Monday, February 28, 2005

Last year Peter Gosselin of the LA Times wrote a 3-part series that tackled a subject that's probably the key economic story of the past 30 years: the steadily increasing risk and income volatility of the American middle class

Who Signed Sakher Hammad's WTC Basement Level Pass?
Who Murdered Katherine Smith?

Federal Whistleblower FIRED for Reporting
On-Going Extensive Briberies and Cover Up
Conspiracies of Feds Rewarding Felonies and
Giving Aid and Comfort to Illegal Muslims

George W. Bush's imperial procession through Europe took place in a hermetically sealed environment

DOWD: Well, I am old-fashioned. I think you actually have to tell the American people the truth before you go to war.
Never thought I liked old fashioned girls :-)

War Criminal?

Interesting results to poll about Temple Coach who acknowledged that he requested his "goon" player to be rough on Bball court which resulted in a (season ending) fractured arm of a player on the opposing team

"[Now I don't] have to watch adult videos back at the hotel."

27 February 2005
In Defense of Biblical Marriage

11,000 US soldiers dead from DU poisoning
Bob Nichols,

urban myths

Hunter: ...I don't think it's our war. I think it's Mr. Bush's war

This one made me laugh out loud

Aussie official: U.S. dollar may collapse

What is a Superdollar

NYC Central Park

MIAMI - (KRT) - Ten months after the fact, the Pentagon Tuesday disclosed the death of a Navy doctor at the Guantanamo Bay naval base in Cuba.

News from Oct. 2004: Nephew of Saudi FAA Chief Lived With, Funded 9.11 hijacker in San Diego

Just for Fun: Academy Awards