Friday, August 11, 2006

Lionel goes 9/11 Crazy

By somebigguy

Lionel - August 9, 2006 - Hour 1
Why are the mainstream media suddenly covering 9/11 truth seekers? Why all of a sudden? Who gave them the green light? For the first time in almost five years the MSM are asking questions and broaching the subject. What took them so long?

Lionel - August 9, 2006 - Hour 2
In a vain attempt to ask the same question that was asked in hour one, Lionel found that the critically intelligence-challenged failed to get it. Alas. Lionel persevered. Lionel also spoke with some callers who had their own exegeses on 9/11.

Lionel - August 7, 2006 - Hour 2
The mainstream media are starting to cover 9/11 investigators for the first time in almost five years. Even O'Reilly had on a conspiracy debunker. Lionel finds this newfound interest in 9/11 very interesting to say the least.

Lionel - August 7, 2006 - Hour 3
More of the above. There are simply no words adequate enough to explicate just how fascinating 9/11 discussions are. This hour has some great and insightful callers. Very querulous. Listen for the fellow from DC. Where were the eyewitnesses?
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