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Lou Dobbs Wakes Up to 9/11 Lies

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Israel must be held accountable for its international law violations
Stephen Lendman
On June 25, the Palestinians responded to continued, unrelenting and unjustifiable Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) attacks against them by striking at an Israeli military post near Kerem Shalom crossing, southeast of Rafah, killing two IDF soldiers, injuring several others, and capturing (not "kidnapping) a third. It set off a swift and deadly IDF response of daily killings and mass destruction in the Occupied Palestinian Territorie! s (OPT) against defenseless Palestinians helpless in the face of the relentless IDF onslaught. Events since escalated into a mass conflagration when Hezbollah resistance fighters captured (again, not "kidnapped") two IDF soldiers who apparently illegally crossed the UN-monitored "blue line" into Lebanon as they've routinely done almost daily after withdrawing from the country in May, 2000. Again the IDF responded with overwhelming force by air and with a ground invasion in the south causing vast destruction over a wide area throughout the country including in Beirut, Tyre and Sidon (Lebanon's three largest cities) and now extending to the north in Christian areas and up to the Syria-Lebanon border...

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Hizbullah, Zionism and the Ideology of late Imperial America
Awakening the Resistance

...Are we really surprised by the vast, Hizbullah-led resistance? By the linkage it makes with people across the boundaries of national insult, defeat and humiliation? Are we really surprised that 40 years after Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights and 6 years into its continued occupation of the Shebaa Farms in Lebanon that people are have had! enough? Are we really surprised that 3 and a half years into the US occupation and devastation of Iraq, 5 years after the US invasion and destruction of Afghanistan and decades of killings, intrusions, violations, abductions, assassinations, meddling, economic sanctions, pilfering and exploitation of the people, lands and resources of the Middle East that the reckless, racist, power-drunk mercenaries of empire should finally be met with a legitimate popular resistance? –not an outgrowth of displaced fanaticism, not an al-Qaeda gang of killers, but the beginnings of a grassroots pan-Arab and pan-Islamic movement seeking to heal the wounds of perpetual subjugation?...

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The U.N. disgraces itself even further
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News
The U.N. Security Council, the only body with real power, is little more than a tool for imperialism to impose its will on the people of the world. It's inability to achieve a ceasefire in Lebanon after a month would be laughable were it not for the fact that more than a thousand people are dead, thousands more wounded, and large swaths of a country destroyed. But with all that, the other agencies of the U.N. have at least maintained a certai! n independence and been worthy of a certain respect. Until now: The UN's top humanitarian official has criticised Israel and Hezbollah for hindering access to southern Lebanon, calling the situation a "disgrace". Jan Egeland said both sides could give aid agencies access in a "heartbeat". Hospitals in south Lebanon are also said to be low on food and fuel(...) The disgrace is Mr. Egeland. Like all the readers of this blog, he knows very well exactly what Israel has been doing to prevent relief workers from providing aid to southern Lebanon, even going so far as to bomb makeshift bridges that were erected precisely for the purpose of bringing in that aid. I won't bore you with the rest, you all know it

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Thursday, 10 August 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.
In a dispatch posted at 9:44am Makkah time Thursday morning, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US occupation forces have completely taken over ar-Ramadi General Hospital and turned it into a US military camp for American troops, throwing the hospital patients out of the building. The ar-Ramadi correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported that ambulances had to! evacuate the patients from the hospital to al-Fallujah General Hospital because the Americans had ordered them all thrown out. Ambulance drivers told Mafkarat al-Islam that US troops in armored vehicles and armor-plated Humvees stormed into ar-Ramadi General Hospital in the northern part of the city and cleared all the patients, despite their illnesses and injuries, out of the hospital and on to the yard in front of the facility. The Americans ordered ambulance drivers and relatives in the hospital to take all the patients outside to the front yard. From there the ambulance drivers transported them to al-Fallujah...

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Aid blockade
Lenin's Tomb
So, let's get this absolutely straight: Israel has been bombing the canals, thus renewing suspicions "that it covets water from the Litani." Israel bombs the roads, the ports, the airports, all systems of transport, blocks aid as a specific matter of policy, has threatened UNIFIL workers if they attempt to rebuild a vital aid route - and Egeland comes out with this creepy 'even-handed' denunciation of "both Hezbollah and Israel" for not allowing aid access. Aside from the fact that Hezbo! llah is providing aid abundantly in Lebanon, in line with its usual social services and welfare roles, there is documented evidence of Israel, the stronger power, specifically blocking aid, but I defy anyone to find a single documented instance of Hezbollah doing this...

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Diplomacy under duress
Firas Al-Atraqchi
The Israel-Lebanon conflict, analysts say, has far-reaching geopolitical implications for the future of the Middle East and the nature of (US) involvement in the region's politics. Hizbullah has been strengthened, some say, while others have pointed to the weakness of Arab leadership and their failure to resolve the conflict that continues to demand a terrible civilian price. However, while the above forecasts may be true and eventually vindicate their authors, the Lebanon! crisis may also have far more devastating consequences for the scope of international diplomacy and convention. Future history students of the 21st century will contemplate how international protocols established over several centuries between nations to avoid conflict or bring about speedy resolutions have been restructured and redefined not to prevent warfare, but to cover for it...

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Self-fulfilling prophecy
Azmi Bishara
Journalist: How will the deaths of Israeli soldiers today affect your plans? Israeli Army Spokesman: You saw that massacre of 12 Israelis .. it will ... Journalist: Massacre you said? But those were soldiers and this is war. Spokesman: No, it was a massacre because the people who fired the missiles weren't targeting soldiers. They were targeting Israeli civilians but killed the soldiers by accident. Journalist: But you also committed massacr! es in Qana and elsewhere. Spokesman: No, there was no massacre in Qana. Hizbullah fighters were the targets of the bombardment but civilians were hit by accident...

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Israel's new advanced weapons
Memories Documented
Rami is wondering about new weapons being used against civilians. I saw a documentary about such a weapon, here's how it works. There are these new types of mini-bomb-lets that are similar to cluster bombs, but the difference lies in that they way they operate is by exploding and converting a mas off copper into molten copper that jets towards the victims at over 2800 feet/second. These weapons can shred cars and limbs. Without leaving shrapnel and at the s! ame time they are armour piercing. With such a lethal momentum, even the air around the trajectory of the molten copper is so hot that it would damage living tissue in such deep burns and wounds in the flesh that the doctors are describing...

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Army Uses Israeli Arabs as Shield: MK
Mohammad Gamal Arafa, IOL Staff
An Israeli Arab Member of Knesset has accused the Israeli army of using villages and towns predominantly populated by Israeli Arabs as "shields" to escape the barrages of rockets fired by the Lebanese Hizbullah resistance group. "During a short visit to offer condolences to the families of victims killed in Hizbullah's rocket attacks, I saw Israeli tanks shelling (south) Lebanon from the two towns of Arab Al-Aramisha and Tarshiha, which are pre! dominantly populated Arabs," MK Sheikh Abbas Zako said in a statement, a copy of which was received by Zako stressed that the Israeli tanks are positioned just next to the houses of citizens...

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*** NOT SATIRE ***
SWC: Investigate Lebanon for war crimes

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Thursday called on the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the negligence and complicity of Lebanon in the commission of war crimes against Israel by deliberately failing to stop the transfer of Katyusha rockets to Hizbullah and in failing to alert the Security Council about the amassing of such weapons - a direct violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559. "There never would have been! a war in Lebanon had Beirut done its due diligence under Resolution 1559," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center. "Therefore, Lebanon is guilty of complicity with Hizbullah in the commission of war crimes against the people of Israel because of its failure to disarm Hizbullah or to even alert the UN of such violations...

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Lebanon Sunnis Fight Alongside Hizbullah
Hadi Yahmid, IOL Correspondent
...Respected Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has said that support of the Lebanese resistance was a Muslim duty. "When the enemy enters a country all the people there should unite to resist, be they Sunnis or Shiites, Muslims or Christians ... Such divisions hurt the resistance, which requires everyone to close ranks and speak in one voice," Qaradawi said. "One is not allowed to instigate religious fanaticism which divides the people,! " he told the Doha-base Aljazeera television. The International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS) also warned against calls fueling sectarian division between Sunnis and Shiites...

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Plain genocide
Erica Silverman
...The past week of violence is the latest onslaught in a seven-week long Israeli incursion into Gaza, purportedly aimed at halting the launching of Qassam rockets into Israel and to recover a soldier captured by Hamas resistance fighters. Yet Israel's offensive on Gaza has been overshadowed in the media by its offensive on Lebanon, leaving Gaza's population even more isolated and vulnerable to Israeli massacres. So far, Israeli forces have destroyed three major bridges, along with ! roads, crops, and infrastructural piping crushed by Israeli tanks (...) "The Israeli aggression is relentless, and Israel benefits from Lebanon, in that the world is not paying attention to Gaza," said Interior Minister Said Syiam in Gaza City. "I appeal to the world to pay attention"...

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The occupation of Lebanon continues apace.
Lenin's Tomb
The Israelis claim to have siezed the Christian town of Marjayoun according to the BBC. As with previous siezures, this is probably not as final as it seems. They apparently had pretty heavy fire from resistance fighters who presumably have made a tactical retreat. This town is very close to the Litani in the south-east (good detailed map of Lebanon here), but one assumes that they have in fact helicoptered troops in after bombing the area to shreds. Especia! lly since they are also said to have advanced on the small town of Khiam, only 7 kilometres past the border, reaching the outskirts in the inevitable "bed to quell Hezbollah rocket-fire". Khiam is of symbolic value to the Israelis, as it has been their favourite little torture centre during the earlier occupation of Lebanon. According to Lebanon Updates, it has been announced by an Israeli official that military operations will be suspended for two days, which presumably means that they will not attack anything except when they do, kill no one except who they kill, bomb nowhere except where they bomb. If it means anything at all, that is...

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The tipping point is here
Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor
When all the factions of the New World Order unify behind a major geopolitical event, it usually signals disaster. These significant moments usually come when there is unanimous elite support for violent, large-scale criminal activity. September 11 and the birth of the "war on terrorism" was one such moment, as was the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan that followed. In these moments, the true criminal nature of the world’s elite is readil! y apparent. So is the ignorance of the duped and manipulated mass populaces. We are in the midst of another such moment as you read this, perhaps the most dangerous single collective moment since 9/11...

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How Indiscriminate is Hezbollah’s Shelling?
Jonathan Cook
... First, we cannot easily know what Hizbullah is trying to hit because Israel has located most of its army camps, weapons factories and military installations near or inside civilian communities. If a Hizbullah rocket slams into an Israeli town with a weapons factory, should we count that as an attack on civilians or on a military site? The claim being made against Hizbullah in Lebanon -- that it is "cowardly blending" with civilians, according to the UN! ’s Jan Egeland -- can, in truth, be made far more convincingly of the Israeli army. While there has been little convincing evidence that Hizbullah is firing its rocket from towns and villages in south Lebanon, or that its fighters are hiding there among civilians, it can be known beyond a shadow of a doubt that Israeli army camps and military installations are based in northern Israeli communities...

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A 'Pretext' War in Lebanon
Robert Parry
Three days after the May 23 summit between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and U.S. President George W. Bush, a car bomb killed two officials of Islamic Jihad in the Lebanese city of Sidon. Immediately, Lebanese officials, including Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, denounced the murder of brothers Nidal and Mahmoud Majzoub and pointed the finger at Israel as the prime suspect. On June 10, a man named Mahmoud Rafeh was arrested for the car bombing and, according to the Leban! ese army, confessed that he was a Mossad agent. Rafeh, a 59-year-old retired police officer, belonged to a "terror network working for the Israeli Mossad," which had smuggled a booby-trapped door into Lebanon from Israel for use in the assassination, the Lebanese army said. In retrospect, the Majzoub assassination looks to have been part of a larger U.S.-Israeli strategy – following the Olmert-Bush summit – to encourage a tit-for-tat escalation of violence that would ratchet up pressure on Palestinian and Lebanese militants – and through them their allies in Syria and Iran...

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Retroactive War Crime Protection Proposed
Pete Yost, AP
The Bush administration drafted amendments to the War Crimes Act that would retroactively protect policymakers from possible criminal charges for authorizing any humiliating and degrading treatment of detainees, according to lawyers who have seen the proposal. The move by the administration is the latest effort to deal with treatment of those taken into custody in the war on terror. At issue are interrogations carried out by the CIA, and the degree to which ! harsh tactics such as water-boarding were authorized by administration officials. A separate law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, applies to the military...

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Fake Terror Obfuscates Lebanon and Iraq Failures
Kurt Nimmo
Unable to window dress the obvious failure to eradicate growing resistance in Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan—even with the mighty propaganda power of a complaisant media—the neocon intelligence apparatus has staged yet another terrorist event, or would be terrorist event. "The 21 terrorist suspects arrested in the U.K. overnight had a 'well-advanced plan’ to detonate electronic devices or liquid explosives disguised as beverages or onboard U.S.-bound air! craft, a sophisticated plot suggestive of al-Qaeda, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said," reports Bloomberg. "The attacks were aimed at U.S.-bound planes of United Airlines, American Airlines and Continental Airlines at London’s Heathrow Airport, the Associated Press reported, citing unidentified [undoubtedly neocon] U.S. counter-terrorism officials in Washington."...

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Today in Iraq
A suicide bomber detonated a belt of explosives near a revered Shiite shrine in southern Iraq, killing at least 35 people and injuring 122: The bomber blew himself up while being patted down by police near the Imam Ali mosque in the Shiite holy city of Najaf, said Dr. Munthir al-Ithari, the head of the city's health directorate (...) Four people were killed and five wounded when fighting broke out late Wednesday between gunmen and residents of a Shiite co! mmunity in north Baghdad, police Lt. Salim Ali said. Sporadic clashes were continuing, he said. Six people were killed by a bomb in a restaurant in southern Baghdad. Seven police commandos including a senior officer were killed in a rebel ambush in Baghdad. Five people were found murdered in Baghdad...

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Weekly Report on Human Rights Violations: 26 Palestinians killed, including 6 children
Report, PCHR, 10 August 2006
...As the international community has remained silent, IOF have continued to wage a full scale offensive on the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip. During the reported period, IOF have waged a media war against Palestinian civilians. They have dropped leaflets in streets and on roofs of houses, phoned civilians threatening to destroy their houses if they helped Palestinian resistance a! ctivist, and ordered a number of Palestinian resistance activists through phone calls on their mobile phones to evacuate their houses, which would be destroyed. IOF have further continued their Operation Grasshopper, under which they move in a certain area, commit crimes there and then redeploy outside it. They then move into another area and do the same. PCHR, monitoring with utmost concern the developments of this offensive, calls upon the international community, particularly the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and United Nations, to immediately intervene to force IOF to stop this offensive and allow the passage of foodstuffs, medical supplies and fuels into the Gaza Strip...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

GI Special 4H10: War Reports - August 10, 2006
Thomas F. Barton
  • Three U.S. Soldiers Killed In Anbar
  • Two U.S. Servicemen Missing After Anbar Chopper Crash; Four Injured
  • Marine Fought For Place In History; Frederick County Native Was Due Home This Month
  • Haven Marine Dies In Combat
  • Roadside Bomb That Kills Guardsman Also Injured Another
  • New Zealand Mercenary Dies In Iraq Blast

That is not a good enough reason.

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo: a site gathering daily information concerning occupied Iraq: news, analysis, documents and texts of iraqi resistance available in Italian and English.



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9/11 Break Through

British Lose Their Minds

Tired of Spin in the No Spin Zone? Wanting some Hardball but tired of a host that tosses NERF balls? This blog takes no prisoners and offers no quarter on issues of your security in today's dangerous world. We don't care if you agree or disagree with us. We only care that you think about what we write.

British Lose Their Minds

By Larry Johnson

Larry C Johnson

I'm sitting in Europe, scheduled to take British Air back to the states on Friday, and I'm watching British Authorities meltdown in the face of an alleged terrorist plot. Rule of thumb--initial, panicked reports are usually unreliable. The Brits reportedly have taken at least 18 people into custody--all residents of Great Britain.

The last significant, successful plot to bomb a plane was in January 1995, when a group linked to Osama Bin Laden (this group included Ramsi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and Khalid Sheik Muhammed, nephew of OBL) had devised a way to carry on a liquid explosive disguised to look like water. The detonator was a combination of gun cotton (looked like cotton balls), a small light bulb, a nine volt battery, and a Casio data watch. Ramsi Yousef conducted a successful dry run of this device and planted one on board a Philippine Airline flight in December 1994. That bomb killed one man (a Japanese citizen) and almost brought down the plane. The plan was to blow up twelve US jets transiting the Pacific basin. It was disrupted when an informant, Ishtiak Parker, walked into the US Embassy in Pakistan and ratted out Ramsi Yousef.

So, what next?

Instead of a common sense approach to security, the Brits have hit the panic button. Here's what needs to be done:

  1. No liquids on board a plane weighing more than one pound. Eight ounce bottles are okay but you must drink the liquid to demonstrate it is not an explosive.
  2. One carryone bag per passenger. All carry on bags hand searched.
  3. No cotton balls.
  4. No third party cargo on passenger aircraft.

The latter is the real gap in aviation security. Right now most checked baggage is subjected to inspection by a machine that can detect explosives. Hand carry and cargo are not. You can deal with the threat of hand carry by physical inspection but cargo is a different problem.

In the back of my mind I worry that this threat might be trumped up in order to divert attention from the disastrous US and British policy (or lack of policy) in Lebanon. More likely, we have an informant in the UK that identified a potential plot that was in the dreaming stage but had not progressed to actual implementation. Rather than act like security professionals, the Brits are acting like panicked nannies. Very sad.

PBS=Captive Media

See Commentary Here

Online NewsHour: Newsmaker Interview | Terror Plot Impacts U.S. Security | August 10, 2006 | PBS

Homeland Security Chief Calls Plot "Comparable to 9/11"
HomelandSecurity Secretary Michael Chertoff outlines what authorities havelearned about the plot to blow up airplanes traveling from Britain tothe United States, an attack Chertoff said would have been "comparableto 9/11."

Michael Chertoff

Blogged with Flock

The News is Simply Outrageous. Guy on plane has to go to the bathroom right before plane takes off, gets upset when he can't, has medicine he wants to show the pilot (to prove he's got a medical condition?), but story first comes out as TERRORIST HAS LIQUID ON PLANE, TRIES TO BREAK DOWN COCKPIT DOOR. Stupid, stupid, stupid. 8/11


Ezra Klein


By DymaxionWorldJohn

(Posted by John.)

Wow. I knew Krauthammer had issues, but... damn.

About three years ago, I saw Krauthammer flip out in synagogue on Yom Kippur. The rabbi had offered some timid endorsement of peace -- peace essentially on Israel's terms -- but peace anyway. Krauthammer went nuts. He actually started bellowing at the rabbi, from his wheel chair in the aisle. People tried to "shush" him. It was, after all, the holiest day of the year. But Krauthammer kept howling until the rabbi apologized. The man is as arrogant as he is thuggish. Who screams at the rabbi at services? For advocating peace?

I'm hardly a religious person, but I've also been to Church enough times to hear things from the pulpit I disagreed with, even stuff I thought was offensive. But heckling the holy like it was an episode of Jerry Springer? That never occurred to me.

LGF investigated by the FBI

Crooks and Liars
John Amato's Virtual Online Magazine

LGF investigated by the FBI

By John Amato on Racism

Well, well, well–who would have ever thought this could happen.


Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization often vilified on Johnson’s blog, calls Little Green Footballs "a vicious, anti-Muslim hate site . . . that has unfortunately become popular." The irony, Hooper says, is that if the same kind of "hatred" that appears on LGF appeared on Muslim sites, it soon would be used by LGF’s fans to justify their worldview…

The FBI, according to Hooper, recently investigated several threats of physical harm against Muslims posted by Little Green Footballs readers. Johnson acknowledges the investigation but says Hooper’s organization initiated the complaints to try to stifle free speech on his blog…read on


Pew Jobs Report (Reported in Wash Post) Called Out

TSA Bullshit

Posted by Picasa

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Terror Plot Thwarted - 20 planes over UK and US cities — Radio Your Way, Thu Aug 10 04:18
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MI-5 - LUDICROUS HEATHROW TERROR STUNT — Webster Tarpley, Thu Aug 10 04:46
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plane terror — nukedboomer, Thu Aug 10 20:39
Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps — bradm, Thu Aug 10 20:56
8/10/06 SKY TERROR...SELLING, FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! — Radio You Way, Thu Aug 10 23:45
...SELLING, FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! — "Radio Your Way", Fri Aug 11 00:38
9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit Whitewashing the Cause — Ivan Eland, Fri Aug 11 00:53

Jeff Strahl, Mechanical Engineer

Humint Events Online
The 9/11 hijacking attacks were very likely facilitated by a rogue group within the US government that created an Islamic terrorist "Pearl Harbor" event as a catalyst for the military invasion of Middle Eastern countries. This weblog will explore the incredibly strange events of 9/11/01, and other issues of US government responsibility.

Jeff Strahl, Mechanical Engineer

By Spooked

Believes the WTC was brought down by demolition.

He brings up the interesting concept of the "resistance paradox":
Interesting that you note the towers disintegrating, but do not note, or pretend to not note, the contradiction between the lower portions offering no resistance to the falling debris if you wish to explain the short collapse time, vs the top portions disintegrating as if encountering massive resistance. So, which is it, Mr Partridge? Did the lower portions offer zero resistance to explain the short collapse time (videos show the lower portions offering no more resistance than the nearby air), or did they offer high resistance, to account for the upper portions disintegrating ABOVE THE COLLAPSE ZONE, IN MID-AIR?

The fact that the towers collapsed top to bottom, where the only thing that appears to drive the collapse is a huge cloud of dust, is by itself strong proof that the collapses were not simple pancaking events.

JPost Article From Friend

Israel says BBC not reporting war fairly

Officials: Foreign Ministry under pressure to boycott British news company.

Click here to view the entire article:

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MOSSAD: The Israeli Connection to 9/11

MOSSAD: The Israeli Connection to 9/11

In 911

U.S. investigators and the controlled media have ignored a preponderance of evidence pointing to Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad, being involved in the terror attacks of 9/11.

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9/11 Truth Event London: Was 9/11 an inside job?

Lebanon: Victim of the Global Democratic Revolution

A quick look back at top stories this week:

Indian state bans Pepsi and Coke

US soldiers could be court-martialled

9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit Whitewashing the Cause of the Attacks

40,000 U.S. Troops Have Deserted Since 2000

Detainee death: CIA officer testifies

The Hypocrisy of Corporate Wars

This draft shows who is running America�s policy� Israel

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

911 Truth Movement: Focus or Die

Dems Release Report Alleging White House Lawbreaking

Hackers crack new biometric passports

Iraqi civil war has already begun, U.S. troops say

Blood on his hands

Group of 9/11 widows �question the veracity of the entire Commission�s report��€™s-report

The World�s Worst Internet Laws Sneaking Through the Senate

US troops face �war crimes� claim

UW lecturer�s 9-11 truth media blitz panned

Guantanamo detainees may remain indefinitely: Gonzalez

Clinton tells Rumsfeld to resign

Tower block fire aids 9/11 debate

Bill would ban chip implantation in employees

Forest Gate shooting ruled accidental


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, originally uploaded by rosemary*.

MI-5 in ludicrous Heathrow terror stunt

Keeping an eye on
the Eye of Horus.

Bloglines - Beck has a warning for Muslims "who have sat on [their] frickin' hands" and have not "lin[ed] up to shoot the bad Muslims in the head"

Media Matters for America
Latest Media Matters for America items

Beck has a warning for Muslims "who have sat on [their] frickin' hands" and have not "lin[ed] up to shoot the bad Muslims in the head"

In Religious Discrimination

On the August 10 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio program, Glenn Beck warned that "[t]he world is on the brink of World War III" and that "Muslims who have sat on your frickin' hands the whole time and have not been marching in the streets" will face dire consequences. Beck made his comments toward Muslims who he claimed "have not been saying, 'Hey, you know what? There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. We need to be the first ones in the recruitment office lining up to shoot the bad Muslims in the head.' " He predicted that the result will be that "[h]uman beings are not strong enough, unfortunately, to restrain themselves from putting up razor wire and putting you on one side of it," adding that "when people become hungry, when people see that their way of life is on the edge of being over, they will put razor wire up and just based on the way you look or just based on your religion, they will round you up." He concluded: "Is that wrong? Oh my gosh, it is Nazi, World War II wrong, but society has proved it time and time again: It will happen."

From the August 10 broadcast of Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program:

BECK: And again, and I told you before we ever went into Iraq we're not going in there for weapons of mass destruction. That's important and that's great and everything else. We're going in there because Iran is the root of all evil over there. Iran is the root of all of the problems over there. And that's why we were going in. Well, Iran knows that, and now that we are really deep in the battle -- and everybody else might think -- I mean, all these just imbeciles who are, "What are we doing over in Iraq?" Read. For the love of Pete, read. Open your eyes.

The world is on the brink of World War III. That's what we're doing over in Iraq. Now I'm not saying that we're in the best position in Iraq, I'm not saying I agree with necessarily the way we fought it in Iraq, but that's what we're doing in Iraq. And, we gotta stop -- I'm telling you, soon the time will come when they will drop 10 planes into the drink, and if what I said is true, and I hope it's not, what I said is true that Iran may not be stalling for time for the nuke. Iran may be ready to play their endgame. If that is indeed is true, when you see somebody drop 10 planes into the Atlantic, Iran is going to make its move. At the time Iran makes its move, they are going to move right through Iraq and they are going to move all the way to Israel. And the whole Middle East is going to be on fire.

And when that happens, the terrorists are going to bomb the oil fields. When that happens, when you see 10 planes go into the Atlantic Ocean, and if Iran is ready, that's when they're going to make their move in the Middle East and that's the same time within two days that's when Venezuela will shut the oil down over here. And I'm telling you it's coming. And at that point, you know what happens? All you Muslims who have sat on your frickin' hands the whole time and have not been marching in the streets and have not been saying, "Hey, you know what? There are good Muslims and bad Muslims. We need to be the first ones in the recruitment office lining up to shoot the bad Muslims in the head." I'm telling you, with God as my witness, America is -- no I'm not going to make this an American thing -- human beings are not strong enough, unfortunately, to restrain themselves from putting up razor wire and putting you on one side of it. When things -- when people become hungry, when people see that their way of life is on the edge of being over, they will put razor wire up and just based on the way you look or just based on your religion, they will round you up. Is that wrong? Oh my gosh, it is Nazi, World War II wrong, but society has proved it time and time again: It will happen.

The time to solve these things is when there's somewhat reasonable people engaged. But once you cut our oil supply off, once you set the Middle East on fire, and once you drop 10 planes into the Atlantic Ocean, the razor wire is coming. And our whole world looks different.

US Court Finds We Have an Official Secrets Act
On the fringes of the public sphere

US Court Finds We Have an Official Secrets Act

By Michael on Law: Free Speech

Secrecy News has the scoop at Recipients of "Leaks" May Be Prosecuted, Court Rules.

Basically -- for the first time and I'd argue contrary to the First Amendment and legislative intent -- the a US court has held in US v. Rosen (the AIPAC case), that private citizens who have no contractual obligations to keep government secrets, and no security clearances, can nonetheless be prosecuted under the Espionage Act for sharing classified information they receive.

Judge T.S. Ellis, III (ED Va - where else?) argues in his opinion that this ruling is but a narrow one since it requires that the private citizen know the information is classified and that release would be potentially detrimental to national security, intend to share it, and do so knowing that this is illegal.

Seems to me that Nixon would have used this argument to prosecute newspapers for publishing the Pentagon papers; perhaps, given what we know now, they might have won on the merits, but surely the fear of jail (for Espionage) would have acted as a substantial deterrent to that and other important publications.

Indeed, it's not hard to see this ruling as pushing us well down the slippery slope to a world in which in practice only Official Leaks, those giving the pro-administration side of a story will be published.

Don't look for the 4th Circuit, the most statist in the nation, to overturn this. But I'll bet even Scalia will vote to overturn it, as will the Supreme Court with at least six judges in the majority.


[UrukNet] - [Daily Information from Occupied Iraq] - [newsletter 9 Aug 2006 -Part Two]
:: information from occupied iraq
:: informazione dall'iraq occupato

Refusing to Fight:
an interview with Resister Kyle Snyder

Karen Button
Those who have seen the recent documentary about U.S. GI resistance during the Vietnam war "Sir No Sir!" will understand the numerous parallels to growing resistance in today’s military and its solidarity with the civilian anti-war movement. From non-violent demonstrations and sit-ins to the radical actions of The Weather Underground, hundreds of thousands protested the Vietnam war for years. Finally, officials began leaking classi! fied information. But, ultimately, it was the individual soldier refusing to participate any longer that brought the military machine to its knees. Fragging of superiors and outright refusal to follow combat orders became commonplace. Desertion and Absent Without Leave (AWOL) hit an all-time high; the Pentagon documented 1,500,000 during that time. About 100,000 of those active duty members went into exile, and at least 90 percent of them fled, to Canada. Today, those precedents are being repeated. Resistance to the U.S. occupation of Iraq (and, to some degree, Afghanistan) among its own military is growing rapidly and the Department of Defense teetering on the brink of recruitment crisis...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Lebanon War Resonates in Iraq
Nicola Nasser,
...The "Shiite" Hizbollah identifies more with the reportedly "Sunni" Iraqi national resistance and its Palestinian counterpart than with the reportedly "Shiite" collaboration with the U.S. occupation of Iraq (...) The Iraqi sectarian-led mass protests were politically hollow because they were not reinforced by either anti-occupation political or concrete moves on the ground. It was ironic to listen to the thousands of protesters sincerely chanting! anti-American slogans and announcing their willingness "to go and fight in Lebanon" while the troops of the "American enemy" were a few meters away guarding against the protests spelling out of control against them and their Iraqi allies. Those slogans could have been more credible had just a few of the protesters dared to demand their leaders to overcome their sectarian loyalties and join their Sunni compatriots in resisting the foreign occupation. For example the Sadrist movement, the main leading force behind the protests, could have gained national credibility by at least quitting its five cabinet posts and the 30 seats it holds in the Iraqi parliament, which prop up al-Maliki government, whose spokesmen are day and night hailing the Americans as the liberators, allies and friends of the Iraqi people, thus prolonging the occupation...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

The Right to Defend What ?
...My conclusion is very simple, the Israelis have no right to defend their discriminatory "state", but they have the right to survive on condition of acting with justice towards all in habitants equally, which would meaan the end of their "Jewish state" to replace it by a democratic state. There remains the responsability of all politicians to do what is necessary, and in the meantime, I beg them to stop saying thaat the Israelis have the right to do everything t! o "defend their state" in its present form...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Missing the Story in Lebanon
...If Israel-lovers don't like negative media coverage, they should get Israel to stop being the snotty, hyper-aggressive, settler-colonial, apartheid state it is. Given how criminal Israel's political history and policies are, media coverage in the US should be much more critical -- like the European press, for example. Everyone else in the world sees that it is wrong to occupy and oppress the Palestinians. However, Israel is largely saved from the proportionate criticism i! t merits. Media here depend heavily on the US government for information, and thus reflect its biases...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Hezbollah Warns Arabs to Leave Haifa
Just as the diplomatic overtures between Hezbollah and Israel are sinking on the rotten (pro-Israel) foundations they were planted on, and just as the Israeli cabinet decided to broaden the already broad offensive in Lebanon, Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah warned all Israeli Arabs to leave the port city of Haifa so the militant group could step up attacks without fear of shedding the blood of fellow Muslims. Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel, was alrea! dy by Hezbollah's rocket attacks. The damage was nothing compared to Israel's in Lebanon of course. Some estimate that up to 85% of Lebanon's infrastructure is gone...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Mothers wail, ‘What human would ever do this?’
Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed
About 55 percent of all casualties at the Beirut Government University Hospital are 15 or younger, hospital records show. "This is worse than during the Lebanese civil war," Bilal Masri, assistant director of the hospital, one of Beirut’s largest, told IPS. Not only are most of the patients children, but many of the injured are in serious condition, he said. "Now we have a 30 percent fatality rate here in Beirut. That means that 30 percent! of everyone hit by Israeli bombs are dying. It is a catastrophe." The fatality rate was high, he said, "because the Israelis are using new kinds of bombs which can enter shelters. They are bombing the bomb shelters which are full of refugees"...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Wednesday, 9 August 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
In a dispatch posted at 12:10pm Makkah time midday Wednesday, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that US occupation forces surrounded the city of al-Hadithah, about 220km west of Baghdad, and its suburbs at dawn on Wednesday and began launching mass raids, searches, and arrests in the city. The al-Hadithah correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported local eyewitness! es as saying that the US forces had closed all the city’s entrances and exits and close the roads inside the city in addition to imposing a curfew. The lock down affected not only al-Hadithah, but also the suburbs of al-Haqlaniyah and Barwanah. Eyewitnesses reported that at the time of reporting, American troops were raiding houses and making mass arrests...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Israeli Gaza Commander: ‘We Are Determined to Create Chaos’
John Dugard Heads HRC’s Fact-finding Mission to Palestinian Territories

Palestine Media Center – PMC
Ignoring international outcries for restraint and diplomacy, the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) were on Saturday advancing their reoccupation push into the Gaza Strip amid Palestinian, Arab and Islamic diplomatic efforts to stop the Israeli invasion, efforts that have been aborted so far by a US-led western diplomacy. "We are determined to cre! ate a professional chaos, to jump from one place, to emerge, to use this method or another, to leave the territory and enter it again after a while," Israel’s Gaza Division Commander Brigadier General Kochavi told Ynet on Friday, after a visit by the IOF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Dan Halutz...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Should some US media be tossed out of the Middle East?
Truth About Iraqis
I just caught wind of a neat little report tugged into the midst of CNN's coverage of the "War in the Middle East". CNN's anchor Kyra Phillips introduced the report on why Hezbollah fights Israel by asking the audience whether it is based in a hatred of Jews or a turf war. The reader should be mindful here. Any opposition, any debate, any rejection of Israeli viewpoints will immediately incur charges of anti-Semitism. So, the report begins ! by reflecting on how Hezbollah wants Israel destroyed. How Israel seeks "peaceful co-existence" with its neighbors, but the "other side" wants Israel's existence wiped out...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Psychopaths Murder Children - You Pick Up The Tab
Joe Quinn, Signs of the Times
Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said: "I believe this is a war which is fought by all the Jews," the Israeli prime minister said in a conference call and webcast Monday. Let's face it,The State of Israel is fighting against the Iranians and the Syrians." What is clear is that Olmert, (and Sharon before him) Bush, Rice and the members of their respective political parties and their corporate friends have no problem! with murdering innocent children. But my question is: Do You? Does the ordinary American or Israeli Jew (or Israeli Christian or Arab) sanction the cold-blooded massacring of innocent people?...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Israeli airforce bombs Lebanese funeral five times, killing 13
Saed Bannoura - IMEMC & Agencies
Thirteen people were killed Tuesday evening in Al Ghazziya, Lebanon, while attending the mass funeral of the fifteen Lebanese people killed just the day before. Local sources reported that 1500 people were attending the funeral procession, praying and mourning, accompanying the fifteen coffins in a procession to the town's cemetery, when the missiles hit. The first missile dropped by Israeli warplanes hit a building qu! ite near the procession, then, about thirty minutes later, four more missiles were dropped among the mourners, killing 13 and wounding 18, according to local hospitals and Mayor Mohammed Ghaddar...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

The height of American stupidity, LIVE on FOX

Wake up from your slumber
"[Arabs] have made up a lot of stories. I don’t think Israel is really bombing Lebanon. I think it’s faulty construction that’s causing these buildings to fall." Each time I think I've heard everything, FOX news proves me wrong. It's hard to tell, though, whether members of FOX's audience get this stupid from watching their program or are just born this way...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Military says 15 Israeli soldiers killed
Fifteen Israeli soldiers were killed in a single day of fighting Wednesday, the military said, the highest one-day total in the
Israel-Hezbollah conflict. The military said 38 soldiers were wounded in battles across south Lebanon. Israel TV said some of the dead and wounded were reservists, and the others were from the standing army. Many of the details, including the names of the dead soldiers, were not immediately released...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Spielberg group to donate $1M for Israel
The Associated Press
A foundation created by filmmaker Steven Spielberg will donate $1 million to relief efforts in Israel as it battles with Hezbollah. The Righteous Persons Foundation will make an initial contribution of $250,000 to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles Israel Crisis Fund. The foundation, spokesman Marvin Levy said Tuesday, will then follow up with gifts to the New Israel Fund and other organizations that are providing relief to those evacuated from north! ern Israel...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

As the war rages on in Lebanon, the 'other' victims are being forgotten. The hostilities by the Israeli army have not let up in Gaza at all since the bombings on Lebanon began. These 'forgotten' victims of Israeli terror must not be forgotten... their plight must be known and their struggle for freedom must be supported. The zionists are crying that citizens from the north are being forced to leave their homes. This is true.... BUT.. in most cases they will have! homes to return to when the hostilities stop. This is not true of the Palestinians in Gaza... their homes are being destroyed, they are without electricity, water, sufficient food or medication...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

The Grave Consequences of Supporting War in Lebanon
Scott Ritter
With Israel waging an all-out war against the forces of Hezbollah, and the death toll in terms of civilian casualties mounting on a daily basis, the question of a diplomatic resolution to the crisis takes on an urgency that is being felt around the world. Everywhere, it seems, except in Israel and the United States. One should not be fooled by the "false" diplomacy being waged by the United States, fronted by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and t! he U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton. The draft Security Council resolution co-sponsored between the United States and France is but a tragic farce, a smoke screen designed to unilaterally protect Israeli interests at the expense of all others that is so transparent no Arab nation takes it seriously (it has been rejected outright by Lebanon, Syria and Hezbollah).

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo:

Fox Military Analyst on Syria: ‘We Can Talk To Them When We Line Them Up and Kill Them’
Think Progress
With the Bush administration refusing to hold direct talks with Syria, Col. David Hunt, military analyst for Fox News, appeared on Hannity & Colmes last night to offer some advice to the president: "I think we can talk to them when we line them up and kill them." Stating that "the only reason to talk to some of these guys is to just do that," Hunt went on to argue that America should "absolutely, 100 percent" se! ek regime change in both Syria and Iran if they’re "not going to cooperate." Watch it...

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