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[political-research] Re: If you choose not to look, the penalty will be your life...the John Kaminski

Ardeshir says:
> The *only* way we, the people, can win against the nasties is to take
> control of *money* ... which, as Prof. Giacinto Auriti of Italy
> correctly argues (see for instance <>), is
> rightfully *ours*.
> If we don't do that, we will lose, and lose, and lose for ever.

Check out the trailer for Aaron Russo's new movie

It addresses exactly your point.

I had the rare treat of seeing a preview twice, and it is intelligent
and funny and heartwretching and sheeple waking poised to appeal to a
mainstream commercial movie audience as a runaway hit.
It is still in preview, but has the support of folks from nose pierced
rockers to bible-thumpers on a universal issue to which we can agree,
whoever we are.

We need to make Aaron Russo's movie that he's spent two years of 15 hour
days on and a couple million of his own dollars into a Boxoffice
Favorite and make lines around the block like happened when Starwars
first came out.
He wants to put it out for the Fourth of July weekend opening.
It will be a phenomena. If debunkers try to attack it, that will just
make more buzz.
It is at least as interesting as Jaws, only with real sharks.

The movie does not mention 911 or any other divisive issue.
It zeros in on the Federal Reserve and the IRS in a way that cannot be
dismissed as conspiracy theory.
It is humorous and serious and educational and entertaining all at the
same time.
When as diverse of characters as me and Michael Ruppert can agree on
something, that's dammmmm universal.
It's gonna deserve an Oscar nomination for best Documentary, I swear.

It's the kind of movie that will have people networking in the lines as
they wait to see it for the tenth time.
By then it will be available on DVD, but live and in person sharing of
concerns and strategy for solving the problem and establishing soverign
money will make networks in the lines and the lobby afterwards.

It was a wakeup call for a lot of people this weekend. One lady saw it
Thursday night, and left the showing crying.
She came for the St. Charles, IL showing to see it again, tho.

This is a phenomena.

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, producer Aaron Russo began
promoting rock and roll shows at local theaters while still a high
school student. He then worked for his family’s undergarment business,
where in 1963, he designed the first ladies bikini under wear. Five
years later the twenty four year old entrepreneur opened his own
nightclub in Chicago called the Kinetic Playground which became a
driving force in the music business, where Aaron helped create the
careers of many legendary performers, such as Led Zeppelin. Aaron was
responsible for bringing them to America for the first time. He also
promoted some of the 60's most successful rock acts, including The Who,
Janis Joplin, The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

In 1972, Russo began his seven year partnership with Bette Midler, who
became a superstar during his management of her career. In 1975 he
produced the Tony award- winning "Clams on the Half-Shell Revue," which
starred Bette Midler and Lionel Hampton. At the time it was the most
successful ten-week broadway revue in history, grossing more than $1.8
million. While serving as Midler's manager, Russo created and managed
the Manhattan Transfer. Later his roster would include such
personalities as David Keith, Frederic Forest, Susan Sarandon and other
notable clients.

When Russo turned to producing feature films, his production of “The
Rose”, introduced Bette Midler to motion picture audiences. Midler
received an Academy Award nomination as best actress. “The Rose” is
considered by many to be the classic rock n’ roll film. Russo also
produced "Trading Places," starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, which
has become a Christmas classic, and "Teachers," starring Nick Nolte,
Morgan Freeman, and Ralph Macchio.

Over the past years, Russo has received numerous awards for his
achievements. They include a Grammy, a Tony, an Emmy for producing the
best television special of the year "OL' Red Hair is Back," starring
Dustin Hoffman and Bette Midler, plus many gold and platinum records. To
date his films have been nominated for six Academy Awards, as well as
seven Golden Globes. His films have won three Golden Globes, as well as
the Image Award.

He is now writing, producing, and directing a new feature
film/documentary titled “America...From Freedom To Fascism”. The film is
an expose of the Internal Revenue Service, and proves conclusively there
is no law requiring an American citizen to pay a direct unapportioned
Tax on their labor. The film is very provocative and is receiving
standing ovations at its previews.

In 1996 Russo made a political video entitled "Aaron Russo's Mad as
Hell", which was a hit throughout America. He was asked by the people of
Nevada to run for governor and he made the decision to do so. The powers
that be in Nevada scoffed at his decision to run for governor but were
very surprised when he finished second with nearly thirty percent of the
vote, beating the sitting lieutenant governor. In January of 2004, he
declared his candidacy for the Libertarian Party's nomination for
President of the Untied States. At the Convention in May, Russo won the
first two ballots, but not a majority. He was defeated on the third and
final ballot. He then channelled his energy into writing/directing
America: From Freedom to Fascism.


People are welcome to arrange prescreenings in their own area.
That is how the listed ones are happening.
Then the film goes to Cannes like any other mainstream theatrical
release from a well known director, which it is.
It might even win a prize for making people laugh and cry at the same time.

You're right.

"The **/only/** way we, the people, can win against the nasties is to
take control of **/money/** ... which, as Prof. Giacinto Auriti of Italy
correctly argues (see for instance <>), is
rightfully **/ours/**. "

Aaron Russo agrees with you, and it's his message too.

Ardeshir Mehta wrote:
> Kaminski is right ... as usual.
> Just one point of disagreement. Kaminski wrote:
> "I remember arguing with my father in the late '60s, insisting that
> money was not the most important thing in life, but that warmth and
> love and compassion were, and him vehemently disagreeing with me, and
> shaking his head at what a boob he thought I'd become - a misguided
> hippie idealist."
> Kaminski's father was clearly right - money **/is/** the most
> important thing in life. Consider, John: if we, the people of the
> world, had enough money - and I really mean **/enough/**, like in the
> trillions - would "they", the nasties of the world, have been able to
> do all these nasty things to us which you so eloquently describe
> below, and indeed control us altogether? Or rather, would it not be
> **/us/** who control **/them/**.
> The **/only/** way we, the people, can win against the nasties is to
> take control of **/money/** ... which, as Prof. Giacinto Auriti of
> Italy correctly argues (see for instance <>),
> is rightfully **/ours/**.
> If we don't do that, we will lose, and lose, and lose for ever.
> Cheers!
> +++++
> The Plot To Kill Us All
> As the atrocities of rich criminals increase, the tragic American coma
> intensifies
> by John Kaminski
> <>
> 12-16-04
> I remember a childhood board game, in which a magnet beneath the
> surface pulled around metal shavings into any form you cared to make.
> It was fun to create faces, and, as I recall, easy to draw the devil,
> with his pencil-thin mustache and goatee, and pointed horns on top.
> And I remember arguing with my father in the late '60s, insisting that
> money was not the most important thing in life, but that warmth and
> love and compassion were, and him vehemently disagreeing with me, and
> shaking his head at what a boob he thought I'd become — a misguided
> hippie idealist.
> Now both memories meld together and come at me as I contemplate the
> suffocating chokehold mass media inflict on the American population,
> where so many people, morally imprisoned by their neurotic need to fit
> in at all costs, believe that nothing is really real unless they see
> it on television.
> And I recall decades of TV news shows chronicling the evil of Hitler's
> Panzer divisions tearing up France and torturing its captured
> citizens, or of Japanese rape camps which the valiant allied troops
> battled to liberate and dismantle. Those of my generation were brought
> up with this legendary propaganda, and it made us feel good that
> Americans were the good guys, and we were Americans, always fighting
> on the side of freedom and justice.
> I have a distant relative who spends much of his time watching these
> black-and-white documentaries of World War II troop movements, and
> relishing the role of the British, saving the world for democracy.
> Every time I visit him, I must always stifle the urge to say I wish he
> could get the Al-Jazeerah channel on his television so he could watch
> today's American troops "finishing off" wounded Iraqi freedom
> fighters, or sexually mutilating hapless captives inside Abu Ghraib
> prison while they explain they are fighting terror.
> You would think — as a thinking, feeling human being who believes we
> are honest with ourselves — that American TV would tell you what's
> really going on. I mean, we live in a real world, we pay real bills,
> we have — if we're lucky — real people who love us. And we'd like to
> think the way we perceived the real world was accurate, that we had
> all the information we needed to make our judgments about what is
> right and what is wrong.
> In fact, most Americans think they do. Unfortunately for you, me, and
> the world, they are very wrong. Painfully wrong.
> The perverse panderers who determine the content of what's on TV have
> a very evil double standard. They are perfectly willing to publicize
> horrors by those whom they consider the enemy, but absolutely
> unwilling to apply these standards of journalism to their allies,
> those they consider their friends. Consequently, they have no
> integrity. And as a result, neither do we.
> And also as a result, America has turned into a nation of psychopathic
> killers, abetted by a comatose populace which endorses these crimes by
> their sadistic inattention to them.
> My reflections on these matters derive from a simple contemplation of
> today's American media performance. Most Americans think they know
> what's going on simply by watching the evening news, or reading a
> local newspaper. Some of the hipper folks think they get real
> perspective from public television or listening to National Public
> Radio — maybe they even read a Howard Zinn book now and then — and
> inwardly congratulate themselves on their savvy news acumen.
> In fact, the volume of American war crimes and other atrocities that
> go unmentioned by American media has reached unprecedented
> proportions. And yet, with each new lie told by our leaders covering
> up new atrocities perpetrated by the American military, the American
> people are driven deeper into a self-inflicted coma — in large part
> because our media do not recognize these events as real, creating a
> situation in the minds of the American people that if they are not
> reported on television, then they must not really be true.
> This is where evolution has taken us — to a totally brainwashed delusion.
> And as many people now already realize, this is a sure formula for
> disaster, quite possibly for the end of the world. Because when you
> lie to yourself, you give up your chance of ever finding the truth.
> Think about what hasn't been on television, but what you know to be
> real from what you've read by searching out alternative news sources
> on the Internet. The stolen election is the hot topic right now. There
> is no question that a nationwide network of highly-paid Republican
> flunkies skewed the voting process in a number of states. They made it
> as difficult as possible for black people to vote, sabotaged ballots
> in likely Democratic precincts, and took control of the electronic
> voting process so as to actually change the totals via computer in an
> absolutely untraceable way.
> And the worst part of all, I think, was that the major opposition
> candidate was in on the fix, because he absolutely does not care
> whether the votes are recounted or not, and also ran on essentially
> the same platform as that espoused by the absolutely most dangerous
> and irresponsible president in the history of the country.
> So, how concerned are you? And how much do you care to see? If you
> choose not to look, the penalty will be your life. But maybe even that
> isn't enough to motivate a majority of socially lobotomized American
> androids.
> All of this did not happen overnight. In fact, some could convincingly
> argue that this type of mass mental manipulation has always been going on.
> But limiting our evidence to just recent events, ever since the first
> Kennedy assassination, the powers that be have known that they could
> get away with absolutely anything, as long as the media spun it in a
> way that made questioning the official version of the event an
> unpatriotic or unhip thing to do. So, since those string of
> assassinations in the Sixties, the atrocities have become
> progressively worse (we won't recount the list again here), and the
> public's retreat into reassuring but false media spin has become
> progressively more widespread.
> To the point where now we have the obscene extermination of an entire
> populations going on in Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and Colombia, and we
> have the majority of Americans willingly oblivious to it all, going
> merrily on their way with their Christmas shopping and Internet porn
> surfing. Despite the desperate rallying of radio talk show hosts and
> erstwhile peace activists, the perceptual coma that enshrouds the
> American people has never been more pervasive. Nor more dangerous to
> all life on this planet.
> And with all due respect to you cyberdenizens who ply the Worldwide
> Web for unbiased news you know you can't get on TV or in war machine
> propaganda instruments like The New York Times, I humbly submit that
> even you do not fully comprehend the depraved dementia being inflicted
> upon us all by a process so psychologically intertwined with what we
> perceive are our own best interests that we can't even track down the
> events that got us to this sad point in the evolution of our
> self-destruction without needing some rejuvenating boost from Elavil,
> Maui wowie, salvia divinorum, or at least Jack Daniel's.
> Sure, you know the basic stuff: that the U.S. government is
> responsible for 9/11 because it provided a license for the
> military-industrial complex to invade the whole world, or that the war
> in Iraq is based on lies and as a result is as bad as the actions of
> any of the many demonic tyrants throughout world history. And this is
> your America I'm talking about!
> Who cares? What's on TV?
> The worst, most vicious killers in history, bar none, and you still,
> in your heart, won't admit it! American soldiers were told by their
> superiors to kill everyone in Fallujah, no matter how young or how
> old, but you didn't see that on TV so you don't believe it.
> The blood seeping into the sand is not your problem, you think. They
> deserve it for what they did in New York, is a common line still heard
> among the great uneducated herd that poses as cultured America.
> OK, enough of what most call politics. Because that's just the
> superficial stuff. Now I want to talk about the really bad stuff,
> because if you don't understand it, you won't really understand just
> how dangerous a situation we are all in.
> Which leads me back to one of my all-time favorite quotes, the one by
> Ralph J. Gleason. "No matter how paranoid you are, what they're
> actually doing is worse than you can possibily imagine!"
> Three recent stories — all of which were written by women and none of
> which will ever see the light of day in mainstream media — got my
> attention concerning the depth of depravity that we have created for
> ourselves in this rapidly distintegrating world of ours. (And I won't
> even mention the New Zealand professor who said today that the human
> species could be extinct in as little as a hundred years based on
> what's happening today.)
> Recently, Mary Sparrowdancer sent me her sequel to her momentous
> piece, "The Battle for Darkness and Light," which is about the
> implications of fluoride on your very own
> body.
> The new piece is titled "National Fluoride Database Launched by USDA,"
> located at
> She writes:
> Now, with Americans thoroughly riddled with fluoride due to a
> sixty-year-old medical experiment that never produced its promised
> results — now, with most of the entire nation currently suffering from
> gastrointestinal complaints, mood and sleep disturbances, bizarre
> aches and pains, elevated blood pressure, bone density problems,
> cancers, heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, dental
> problems, thyroid problems and obesity, attention is finally being
> paid to the cumulative effects of fluoridating the water supply.
> You know, this is much more than some abstruse health story. The
> fluoride issue, which reverberates throughout the food chain, is
> really about blunting the process of evolution, about dulling the
> minds of billions of people and depriving them of their rightful hopes
> of having brilliant, evolved minds, and leading a new world into a
> bright and hopeful future, all sacrificed for a plan by evil rich men
> to dispose of a nuclear waste product and turn a vicious but hefty
> profit in their devil's bargain.
> Maybe the United States did not win World War II. Maybe, with the
> deployment of fluoride and radioactive substances into our air and
> food chain, the losers of that war made a last-ditch attempt at an
> evil last laugh with two doomsday substances that guarantee a future
> of slavery and sickness rather than the bright hope of a just and
> happy society.
> And that second poison I mentioned, radioactivity, is the subject of a
> second recent story, as bleak a tableau as we can face in our modern
> world but one that is absolutely essential for us to know if we are to
> survive as a species.
> Titled "Depleted uranium: Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets —
> A death sentence here and abroad" <
>>, it is
> the latest in a series of dispatches on the subject by Leuren Moret, a
> former Lawrence Livermore Lab scientist who now works with a group of
> independent scientists called the Radiation and Public Health Project.
> Together this group has written ten books on the health effects of low
> level radiation.
> There can be no other conclusion on the part of the American public
> that depleted uranium ammunition is designed to kill not only large
> numbers of people in nations the U.S. has decided to conquer, but it
> also kills our own soldiers, and our government, which professes to
> value its military men and women, knows it kills them.
> Moret writes:
> And what about our soldiers? Terry Jemison of the Department of
> Veterans Affairs reported this week to the American Free Press that
> "Gulf-era veterans" now on medical disability since 1991 number
> 518,739, with only 7,035 reported wounded in Iraq in that same 14-year
> period.
> This week the American Free Press dropped a "dirty bomb" on the
> Pentagon by reporting that eight out of 20 men who served in one unit
> in the 2003 U.S. military offensive in Iraq now have malignancies.
> That means that 40 percent of the soldiers in that unit have developed
> malignancies in just 16 months.
> This is an astonishing war crime being conducted against our own
> soldiers, and not a peep about it from Dan Rather or The New York
> Times. It's enough to make you sick. Please read the whole story in
> the link above.
> In addition to killing hundreds of thousands of innocent residents of
> foreign countries over reasons that everyone in the world knows are
> lies, the American government is deliberately killing its own
> soldiers, the ones it professes to love.
> I said three stories, didn't I? You'd know, if you haven't bolted to
> the bathroom to hurl your lunch by now, that I've saved the worst for
> last. It's an old story, "Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the
> Age of Nuclear War," written in June by Idaho Observer health reporter
> Amy Worthington, who has been monitoring the chemtrail beat for a long
> time.
> This is a story that will definitely scare you.
> In their quest to remain top dog in the kill chain, the purveyors of
> perpetual war have deliberately dimmed earth's life-giving sunlight,
> and reduced atmospheric visibility with lung-clogging particulates and
> polymers. This ecological terrorism has severely compromised public
> health, according to thousands of testimonials. Years of mass appeals
> to legislators, media and military officials for information, and for
> cessation of catastrophic atmospheric degradation, have fallen on deaf
> bureaucratic ears. Public awareness of what befalls us remains as
> murky as our skies because those "in the know" are muzzled by national
> secrecy laws and Americans have no authority to challenge matters of
> national security.
> Worthington writes about Operation Cloverleaf, a top-secret military
> program involving weather modification, military communications, space
> weapons development, ozone and global warming research plus biological
> weaponry and detection testing. She explains:
> Dumping tons of particulate matter from aircraft has geo-engineered
> our planetary atmosphere into a highly charged,
> electrically-conductive plasma useful for military projects. The air
> we breathe is laden with asbestos-sized synthetic fibers and toxic
> metals, including barium salts, aluminum, and reportedly, radioactive
> thorium. These materials act as electrolytes to enhance conductivity
> of military radar and radio waves. Poisonous on par with arsenic and a
> proven suppressant of the human immune system, atmospheric barium
> weakens human muscles, including those of the heart. Inhaled aluminum
> goes directly to the brain and medical specialists confirm that it
> causes oxidative stress within brain tissue, leading to formation of
> Alzheimer's like neurofibrillary tangles. Radioactive thorium is known
> to cause leukemia and other cancers.
> There's more. High frequency microwaves, low ELF waves pulsed at
> frequencies known to affect human biological and mental functioning,
> and combinations of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma, desiccated
> blood cells and exotic biological markers so that human, animal and
> plant responses can be observed.
> So there we have just three relatively little known subjects among
> many others that are proven, life-threatening hazards being strewn all
> over the world by the corporate crazies in Washington. Worthington writes:
> We continually witness bizarre meteorological occurrences as powerful
> electromagnetic devices manipulate both the jet stream and individual
> storm fronts to create artificial weather and climatic conditions.
> Black operations projects embedded within these aerosol missions are
> documented to sicken and disorient select populations with biological
> test agents and psychotronic mind/mood control technologies.
> For God's sake, this is what we should be teaching our kids in
> schools, because these are the most profound threats to our survival.
> But about fluoride, depleted uranium, and chemtrails, we hear not a
> peep in the mainstream media or in our college curricula. Other than
> the American political psychosis now casting its dark shadow around
> the world, these are the most important topics everyone in the world
> should be discussing constantly.
> Instead, as with the true motives of the U.S. government regarding
> 9/11 and the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American people
> are stupefied and condescended to with a continuing barrage of
> insulting jibberish from the men who are supposed to be our leaders
> but are really the men who are destroying large parts of the world for
> many generations to come.
> And these are only three examples of what we should be talking about,
> but what we're not talking about. Mercury in the medicines, eunuch
> Godzilla genes in the seeds guaranteeing mass starvation some year in
> the very near future, lethal chemicals in the clothes we wear,
> poisoned soils, empty music, perverted video games that teach our
> children to kill ...
> Listen to the national debate you hear on your electronic squawk
> boxes. Totally inconsequential trivia. Brought to you by the same men
> who are doing all these other things and making trillions by doing it.
> The media leads us around like that childhood board game, where it was
> easy to draw the devil with a magnet. We're the metal shavings being
> shaped into monsters of malign design by the magnet that is our
> misanthropic mass media.
> We invented games, and let our world slip away.
> John Kaminski is the author of "The Perfect Enemy," "America's Autopsy
> Report," and "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the
> Official Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001."
> For information go to:

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1. Jeff King, MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition
From: "Alfons" <>
2. After reading your answers, Paul, I am not inclined to argue.
From: "Dick Eastman" <>
3. Re: Jeff King, MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition
From: "mojo_j_2000" <>
From: "mojo_j_2000" <>
5. lobbyist list
From: "mojo_j_2000" <>
6. How many of you took advantage?
From: Joe Stokes <>


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 06:18:22 -0000
From: "Alfons" <>
Subject: Jeff King, MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition

This is good, yet another high profile academic throws a hat in the 911
Truth ring.
Just 14 minutes to the point


Message: 2
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 22:11:00 -0800
From: "Dick Eastman" <>
Subject: After reading your answers, Paul, I am not inclined to argue.

After reading your answers, Paul, I am not inclined to argue.

I don't see the disintegration at columns 16 and 17, merely
some displacement -- and I do not have the physics background
to argue that an engine would not disintegrate --

I do not remember where I read that the gouge was perpendicular to
the direction of the killer jet, so I cannot argue there.

In short, you may be right -- but in destroying the "no starboard
engine" arguement, you seem to re-admit the possibility of a 757

Time for me to pull back and think about it.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul Andrew Mitchell" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 7:48 PM
Subject: [catapult] Re: Simple Math demonstrates Official 9/11 Account is a

> (DE) the lack of penetration between
columns 16 and 17 ...

(P.M.) I disagree: 15, 16 and 17 clearly
disintegrated and were dislodged
towards the left, in line with
the incoming angle of attack,
particularly at ground level;
18 is still vertical, indicating
only superficial damage there
but no structural relocation of
column 18.

Just align all columns in a
rectangular grid, separated
by windows.

In the past, you have tried to
make inferences from patterns
of foam after it was sprayed
from fire trucks. That is a
very questionable approach,
predictably error-prone.

The tops of those damaged columns were
not "shifted to the right", because
those tops were still mostly aligned
with the bearing walls separating
the windows on the floors above them.

The disintegration of columns 15, 16
and 17 must be viewed BEFORE
foam was sprayed on both:

Whoever chose the name for that key photo:
-- "no_engine_hit_between_16and17.jpg" --
was evidently trying to persuade
viewers to jump to the wrong conclusion.

I would NEVER have chosen such a misleading
and conclusory filename for that photo:


I would be dishonest with you if I
agreed with everything you have written

There is only one thing that would
cause steel-reinforced concrete walls
to disintegrate like that: penetration
of a significant mass, moving at a high
incoming velocity.

> The gauge in the diesel generator
> is perpendicular to the direction of
> the killer jet.

I think you meant "gouge" not "gauge".

Again, I disagree strongly.

Also, it is clear to us that the generator's
left end was shoved away from the cyclone fence
and towards the Pentagon, as the starboard engine
glanced thru that end of the generator housing, also
taking out a section of that fence. Thus,
the narrow "furrow" in the top of the generator
housing most probably resulted from the impact
of an underwing pylon. The right end of the
generator housing was not directly impacted
by any part of the killer jet.

I know you like to argue, Dick, particularly
with anyone who does not espouse the conclusions
you have made on your own.

But, I'm not the kind of individual who needs
anyone else to agree with me, before reaching
my own conclusions.

We arrived at our conclusions independently,
after reading your writings and the writings
of many other authors on this subject.

Please don't grace the "757" theory
with any more attention to it:
"negative identification"
is now a waste of time, imho.

Really, any more time spent arguing
that "it was not a 757 for this or
that reason" is really a waste of my

I have also concluded that no F-14,
F-15 or F-16 was involved.

The A-3 Skywarriors were retrofitted
with JT8D engines, because they were
found to be more efficient, more
readily available and more easily
maintained e.g. more experience
among aircraft mechanics, both
military and civilian.

I decline to argue with you any further
about these details.

Sincerely yours,
/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Private Attorney General, Criminal Investigator and
Federal Witness: 18 U.S.C. 1510, 1512-13, 1964(a)

All Rights Reserved without Prejudice

--- In, "Dick Eastman"
<olfriend@...> wrote:
> My comments (Eastman) in gray.
> ----- Original Message -----
> paulandrewmitchell2004@...
> Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 2:17 AM
> Subject: [catapult] BLOG: Simple Math demonstrates Official 9/11
Account is a Fabrication
> Simple Math demonstrate that the Official 9/11 Account is a
> Paul Andrew Mitchell added these
> comments to the Blog above:
> Just a few quick comments,
> based on forensic analysis
> of photographic evidence:
> (1) the hit on the second WTC
> tower shows most of the jet fuel
> combusting OUTSIDE that building,
> where it was mostly NOT in touch
> with the steel frame and hence
> unable to tranfer sustained
> high temps into that steel;
> This is further proof of the "planehugger" conclusion.
> Real jetliners were used.
> (2) the FDNY never had enough
> time to wire WTC7 with demolition
> explosives; they must have been
> in place PRIOR TO 9/11; Larry
> Silverstein admitted on PBS
> that he gave his permission
> to "pull it" i.e. detonate the
> explosives to effect a controlled
> demolition; FDNY do not normally
> respond to a multi-alarm hi-rise
> fire with the [large] quantity of
> explosives required to demolish
> a 47-story steel frame building
> (not a good idea to place so much
> explosives so close to a fire);
> Then all three buildings were set with
> demolition charges prior to 9/11/01
> (3) numerous Pentagon photos do
> show aircraft debris, most notably
> the P&W JT8D engine that came to
> rest OUTSIDE the Pentagon:
> I have not seen numerous photos of
> an engine outside the Pentagon (i.e.,
> outside the E-ring) nor is it clear that
> any of the engine parts photgraphed
> inside the building and between the
> "C" and "B" rings were not planted there
> after the crash -- whatever type of
> engine they are from.
> (4) the telltale "fingerprints"
> on the diesel generator reveal
> a lot, e.g. starboard engine
> intake cowling and underwing rocket
> pylon fit the damages quite well;
> geometry of a Boeing 757 is quite
> different and a "bad fit";
> The gauge in the diesel generator
> is perpendicular to the direction of
> the killer jet. There are no photos
> showing pieces of engine cowling.
> There is no evidence at all that the
> aircraft had a starboard engine --
> the lack of penetration between
> columns 16 and 17 indicate that
> no engine hit there. If the engine
> had scraped the top of the generator
> then the engine would have had to
> have hit the ceiling/floor between
> the first and second story -- no
> damage of this kind is shown in
> any of the good photos of this area.
> (5) the collision with the diesel
> generator lifted the right wing,
> causing the attack jet to roll
> to the port, in a counter-clockwise
> direction;
> The was no "inclined plane" in the generator
> configuration. The plane would not have
> been lifted -- at most there would have
> been some rotation (pivoting) -- as mentioned
> above -- there is no sign of an engine penetrating
> the wall, either on the first floor, or between floors
> or on the second floor. The idea that the plane
> was lifted on the starboard side which served
> to turn the plane is not valid -- the wings were
> not configued for a banking turn, even if it could
> be elevated. The lack of damage to the second
> floor on the starboard side shows that if the killer
> jet was banking, it certainly did not have a starboard
> engine -- because no starboard engine hit the
> wall there -- see
> (other evidence photos are no up right now, but
> they back up what this photo shows).
> (6) at a ~45-degree angle of
> incidence, the starboard JT8D
> and starboard wing tip hit the
> Pentagon facade at almost
> exactly the same instant;
> elevated wing tip hit at
> the second floor, port wing
> tip hit at the first floor,
> because of this slight roll;
> Had a Boeing 757 hit at the 55-degree
> angle (or even a 45 degree angle) the
> starboard engine would have to have
> hit before either the wing tip or the
> wing root -- but there is no evidence of
> such a hit. Also, there is damage further
> south on the wall at the level of the third
> floor -- which cannot be explained by
> any part of a Boeing 757 or any plane
> hitting centered on column #14 -- this
> is damage caused by a missile -- possibly
> fired by the killer jet before its own crash.
> (7) at maximum velocity exceeding
> 400 feet per second, the kinetic
> energy of the starboard engine
> was greatest, causing a clear
> pattern of damage to 2 bearing
> columns on the first floor, and
> just missing the bearing column
> immediately to the right of those
> 2 bearing columns; E=1/2mv**2
> [kinetic Energy equals one-half mass
> times velocity squared]
> also F=ma
> [Force equals mass times acceleration]
> (where "a" is the rate
> of instantaneous deceleration here);
> Nice equations -- but they don't buy you
> a starboard engine. It is exactly because
> a Boeing 757's engines are so massive
> and dense and that the kinetic engery
> geometrically related to velocity was so
> great that there would have to have
> been penetration of the wall between
> pillars #16 and 17 -- and that if any part
> of the plane would have punched through
> the wall it would have had to have been
> the engine. This did not happen. There
> was no starboard engine -- the killer jet
> was a single -engine jet and therefore
> a military plane.
> (8) the 5 published frames from
> the Pentagon's cctv camera were
> subsequently altered with image
> processing software; these
> alterations are most obvious
> in frame 1, e.g. the fuselage
> to the left of the tail section
> was "air-brushed" with a pixel
> color taken from an entirely
> different region of that frame;
> this modification of murder
> weapon evidence was a felony,
> in and of itself;
> You are way off target -- to he right of
> the tail fin in the first frame we see a
> trail of thick white smoke -- the characteristic
> trail of a missile -- this is in no way,
> shape or form a "fuselage" --
> obviously you have never bothered
> to look at the "small-plane" evidence
> very carefully. Do so now:
> (9) the collision of a modified
> A-3 Skywarrior "best fits" the
> pattern of damages that are
> documented in detail in the
> available digital photos;
> I say the A-3 tail does not fit
> as well as the F-16 -- and an
> F-16 was seen by one witness
> just five minutes before the crash.
> A remote controlled F-16 would be
> in perfect disguise for the attack, since
> F-16's normally guard the capital.
> Also, F-16's are known to have been
> modified for remote control combat.
> The F-16 was the optimum choice
> and it fits all the knowns as well as
> any plane.
> (10) an air-to-ground missile
> appears to have been launched
> from under the port wing,
> just prior to the jet hit;
> Either under a wing or from under the
> fuselage -- the F-16 is capable of
> either.
> (11) we have received unconfirmed
> reports that a Russian satellite
> photographed the launch of
> the attack jet from the
> deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier
> stationed off the Atlantic coast;
> A-3 Skywarriors are fitted with
> landing gear designed for flight
> deck operations.
> This is not reliable, but if true,
> we do not know what part the
> aircraft seen taking off might
> have played -- it certainly wasn't
> tracked directly to the Pentagon.
> Still it may have been the plane --
> I am not saying that an A-3 is impossible.
> For more background on our
> investigation, see:
> I'd like to know how you dismiss the F-16 theory and why
> you think the killer jet had a starboard engine?


Message: 3
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 08:27:25 -0000
From: "mojo_j_2000" <>
Subject: Re: Jeff King, MIT Engineer Breaks Down WTC Controlled Demolition

v good...keep it coming

--- In, "Alfons" <alfonslof@...> wrote:
> This is good, yet another high profile academic throws a hat in the
> Truth ring.
> Just 14 minutes to the point


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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 08:25:07 -0000
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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 09:20:27 -0000
From: "mojo_j_2000" <>
Subject: lobbyist list,%


Message: 6
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 03:34:37 -0800 (PST)
From: Joe Stokes <>
Subject: How many of you took advantage?

From: "Donald Stahl" <>

I gave out a little less than 100 copies of Loose
Change 2 over the
weekend at the antiwar rally in St. Louis.

I have 75 copies of Loose Change 2E ready to go. The
Rally and March scheduled for Sunday (19th) in Dallas
was flooded out by a 6-9 inch rain. I am sure there
will be another rally soon and I am ready. I print the
following on one piece of paper and enclose it in the

For far more video, audio, documented evidence go to
these websites:


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[imra] Daily digest - Volume: 2 Issue: 1353 (11 messages)

imra Mon Mar 20 02:20:06 2006 Volume 2 : Issue 1353

In this issue of the imra daily Digest:

Excerpt: Hamas victory crushing defeat for young
Fatah leaders.Muslim Brotherhood on the move. 19 March 2006
"Face to Face" Campaign
of the national camp - update
[remarks indicate Qassams not major issue?]
145,200 Tourists Enter Israel in February,
Up 31 Per Cent Over February 2005
Health Ministry: Bird flu poses no danger to public
Erez Security Crossing Reopened
for Israeli Media Personnel
Acting PM Olmert Meets
Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller
Excerpts: Moderation among Islamists in Jordan.
Disbanding of militias.20 March 2006
PCHR: 3 Reports
- Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms
(many hurt by weapons meant to hurt Israelis)
[Report after elections]Olmert political appointments
at Trade Ministry under scrutiny
Letter: US Attorney Challenges Treatment of Pollard


Subject: Excerpt: Hamas victory crushing defeat for young
Fatah leaders.Muslim Brotherhood on the move. 19 March 2006

Excerpt: Hamas victory crushing defeat for young Fatah leaders.Muslim
Brotherhood on the move. 19 March 2006

+++THE DAILY STAR (Lebanon) 18 Mar.'06
"Fatah's 'young guard' faces a multitude of old problem"

Commentary by Ben Fishman and Mohammad Yaghi

"Fatah remained a corrupt organization more concerned with retaining
power than imposing

"The contrast with Hamas' disciplined, well-oiled voting machine could not
have been more striking"

"join Hamas-led government or create an opposition"
As much as Hamas' landslide victory in the January 25 Palestinian
legislative elections was a triumph for the Islamist movement, it was also a
crushing defeat for the younger generation of Fatah leaders who had hoped
the election would facilitate a leadership transition in the long-ruling
Palestinian national liberation movement.
So long as the chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Yasser
Arafat, dominated Fatah, leaders of the young guard who earned their bona
fides during the first and second intifadas could only gain as much
political influence as Arafat permitted. To circumvent their leader's power
structure, the young guard had long advocated internal elections as a means
of demonstrating its popularity on the street. Only after Arafat's death did
the young guard get its wish in the form of primaries in advance of the
legislative elections.
... the primaries exposed the chaos within Fatah. The movement's governing
Central Committee and Revolutionary Council procrastinated in deciding on
basic issues, such as who would be eligible to vote in the primaries and how
the primaries would shape Fatah's electoral list. Months of haggling stalled
technical preparations so that polling stations lacked accurate registration
lists and the correct number of ballots when primaries actually occurred in
late November and early December 2005.
Although members of the young guard won most of the top slots, their victory
was overshadowed by the unruly voting process, contested results, and
allegations of fraud. The process demonstrated to voters that, despite the
efforts of the young guard, Fatah remained a corrupt organization more
concerned with retaining power than imposing reform.
With only a couple of weeks between the primaries and the deadline for
candidate registration, the old and young guards in Fatah then entered into
a struggle over the formation of their electoral lists. The old guard
initially tried to ignore the primary results and secure the top positions
on Fatah's national slate for its members, but was forced to back down after
the young guard formed a parallel list called Al-Mustaqbal, or "the future."
While the two groups compromised to forge a unified fa�ade, disgruntled
members nonetheless ran as independents in many districts, splitting the
Fatah vote. Even within the young guard, personal rivalries often prevailed
over common interests, and natural allies competed against each other in
voter mobilization and campaigning. The contrast with Hamas' disciplined,
well-oiled electoral machine could not have been more striking.
If the elites within Fatah were divided before the election, they are even
more so in its aftermath and have yet to devise a strategy for moving
forward. Most members in the Revolutionary Council have called for
accelerating preparations for Fatah's 6th general conference, a meeting of
delegates that sets the policies, direction, and leadership of the movement.
Fatah last conducted such an exercise in 1989. Once again the young guard is
divided: imprisoned leader Marwan Barghouti supports expediting the
conference, for example, while Ahmad Hilles of Gaza opposes it as an
attempted power grab by a limited group. Although the conference is in
theory the appropriate venue to redefine Fatah and its leadership, the young
guard appears incapable of uniting in order to advance its agenda - which
focuses on the needs of Palestinians in the West Bankand Gaza - and resist
the priorities of Palestinian leaders based in Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, and
Fatah's immediate challenge is deciding whether to join a Hamas-led
government or to create an opposition, as most Fatah leaders publicly favor
at least for now. An even greater challenge will be rebuilding the
allegiance of its volatile constituency, which launched mass demonstrations
immediately following the elections and called for the resignation of
Fatah's Central Committee.
For Fatah to compete effectively with Hamas and lead Palestinian politics
once again, it would need to develop a mechanism for handling disputes
internally and find honest, respected, and popular leaders. Whether Fatah's
young guard can regroup and tackle these challenges depends entirely on its
ability to solve the organizational and personal rivalries that became
painfully evident during the electoral process. The very survival of secular
Palestinian nationalism may hinge on whether such a transformation occurs.
Ben Fishman is a researcher and special assistant at the Washington
Institute for Near East Policy. Mohammad Yaghi, a Ramallah-based Palestinian
political analyst, is executive director of the Palestinian Center for Mass
Communication, a columnist for Al-Ayyam, and a project manager for the
Konrad Adenauer Foundation. This commentary is reprinted with permission
from the Arab Reform Bulletin, Vol. 4, issue 1 (February 2006)

+++JORDAN TIMES 19 Mar.'06:"Syria Muslim Brotherhood leader scents power "
By Paul Taylor. Reuters
"leader of Syria's outlawed Muslim Brotherhood scents power"

"only international aquiescence was keeping President Bashar Assad in

"16 opposition groups ... overthrow Assad and install democracy"
BRUSSELS - After a quarter of a century in exile, the leader of Syria's
outlawed Muslim Brotherhood scents power after forming a coalition with
secular, nationalist, liberal, communist and Kurdish opposition parties.
In an interview with Reuters during talks in Brussels to form a united
opposition front, London-based Ali Bayanouni said only international
acquiescence was keeping President Bashar Assad in power, and urged the West
to boycott his government.
"What we want to see from the United States and European countries is to
lift this umbrella of international protection of this regime," said
Bayanouni, who left Syria before Assad's father crushed an Islamist uprising
in the town of Hama in 1982 killing at least 10,000 people and perhaps twice
that number.
He said the regime would collapse without international protection as it had
no public support.
Some 16 opposition groups announced the formation of a united front on
Friday to create a transitional government aiming to overthrow Assad and
install democracy.
It is hard to gauge how much backing the oldest Islamist political movement
has in tightly controlled Syria, where membership of the Brotherhood has
been punishable by death since 1980, a year after Bayanouni fled abroad.
"There are no precise measures that we can use to know at the moment how
much support we have in Syria because of the lack of the means to measure
public opinion," Bayanouni said between bouts of negotiation with former
vice president Abdel-Halim Khaddam, the other main figurehead of the new
"But we believe the wide Islamic current in the society is big, and we are
part of this Islamic current."
Islamic tide
Surveying the Middle East, from Egypt and the Palestinian territories to
Turkey and Iraq, ..., feels history is moving his way.
"We believe that in the current situation in the Arab world, the Islamic
tide is a wide phenomenon, and if there are free elections, then this
current will take its exact place and fill its exact size in the political
atmosphere," he said.
. . .
"Our political project talks about building a civil state in Syria, not a
theocratic state," he said.
. . .
... Bayanouni voiced a close affinity for the Palestinian militant movement
Hamas ... .
... "There is no specific timescale, but we believe that this regime has now
completed all the reasons to collapse," he said.

Sue Lerner, Associate - IMRA


Subject: "Face to Face" Campaign
of the national camp - update

"Face to Face" Campaign of the national camp - update

Enclosed please find an important public commitment given by Zvulun Orlev,
Mafdal chairman, according to which he will not join a gov't whose agenda
includes settlement razing.

Eli Yishai, head of Shas, also gave a public commitment a week ago, in
Besheva newspaper (9/3/06), indicating that Shas is opposed to settlement
razing (in contrast to earlier Jpost interview).

These commitments did not drop out of the sky like rain -- we earned them --
that is, those of us who are working really hard in the Panim el Panim
campaign and making phonecalls or housecalls. When people are working hard
"in the trenches" -- this is not lost on our politicians, far from it, the
politicians pick up on this right away as you see, and in return - are
willing to make valuable public commitments, as you see.

So, much depends on us (as usual). Please ask yourself: Have I volunteered
for Panim el Panim? If not, please call the nearest racaz RIGHT NOW (see
attached file with names and tel. nos.) -- and nudj him or her until he
gives you stuff to do!!

If your racaz is unobtainable, or doesn't give you stuff to do, within 24
hrs -- grab your city map or local phonebook and assign yourself any old
column in the phonebook or any old street. Use the Tasrit Sicha attached.
Inform as to what street/page in phonebook you are using,
what were the results (who's voting right, who's undecided) and who was the
racaz who "messed up" (so we can improve matters...)

Best of luck and many thx, Mattot Arim


[remarks indicate Qassams not major issue?]

[IMRA: "Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Mofaz ..."the
successful action in Jericho that led to the capture of Minister Zeevy's
murderers... made it unequivocally clear that the State of Israel is
determined and uncompromising regarding issues that top its agenda." Does
this mean that the reason that Israel responds to Qassam attacks by firing
rounds of artillery at empty fields hours later is that the Qassam attacks
are not "issues that top its agenda"?]

(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 19.3.06:

1. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, IDF
Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz, GOC Southern Command Maj.-Gen. Yoav
Galant and ISA Director Yuval Diskin briefed ministers on current security
and diplomatic affairs. Attorney General Meni Mazuz said that there was no
legal impediment to trying those connected to the assassination of Minister
Rechavam Zeevy ( ) in Israel, for several reasons:
They were never tried in the accepted sense of the concept and according to
the rules in use in the State of Israel, those who were tried abroad do not
acquire immunity from trial in the State of Israel - if there are
substantive reasons for this. The Attorney General made it clear that the
State of Israel has claimed, from the outset, that the sole legal authority
over the murder belongs to the State of Israel, in which there is no legal
impediment to trying the Minister's assassins.

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Mofaz expressed
their great apreciation to the IDF, GOC Central Command Maj.-Gen. Yair
Naveh, the Israel Police Special Anti-Terrorism Unit and to the ISA for the
successful action in Jericho that led to the capture of Minister Zeevy's
murderers ( ) and made it unequivocally clear that
the State of Israel is determined and uncompromising regarding issues that
top its agenda.

2. Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Ze'ev Boim and Health
Minister Ya'akov Edery, the Directors-General of their ministries and other
relevant officials briefed ministers on issues related to the appearance of
bird flu ( ). Acting Prime Minister Olmert
instructed the aforesaid ministries to continue cooperating in the struggle
against bird flu, including in issuing statements to the public. The Acting
Prime Minister ordered the establishment of a special team, headed by the
Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry Director-General, to deal with
the issue of compensation to poultry farmers who have suffered losses.

Acting Prime Minister Olmert said: "Bird flu has recently been discovered in
Israel. The Government has been prepared to deal with this issue for some
time. Today, we are taking all the measures that we prepared for. All of
the dead birds will be buried in order to prevent the disease from
spreading. It is important to emphasize that at this stage, we are talking
only about bird flu; there is no indication that the there is the
possibility of the disease spreading to people. All necessary measures to
ensure that this does not happen, are being implemented. Of course, while I
suggest attributing due seriousness to the appearance of bird flu, we
should also be more relaxed about the dangers that people may be concerned
about, given the measures that we have taken and are taking to prevent
further spreading. In any case, it will not lead to an outbreak among

3. The Cabinet discussed assistance to those local authorities that have
absorbed evacuees from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, regarding social
assistance, and decided to extend NIS 9.54 million in psychological-social
(personal-family-community) assistance during 2006 to those local
authorities that have absorbed considerable numbers of Gaza Strip and
northern Samaria residents pursuant to the 2005 Disengagement Plan
Implementation Law;

The necessary budget will be transferred from the SELA Disengagement
Authority's assistance budget via the Interior Ministry, which will then
disburse the funds (during the first month of each quarter) to the local
authorities according to an allocation formula that takes into account -
inter alia - the number of residents (vhildren, adults, families and
communities) absorbed in each area and the SELA Disengagement Authority's
support allocation criteria.

The social assistance funds allocated to the various absorbing authorities
will replace the previous support mechanism operated by the Prime Minister's
Office (PMO) via the SELA Disengagement Authority, as per the appropriate
regulations to be decided upon by the PMO Legal Adviser.

The absorbing authorities will submit detailed reports to the SELA
Disengagement Authority, the Social Welfare Ministry and the Interior
Ministry, on their activities vis-a-vis social assistance to the evacuees.

The Interior Ministry will disburse a 20% advance within 30 days to the
absorbing authorities; the advance will be deducted from the payment for
activities in the first quarter of 2006.

The absorbing authorities will - at the end of each quarter - submit
detailed quarterly expenditure reports (that will be reviewed by a Chartered
Public Accountant) to the SELA Disengagement Authority, the Social Welfare
Ministry and the Interior Ministry, on their activities vis-a-vis social
assistance to the evacuees. The submission of such reports will be a
condition for the disbursement of funds for the following quarter.

The Interior Ministry will be entitled to offset from future payments funds
for activities that were not carried out or that were carried out contrary
to the approved working plan.

The SELA Disengagement Authority believes that social assistance activities
should continue in 2006. Experience during the initial absorption period
has shown that a coordinated transfer of budgets by the Interior Ministry,
which is responsible for the local authorities, would be preferable to the
existing mechanism in which the SELA Disengagement Authority provides the
support funds.

4. The Cabinet discussed the establishment of security rooms in the greater
Gaza Strip area, in residential structures that were built for the rental
needs of Gaza Strip and northern Samaria residents in the context of the
Disengagement Plan. The Cabinet decided as follows:

The communities will build securiyu rooms within 60 days of the signing of
an agreement between the various communities and the SELA Disengagement
Authority, which will fund 50% of the costs up to NIS 40,000 per security
room. The communities will be given the possibility of receiving loans from
the SELA Disengagement Authority, on terms to be established by the Finance
Ministry Accountant-General, on the condition that the SELA Disengagement
Authority's total cost (grant and loan) does not exceed NIS 80,000 per
security room.

5. The Cabinet, pursuant to its authority under the 1959 Civil Service Law
(Appointments), decided to extend Science and Technology Ministry
Director-General Prof. Mina Teicher's tenure of office until 31.5.06, or
until the appointment of her successor, whichever comes first.

6. The Cabinet, pursuant to its authority under the 1959 Civil Service Law
(Appointments), decided to extend Education, Culture and Sports Ministry
Director-General Amira Haim's tenure of office until 10.6.06, or until the
appointment of her successor, whichever comes first.

7. The Cabinet discussed the continuation of policy in 2006 regarding Bovine
Spongiform Encephalopathy; see for details.

8. The Cabinet discussed the continuation of anti-rabies vaccinations among
feral dogs and wild animals in 2006; see for


Subject: 145,200 Tourists Enter Israel in February,
Up 31 Per Cent Over February 2005

Spokesperson's Office
Israel Ministry of Tourism

Reference 2006-0005-274:
?19 Adar 5766

19 March 2006

Press Release

145,200 Tourists Enter Israel in February, Up 31 Per Cent Over February 2005

Figures released today by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics and Ministry
of Tourism show 145,200 tourists entered the country in February 2006, a 31
per cent rise over the same period in 2005.

Tourism Minister Avraham Hirchson says the goal of bringing three million
tourists to the country this year is in reach. Continued efforts to open
Israel's skies and ongoing marketing abroad will contribute to the positive
tourism trend and provide employment to Israelis.

In the first two months of 2006, 280,600 tourists entered the country, a
rise of 24 per cent over the same period a year earlier. Increases were
registered in the number of visitors arriving by air, land and sea.


Subject: Health Ministry: Bird flu poses no danger to public

Health Ministry: Bird flu poses no danger to public

19 Mar 2006

The Health Ministry announced today (Sunday, 19 March 2006) that, despite
the outbreak of avian flu among the turkey population at four Israeli
agricultural settlements, the disease has not been found among humans. Four
persons initially suspected of being infected because they had handled
stricken fowl were examined by the health services and found to be free of
the disease.

Immediately following the discovery of the outbreak, the ministries of
Health and Agriculture acted in accordance with procedure and destroyed all
the stricken fowl, plus other birds within a radius of three kilometers from
the centers of infection. Similarly, a quarantine has been imposed on all
infected areas.

The Health and Agriculture ministries have acted in accordance with the
directives of the World Health Organization in dealing with the outbreak,
including the examination of all persons who have come in contact with the
birds or have been in their vicinity.

All turkey and chicken runs in Israel, as well as all farms, are operated in
accordance with the highest professional standards of cleanliness and under
the strict supervision of the appropriate authorities. The country's health
and agricultural systems are among the best in the world and the supervision
of animal and public health, as well as food products, is meticulous.
The responsible authorities in Israel will continue to maintain all
international standards. There is no reason whatsoever to forgo visiting
Israel due to this unfortunate outbreak and there is no danger to the health
of Israel's inhabitants.

[For further information in Hebrew:


Subject: Erez Security Crossing Reopened
for Israeli Media Personnel

March 19th, 2006

The Erez security crossing has been reopened for media personnel with
Israeli or dual citizenship wishing to enter or exit the Gaza Strip. Media
personnel with Israeli or dual citizenship must as before coordinate their
passage in advance with the IDF Spokesperson unit. Media personnel with
foreign citizenship do not have to coordinate passage. It is requested that
all media personnel verify the validity of their documentation before
arriving at the crossing.


Subject: Acting PM Olmert Meets
Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller

Acting PM Olmert Meets Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met this afternoon (Sunday), 19.3.06, with
Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller. National Infrastructures Minister Ronnie
Bar-On, Prime Minister's Office Director-General Ilan Cohen, National
Infrastructures Ministry Director-General Eli Ronen, Russian Ambassador to
Israel Gennady Tarassov and senior Gazprom officials also attended the
meeting. The participants discussed the possibility of Gazprom supplying
Israel with gas towards 2011. It was agreed that National Infrastructures
Ministry Director-General Ronen and Gazprom representatives would discuss
various details in order to formulate a framework agreement that would be
signed between the two governments in the future.


Subject: Excerpts: Moderation among Islamists in Jordan.
Disbanding of militias.20 March 2006

Excerpts: Moderation among Islamists in Jordan.Disbanding of militias.20
March 2006

+++THE JORDAN TIMES 20 Mar.'06:Editorial:Invaluable opposition"

"a moderate, sensible, stabilising Islamist movement"

"defends pluralism and steers people away from extremism"
So, all the fears about Jordan's Islamic opposition radicalising and falling
into the orbit of this or that militant movement were misplaced.
What a relief.
. . . ... our Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Action Front showed
maturity, holding on to one's ...identity.
... This region needs the invaluable input of a moderate, sensible,
stabilising Islamic movement that can offer itself as an invaluable
mediator, spread the true message of a tolerant and peaceful Islam which
rejects any form of violence, proactively contribute to democratisation,
defend pluralism and steer people away from extremism.
We are now a little bit more hopeful that such a movement can indeed
develop. Here.
Against most expectations and amid mounting talk of a Hamas' longa manus
reaching out for control of the Jordanian Islamic movement, internal
elections in the IAF this past weekend and in the Muslim Brotherhood a few
weeks ago rendered a mostly moderate and young leadership.
... hardliner hawks were seen as ... keeping a sort of self-imposed low
... Who or what convinced them not to compete?
What exactly happened ahead of these important elections and what factors
interfered in the fielding of candidates remains anyone's guess, given the
traditionally secretive attitude of the Islamic movement vis-�-vis its
internal matters.
... the hawks didn't run ... because they felt that the shura councils of
both the Brotherhood and the IAF were inclined towards choosing a moderate
In the Brotherhood's case, the ... outgoing overall leader Abdul Majeed
Thneibat, ... abandoned the race for ...his desire to see a younger
generation of leaders at the helm of the movement ... .
... our congratulations the mainstream Islamic movement ... for having
yet again given the entire country an example of efficient and smart
organisation, rigorous self-discipline, and respect for the rules of the

+++THE DAILY STAR (Lebanon) March 20, 2006
"Fatah to collect Palestinian arms in Lebanon's refugee camps"
Agence France Presse (AFP)


"Fatah's ... Palestinian faction would round up weapons from [Lebanon's]
refugee camps"

"380,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon"

" 'state re-establishing its authority on all Lebanese territory' "
RASHIDIYEH, Lebanon: Fatah's chief in Lebanon said Sunday his Palestinian
faction would round up weapons from refugee camps amid growing calls for
militias in the country to be disbanded. "We have decided to collect all the
weapons we possess, including individual arms, and put them in secure places
(inside the camps), in accordance with the wishes of the inter-Lebanese
dialogue conference," said Sultan Abu al-Aynayn.
Leaders from across the political and religious spectrum have been meeting
in Beirut to solve such contentious issues as the presence of armed
Palestinians outside refugee camps.
There are believed to be 380,000 Palestinians living in Lebanon, many of
them in dire conditions in 12 refugee camps.
Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri said Tuesday that participants in the
inter-Lebanese talks supported disarming Palestinians outside the camps in
six months and "the state re-establishing its authority on all Lebanese
Abu al-Aynayn also asserted the authority of the Palestine Liberation
Organization - of which Fatah is the largest faction - as the only
legitimate representative of Palestinians in Lebanon.
The PLO does not include Palestinian Islamist groups such as Hamas, which
trounced Fatah in January's elections,
or pro-Syrian groups such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine-General Command, which has been
involved in a number of shooting incidents outside Palestinian camps.
The inter-Lebanese dialogue is expected to resume on March 22. - AFP

Sue Lerner, Associate IMRA


Subject: PCHR: 3 Reports
- Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms
(many hurt by weapons meant to hurt Israelis)

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

#1 Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms
Using Weapons in Personal and Clan Disputes

Field Update
19 March 2006

19 March 2006

1 Citizen Killed in a Clan Dispute

At approximately 19:40 on Saturday, 18 March 2006, the body of Mohammad Na'im
Ismail El-Astal, a 26-year old resident of Al-Mawasi area in Khan Yunis, was
delivered to Naser Hospital in Khan Yunis. Upon examination, it was
determined that the cause of death was 2 bullets to the right and left parts
of the chest.

PCHR's initial investigation indicates that the victim was sitting, with one
of his brothers, in a tent on the Khan Yunis beach. An unidentified
assailant fired at them, hitting the victim, killing him instantly.
Palestinian police opened an investigation into the murder. There was
information indicating that the incident occurred on the backdrop of clan

PCHR is concerned about the continuation of internal violence, including the
use of weapons in personal and clan disputes, which constitute a continuum
of the state of security chaos in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The
Centre calls upon the PNA, represented by the Attorney-General, to
investigate these attacks, and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

#2 Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms
Misuse of Weapons by Armed Groups and Security Personnel

Field Update
19 March 2006

3 Citizens killed and 4 injured in military action and misuse of weapons

At approximately 19:45 on Friday, 17 March 2006, a homemade rocket exploded
in an agricultural area in Ez'bet Fad'ous area north of Beit Lahya. The
rocket exploded as an armed group was preparing to fire it at Israeli
targets. The rocket detonated prematurely killing 2 members of the group:
- Mohammad Abdel Fattah Aqel, 22 years old, from El-Bureij refugee camp,
a member of Al-Quds Battalions - the armed wing of Islamic Jihad; and
- Ibrahim Shehada Qasem, 27 years old, from Beit Lahya, a member of
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades
Aqel was killed as a result of shrapnel injuries to the upper body, mostly
in the head. And Qasem was killed as a result of shrapnel injuries to the
head, chest, and arms. Both were taken by ambulance to Kamal Odwan Hospital
in Beit Lahya.

At approximately 16:45 on Friday, 17 March 2006, Majed Mohammad Saleh
El-Jalous, 40 years old and a resident of Khan Yunis refugee camp, was
injured in the right thigh by a bullet from an unknown source. PCHR's
initial investigation indicates that El-Jalous was with family members in a
farm owned by a friend near the European Hospital in Khan Yunis. He was
taken to Naser Hospital in Khan Yunis for treatment.

At approximately 19:40 on the same day, 2 citizens from Khan Yunis refugee
camp sustained shrapnel injuries in their legs, as a result of a bullet that
issued from a gun they were cleaning. The incident took place in the
Austrian quarter in Khan Yunis. Both were taken to El-Salam Hospital for
treatment, where their injuries were listed as moderate.

At approximately 20:30 on Friday, Mohammad Kamal Weshah, a 17-year old
resident of El-Bureij refugee camp, was hit by 2 bullets to the chest. He
was taken to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir El-Balah, where he died
shortly after arrival. PCHR's initial investigation indicates that Weshah
was hit by 2 bullets that were fired accidentally from a friend's gun, as
the victim and friends were near Weshah's house in Bloc 7 of El-Bureij
refugee camp.

At approximately 11:00 on Saturday, 18 March 2006, Marwan Faraj Mohammad
El-Jadba (19) sustained a shrapnel injury in his left eye. The injury
resulted from the accidental explosion of a homemade grenade. The injury
occurred during the funeral procession of Mohammad Aqel, who was killed by
the premature detonation of a homemade rocket in Beit Layha a day earlier.
El-Jadba was taken to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir El-Balah for
treatment, from where he was transferred to the Ophthalmic Hospital in Gaza

PCHR expresses great concern over the continued falling of victims due to
the misuse of weapons. In addition, the Centre reiterates its position
against targeting civilians, and calls for their protection in accordance
with International Humanitarian Law.

#3 Security Chaos and Proliferation of Small Arms
Attacking Public Institutions and Officials

Field Update
19 March 2006

External Referral and Health Insurance Departments in the Ministry of Health
Strike against Continued Attacks

The workers' strike for the departments of external referrals and health
insurance departments in the Palestinian Ministry of Health entered its 4th
consecutive day. The strike is in protest against the repeated attacks by
gunmen against the staff of the two departments.

PCHR's initial investigation indicates that at approximately 11:00 on
Thursday, 16 November 2006, an armed group suspected of belonging to Al-Aqsa
Martyrs Brigades - the armed branch of Fatah attacked the offices of the
these two departments in the Abu Khadra Governmental Complex in Gaza City.
The attackers assaulted a number of staff, and forced them to leave their
offices and close them. The attacks came in protest against steps taken by
the Ministry in the areas of referrals for treatment abroad and health

PCHR's fieldworker learned that the striking staff members are working in
the branch offices of the departments, each in his/her area of residence. In
addition, it is noted that the two departments will move out of the Abu
Khadra complex to a new rented venue.

This attack is not the first against these two departments on the backdrop
of external referral and insurance procedures. On 4 March 2006, Al-Aqsa
Martyrs gunmen attacked the offices to protest the Palestinian Cabinet
decision to provide health care exceptions for uninsured citizens.

PCHR is concerned about the continuation of these dangerous attacks, which
constitute a continuum of the state of security chaos in the Occupied
Palestinian Territory. The Centre calls upon the PNA, represented by the
Attorney-General, to investigate these attacks, and to bring the
perpetrators to justice.

Public Document
For more information please call PCHR office in Gaza, Gaza Strip, on +972 8
2824776 - 2825893
PCHR, 29 Omer El Mukhtar St., El Remal, PO Box 1328 Gaza, Gaza Strip.
E-mail:, Webpage
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Subject: [Report after elections]Olmert political appointments
at Trade Ministry under scrutiny

Olmert political appointments at Trade Ministry under scrutiny

By Zvi Zrahiya and Mazal Mualem Haaretz 20 March 2006

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss is compiling a report on appointments
at the Ministry of Industry and Trade's Small and Medium Enterprises
Authority (SMEA).

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert holds the Industry and Trade portfolio.
Lindenstrauss is examining the qualifications of these appointments to
determine whether any were purely political and thus illegal.

The report will be released after the elections, not as part of the annual
comptroller's report, which is due in two months. A draft of the report was
submitted to the Industry and Trade Ministry for responses.

The investigation began under the former comptroller, Eliezer Goldberg,
after union representatives and other organizations placed several
complaints about appointments at the ministry.

The appointments under scrutiny include those of Shmuel Rosenman as SMEA
chairman; Amiram Bukspan as director general and Lilach Nehemya as deputy
director general.

Ra'anan Dinur is currently director general of the ministry.

The State Comptroller's Office confirmed that the comptroller is examining
appointments at the SMEA and will submit a separate report with its findings
once the work is completed.

'Still waiting'

Officials in the Prime Minister's Office said in response to reports on the
investigation that the comptroller asked Olmert questions in August 2005 and
received answers, "and we have been waiting ever since."

The officials said the law prohibiting publication of comptroller's reports
before their official release makes it difficult to respond to the reports'

Officials in Olmert's Kadima party yesterday did not seem too concerned
about the comptroller's report, which they do not expect to damage the

Campaign officials are more concerned about the possibility that Kadima
supporters will not bother to vote on March 28 out of the belief that the
party's victory is secure.

The Likud is demanding that the State Cmptroller publish its findings before
the elections on the grounds that the public has a right to know who Olmert
is before election day.


Subject: Letter: US Attorney Challenges Treatment of Pollard

J4JP Release - March 19, 2006

J4JP Prefacing Note: A copy of the following letter addressed to Minster of
Internal Security, Gidon Ezra was obtained by Justice4JP. In discussing the
21 years of Jonathan Pollard's incarceration and the attitude and actions of
the Government of Israel, the letter is both detailed and devastatingly
accurate. It is a must-read!

Jerusalem 93145 Israel

March 06

Minister Gidon Ezra
Ministry of Public Security
Kiryat HaMemshala
Jerusalem, Israel

Dear Mr. Minister,

Subject: Jonathan Pollard, Minister Gidon Ezra and the

Question of Integrity of the Israeli Government

1. The media recently reported a meeting between the Minister Ezra and
US Ambassador to Israel, Richard Jones whereby Minister Ezra asked the
Ambassador why there has been no progress in the Jonathan Pollard case.

The media suggested that Minister Ezra's question was brought about by the
recent public campaign relating to Jonathan Pollard which asked of the
Israeli Government, "Where is the sense of shame?" This was alluding to the
betrayal of the Israeli Government vis-�-vis Jonathan Pollard. And thus,
Minister Ezra was attempting to shift blame away from the Israeli

2. The position of Minister Ezra is most bizarre and one could
reasonably suggest that

The question of the integrity of the Israeli Government emerges. In this
context, I would respectfully refer you to a letter I wrote to Prime
Minister Sharon on

5 August 04, with a copy to you; the subject being, "Jonathan Pollard, the
Sharon Government with Regard to its Honesty or its Dishonesty." The points
made in that letter are still applicable. I noted therein:

a. The basic question was what actions had the Sharon Government taken
on Behalf of Jonathan Pollard consistent with its responsibilities to secure
the pardon of Jonathan Pollard but also to alleviate the hardship and
severity of his imprisonment as well as to provide financial support for him
and his family.

b. Minister Gidon Ezra, in his position as the Sharon's spokesman in the
Knesset, in a reply to a Knesset question as to what was being done on
behalf of Jonathan Pollard, stated that the Government was working on behalf
of Jonathan Pollard. However, when asked to define these steps, he could not

c. Minister Gidon Ezra, in a prior telephone call to me, in response to
a letter criticizing Sharon, stated that he had to believe what the Prime
Minister told him. (One wonders how to differentiate between truth and the
lack of it.

d. Minister Gidon Ezra, in another reply to me, in response to a
subsequent letter stated that suitable were being taken by appropriate
officials which include raising the issue with senior US Government

e. Minister Gidon Ezra, in another reply to me because of a further
critical Letter stated that the Government was doing everything to free
Jonathan Pollard.

f. However, the factual situation is completely contradictory to what
Minister Gidon Ezra alleges. The following is thus cogent:

(1) Jonathan Pollard remains incarcerated in prison for having passed
information to Israel vital to her security. He was enobled to do so out of
concern for the State of Israel and her people. His act was intended to help
Israel , not to harm the US. In fact, the US did not fulfill its commitment
to Israel to provide such information pursuant to the 1983 Memorandum of

(2) But there is a paradox. The leadership of Israel stands transfixed,
sphinx-like, unmoved vis-�-vis in helping in this issue. They wear the
mantle of leadership but they fail in heir profound responsibility to
Jonathan Pollard and his family. The Israeli Government alleges that efforts
are ongoing on behalf of Jonathan Pollard. But that is not true.

(3) Moreover, the indifference of the Israeli Government has allowed this
case to fester for over 2 decades. This is true of the American Jewish
leadership as the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American

(4) Prime Minister Sharon has never directly asked President Bush to
pardon Jonathan Pollard. (Acting Prime Minister Olmert has taken a similar
position.) This would be the most expeditious approach. This could be done
on a humanitarian basis or as a quid pro quo in that the US constantly
exerts pressure on issue as it relates to the Arab issue. But Prime Minister
Sharon has refused. As such, he has failed on humanitarian grounds and in
terms of his responsibility. (Acting Prime Minister Olmert has taken a
similar position.)

(5) Prime Minister Sharon refused to present the petition of the Knesset
signed by 112 members to President Bush asking that a pardon be granted to
Jonathan Pollard.

(6) Prime Minister Sharon did not keep the Government promise to the High
Court of Justice pursuant to its decision 6029(6.2.2000) whereby the
Government would provide financial support to Jonathan Pollard and his
family.(Acting Prime Minister Olmert is silent on this matter.)

(7) The Pollards continually and categorically state that the Israeli
Government has betrayed Jonathan Pollard. More specifically,
Esther Pollard states:

"The Government of Israel has broken every promise it ever made to
Jonathan Pollard both in Court and privately. Israel was complicit in its
prosecution and continuous to this day to be complicit in his interminable
incarceration under harsh conditions.

It has postured publicly for years as if it were assisting him while in
fact sabotaging and undermining every opportunity to secure his release
and abandoning him morally, legally, financially and medically for over 2

(8) Prime Minister Sharon has not included in the cabinet meetings an item
which would deal with the means to secure a pardon for Jonathan
Pollard.(This also applies to acting Prime Minister Olmert)

(9) The Israeli Government totally divorced itself from the debasement and
dehumanization of Jonathan Pollard by the US Government in preparation and
during a hearing in the US District Court, DC. The Israeli Government
displayed no sense of humanitarian concern.

(10) The Israeli Government totally divorced itself from the broken
promise of the then President Clinton to pardon Jonathan Pollard.

(11) The Israeli Government is content to let Jonathan Pollard remain In
prison in hardship and deprived of basic Jewish practices.

3. Based on the above, the reasonably prudent observer could note in
terms of conclusions that:

a. "Honesty is not only the deepest policy but the highest wisdom
however difficult it may be for integrity to get on. It is a thousand times
more difficult for knavery to get off" -Calton. One would say that there is
a perception of knavery in the Israeli Government.

b. It is clear that the Israeli Government is indifferent and uncaring
relative to the tragic plight of Jonathan Pollard.

c. It is clear that the Israeli government have not been forthright in
their allegations that the Government is working on behalf of Jonathan

Truth, apparently, is not a virtue of this Government.

d. It is clear that the Israeli Government has been obstructive in
efforts to secure a pardon for Jonathan Pollard.

e. It is clear that the Israeli Government has failed in its
responsibility toJonathan Pollard.

f. It is clear that the Israeli Government lacks any iota of
humanitarian concern toward him. The Government has shown that it is content
to let Jonathan Pollard languish in prison. The Government has not exercised
any minimum effort to alleviate the harsh prison confinement of Jonathan
Pollard and not even to request that he be able to perform minimum Jewish

It is also clear that the Government is indifferent to basic Jewish values.

g. "The civilized world will indeed be wanting in energy and wisdom if
it permits this century to be disgraced by the retention of Jonathan Pollard
in contravention of the laws of nature, morality and religion and most
especially it behooves the Jewish community to exert itself to the utmost."

4. In the final analysis, I would respectfully suggest, Mister Minister
that you have not been forthright in your efforts vis-�-vis Jonathan
Pollard. And therefore, the reasonably prudent observer could suggest that
there is a lack of integrity on the part of the Israeli Government inclusive
of respective Ministers.



(US Attorney)

Copy to: US Ambassador to Israel Richard Jones

President Moshe Katzav

Attorney- General Menachem Mazuz

State Attorney Eran Shendar

Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Zionist Organization of America

National Council of Young Israel

Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American

Jerusalem Post


M.K. Gidon Saar

M.K. Michael Eitan


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