Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bush at 24% in Conneticut

Bush Sinks To 24% In State Poll
Hartford Courant - 8 hours ago
By DAVID LIGHTMAN, Washington Bureau Chief. WASHINGTON -- President Bush's job approval rating in Connecticut plunged to a record-low 24 percent this month, one of the most dismal showings in the nation - and ...
Another New Poll Shows Bush Support Going Down

Selected News Feeds - US air strike, attack kill eight Afghan Taliban

KABUL (Reuters) - An air strike by U.S.-led forces killed three Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan, while another five were killed in a militant attack on a police station, officials said on Tuesday.

Selected News Feeds - U.S. Stock-Index Futures Advance as DuPont, Sun Microsystems Shares Climb

Apr. 25 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. stock-index futures rose after DuPont Co., the nation's No. 3 chemical maker, and Yum! Brands Inc., owner of restaurant chains including Taco Bell, boosted their 2006 profit forecasts.

Selected News Feeds - Rice discusses Cyprus amid violent Greek protests

ATHENS (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Cyprus on Tuesday to support Turkey's efforts to join the European Union, during a visit to Athens marked by violent protests.

Selected News Feeds - Legalize longtime immigrants, most tell poll

More than three-quarters of Americans favor allowing illegal immigrants who have spent many years in the United States to apply for citizenship, according to a poll conducted for CNN. In the poll, 77 percent of those responding favored allowing illegal immigrants who have been in United States for more than five years to stay and apply for citizenship if they have a job, and pay a fine and back taxes.

[political-research] Re: The Money Masters

Sean McBride wrote:

It would be helpful to assemble a bibliography of key books on 
this subject.

Yes, this is something I'm thinking about.  It would be a difficult job, because most of the important works were published prior to the lockdown after WWI.  You would have to know a lot about the evolution of academic history departments around that time, which I'm starting to look into.

As I recall, Brian Downing Quig in cia-drugs, before his unfortunate accident, was pursuing this direction of research,  and produced quite a few posts on the subject.
One issue that always occurs to me: many private fortunes are accumulated through honest, productive and immensely valuable entrepreneurial effort.  How does one factor that into the model? 

Rothbard distinguishes between anarco-capitalism and monopoly capitalism.  Monopoly capitalism is another form of Statism in which the state uses its powers to suppress competition and allow mega coroporations to take over:


Also, once one starts down this route, do you inevitably find yourself in the thick of standard Marxist analysis?  Communism didn't seem to work out as an effective antidote to the problem.

No - of course Marxism represents an extreme form of statism and as you say has tried and has failed miserably.  On the other hand, anyone who dares to touch on the questions of class interests and conflict will inevitably be smeared as a Marxist and/or a Conspiracy Theorist.

A fair number of billionaries have won their fortunes the good old fashioned way: they earned them, by dint of their genius, vision and industry, without any help from a family dynasty.  Some billionaires are also sociopathic gangsters and crooks.  How does one sort all that out?

Check out the Rothbard links above.

Tim Howells

> tim_howells_1000 <timothy.howells@...> wrote:
>   Sean McBride wrote:
> > Does this basically boil down to following the money to the top of
> > the food chain?  Who are the key players at the top of the food
> > chain other than Forbes billionaires?
> >   
> >   Perhaps the innermost history of the world can be grasped by
> > graphing the flow of money among the most wealthy family
> > dynasties.  Intel agencies and financial institutions like the
> > Federal Reserve, BIS, IMF and World Bank are largely instruments
> > of this power faction.
> Yes!  It is as simple as that.  The problems come in because it
> turns out that we have been carefully conditioned to reject this
> kind of investigation.  It turns out that the Neocons are no
> aberration - this struggle between the elites and the masses goes
> right straight back to Jefferson and Hamilton, and it has not
> changed one bit.  Unfortuately, since some time early in the
> twentieth century, the elite grip on academia and the media and
> politics became very powerful.  They were in a position to
> suppress any discussion of this history in polite society, and
> that is exactly what they have done.  I'll have to write this up,
> but you could get most of it in a couple of hours with the video
> soundtrack.
> Tim Howells
> >
> > tim_howells_1000 <timothy.howells@> wrote:
> >     Tim Howells wrote:
> >      Want to get a fascinating history lesson in about the time it
> takes to
> >  watch a Hollywood blockbuster? Watch the Money Masters video (in 3
> >  parts):
> > 
> > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8442305921010099392
> > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5020331178524208549
> > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3510313821923167501
> >
> >   Well OK, I warned you that you would have to get past some stuff,
> but maybe that was an understatement.  The production values are not
> Hollywood, and that guy just keeps pointing his finger.  Also some of
> the conculsions are questionable.  The real value of the video is all
> the historical quotes from Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Bismark,
> Wilson, FDR etc. etc.  If  anyone tried to address serious political
> issues with this kind of frankness these days the cries of "TIN FOIL
> HAT" would  be deafening from all sides.  What you can do is this -
> sometime when you're surfing or working on the computer just put this
> on so you can hear the sound.  Then when you hear something
> interesting you can switch to it and scroll back to hear and see that
> part.
> >   Tim Howells
> >     I'm just getting into this stuff, so I can't vouch for this
> 100%, but this is a far better introduction than any I could
> provide.  You'll have to get past some things to appreciate this. We
> have to face up to the fact that we are the product of a century of
> concerted brainwashing on these topics - a propaganda campaign that
> encompasses mainstream politics, journalism and academia. I
> practically have an allergic reaction when anyone mentions a
> conspiracy of internationalbankers. Still, quite obviously this is
> precisely where we should be looking to understand what's going on.
> Suspend your disbelief and watch through to the very end. You will be
> rewarded.  I'd be very interested in any feedback anyone can give me
> on this stuff.
> >
> > I don't know about the recommendations of a purely fiat currency. I
> like Rothbard's recommendations for a gold standard. Given the
> problems with gold brought out in this video, maybe a silver or
> platinum standard. This is the only approach I can understand, and
> I'm increasingly convinced that this is not because of my own
> stupidity, but because the other schemes are con games, deliberately
> designed to confuse and deceive.
> >
> > Tim Howells
> >
> >
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Selected News Feeds - NEW LEGISLATION: IT and telecoms companies attack new laws on audiovisual services

The claims of this association are centred on the European Executive's proposal of extending the same regulation to the new and emerging audiovisual media services that is already in force on traditional TV.

Selected News Feeds - Iran's defiance deepens its isolation: Rice

ATHENS (Reuters) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Tuesday Iranian threats to suspend ties with the U.N. nuclear watchdog were deepening the Islamic Republic's isolation.

Selected News Feeds - Car bomb kills two in Baghdad's Sadr city

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A bomb inside a minibus exploded in a market area in Baghdad's Sadr City Shi'ite slum on Tuesday, killing two people and wounding five, police said.

Selected News Feeds - Abbas vows to prevent civil war among Palestinians

ANKARA (Reuters) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas vowed on Tuesday to prevent civil war breaking out among Palestinians as tensions rise between his Fatah faction and the Hamas-led government.

Selected News Feeds - Caledonia residents protest Indian blockade

http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/...id=968332188492&StarSource=RSSDate: 4/24/2006 8:10 PM
 Author: Peter Edwards
Shouts of "Coward!" and "Do your job" could be heard as a mob of 500 non-native residents fed up with an Indian blockade rushed a line of police last night. Peter Edwards reports.

Selected News Feeds - Maoists vow to continue blockades in Nepal

Maoist rebels in Nepal rejected King Gyanendra's restoration of parliament and vowed to continue their blockade of highways and Kathmandu until the new government, headed by former prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala, agree to an 'unconditional' election.

Selected News Feeds - BP's Net Falls 15%

BP's net fell 15% as soaring oil prices failed to offset the impact of a drop in oil and gas output, a Texas refinery shutdown and higher tax charges.

Selected News Feeds - Campaigning to Keep Mexicans Home

Presidential candidate tries to convince voters that investing years in the promise of a better life will pay off. It's proving to be a hard sell.

ATLIXCO, Mexico — Presidential candidate Felipe Calderon took center stage in the town square of this dusty, down-in-the-heels pueblo and asked several hundred cheering supporters, "How many of you have family in the United States?"

Selected News Feeds - Milgaard testifies to jail stress

SASKATOON—Spending more than two decades behind bars for a murder he didn't commit played with David Milgaard's sanity and led him at times to question his own innocence, an inquiry looking into his wrongful conviction heard yesterday.