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Gotta Love the WaPo By Atrios
Shill shill shill.

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   1.  Rove Indictment,FBI Swarms Top CIA man's house,Justice Dep.after NSA             From: ""   2.  A Day in the Life: 5/13/6             From: "President, USA Exile Govt."
Message 1     From: ""    Date: Fri May 12, 2006 10:29pm(PDT) Subject: Rove Indictment,FBI Swarms Top CIA man's house,Justice Dep.after NSA
Rove Indictment,FBI Swarms Top CIA man's house,Justice Dep.after NSA
( As Jacky Gleason used to say !        "How Sweet It Is !" )
All of these SOBs are going down, Can the military coup to speed up thewhole process be far off ? !
`````````````````````````````````````````````````Cheney could be next?  More heads are going to roll. BREAKING | Jason Leopold: Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted
Karl Rove told President Bush and Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten that hewill be indicted in the CIA leak case and will immediately resign hisWhite House job when the special counsel publicly announces the chargesagainst him.
``````````````````````````````````````````````````````The Raw Story | Networks plan stakeout of Fitzgerald court Friday; Noformal sign of indictment (Yet ! - But Rove has told Bush - He knows he is going to be Indicted !)
`````````````````````````````````````````````````````Matthews on Rove Indictment: 'It Could Be Today'
````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Political Action: President Bush Must be Censured forBreaking the Law Address:
`````````````````````````````````````````````````````Bush down to 29% (and sinking fast)Address:
Local Miami Patriots - Sprayed the word TYRANT using a stencil in red ona Miami Post Office building and left two photos of Bush upside downtaped to the wall.   This TV news story below only shows the building, But the on TV newsreport showed the word TYRANT painted in red with letters a foot tallclearly.      Just another example of the news media cleaning up a protest so itcan't be sent around the world as vividly ! - Local News - Vandals Spray Paint North Miami Beach PostOffice
`````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Demand The Truth:Tell the Phone Company to Hang Up on the NSA
Sign ACLU Petition Here
``````````````````````````````````````````````````````Rifle pointed at protesters in Florida during Bush visit
by Susan S Fri May 12, 2006 at 05:00:12 AM PDT
Unfortunately, I was out-of-town on Tuesday when Bush visited withsenior citizens in Sun City, Florida, but several of my friends arrangeda protest.  Forgive me if I missed a previous diary on this.  I amjust now catching up and I'm appalled.  Below the fold are some first-hand (and very scary) reports from theevent:Susan S's diary :: ::
Narrative re: Bush's visit to SCC on May 9, 2006 from Barbara Nicholson
We stood with about 50 others on rte 674 and when the motorcade came bythere was assault rifle OUT the window pointing at ALL of us and thecars all looked like I remember seeing in the Hitler motorcades in themovies when I was a child, all boxy and black and one had the Pres sealand American flag on the sides. It was absolutely chilling!  I workedthe inner city for 15 years with gangs and even with kids and familiesof the Bloods and Crips and have never had an assault rifle pointed myway. In my 75 years I have seen many Pres motorcades and shook many preshands and seen many pres elects and their entourage but never anythinglike this with the motorcycles, big black cars and rifles were just thevery last straw. It wasn't the rifle that was scary it was knowing thatthis madman is so insecure and scared and psychotic that this is how hemust travel. AARRRRRGH!  USA, Banana Republic for sure.   Then toknow our tax money paid for this photo op and for the fundraisingluncheon at the Renaissance Club is truly the icing on the cake whichwill kill us all. Very depressing to say the least.From an intern for Congressional candidate John Russell (FL-5):Here is my full story, with everything correct. As you know I aminterning with John Russell, a candidate in District 5 running againstGinny Brown-Waite. We went to the protest to make sure bush heard aboutthe problems with Medicare Part D. As the President drove by John wasdelivering his message to the President, who was looking at us out thewindow. I don't remember if it was before or after the President's car,but inside on of the black suv's was a man holding, what looked to be,an automatic rifle out the window. It was pointed at the protesters. Iam glad to hear that the people on the other side of the street saw thistoo. Those of us on the corner I was on couldn't believe that this hadoccurred, and John proceeded to tell President Bush as he got out of themotorcade, 'how dare you point a weapon at civil protesters' among otherthings. It was a very interesting day for me, being the first time Ihave ever seen the President, and the first time I have been directlythreatened by the President. hopefully this helps in lining up thestories. Please send this out to everyone, and keep the talk growing. Iwant to know if this is standard operating procedure for the Bushmotorcade, or a one time thing.~Nic ZatesloIntern for John Russell, Candidate for Congress District 5And from Kossack boofdah:Mary, Nic, and I were there as well; and yes, it went down exactly asBarbara and John have said below. I don't think I've ever felt such asense of foreboding in my life as when I saw that automatic riflepointed at us, peaceful protesters.At the time September 11th happened, I worked at a military base nearwhere I used to live before we moved to FL. Immediately after 9/11, ourbase was at Threatcon D, meaning that the military personnel guardingour base had to be armed. Yeah, I saw sharp-shooters and automaticrifles; but I took some kind of comfort in the notion that thesemeasures were meant for the "bad guys."On Tuesday, the message that the sniper  hanging out the window with hisav utomatic weapon had for us was that we peacefully-protestingAmericans were the "bad guys." And that thought alone gave me thechills.Tags: Bush, protest, Florida (all tags)  `````````````````````````````````````````````````````FBI Kiddie Sex Tourism Web Site Lured Predators - May 11, 2006Address:
Message 2     From: "President, USA Exile Govt."    Date: Sat May 13, 2006 6:53am(PDT) Subject: A Day in the Life: 5/13/6
                                         GOVERNMENT OF THE USA IN EXILE                                                 Free Americans Reaching  Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free                                                                                 Via <>                                                                                          May 13, 2006
Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government13 May 2006
All links to articles as summarized below are available here:
Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I quit. --An open letter to William  P. Leahy, SJ, president of Boston College. By Steve Almond 12 May 2006  "Dear Father Leahy, I am writing to resign my post as an adjunct  professor of English at Boston College. I am doing so -- after five  years at BC, and with tremendous regret -- as a direct result of your  decision to invite Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be the  commencement speaker at this year's graduation. Many members of the  faculty and student body already have voiced their objection to the  invitation, arguing that Rice's actions as secretary of state are  inconsistent with the broader humanistic values of the university and  the Catholic and Jesuit traditions from which those values derive. But  I am not writing this letter simply because of an objection to the war  against Iraq. My concern is more fundamental. Simply put, Rice is a  liar."
Secrecy Privilege Invoked in Fighting Ex-Detainee's Lawsuit 13 May 2006  For at least the fifth time in the past year, the Justice Department  yesterday invoked the once rarely cited state secrets privilege to  argue that a lawsuit alleging government wrongdoing should be dismissed  without an airing, this time in the case of a German citizen seeking an  apology and monetary compensation for having been wrongfully imprisoned  by the CIA. Assistant U.S. Attorney R. Joseph Sher said yesterday in  the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia that the  government cannot confirm or deny the allegations made by Khaled  al-Masri, who sources have said was held by the CIA for five months in  Afghanistan.
  Hacker fears Guantanamo Bay as judge urges his extradition 11 May 2006  A British man accused of the biggest military hacking operation yet  faces trial in the US after a judge recommended him for extradition  yesterday. Gary McKinnon believes that he could be sent to Guantanamo  Bay and tried by a military tribunal if his extradition goes ahead. He  said that he was "practically already hung and quartered" if US  government claims that he would face a federal court in Virginia proved  correct.
  Bush says privacy maintained in spying [LOL! Actual headline!] 12 May  2006 President [sic] Bush defended the Pentagon’s domestic spying  Thursday after a report that the National Security Agency, searching  for evidence of terrorist communications, has obtained records of  telephone calls placed by millions of Americans since Sept. 11, 2001 –  a massive database created with the cooperation of three of four major  telephone companies.
  Whistle-Blower Outs NSA Spy Room 07 Apr 2006 AT&T provided National  Security Agency eavesdroppers with full access to its customers' phone  calls, and shunted its customers' internet traffic to data-mining  equipment installed in a secret room in its San Francisco switching  center, according to a former AT&T worker cooperating in the Electronic  Frontier Foundation's lawsuit against the company.
Wiretap Whistleblower's Statement (Wired News) 07 Apr 2006 Former AT&T  technician Mark Klein has come forward to support the EFF's lawsuit  against AT&T for its alleged complicity in the NSA's electronic  surveillance.
Verizon Sued for Giving NSA Phone Records 12 May 2006 Two New Jersey  public interest lawyers sued Verizon Communications Inc. for $5 billion  Friday, claiming the phone carrier violated privacy laws by turning  over phone records to the National Security Agency for a secret  government surveillance program.
  CIA nominee Hayden defends NSA programs 12 May 2006 CIA director  nominee Gen. Michael Hayden on Friday defended the secret surveillance  programs he oversaw while head of another spy agency as lawful...  Hayden's visits to lawmakers on Capitol Hill were complicated by  reaction to public disclosure of a National Security Agency program  that has been collecting millions of Americans' everyday telephone  records.
  New phone-tap row threatens President's nominee for CIA 12 May 2006  The Bush regime is embroiled in a new electronic snooping storm, after  allegations that major US phone companies had handed phone records of  tens of millions of citizens to the ultra-secret National Security  Agency. The revelations provoked an uproar on Capitol Hill and could  possibly even wreck the nomination of a former NSA chief [Gen. Michael  Hayden] to head the floundering CIA.
  Qwest's Refusal of N.S.A. Query Is Explained --The telecommunications  company Qwest turned down requests by the National Security Agency for  private telephone records because it concluded that doing so would  violate federal privacy laws, a lawyer for the telephone company's  former chief executive said today.
  Ousted CIA No. 3 Is Target of Raids --Foggo's Home and Langley Office  Swept in Corruption Probe 13 May 2006 Federal agents yesterday searched  the CIA offices and Northern Virginia home of Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, the  spy agency's No. 3 official who was forced to resign this week amid a  widening criminal investigation into allegations of government  corruption and bribery. Officials inside CIA headquarters saw agents  hauling away items from Foggo's seventh-floor suite from his rented  house in the Oakdale Park section of Vienna.
  Home, office of outgoing CIA official searched --Executive director  under investigation by FBI, IRS, CIA inspector general 12 May 2006 Law  enforcement officials executed search warrants Friday on the house and  office of CIA’s outgoing executive director, the FBI said. The agency’s  third ranking official, Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, has been under  investigation by the FBI, IRS, Defense Criminal Investigative Service  and the CIA’s inspector general, said FBI spokeswoman April Langwell in  San Diego.
  US Army Troop Build up on Iraq-Iran Borders 11 May 2006 The US Army in  Iraq is claimed to have increased the military build up of US troops on  the Iranian border. Tehran local radio announced the US stationed army  units on the Iraqi border, increased reconnaissance flights in the  region, and trained anti-Iran militias in Iraq. Iranian Interior  Ministry confirmed the information.
======================================================================== ======================================================================== ===============NOTE:  This will probably turn out to be a fake story: it's extremely  unusual for "diplomats" to leak confidential information of this sort  prior to confirmation--unless they're part of a black-op frame-up.   --    kl, pp
Diplomats: Enriched uranium found in IranFriday, May 12, 2006 Posted: 1609 GMT (0009 HKT)
VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- The U.N. atomic agency found traces of highly  enriched uranium at an Iranian site linked to the country's defense  ministry, diplomats said Friday, adding to concerns that Tehran was  hiding activities aimed at making nuclear arms.
The diplomats, who demanded anonymity in exchange for revealing the  confidential information, said the findings were preliminary and still  had to be confirmed through other lab tests. But they said the density  of enrichment appeared to be close to or above the level used to make  nuclear warheads.
Still, they said, further analysis could show that the traces match  others established to have come from abroad. The International Atomic  Energy Agency determined earlier traces of weapons-grade uranium were  imported on equipment from Pakistan that Iran bought on the black  market during nearly two decades of clandestine activity discovered  just over three years ago.
Uranium enriched to between 3.5 percent and 5 percent is used to make  fuel for reactors to generate electricity. It becomes suitable for use  in nuclear weapons when enriched to more than 90 percent.
Iran's refusal to give up enrichment ambitions has led to involvement  by the U.N. Security Council, which has the power to impose sanctions  but remains split on how firmly to pressure Tehran.
Key U.N. Security Council members agreed Tuesday to postpone a  resolution that would have delivered an ultimatum to Tehran, giving  Iran another two weeks to re-evaluate its insistence on developing its  uranium enrichment capabilities.
Iran's hard-line president said Friday that his country was not afraid  of possible U.S. military action over its enrichment program, but added  that he thought any such strikes were very unlikely. Washington has  said it favors a diplomatic end to the dispute, but it hasn't ruled out  military force.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also told a local TV station that Iran  would cooperate with the Security Council if it makes a decision on the  escalating standoff as long as the world body acts "in line with  international rules."
The Islamic republic denies accusations it wants to make nuclear arms  and says it is only interested in uranium to generate power.
To argue that it never enriched uranium domestically to weapons grade,  it cites the IAEA's tentative conclusion last year that weapons-grade  traces collected from other sites within the country with no suspected  ties to that military came in on equipment from Pakistan.
The origin of the samples now under perusal created some concern in  that regard.
One of the diplomats told The Associated Press that the samples came  from equipment that can be used in uranium-enriching centrifuges at a  former research center at Lavizan-Shian.
  The center is believed to have been the repository of equipment bought  by the Iranian military that could be used in a nuclear weapons  program.
The United States alleges Iran had conducted high-explosive tests that  could have a bearing on developing nuclear weapons at the site.
The State Department said in 2004 that Lavizan's buildings had been  dismantled and topsoil had been removed in attempts to hide nuclear  weapons-related experiments. The agency subsequently confirmed that the  site had been razed.
In an April 28 report to the U.N. Security Council and the IAEA's  35-nation board of governors, agency head Mohamed ElBaradei said the  agency took samples from some of the equipment of the former Physics  Research Center at Lavizan-Shian. The diplomat said the evaluation of  those samples revealed the traces in question.
Ahmadinejad's remarks on possible U.S. military action were made in  Jakarta during a discussion with Indonesian Islamic leaders.
Asked whether his country was prepared to face an attack by the United  States, he said "that is very unlikely because they know the Islamic  Republic of Iran is a strong country."
"They are trying to frighten our country by waging a propaganda  campaign using strong words. The people of Iran and the country are not  afraid of them," he said to applause from the audience.
The Chinese and Russians have balked at British, French and U.S.  efforts to put the resolution under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter.
  Such a move would declare Iran a threat to international peace and  security and set the stage for further measures if Tehran refuses to  suspend its uranium enrichment operations. Those measures could range  from breaking diplomatic relations to economic sanctions and military  action.
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From: "paul illich" <>Date: May 12, 2006 11:19:47 AM ESTTo: bluegreenearth@yahoogroups.comSubject: [bluegreenearth]  fwd: Harmless Levels of Chemicals Prove  Toxic TogetherReply-To:
Scientific American, May 1, 2006
                                      MIXING IT UP   Harmless Levels of Chemicals Prove Toxic Together
[Rachel's introduction: One chemical alone may do no harm in low doses,  butin conjunction with a few of its peers, even in doses that individually  seemsafe, it may inflict serious harm.]
By David Biello
One chemical alone may do no harm in low doses, but in conjunction with  afew of its peers, even in doses that are individually safe, it can  inflictserious harm. New research in frogs shows that a mixture of nine  chemicalsfound in a seed-corn field in York County, Nebraska, killed a third ofexposed tadpoles and lengthened time to metamorphosis by more than two  weeksfor the survivors.
Biologist Tyrone Hayes and his colleagues at the University of  California,Berkeley, have spent the past four years testing four herbicides, twofungicides and three insecticides commonly used in American cornfields.Individually, the chemicals had little effect on developing tadpoles at  lowconcentrations, such as about 0.1 part per billion. But when Hayes  exposedthem to all nine at the same low level in the laboratory--the lowest  levelactually found in the field--the future frogs fell prey to endemicinfection. Those that survived ended up smaller than their counterpartsraised in clean water--despite taking longer to mature into adults. "Inhumans, this is like saying, 'The longer you are pregnant, the smaller  yourbaby will be," which means the womb is no longer a nurturing  environment,"Hayes notes.
Hayes's study joins a growing body of work showing that chemicals incombination can produce a wide range of effects even at low  concentrations.Rick Relyea of the University of Pittsburgh has shown in several studiesthat tadpoles exposed in their water to low levels of a single  pesticide andthe smell of a predator will face significantly higher mortality rates.  Forinstance, about 90 percent of bullfrog tadpoles died from exposure to  thepesticide carbaryl when the smell of predatory newts was present,  whereas notadpoles perished if exposed to each individually. "The pesticide may beinducing a general stress in the tadpole that, when combined with  anotherstressor, becomes deadly, Relyea argues.
It is not just pesticides that show a mixture effect. Phthalates--  chemicalsofteners that make polymers flexible--can interfere with the sexualdevelopment of male rats. "We have males treated with phthalates where  thetestes are under the kidneys or floating around in the abdominal  cavity,"explains L. Earl Gray, Jr., a biologist at the Environmental ProtectionAgency and codiscoverer of this deformity, which has been dubbed  phthalatesyndrome. Gray has also found that various kinds of phthalates incombination either with one another Or with certain pesticides andindustrial effluents exert ever more powerful effects. For example, twophthalates at concentrations that on their own would not produce muchdeformity combined to create defective urethras (hypospadias) in 25  percentof exposed rats.
Besides adding to the issue of endocrine disruption--whether industrialchemicals are mimicking natural hormones--the findings on mixtures pose  anincredible challenge for regulators. With tens of thousands of  chemicals inregular use worldwide, assessing which combinations might prove harmful  is agargantuan task. "Most of the offices in the agency recognize that we  cannotoperate via the idea of 'one chemical, one exposure' to an individualanymore. We need to look at broader classes of compounds and how theyinteract," says Elaine Francis, national program director for the EPA'spesticides and toxics research program. But such testing has a long way  togo to reach any kind of regulation, particularly given industry's qualmsabout the validity of existing research.
Marian Stanley, who chairs the phthalates panel for the American  ChemistryCouncil, notes that at least one study showed that rodents suffering  fromphthalate malformations could still mate and have litters.
"The additivity of phthalates alone are on end points that may not have  anybiological relevance," she says.
Nevertheless, evidence continues to accumulate that mixture effects are  acritical area of study. In its National Water Quality Assessment, the  U.S.Geological Survey found that a sampling of the nation's streams  containedtwo or more pesticides 90 percent of the time. "The potential effects ofcontaminant mixtures on people, aquatic life and fish-eating wildlife  arestill poorly understood," states hydrologist Robert Gilliom, lead  author ofthe study. "Our results indicate, however, that studies Of mixtures  shouldbe a high priority."
Sidebar: Human Disruption
By David Biello
Besides affecting amphibians, endocrine disruption -- chemical  interferencewith hormonal cascades involved in development--may also be happening inhumans. Shanna Swan of the University of Rochester has linked fetal  exposureto phthalates and genital changes in 85 baby boys. "We found effects atlevels that are seen in a quarter of the U.S. population," Swarm says.
But whether the malformations stem from phthalates alone or in  combinationwith other compounds remains unknown, because humans encounter manychemicals in mixture. To help sort out matters, a Johns Hopkins  Universitystudy will look for the most common chemicals in people. Umbilical cordblood will be tested for a wide array of substances, from pesticides tophthalates to heavy metals, and the overall levels then correlated with  thebabies' characteristics at birth. Explains the study's leader, Lynn  Goldman:"If we can identify some of these mixtures to which people are commonlyexposed, then those might be the mixtures to look at more closely."
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The biggest con: Democrats & Republicans work together to destroy  America,part 1 of 3Tibor S. FriedmanOnline Journal Contributing Writer
America is being destroyed by enemies within and with the help of a  corruptedCongress and dumbed down (through public education and the corporate  media),apathetic, indifferent and lazy public. The window for action to  reverse thefascist trend of the last 50 years is fast closing and only an awake andvigilant citizenry can begin to comprehend and take action against the  comingtotalitarian devastation we have allowed to manifest in our country.
Moussaoui gets life (I think), not deathBy Jerry MazzaOnline Journal Contributing Writer
It was a nice try, but no cigar for trying to get the death penalty forZaccharias Moussaoui, the 37-year-old French Moroccan, would-be lone  goat tostand trial for the entire 9/11 massacre. Instead, to the prosecution'schagrin, Moussaoui received life, that is, in the maximum security  prison inFlorence, Colorado. And just a word about that life . . .
Blackwell grabs gov nod while (surprise! surprise!) voting machinesmalfunctionBy Bob Fitrakis and Harvey WassermanOnline Journal Guest Writers
Ohio's Republican Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has grabbed  the GOPnomination for governor in a vote count riddled with machine breakdowns.
The last gasp of the dollar; Iran bourse set to open shortlyBy Mike WhitneyOnline Journal Contributing Writer
Overnight the story of Iran's proposed oil bourse has slipped into themainstream press exposing the real reason behind Washington's hostilitytowards Tehran. Up to this point, analysts have brushed aside the  importanceof the upcoming oil-exchange as a "Leftist-Internet" conspiracy theoryunworthy of further consideration. Now, the Associated Press has  clarifiedthe issue showing that an Iran oil bourse "could lead central bankers  aroundthe world to convert some of their dollar reserves into euros, possiblycausing a decline in the dollar's value". ("Iran wants Oil Market in  Euros",Globe and Mail)
The president says immigrants "must learn to misinterpreate English"By Greg PalastOnline Journal Guest Writer
Okay, I made that up. The quote may be fabricated, but, for Cinco de  Mayo,our president did really, truly demand that, "Those who come here to ourcountry have a responsibility to learn the English language."
The biggest con: Democrats & Republicans work together to destroy  America,part 2 of 3Tibor S. FriedmanOnline Journal Contributing Writer
Nothing important gets into the corporate media unless officially  created,sanctioned, approved or leaked on purpose.
George W. Bush's War Stamp TaxBy Wayne MadsenOnline Journal Contributing Writer
(WMR) -- According to US Postal Service insiders, the Bush  administration,which has prided itself on tax cuts, has imposed a stealth war tax on  theAmerican people.
Reshuffling the cards in IraqBy Ghali HassanOnline Journal Contributing Writer
The recent installing of a puppet government in Iraq under U.S.  Occupationshows that America's messianic mission of “spreading democracy” is  flawed.The fraudulent electoral “law” imposed by the Occupation, and the U.S.addiction to violence to protect its imperialist and corporate  interests atthe expense of the Iraqi population provide compelling evidence against  theU.S. imperialist agenda in Iraq.
Call a spade a spadeBy Remi KanaziOnline Journal Contributing Writer
How long is a sane man expected to sit on his hands while his enemy  slaps himin the face? The Palestinian people have endured a prolonged aggression  by apariah state, and yet the world not only expects them to sit on their  hands,the world blames them for it.
As goes Maine . . .By Michael AshOnline Journal Contributing Writer
The call for the impeachment of George W. Bush is turning from a leak  into adownpour. Late last month the Kennebec County (Maine) Democratic  Committeejoined with other small communities like Lake Station, Indiana  (population14,000), and Northampton, Massachusetts (population 30,000), the StateDemocratic Committee of Vermont, and several state legislatures  (includingCalifornia and Illinois) that have introduced resolutions calling for  thepresident's impeachment.
The biggest con: Democrats & Republicans work together to destroy  America,part 3 of 3Tibor S. FriedmanOnline Journal Contributing Writer
Depleted uranium weapons were first given by the US to Israel for use  underUS supervision in the 1973 Sinai war against the Arabs. Since then the  US hastested, manufactured, and sold depleted uranium weapons systems to 29countries. An international taboo prevented their use until 1991, when  the USbroke the taboo and used them for the first time, on the battlefields  of Iraqand Kuwait.
World leaders suspect the Bush administration of involvement in the 911attacksBy Wayne MadsenOnline Journal Contributing Writer
(WMR) -- The first skeptics to question what role the Bush  administrationplayed in the 9-11 terrorist attacks were a few cabinet ministers in thegovernments of America's NATO allies. They included German Science andTechnology Minister Andreas Von Bulow and British Environment MinisterMichael Meacher. They were joined by Belgian European Parliament Member  PaulLannoye.
A word of warning about the new “Miami Vice” filmBy Larry ChinOnline Journal Associate Editor
A new “Miami Vice” film written and directed by Michael Mann is in the  works,starring Colin Farrell as Sonny Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Ricardo  Tubbs.Allegedly, the story involves the Crockett and Tubbs characters  battling atransnational Chinese-Cuban drugs-arms syndicate run by a villainess  playedby Gong Li. The character of Gina Calabrese is played by British actressNaomie Harris.
We're all disposableBy Frank PitzOnline Journal Contributing Writer
I don't remember just when it was that we became a disposable society,  ourbest rise in personal income came in the early 70s and perhaps it was  then.Disposable kind of crept into everyday use. The problem with that  though, isthat since the 70s real income has actually gone down and we are still  payinghomage to the disposable icon.
Bush to Palestine: “Go starve to death”By Mike WhitneyOnline Journal Contributing Writer
The United States and Israel have finally agreed on a plan to resolve  thedecades-long Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel will continue lobbing  missilesinto civilian areas of Gaza and the West Bank while the US cuts off  food andother vital aid to the territories. That way they can maximize the humansuffering while preparing the people for a violent death.
The money pit: Diebold vs. AmericaBy Denis WrightOnline Journal Contributing Writer
Georgia was the first state in the nation to go 100 percent with  electronicvoting, thanks to Secretary of State Cathy Cox. This was a mantle shecarried, and continues to carry, proudly. In fact, she's using it to  bolsterher run for governor in 2006, and indeed she is currently the Democraticfront-runner.
Iran and US: Nuclear standoff or realpolitik?By Ramzy BaroudOnline Journal Contributing Writer
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice couldn't possibly have been  moreaccurate when she accused Iran of "playing games" with the internationalcommunity.
Save Darfur? Not so fast . . .By Joshua FrankOnline Journal Contributing Writer
If President Bush had any foresight at all, he'd intervene in the Darfurmayhem just to slice a wedge in the antiwar movement. President Nixonattempted to do such a thing in the early 1970s when his administrationhelped establish the Environmental Protection Agency.
Only Arabs acting in unison can save PalestineBy Linda S. HeardOnline Journal Guest Writer
Jordan's King Abdallah urged decision-makers to act swiftly bearing in  mindthe new Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert's intention to unilaterally  delineateIsrael's permanent borders by 2010. “I fear if this short time is over  and wedon't reach a settlement there will be nothing left for the  Palestinians tonegotiate over,” the king said.
Silent protest, vocal responseBy Walter BraschOnline Journal Contributing Writer
“Enraged” would be too mild of an adjective to describe the caller toSpectrum magazine, a national award-winning student-produced magazine  for thepermanent residents of two rural counties in northeastern Pennsylvania.
Moussaoui comes out fighting againBy Jerry MazzaOnline Journal Contributing Writer
Ding, the bell rings for the next round. And like one more lone perp,Zacharias Moussaoui makes a post-sentencing turnaround to withdraw his  guiltyplea.
Battle Cry for theocracyBy Sunsara TaylorOnline Journal Guest Writer
If you've been waiting until the Christian fascist movement started  fillingstadiums with young people and hyping them up to do battle in “God's  army” toget alarmed, wait no longer.
Israeli Gestapo-like security personnel intimidate travelers from Europecoming to the United StatesBy Wayne MadsenOnline Journal Contributing Writer
(WMR) --  According to European journalists, Israeli citizens and  Europeannationals who are employees of the airport passenger screening firm  ICTS --International Consultants for Targeted Security -- an Israeli firm  based inthe Netherlands, routinely intimidate journalists who are visiting the  UnitedStates, demanding to know what stories they are working and with whom  theywill be talking.
The 'better late than never' brigadeBy Linda S. HeardOnline Journal Contributing Writer
The British Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has finally called for theclosure of Blair's "anomaly" Guantanamo, based on its illegality.  That's thegood news. The bad news is why did he wait so long to reach a  conclusion thatmost decent people in the world had already come to years ago?
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 Stephan Harper's first budget, while making little economic and socialsense, makes a great deal of political sense. Tidbits of spending aredistributed to enough disparate groups to aim at luring a  majority-makingcoalition of diverse interests. At the same time, Harper toughly  enforcesquiet from party members known for blurting out embarrassing,socially-backward views.
"Philosophical differences": Does property destruction equal  eco-terrorism?By Mickey Z.Online Journal Contributing Writer
When the FBI arrested several members (sic) of the Earth Liberation  Front(ELF) in early 2006, it came as no surprise that much of the corporate  mediarejoiced.
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Sadly, No!
You're not the only one improving yourself. I worked out with a dumbbell yesterday. I feel vigorous!

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[september_eleven_vreeland] Digest Number 1357

Topics in this digest:

1. Vanishing Act
From: "norgesen"
2. The central role of NSA in 9/11-where spooks meet truthlings
From: "civl ecco"
3. video - Cafferty: Dictatorship
From: "smacko"
4. video - Scarborough: Be Afraid, be very afraid
From: "smacko"


Message 1
From: "norgesen"
Date: Fri May 12, 2006 6:42am(PDT)
Subject: Vanishing Act

Thursday, May 11, 2006
Vanishing Act

When the cities are on fire with the burning flesh of men
Just remember that death is not the end
And you search in vain to find just one law abiding citizen
Just remember that death is not the end - Bob Dylan

Afraid I don't have time today to discuss these, but some stories need attention:

From Wednesday's Mirror the headline, "Have 200,000 AK47s Fallen Into the Hands of Iraq Terrorists?" (also see this thread on the RI discussion board):

Some 200,000 guns the US sent to Iraqi security forces may have been smuggled to terrorists, it was feared yesterday.

The 99-tonne cache of AK47s was to have been secretly flown out from a US base in Bosnia. But the four planeloads of arms have vanished.

Orders for the deal to go ahead were given by the US Department of Defense. But the work was contracted out via a complex web of private arms traders.

And the Moldovan airline used to transport the shipment was blasted by the UN in 2003 for smuggling arms to Liberia, human rights group Amnesty has discovered.

It follows a separate probe claiming that thousands of guns meant for Iraq's police and army instead went to al-Qaeda.

Amnesty chief spokesman Mike Blakemore said: "It's unbelievable that no one can account for 200,000 assault rifles. If these weapons have gone missing it's a terrifying prospect." American defence chiefs hired a US firm to take the guns, from the 90s Bosnian war, to Iraq.

But air traffic controllers in Baghdad have no record of the flights, which supposedly took off between July 2004 and July 2005. A coalition forces spokesman confirmed they had not received "any weapons from Bosnia" and added they were "not aware of any purchases for Iraq from Bosnia". Nato and US officials have already voiced fears that Bosnian arms - sold by US, British and Swiss firms - are being passed to insurgents. A NATO spokesman said: "There's no tracking mechanism to ensure they don't fall into the wrong hands. There are concerns that some may have been siphoned off." This year a newspaper claimed two UK firms were involved in a deal in which thousands of guns for Iraqi forces were re-routed to al-Qaeda.

The Moldovan airline is Aerocom, and yes, it's one of Victor Bout's.

It's always a bang-your-head-against-the-wall moment, reading again the play the incompetence theory receives, even from some of the Administration's harshest mainstream critics. But then, even to talk of an "administration" may be misdirection at this point, given how little representative government means in the United States these days, and how much of "national security" has been privatized into a global gangland of drugs and guns.

Like the tens of billions of dollars that have been "lost" in Iraq, planeloads of arms don't just "vanish"; not when the Pentagon contracts the work to an international criminal of Bout's untouchable stature. But Bout's name isn't likely to be mentioned in whatever coverage this story receives, before it sinks like so many others beneath the media's frothing triviality.

Meanwhile, a decision's been reached in the trial of Toledo priest Gerald Robinson. And it's guilty:

The Rev. Gerald Robinson appeared stony-faced as the jury's guilty verdict was read, and he blinked repeatedly and glanced at his lawyers before being led away in handcuffs.


The crime occurred in the sacristy adjoining the hospital chapel in downtown Toledo on the Saturday before Easter in 1980. Investigators said the nun, Margaret Ann Pahl, 71, was strangled and then stabbed, with nine wounds on her chest forming the shape of an inverted cross, a well-recognized Satanic symbol.

An altar cloth was draped over her half-naked body, which was posed as if she had been sexually assaulted.

"It was about how he could humiliate her the most," prosecutor Dean Mandros said in closing arguments. "He left a message for everyone to see � maybe to God himself."

After the sentencing one of Robinson's tearful supporters "turned to Claudia Vercellotti, a local leader of the Survivors Network for Those Abused by Priests [SNAP], who had helped reopen the case, and told her, 'I hope you rot in hell!'"

From SNAP's statement on the Robinson conviction:

More than ever, police and prosecutors have the tools and the will to go after horrific crimes, even when the defendants are seemingly powerful individuals or institutions.

When victims and witnesses stay silent, nothing changes. When victims and witnesses speak up, at least sometimes a child is protected, the truth is exposed, and justice is done.

The murder weapon, Robinson's letter opener:

Finally, from an email, a follow-up on the reopening of the investigation into the Atlanta Child Murders:

Dekalb County Police Chief Louis Graham...the man who reopened the investigations last year, is mysteriously stepping down. And of all the people who the county is getting to find a none other than Lee Brown, the original supervisor of the Atlanta PD, who was in office during the murders and the subsequent investigation.

SNAP is right in part. Police and prosecutors have the tools. The will is another matter. Some do, individually. But institutionally? That's still the domain of those who don't.


Anonymous said...

Then, of course, there is the evidence the jury did not hear about in the Robinson case...

Funny how some things are squirelled away by well-meaning prosecutors... Maybe because they hint at a larger conspiracy/network of abusers/satanic underground?


starroute said...

And MEK -- the Iranian (not Iraqi) terror group in question -- is itself unquestionably a cult:

As the leaders like to boast, the Mujahedeen is a family affair. (''We have three generations of martyrs: grandmothers, mothers, daughters.'') Most of the girls I was meeting had grown up in Mujahedeen schools in Ashraf, where they lived separated from their parents. Family visits were allowed on Thursday nights and Fridays. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, many of these girls were transported to Jordan and then smuggled to various countries -- Germany, France, Canada, Denmark, England, the United States -- where they were raised by guardians who were usually Mujahedeen supporters. When they were 18 or 19, many of them decided to come back to Iraq and fill the ranks of the youngest Mujahedeen generation. Though ''decided'' is probably not the right word, since from the day they were born, these girls and boys were not taught to think for themselves but to blindly follow their leaders. ''Every morning and night, the kids, beginning as young as 1 and 2, had to stand before a poster of Massoud and Maryam, salute them and shout praises to them,'' Nadereh Afshari, a former Mujahedeen deep-believer, told me. Afshari, who was posted in Germany and was responsible for receiving Mujahedeen children during the gulf war, said that when the German government tried to absorb Mujahedeen children into their education system, the Mujahedeen refused. Many of the children were sent to Mujahedeen schools, particularly in France. The Rajavis, Afshari went on to say, ''saw these kids as the next generation's soldiers. They wanted to brainwash them and control them.'' Which may explain the pattern to their stories: a journey to self-empowerment and the enlightenment of self-sacrifice inspired by the light and wisdom of Maryam and Massoud.


One has to wonder whether the bright fellows in our government and military who set up the deals with these people don't know what they are, don't care, or know perfectly well.


jon said...

US outsourcing special ops, intelligence to Iraq terror group, intelligence officials say

The Pentagon is bypassing official US intelligence channels and turning to a dangerous and unruly cast of characters in order to create strife in Iran in preparation for any possible attack, former and current intelligence officials say...

A country deserves the leaders it has, my friends...


Message 2
From: "civl ecco"
Date: Fri May 12, 2006 1:12pm(PDT)
Subject: The central role of NSA in 9/11-where spooks meet truthlings

Rosalee Grable

Date: Fri May 12, 2006 10:11 am
Subject: [Fwd: Re: The central role of NSA in 9/11 ..... where spooks meet truthlings]

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-------- Original Message --------

Subject: [911InsideJobbers] Re: The central role of NSA in 9/11 ..... where spooks meet truthlings Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 01:24:11 -0000 From: Lynn Ertell <> Great work there. That really fleshes out the whole picture. --- In, "Nico Haupt" <nicohaupt@...> wrote: > > > --- Urspr�ngliche Nachricht --- > > Von: "Lynn Ertell" <lynnertell@...> > > An:

> > Betreff: [911InsideJobbers] Re: What is Duke Cunningham covering up? > > Datum: Fri, 12 May 2006 00:32:43 -0000 > > > > > Archbishop Col. Robert Bowman was Manager, Advanced Space Programs at > General Dynamics, responsible for the communications spacecraft product > line.

> > Culminating a 22-year Air Force career in 1978, Col. Bowman was Director of > Advanced Space Programs Development for the Air Force Space Division. >

> This alone reads like a close associate of NRO/NGA/NSA/NASA clan, > now 'outsourced' on purpose for a military limited hangout.

> > Bowman was also somehow pro-war Iraq, supportive of the troops. > He is one of the most intelligent speakers of the clan. > I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing - :) > > > > > > > > >>>>>> > Hmmm... > Deconstructing the inner motives of opportunists, careerists, cash > swindlers, Cointelpro operators and plain old useful idiots ... > It's enuff to make one's head spin ...

> > Paul Thompson essentially packaged his "Timeline" (branding again) to > sell himself as a truthiness authority figure on 9/11. > Now just how does that happen ?

> > Did he start out honest and just get sidetracked, co-opted, bought off > or socially pressured ? > Or was he always calculating how to play the official limited hangout > as a long-term career plan ? > Or was he being worked by someone else at a higher level ?

> > It makes one dizzy to follow the twisted paths of people like Jim > Hoffman ... or Kyle Hence. > Can't get my mind around these people.

> > Here was this retired "Star Wars" director, Bowman, with his rank and > his medals and his Reagan-era credentials, on Internet Radio, arguing > that we shouldn't speak or act in any way that might be construed as > an "attack" on the motives and collaboration of all "the hard-working > patriotic professionals" people-ing our Pentagon, NYPD, FDNY, > name it ..

> And then Bowman caps it off by advising us to get on board his > Congressional campaign, so he can "open up a Congressional > investigation into 9/11" ......

with a permanently corrupted and > compromised Congress, no doubt, ushered into office with > electronically rigged WWF election campaigns.

> > Lt. Col. Bowman IS NOT calling for the indictment and arrest of the > perps whom have already been identified by name (check out Team8 or > Morgan Reynolds)... ? > So what is Bowman's agenda ?

> I understand he started his breakaway branch of the Catholic Church > (shades of the kind of thing Mel Gibson is into) ... > So is Bowman angling for a bishopric ? > Or does he want to be elected Pope ?

> This retired high-ranking USAF officer can't be that clueless. > He is sheep-dipping 9/11 in intellectual dishonesty, rationalization, > false patriotism, compliance with corruption, treason and murder .. so > we won't "offend" all those "hard-working, honest patriots" at the > Pentagon, DIA, CIA, FAA ... > > Yeah.. Bowman is definitely NWO Presidential material.

> > Or what about this retired General Karpinski or Karen Kwiatowski ? > Just what social concerns burden their compliance with the official > version of 9/11 ? > > Is it all about the risk of losing a Federal pension ? >

> And as for useful idiots ... > Just who or what is behind a Janet Matthews ? > I refuse to believe that she writes her own script. > With all those kids to look after, how could she possibly have the > time ?

> Maybe we should just ignore all these people. > It's the false content of what they are saying that needs to be > exposed and challenged. > More than their puerile and bathetic personalities and motives .. >

> On the other hand, tracing their networks back up the line, may take > us directly to some 9/11 major perps. > Especially in the plot-line dept. > And wherever money, jobs, business, family connections and academic > ties can be traced. > > Then it's interesting because it becomes counter-Cointelpro. <<<

Registered Member #11

Joined: Fri Mar 11 2005, 02:30AM

Hayden and the NSA- the most ignored "9/11 connection"?

A 'rant' based on research, compiled between 2001 and 2006,
by ewing2001

Gen. Michael V. Hayden, currently Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence has also served as Commander of the Air Intelligence Agency and as Director of the Joint Command and Control Warfare Center.

But more important, he was also former head of the NSA (March 1999 - April 2005).

The role of the NSA regarding 9/11, and ironically also the 9/11 truth 'community',

is consequently dismissed and ignored by many '9/11 truthseekers'.

Apparently because some particular '9/11 authors'
and self appointed '9/11 activist leaders'
distracted too much with 'CIA, Cheney and the Pentagon'.

It was always clear, why.
To also delay or distract from all physical evidence, based on military operations, scripted by the NSA and their private contractors.

The NSA, but also the NASA had their eyes not only on the 9/11 "plotline"but also on the "military operation" of 9/11.
More closely than any other U.S. Government Agency.

The National Security Agency (NSA) has traditionally influenced
and been a very early and sophisticated user of the highest performance of commercial computer, storage, and networking systems.

That includes also the Internet and the internet "daisy committees" of the NSA.

These are unidentified online trolls, which nicknames share different I.P. addresses, though only impostering 'one and the same user'.

However this "user", represented with a nickname is also able to post 24/7 on particular discussion boards, apparently without any sleep.

The NSA can also basically login and monitor all important databases of the U.S., especially aviation databases.

Among them the National Flight Database (NFD).

Current data elements included are:

Airports and Heliports, Standard Terminal Arrival Procedures (STARs), GPS and RNAV (GPS) or Runways for airports that have a SIAP coded in the NFD.

Would the NSA 'log in' on the morning on Sep11th?

Sure they would.

That's why they also know, that the BTS database of the FAA already proves, that "AA77" and "AA11" did not exist on the morning of 9/11.

The NSA knew all alleged passengers on the morning of Sep11th.
They know this faster than the FBI or CIA.

They know which plane does exist and which doesn't.

They also know in real time, what really happened in NYC, Shanksville and at the Pentagon, because of less stress of 'competence'.

In other words, the NSA are important part of the perpetrators who 'did 9/11'.

"The CIA did 9/11" is instead distraction language of many "9/11 truthlings", based on a dried out old school meme of the 80s.

This meme often also includes other inane 'NWO'-drivel like endless distractions of esoterical traps like "MK-ULTRA" or "drug business", to water down the issue.

The 'CIA-talk' often distracts on alleged on-topic 'discussion forums' with other off-topics, which immediately deceive their online members with secondary 'research' or even pseudo-religious agenda, new age cults and other historical sideshows.

Often "CIA researchers" find themselves quickly among associates of "TWA800 researchers" or worse: "JFK researchers" or "moonflight hoax debunkers".

The strategy is obvious.

To distract from Sep11th with either paranoia or "80s conspiracy theories".

"The Mossad did it"-meme has a similar strategy, though it clearly distracts with other obvious agendas, often even conflicting each other,
which has the same purpose: Divide and Conquer.

Right after 9/11, self appointed "Mossad researchers", often end up
in debates on historical research from over 2000-3000 years ago,
which is even more effective.

The 'CIA distraction' also helps to stir a fight between
the supporters of the 'mossad distraction'
and the 'CIA-NWO' sensationalists,
often also accused as "zionists", especially if you deny ANY complicity of the Mossad.

But what has 'complicity' to do with the actual performance of the inside operation?

Basically the same complicity of the so called '9/11 cover-up'
can also be easily constructed with the dutch-, german-, saudi- or pakistani intelligence.

The result is an endless debate on whether the one or other agency had more orless participation into 9/11.

What almost noone realizes, all these 'complicities' refer in the majority to the plotline, not the military operation.

Therefore it doesn't matter if either CIA, BND, MOSSAD, Dutch Intelligence or "Able Danger" "observed" or "impostered" the alleged hijackers.

It all represents just the 'plotline' and distracts from
the controlled demolition or the so called "controversial" TV fakery research. ( )

The "CIA connection" was also designed to distract from the private military-and intelligence contractors (PMCs), which already replaced and dominatedU.S. Intelligence anyway.

Another "distraction", not less effective, is the "Bush did it" meme,
which helps to distract with post 9/11' -"scandals" of the White House or Pentagon, to keep false hope campaigners or the complete 'anti-war movement' busy.

The same "bush did it" meme also automatically triggers other inane 'activist drivel' on prior knowledge red herrings like Jeb or Marvin Bush.

That's why also so called leftgatekeepers are still clueless about the real playersof many other new 'setups' against their own citizens:

Among them In-Q-Tel, Titan Corp., BoozAllen Hamilton, CSC/DynCorp, SAIC and many others.

The NSA has their own satellite surveillance trackers, developed by SAICand other private intelligence contractors.

(* see also
SAIC- power structure 9/11 and more

On the morning of Sep11th, the NSA did not follow any particular standard government- and military procedure or any other logistics, therefore cannot be accused of "negligence".

There also was no "Rumsfeld around".
Neither a silly "Rove influence", "Cheney" or "Joe Wilson",
all carefully designed limited hangout puppets.

Truthlings and Gatekeepers apparently watched too many soap operas.
If the name isn't known to them, it isn't 'cool' to talk about.

That's why more important players of the 9/11 perps never arrived
on any '9/11 truth flyer', among them:

Douglas Feith, Stephen Cambone, Jay C Davis (ANSER), James Woolsey, Ruth David, James R. Clapper, Duane (Dewey) Clarridge, Andrew W. "Yoda" Marshall, Scott Myers, Eliot Cohen, Christopher Demut, Thomas S. Foley, Charles Holland, David Jeremiah, Michael Ledeen, Norman Podhoretz, Bruce P. Jackson, the Naudet Brothers, the Club of Rome, Raytheon and many others.

That's why also the role of the NSA is underrepresented in this 'truth movement', because much closer to the truth than anyone else.

That's why cointel-pro still succesfully runs or deceives the biggest 'activist' groups in the 9/11 truth movement.

Anyone knows, that the Heritage Foundation runs,
where most of the 'activists' met in the first time?

Obviously the majority doesn't.

"Profile producers" are less important than "profile paranoia".

When 'Civil Right activists' try to distract with "controversial surveillance facts" on the NSA, they follow a clear script from their leadership groups, itself also infiltrated by government agents or sponsored by right wing think tanks, ironically also often close to the CIA.

The same or similar pattern can be also seen in the 'alternative media'.
Often cited in this connection:

DemocracyNow!, FAIR, Nation, PBS or

It not only helps as a gatekeeper distraction from 9/11,
it also helps to increase the limited hangout agenda
for the political theatre.

However the role of the NSA for both 9/11 'plotline' and 'military operation', but also 'disinformation front' and 'surveillance industry' regarding 9/11 'activists' is much more important.

It wasn't the CIA, but apparently the NSA with their most advanced high tech, which really was in charge of the so called "9/11 plotline".

However the official 'plotline' of 9/11 had nothing to do with the military operation.

The 'plotline' of 9/11 helped as most important distraction, even still in 2006.

While the 9/11 perpetrators used the CIA as helpful distraction idiots,
the NSA knew exactly who observed whom in the 'plotline' and when the 'military operation' would take place:

"Tomorrow is Zero hour" (September 10th, 2001)



Message 3
From: "smacko"
Date: Fri May 12, 2006 9:23pm(PDT)
Subject: video - Cafferty: Dictatorship

Cafferty: Dictatorship

Cafferty: Dictatorship

Jack Cafferty didn't hold back today:

Video-WMP Video-QT

Cafferty: We all hope nothing happens to Arlen Specter, the Republican head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, cause he might be all that stands between us and a full blown dictatorship in this country. He's vowed to question these phone company executives about volunteering to provide the government with my telephone records, and yours, and tens of millions of other Americans.

Shortly after 9/11, AT7T, Verizon, and BellSouth began providing the super-secret NSA with information on phone calls of millions of our citizens, all part of the War on Terror, President Bush says. Why don't you go find Osama bin Laden, and seal the country's borders, and start inspecting the containers that come into our ports?

The President rushed out this morning in the wake of this front page story in USA Today and declared the government is doing nothing wrong, and all this is just fine. Is it? Is it legal? Then why did the Justice Department suddenly drop its investigation of the warrantless spying on citizens because the NSA said Justice Department lawyers didn't have the necessary security clearance to do the investigation. Read that sentence again. A secret government agency has told our Justice Department that it's not allowed to investigate it. And the Justice Department just says ok and drops the whole thing. We're in some serious trouble, boys and girls"

Jesse has a round up of House members reactions...

Harman and Conyers just introduced a bill: "The Act would require any attempt to listen in on Americans or collect telephone or e-mail records to be be conducted in accordance with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA)"

How long does it have to take for our representatives to wake up and realize what this administration is doing? Turley last night made it quite clear. They violate every law that they do not like. They don't shy away from that position publicly either. The rubber stamp Repubs are just as guilty. Does anyone expect Specter to actually do something meaningful except to blow plenty of hot air?

commentsComments permalink1:30:21 PM

Message 4
From: "smacko"
Date: Fri May 12, 2006 9:24pm(PDT)
Subject: video - Scarborough: Be Afraid, be very afraid

Scarborough: Be Afraid, be very afraid

Scarborough: Be Afraid, be very afraid

Joe speaks out against the Phone scam. When republican pundits are so fiercely against this program, how long will it take for the American people to understand Jonathan Turley's outrage?
Video-WMP Video-QT

Scarborough: Now, for liberals who've long been going against almost all of these issues to defend privacy, the news has to be disturbing. But no less so the conservatives who have fought national ID cards and gun registration for years out of fear of big government.

Now, whatever you consider yourself, friends, you should be afraid. You should be very afraid. With over 200 million Americans targeted, this domestic spying program is so widespread, it is so random, it is so far removed from focusing on al Qaeda suspects that the president was talking about today, that it's hard to imagine any intelligence program in U.S. history being so susceptible to on"

Duncan: It's important to note also, of course, that being briefed on classified programs doesn't meant that Democrats can a) tell anyone about them or b) have the power to do anything about them. So to some extent the "they were briefed" is a bit of a red herring anyway.

SusanG lists a few more Repubs asking questions.

commentsComments permalink12:12:36 PM

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[political-researchp] Bloglines - Secrecy Privilege Invoked in Fighting Ex-Detainee's Lawsuit - Washington Post

Google News Google News - Top Stories
Google News - Top Stories

Secrecy Privilege Invoked in Fighting Ex-Detainee's Lawsuit - Washington Post

Washington Post
Secrecy Privilege Invoked in Fighting Ex-Detainee's Lawsuit
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
For at least the fifth time in the past year, the Justice Department yesterday invoked the once rarely cited state secrets privilege to argue that a lawsuit alleging government wrongdoing should be dismissed without an airing, this time in the case of a ...
US urges judge to dismiss German's CIA abduction claim (Roundup) Monsters and
US Argues to Block Suit Against CIA Houston Chronicle
New York Times - Reuters - WAVY-TV - JURIST - all 137 related

Politics Traditions American politics
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The Times and USA Today have Missed the Bigger Story -- Again

The Times and USA Today have Missed the Bigger Story -- Again

"The fear-mongering we depict in the film reminds me of President Bush and his guys".

Posted by Picasa

[UrukNet] - [Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] - [newsletter 12 May 2006 - Part One]
:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Final phase of the Iraqi war
Firas Al-Atraqchi
The argument to divide Iraq into three or five distinct regional and ethnic entities resurfaced with renewed poignancy in recent months. Such ideas came to head when a senior Democratic Senator offered his blueprint for resolving the Iraq debacle last week. United States Senator Joseph Biden and foreign policy expert Leslie Gelb wrote in The New York Times that dividing the country into three separate entities would be the surest way to end the violence (...) The tim! ing of this declaration is not at all surprising because it follows a long list, like a recipe for civil war and decimation, which has been employed by foreign occupiers -- and covert allies -- in Iraq. The first phase was to invade Iraq. The second phase was propping up Iraqi exiles in power. The third phase is fomenting civil strife and conflict. The fourth phase is the division of the country and its oil wealth...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Ahmadinejad: Is he John Locke or John Brown?
Mike Whitney
President Ahmadinejad’s 18 page letter won’t soften attitudes in Washington or deter the western press from slandering him as the "new Hitler", but it may dispel the illusion that he is a fanatical jihadi who is endangering the free world. The letter shows that Iran would like to open a dialogue with the United States so the current standoff can be resolved peacefully. The Bush administration, however, has brushed aside Iran’s gesture leaving many to bel! ieve that another war is imminent. Ahmadinejad’s letter is statesmanlike, but heartfelt; more John Locke than John Brown. It articulates Iran’s long list of grievances with the United States, but it also offers a constructive vision for working towards a common goal...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Trail of Deception: Remembering how we got here
occams hatchet, Daily Kos
The United States has been at war in Iraq for 38 months. As of this writing, more than 2,400 U.S. soldiers and 100,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians, have died. More than 18,000 U.S. soldiers have been permanently injured. The financial cost for the war is nearing 300 billion dollars, and could ultimately exceed 2 trillion dollars. How did we get to this place? We didn't arrive in the middle of the bloodiest war since Vietnam by accident, or ha! ppenstance. Far from it. Like Hansel and Gretel from the children's fairy tale, the American people were led deeper and deeper into a frighteningly dark forest, to a terrifying place where horrible things happen to little children - and to children not so little (for we are all - every last one of us - children). But unlike Hansel and Gretel, it is possible for us to retrace our steps, to look back and see clearly the path that brought us here, to hold accountable those whose guidance we trusted and followed. The statements below are the breadcrumbs that mark the trail of deception that led us into war...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Shotgun Wedding
Chris Floyd
...Yet it is painfully obvious that the forces which come closest to matching this ignorant propaganda term have in fact been empowered by Bush's war. Obscurantist clerics and deadly sectarian groups backed by Bush now rule in Iraq, while his war of aggression there -- and his global gulag of torture and unlawful detention -- are swelling the ranks of violent extremists around the world, as his own State Department acknowledges in its latest report on international terrorism. For examp! le, last month, 14-year-old Ahmed Khalil was shot dead by the Bush-backed Iraqi police on the doorstep of his home, the Independent reports. His crime? Homosexuality. He was just one of scores of homosexuals -- or suspected homosexuals -- systematically slaughtered by the sectarian militias that Bush is arming and training to serve as Iraq's official "security" force...

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Ramsey Clark's brief to IST
Ramsey Clark,
Text of the brief sent by Ramsey Clark, the former US general-attorney to the Iraqi Special Tribunal: The Iraqi Special Tribunal must direct a verdict of acquittal and dismiss the Dujail case for failure to prove its charges. The prosecution has completed its presentation of evidence on the Dujail charges and must be judged on that evidence just as the Chief Prosecutor at Nuremberg asserted that the Nuremberg Tribunal and Prosecutor would be judged on! the record there. The whole prosecution case presented in this first trial before the IST is either a profound misunderstanding of the time, the place, the people, the events and the circumstances addressed, or it is a deliberate misrepresentation of them. The failure to properly prepare its case and the chaotic manner in which witnesses arid documents were presented by the Prosecutor contributed to the confusion in the courtroom and misunderstanding by the media (...) No other evidence to support the charges against President Saddam Hussein, or of merely wrongful conduct by him, was presented by the prosecution. The defendants are entitled to directed verdicts of acquittal and dismissal of the charges...

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This Time, It Really Is Orwellian
Robert Parry,
Given George W. Bush’s history of outright lying, especially on national security matters, it may seem silly to dissect his words about the new disclosure that his administration has collected phone records of some 200 million Americans. But Bush made two parse-able points in reacting to USA Today’s story about the National Security Agency building a vast database of domestic phone calls. "We’re not mining or trolling through the personal lives of! millions of innocent Americans," Bush said, adding "the privacy of ordinary Americans is fiercely protected in all our activities." In his brief remarks, however, Bush didn’t define what he meant by "ordinary Americans" nor whether the data-mining might cover, say, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, just not "millions." For instance, would a journalist covering national security be regarded as an "ordinary American"? What about a political opponent or an anti-war activist who has criticized administration policies in the Middle East?...

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Why the United States Invaded Iraq and is Now Thinking About Invading Iran
Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar, Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar
...But why did the United States attack Iraq and why is she so keen on attacking Iran now? We now know that from the beginning, this administration was looking for any excuse to invade Iraq. Washington has, over time, given a number of different reasons for invading Iraq: starting with Iraq's developing Nuclear weapons, to war on terror, to spreading democracy in the Middle East. All these reasons ha! ve proven to be false. Iraq did not possess any Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD); and did not have any link to Al Qaeda. And instead of democracy, Iraqis have had to endure Abu Ghraib, car bombs, and shortage of basic services such as electricity, clean water, and health care. None of the ministries are functioning properly and in addition Iraq has to deal with half a million displaced people. There is also talk of a partitioning of Iraq...

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Global Eye: Bush Spy Program a Pale Echo of Echelon
Chris Floyd
Once again, we must ride to the rescue of President George W. Bush, who is being unfairly maligned by a few malcontents unhappy with his secret program to capture and data-mine every single phone call made by anyone anywhere in the United States. These irrational "Bush-haters" refuse to believe the Leader's minions - and even the Leader His Own Self! - when they assure us that the personal data sucked into these vast Orwellian black holes will never,! ever, ever, never be abused in any way. I mean, what more do the Leader's anti-American, terrorist-coddling critics want?...

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Iraqi Army? What Iraqi Army? Shia and Kurd soldiers in fire fight
Truth About Iraqis
...Seems the Kurdish peshmerga contingent of the Iraqi army and the Shia contingent of the Iraqi army don't like each other much. According to the Associated Press, they've been having a shootout with one another. "Clashes erupted Friday between two Iraqi army units following a roadside bombing north of the capital, and Iraqi police said a Shiite solder was killed in an exchange of fire with a Kurdish unit." Was this an isolated ! incident or was it induced by, oh, I don't know, someone from a neighboring country, perhaps?...

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US network to laugh at Iraqi dead journalists
Truth About Iraqis
Sensationalistic this headline is? Perhaps. But what else can you say about HBO - one of the most popular cable entertainment network's in the US - deciding to produce a comedy about journalists in Baghdad. In Baghdad? Yes, Baghdad where some five Iraqi journalists have died in the past week. Yes, Baghdad where dozens of foreign and Iraqi journalists have been killed, kidnapped, beheaded, garotted, you name it. So, to honor them, the US goes full th! rottle with a comedy...

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U.S. tank falls off bridge into canal in Iraq, killing 4 Marines
Four U.S. Marines drowned when their tank rolled off a bridge into a canal, the military said Friday. Gunmen killed a Sunni preacher and his son in the mostly Shiite city of Basra despite an appeal for tolerance by Iraq's top Shiite cleric. The four Marines died Thursday near Karmah, 80 kilometers (50 miles) west of Baghdad in Anbar province...

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Misleading news item of the day
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News
From AP: Rep. John Murtha, a Vietnam veteran first elected in the anti-war fever of 1974, says American troops will be brought home from Iraq by 2007. Not just misleading, quadruply so. First, the clear implication that Murtha was somehow part of the "anti-war fever of 1974" (like, say, John Kerry) is simply nonsense; Murtha has been a hawk his entire life and as far as I know has supported every war the U.S. has fought. Second, what does "! by 2007" mean? To me it means by the end of December, 2006--7 1/2 months from now...

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US fuel tankers burned in North Baghdad ambush
Three US fuel transport tankers were set on fire Thursday in an attack by militants in North Baghdad, eyewitnesses said Friday. The witnesses told KUNA unknown militants attacked late last night a convoy of US army trucks near Al-Mshahda, North Baghdad. They added three fuel tankers were burned completely. The witnesses also said US forces quickly returned fire and surrounded the scene while helicopters were seen hovering in the area in search for the perpetrato! rs...

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UN hearings probe Washington’s systematic use of torture at home and abroad
Tom Carter, WSWS
A US delegation’s claim that Washington is abiding by international treaties barring torture was met with open skepticism at a United Nations hearing held in Geneva.(...) The US delegation repeated the old lie that the incidents documented in the photographs that emerged from the US prison at Abu Ghraib in Iraq merely reflected the deeds of a few "bad apples," and did not flow directly from official government policy. Thi! s contention has recently been further discredited by the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU’s) release of a document revealing that Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, then commander of US forces in Iraq, had ordered interrogators to "go to the outer limits" to "break" prisoners...

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Still crazy after all these years
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News
World Can't Wait alerts us to a case of one of its supporters who was arrested for the egregious crime of posting a "Bush Step Down" sign on a utility pole, thereby violating a Cleveland Heights city ordinance, and then convicted of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. The "criminal" is a 53-year old woman, but according to the police, they could hardly constrain her: "Downey said Fisher gave him and his partner all that they could ha! ndle even though the officers weigh over 200 pounds, lift weights and are 20 years younger than Fisher." But a possible sentence of three years in jail wasn't enough for the U.S. injustice system...

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 11 May 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
...In a dispatch posted at 7:25pm Makkah time Thursday evening, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US warplanes rocketed residential apartments in the northeast of ar-Ramadi, about 110km west of Baghdad. The correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that at the time of reporting the American fighter-bombers had so far fired seven rockets into homes in the area.! Clouds of smoke could be seen rising from the houses and the US aircraft were continuing with their intensive rocket bombardment. The American planes fired one rocket into an ambulance that was trying to get into the neighborhood. That strike killed the ambulance driver and two first aid workers who were riding inside....

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GI Special 4E11: "It's Life And Death Every Day"
Thomas F.barton
Maria Gomez, center, mother of Sgt. Jose Gomez, with her husband Felix Jimenez, as she and Gomez's fiancee Marie Canario mourn during her son's funeral service, May 10, 2006 in New York. Gomez died in Baghdad on April 28, 2006 when a roadside bomb detonated near his Humvee. The soldier was assigned to the 10th Cavalry, 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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120 American snipers in Ramadi are also killing women and children
Imad Khadduri, Free Iraq
...An Iraqi Resistance Fighter in Ramadi has confirmed that the number of American snipers on the roofs of buildings in the city are estimated to be 120 snipers. They are dispersed on the roofs of civilian houses that were forcibly occupied by them. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Dulaimi further stated that the dispersion of the American snipers in this manner has made it very difficult for the Resistance fighters to move and manoeuvre..! .

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Today in Iraq
Attack on an American patrol on a US Army convoys southwest of Baghdad on Thursday, killing one soldier, the US command said. Roadside bomb attack on an American patrol in the same region killed two soldiers, the military said.Veteran of Baltimore police force who went to Iraq to work for a company that trains Iraqi police died last week in that country. A spokeswoman for the David J. Weber Funeral Home, the family said the death was not combat-related. Poli! ce in Baghdad say a body found last week has been identified as that of a journalist. He's at least the fourth Iraqi journalist or media worker killed in Iraq this month...

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Four US soldiers killed in Iraq
The US military on Thursday announced the deaths of four soldiers, including three in two separate roadside bombings southwest of Baghdad. On Thursday two soldiers were killed near Batrah when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb at around 9:00 am (0500 GMT), while another soldier died in a similar bombing at 6:30 am (0230 GMT) near Zaybaq in a separate attack. Both the attacks occurred in locations southwest of Baghdad. The military also announced the death of a soldier th! at occurred on Tuesday of "non-combat related wounds" near the northern city of Mosul...

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Third Reich Tyrants
Cindy Sheehan
...I have had a chance since Camp Casey in August to travel the world. I have had the honor of meeting hundreds of fellow souls who are just plain sick and tired of the way BushCo is cavorting around the world and comporting themselves as fledgling 3 rd Reich tyrants (Hitler didn't need warrants either) who are threatening the way of life of every person who inhabits our world. I was only just in Canada and got to meet many of our brothers and sisters north of the border...

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