Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Re: [political-research] Bloglines - Anti-Israel conspiracy theorists

To answer this article, which I trust was posted here with ironic intent:
Richard Perle has been singled out not because he has a Jewish surname, but because he is a militant Jewish nationalist who is a ringleader of a large and influential political network with intimate ties to the Israeli government, especially the Likud side of the Israeli government.  This political network, which goes by the self-chosen name of "neoconservatism," has been working to push the United States into a war against Israel's neighbors for at least four decades.  They have left behind themselves a long paper trail of their activities in this regard which is easily retrievable by Google.
The great majority of Jews are not neoconservatives, and do not support Richard Perle and his cronies.  To blame "the Jews" for the Iraq War would indeed be anti-Semitic.  To accuse militant Jewish nationalists in the neoconservative movement of playing a leading role in instigating the Iraq War is not anti-Semitic -- it is to state the truth.  No other lobby was nearly as conspicuous and relentless in promoting the Iraq War (and now the Iran War) as Richard Perle and his fellow neoconservatives.
Ed Lasky at the American Thinker, the weak mind who penned this piece of obfuscation, is just another small cog in the Israel lobby that John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt have analyzed with such impressive accuracy.  Lasky specializes in insulting one's intelligence.  Most Jews, who as a group have a long history of unsurpassed intellectual achievement, do not insult one's intelligence -- they challenge it.  Lasky should be ashamed of himself.
A side note: it's easy to deduce from this article that Lawrence Wilkerson, like Charlie Sheen and so many others, will now be singled out as a target for Octopus ops.  The Octopus and the neocons are not synonymous, but the neocons are a key component of the Octopus.  The neocons almost always telegraph their punches when it comes to black ops against their targets.

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Anti-Israel conspiracy theorists

By The American Thinker
I think a good litmus test for conspiracy theorists is the use of Richard Perle as the boogeyman. Perle was not in the government during the planning and execution of...

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