Friday, February 18, 2005

Limbaugh to visit Afghanistan as a part of official government outreach

In fact you may be a traitor and not even know it!

New York Times has one powerful story on the front page to be proud of, otherwise they send in the Elite Fluff Patrol

Sgt. Kevin Bendermen is an American Conscientious Objector

Scientists warn that oceans are cooling


Regaining My Humanity

TOTALLY GAUCHE What a new poll says about left vs. right.

I don't like bashing people, and I'm not a fan of anti Islamist, but Ms. Anisa Mehdi is psychotic.

A GOOD TALK SPOILED (PART 4)! If you were paid millions of dollars a year, would you have spent more time preparing?

The second wave
New books, new groups fuel smoldering resurgence of 9/11 skeptics movement

Iraq was invaded 'to protect Israel' - US official