Sunday, August 15, 2004

What kind of World does Joan Swirsky Want?

Not really a 911-Truth Posting here.....

Newsmax, though, is a rich cauldron serving witches brew.

The Oddest Couple and Their Hidden Agendas
Joan Swirsky takes on Teresa Kerry
Ann Coulter must be proud, or possibly jealous of Ms. Swirsky

In addition to the War on Terrorism, this seems to be a war on liberials or any one who dares disagree with Republican machine. What happened to compassionate conservatism?

I suppose that there wouldn't be a Joan Swirsky or Ann Coulter if their writing didn't succeed in rallying support for the Republican cause. I can only imagine, however, want kind of government and environment for the discussion of legitimate differences among this diverse American public is created when this is how we talk against the opposition.

I tried to be fair and locate slams against Laura Bush by anti Republicans / anti Bushies.
Tim Wise takes on Laura Bush

I tried to find the most vitriolic smear possible against Laura Bush link on the web, but really could not find much. Here's one slam

There were various posts that Laura's bad driving in her younger years caused a death, but no one, thank goodness, takes that to mount a full-scale invective.

Audio Flashpoints Radio David Ray Griffin
audio link

911 Truth Reporting in Long Island Press - Sander Hicks

If you are new to this blog, the most important entry is: 911 Truth! Congrats, Daniel Hopsicker
please search for it, it is the best way to begin to see the truth