Open, originally uploaded by Rod Monkey.

    Back to my favourite building in Warsaw - the stunning atrium of the Politecnica. It's an amazing space, full of light, lines, curves and subtle tones. It's a fantastic place to people-watch as they come and go in all directions across the floor.

    Thanks to Anna & Ania for taking me here on my first trip to Warsaw - I wouldn't know it existed otherwise. Of course they now think I'm mad because I take so many photos here...

    Big Brother?

    In Thursday, July 27th DSC, Adam Curry shows his ignorance

    Adam's Profile -

    1st) He says the news media is free (as in free from propagandists' influence) in America and Europe. So crazy.

    2nd) He says somebody should follow up with Bush's "impromtu" comment about Hezballuh.

    As usual I'm not sure which is a sadder situation:

    1) Adam is this clueless


    2) He is tainted by the Zionist Agenda

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    Bloglines - NYT op-ed talks of "Jewish bin Ladenism"

    The American Thinker
    Thoughtful political commentary.

    NYT op-ed talks of "Jewish bin Ladenism"

    By The American Thinker

    A New York Times op-ed today by Abbas El-Zein concludes:...

    Bloglines - Poisonous Tree

    The American Street
    Current events and progressive politics from people across the United States

    Poisonous Tree

    The Talking Dog has been putting together a stunning series of interviews over the last several months. He's interviewed lawyers and clients involved most deeply in the Constitutional battle waging around Guantanamo and BushCo's drive to expand the power of the executive. He lists links to all the interviews in the left [...]