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Bloglines - False-Flag Nuke attempt on April 19th?

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Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation

False-Flag Nuke attempt on April 19th?

By culhavoc on News

$500K Seized; Strange Situation Reported At Nuclear Plant

POSTED: 8:49 am EDT April 19, 2006
UPDATED: 5:13 pm EDT April 19, 2006

SHIPPINGPORT, Pa. — Two workers looking for tools set off a security situation at a Beaver County nuclear power plant that drew a response from police and federal investigators, WTAE Channel 4’s Paul Van Osdol reported.

State police said the men drove up to the Beaver Valley Power Station in a tractor-trailer on Tuesday night to pick up two large containers of tools for a contractor for whom they worked.

Security guards stopped the men for a routine inspection, but they drove away, police said.

The guards became suspicious and called police, who pulled the truck over about a mile from the plant.

A state trooper got a warrant to search the vehicle and found a duffel bag, which he said contained $504,230 in mostly small bills.

The driver denied knowing anything about the money or who gave it to him, so the trooper seized it, police said.

A spokesman for the FBI confirmed that the Joint Terrorism Task Force responded to the situation in conjunction with state police, but he said they don’t think terrorism is involved. He would not give any other details.

The men, who are from Houston, said they picked up the bag in Chicago and had no knowledge of its contents, according to police.

Investigators think the cash may have a drug connection. A police dog picked up the scent of drugs in the sleeper cab of the truck where the bag was found, police said.

Both men were detained and later released. No charges have been filed.



“…The truckers worked for a company hired by San Francisco-based Bechtel Corp…”

“… it was their [boss’s] money and he was going to buy a truck with it…”

“…But when the security workers called the truckers’ boss in Houston, he also said he knew nothing about the money. The security officers called police, but the truckers backed out of the plant and drove off…”

“…The Department of Homeland Security said it won’t get involved in the investigation of a tractor-trailer that was pulled over near Beaver Valley Power Station last week…”

“…According to Texas driving records, the rig and flatbed trailer were registered to Glenn E. Marsh, 37, also of Houston…”

Glenn E. Marsh was stationed in Bosnia…

“…The exercise is designed to show the medics all the aspects of a medical situation in the field up to the point of placing the soldiers on an air MEDEVAC transport, said 1st Lt. Glenn E. Marsh, medical platoon leader for HHC…”

Marsh was involved in a USAF accident…

“…This list of military members and civilians has been compiled from official documents and other sources. In many cases, reports or other documents on these individuals are available…”

Glenn E. Marsh
Spouse: Michelle
4101 East Rancier APT 701
Killeen, TX 76543
254.953.3299 - Home
254.287.2213 - Work

Marsh lives in Killeen, TX, home of Fort Hood. A recent blogpost of mine reads:

“…Jan 26th, 2006: I learn that a friend of mine, who’s enlisted in the US Army, will be leaving for Fort Hood, TX on Jan 29th, 2006 to participate in a “Containment Exercise”. Fort Hood is located 100 miles northwest of Houston, TX…”
(source: Impending Nuclear 9/11?)



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