Friday, August 11, 2006

Bloglines - Jewish-Iranian Hostility is a Charade

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Jewish-Iranian Hostility is a Charade

By Cyte

While the world is focused on Lebanon, Iran-backed Shiites have accelerated their slaughter of Sunni Arabs in Iraq.

I do not see that Hezbollah "rockets" are hitting anything of substance in Israel. The whole rocket thing may be an Israeli propaganda lie that is made credible by Hezbollah's false claim of responsibility.

Also, Hezbollah militants and locations are not being hit by Israel, although they are mostly known and visible. Israel's bombs are focused on Arab civilians, mainly poor Sunni "converts" to Shiism who rely for their survival on generous Iranian social services managed by Hezbollah.

Arab Shiites are acceptable "collateral damage" to Iran, both in Iraq and Lebanon. Although these poor people look up to the Ayatollahs, their slaughter is facilitated by edicts to punish traitors (in Iraq) or by Hezbollah's false claims of responsibility for hundreds of fictitious rockets that are supposedly falling on Israeli civilians.

In other words, Hezbollah's mother Iran and Israel are still de facto allies, if only Arabs and Americans would understand this fact.

On CNN, Robert McFarlane told the world that Caspar Weinberger overrode President Ronald Reagan's order to punish Hezbollah for bombing the Marine barracks in Beirut and killing hundreds. Why would a Jewish secretary of defense do that? Weinberger said that it would damage relationships with allies!

Iranian-Jewish hostility has always been a charade.

Arabs, Muslims and Christians who admire Hezbollah are missing the point.

Ashmore of Liberty Forum says:

Seems like he has a 99 - 99.9% degree of certainty no katusha rockets are going to be fired at his gun mount.

Looking at the way they like to set their gun positions right next to a high explosive stock pile gives one the impression none of the firing positions are seriously expecting any return fire what so ever.

They even bring their kids along and have bomb signing picnics.

And the rockets Hesbollah does fire are pretty weak and rather end user friendly. Some break glass while others left holes in the ground so big you could fit your foot in them.

At the same time we've seen photos of bomb craters in Lebanon large enough to park a bus.

LF's Monkeys_at_war says: the yellow-diamond marked shells are cluster bombs, completely illegal unless you're a . . .

Cyte says: Fox News and CNN reporters standing within reach of the sofar over "2000 Hezbollah rockets" never seem to ever be worried either, day or night, 24/7.

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