Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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Police have laid charges against a woman after the disappearance of 4-year-old Joshiah "Dejon" Madurie from a Rexdale shopping mall Saturday afternoon. Dejon is in good health and no longer in hospital, police said. Jen Gerson and Hilda Hoy report.
Five years ago, Chester Wan was at a wedding when someone handed him a letter that said the maid, and not the woman who'd raised him, was his 'real' mother. Andrew Chung reports and photographer Lucas Oleniuk documents Wan's story on film .
Talks to end a native land dispute in southwestern Ontario have taken a break after two long sessions.
Osama bin Laden is hiding in a remote tribal area along Afghanistan's 2,400-kilometre border with Pakistan, separated from his top deputy. A new tape purporting to be bin Laden was aired on Arab TV Sunday
The world's urban masterpieces didn't happen because someone planned it at city hall. Great cities are born out of wars, fires and the vision of despots. So what's a democratic, disaster-free town like Toronto to do? Ken Kidd looks closer.
Land developers may be offered money to give up their claim to a housing development that has been occupied by Mohawk people from the Six Nations Territory for the past 55 days. Peter Edwards reports.
Canada's war in Afghanistan has come home to Toronto with tragic consequences. A roadside bomb tore into a lightly armoured jeep north of Kandahar, killing four soldiers, including two born in the Toronto area. Bruce Campion-Smith reports.
A 28-year-old woman may need reconstructive surgery after she was attacked by a pair of pit bulls in Toronto yesterday morning. Police shot one dog dead. The other was captured. Jen Gerson reports.
With a big-city summit set for Tuesday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's war on traffickers is bringing results, but weapons keep flowing into his city as fast as police can seize them.
OTTAWA—Scott Brison, who is joining the Liberal leadership race today, says the party has to look beyond old political formulas and focus on fresh ways to keep Canada prosperous and curb environmental degradation.

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