Friday, July 28, 2006

Snapshot of News on Alex Jones Website

Man Arrested For Taking Cellphone Photo Of Police Activity

C-Span Airing Of L.A. Conference Shows Mainstreaming Of 9/11 Truth

The family of Neftaly Cruz said police had no right to come onto their property and arrest their 21-year-old son simply because he was using his cell phone's camera. They told their story to Harry Hairston and the NBC 10 Investigators.

> Riot Erupts in Southwest China After Boy Beaten

> FOX News And Sean Hannity Distort Reality Of Israeli War Protest

> Met chief warning on Menezes prosecution

> U.N. rights body tells US to shut "secret" jails

> International Media Freedom Watchdogs Alarmed Over Murder of Russian Journalist

> Missing in China

> Deluxe High Quality Final Version Terror Storm Now Online

> Australian FM warns of UN 'suicide mission' to Lebanon

> 'Zombies' arrested in downtown Minneapolis

> VIDEO: Protester Disrupts Bolton Hearing

A decision that many of us were waiting on with baited breath - C-Span's scheduling of the American Scholars Symposium highlights - infuses the 9/11 truth movement with a fresh injection of credibility and exposure to more mainstream audiences.

> Israel has a long history of abusing the United Nations

> Blair set for White House talks

> Israeli bombs kill 11 in Lebanon

> Truckers stay off roads for fear of being targeted by warplanes

> Armitage Fears Bombing Campaign Will ‘End Up Empowering Hezbollah’

> Sparks fly as ExxonMobil profit tops 10 billion dollars

> Minutemen dispute Reuters report of attack

> Ode to the Neocons

> Israeli soldier 'to be released'

> Who's Arming Israel?

> Get an advance Terror Storm DVD signed by Alex Jones!

The JFK Assassination & 9/11

ACLU catalogs government surveillance of political activities

Alex welcomes journalist and best-selling author Jim Marrs to discuss his work researching the JFK assassination conspiracy, how it inspired the movie of the same name, and how it ties into 9/11 and his upcoming appearance in Dallas at the TerrorStorm Premier.

> D.U. In Lebanon: Dr. Doug Rokke

> 9/11 Symposium: Professor Steven Jones

> 9/11 Symposium: Lt. Col. Bob Bowman

> Cynthia McKinney Speech

The American Civil Liberties Union released a compilation of covert government surveillance of political activists in northern and central California on Thursday, decrying a "greater expansion of government power and the abuse of power" since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

> Homeland Security can now search your laptop computer: Man gets 25 years for deleted image files

> Judges weigh combining US telecom spying suits

> Laptop border searches OK'd

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Dead UN soldiers had atrocoities info Opposition to hostilities gains momentum around world

Our intelligence sources report that the Israeli Defense Force attack on Lebanon is being carried out as a joint Israeli-U.S. military operation. Moreover, there are joint Israeli and U.S. war rooms coordinating the U.S.-supported Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

> The Lebanese Invasion and the Beaver Creek Plan

> Demonizing Hezbollah: Usher in Ayman al-Zawahiri

> They simply can't stop lying, can they?

> The United Nations' Global Straightjacket

Public opinion surveys conducted in major countries this week revealed that most people believe that Israel's reaction to the capture of two of its soldiers by the Hizbullah resistance group in Lebanon has been disproportionate.

> Bush Cites Iran's Role in Lebanon Conflict

> Chavez hails Russia alliance with another attack on US

> N Korea threatens to quit talks

> US rejects weapon flight concerns

> Order Out Of Chaos: Government Sponsored Terror

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