Thursday, January 13, 2005

Priceless Ali G.!

You've got to read the blog entry from 1/12/2005 about the scripted town hall meeting. It's just too much to stomach.

Charity begins at... the PR Department.....

Moving On from the Animal Kingdom to... British Royalty.

Interesting Snippet about Computers and Job Applicants

A Humorous Story from Nature ("The Rulez" for flies).

What an wonderful piece of technology they're working on. What is unbelievable to me is that the biggest concept they mention in this story for using all this expanded solar power harnessing capability is for recharging our cell phones and blackberries. What??  Posted by Hello

Health News

Near Boulder CO

The United States is fighting terrorism and pushing people into being enemies

Washington Post Blundered

Maybe Ann Coulter has a future in comedy.

Ann Coulter's "funny" wore off

Neocon Watch

O'Reilly is easily exposed as a Fraud

News from Palestine

The incomparable "Daily Howler"

I'd like to think Marianne Williamson has valuable knowledge here. I have to say that I'm skeptical.

Michael Chertoff, appointed by President Bush to head the Homeland Security Department, may have shielded from criminal prosecution a former client suspected by law enforcement of having funneled millions of dollars directly to Osama Bin Laden while in charge of the U.S. Government’s 9.11 investigation.

Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman?

Political Humor!

Key 911 Articles (Haven't blogged this web site before I don't think).

Great Article about bin Laden in

It's not fun to stare the truth in the face. I have to admit that I find myself shrinking from it. As much as I believe that you the reader owes it to yourself to consider this viewpoint, I want to express my forgiveness toward you if it's too much for your personal system to handle right now.