Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Very Good Read about Spreading the Truth!

Fasten Your Seat Belts by Chris Bowers The Rapture Index is at 152

babbling ever-more-ludicrous inanities on social matters

There was minimal senior White House commitment to the faith-based agenda."

Pic from Flickr

GOP Corruption

Remember Enron?

In sum, the administration’s budget for fiscal year 2006, along with the shenanigans that strategically placed representatives of the military-industrial-congressional complex invariably play, insures that the gravy train of military spending will continue to speed along the track.

the worst piece of TV I've ever been associated with

Dahr Jamail and Danny Schechter on reporting from Iraq

Seeing Pat puncture the intellectual pretensions of the puffed-up Sharansky beats the best espresso as a morning tonic.

Still, the real "provisional" winners appear to be Sunni Arabs and insurgents, for different reasons

Is any Republican statement so dumb that tough-guy Tim Russert will challenge it?