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Sham UN Resolution Guarantees No End To Israel's War of Illegal Aggression
Stephen Lendman
On August 11, the UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 1701 jointly proposed by the US and France and with all provisions in it signed off on by Israel before it was put to a vote. Neither Lebanon nor Hezbollah was afforded that same right. In a UN dominated by the world's only superpower and having to operate within the constraints it sets, only aggressors are allowed that privilege. It's victims never are. Re! solution 1701 was a revised version of the one the US and France first proposed on August 6 which the French then backed down on because of strong Lebanese government and Arab League opposition. The new resolution only guarantees one thing - no end to the conflict and no justice for its Lebanese victims. It doesn't even address the concurrent hostilities ongoing against the Palestinians arrogantly ignoring the fact that they're raging daily with no end in sight...

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Empire comes to Lebanon
The U.S.-Israel axis goes all out to remove the last impediments to building a "New Middle East".

LET us begin with a supposedly "undisputed" fact: The official story, told first by the Israeli government and automatically accepted by governments and media outlets across the world, is that Hizbollah is a Muslim fundamentalist, terrorist organisation which periodically lobs shells and rockets into civilian population centres of northern Israel and that, in its latest ! outrage on July 12, it attacked a border military post inside Israeli territory, killing six Israeli soldiers and capturing two. Having waited several years for "the international community" and the Lebanese government to disarm this "terrorist" organisation, Israel is said to have been finally exasperated by this latest outrage and, acting in self-defence, it decided to retaliate so as to "break Hizbollah" for ever and ever, for the sake of the security of its citizens. This official version raises some basic questions regarding the character of Hizbollah itself, about the very incident that is supposed to have "provoked" Israel beyond endurance, and about the scope of Israel's "retaliation"...

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Terror Nation: Lies, Injustice, and the American Empire’s Way
Jason Miller
Remember, good patriots, we are at war with Islam, Socialism, Communism, drugs, crime, illegal immigration, Gays, labor unions, liberal university professors, peace activists, environmentalists, Anti-Semites, secular humanists, and all those who pose a threat to the United States. Each of these groups shares culpability for the terrorism which has killed several thousand of US, British, Spanish, and Israeli citizens since 2001. They are a ! cancer upon the American Way and must be excised. Freedom and liberty will prevail despite their onslaught of evil. Suspension of civil liberties, concentration of power into the hands of the Executive branch, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocents civilians, collective punishment of millions through wanton destruction of infrastructure, widespread dissemination of depleted uranium, reduction of wasteful spending on "useless eaters" via massive cuts in entitlement spending, ongoing ethnic cleansing in Gaza and the West Bank, torture, denial of justice to "enemy combatants", massive tax cuts to the wealthy, obscene increases in defense spending, propaganda blitzes to keep the public believing horrendous lies, preemptive war, reduced government restriction of corporate exploitation of humans and the environment, and continued neocolonial expansion are all essential to the United States fulfilling its Manifest Destiny and ending the terrorist threat. Remember, they ha! te our freedom...

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The "ceasefire"
Eli Stephens, Left I on the News
Reuters reports what has been obvious to any intelligent person since the terms of the so-called "ceasefire" were announced: Israel believes it will be entitled to use force to prevent Hizbollah from rearming and to clear guerrilla positions out of southern Lebanon after a U.N. truce takes effect, Israeli officials said on Sunday. Israeli officials said such operations are "defensive" in nature and therefore permissible under a U.N. Security Council resolution w! hich calls for Israel to halt "all offensive military operations". The Israeli operations could include air strikes against arms convoys travelling anywhere in Lebanese territory, a senior Israeli official said....

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Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 13 August 2006
Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice
In a dispatch posted at 5:27pm Makkah time Sunday afternoon, Mafkarat al-Islam reported that Iraqi Resistance forces had carried out their third rocket attack in the ar-Ramadi area within the previous 24 hours. The ar-Ramadi correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam reported a source in the Iraqi Resistance as saying that the Resistance fired four Katyusha rockets at! the American al-Warrar base on the Euphrates River west of ar-Ramadi. The rockets blasted into fuel storage tanks used for US occupation vehicles. The source said that the attack was successful, destroying nine big fuel tanks. Dense clouds of smoke covered the sky over the base and the surrounding areas after the attack. US helicopters and fighter planes prowled the skies over head...

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PLO: 'Ceasefire agreement' leaves room for Israel to continue military invasion
"There was never an agreement more favorable to Israel," said Israeli defense minister Amir Peretz about the United Nations (UN) 'ceasefire' agreement. Such words sound ominous to the ears of the Lebanese people, who suffered under eighteen years of military occupation by Israel due to a number of agreements 'favorable to Israel'. Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Political Bureau member, Taysir! Khalid, is inclined to agree that the agreement favors Israel, saying it "gives Israel a green light to continue its aggression against the Lebanese people"...

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Cease-Fire Charade
Editorial, Arab News
By the time the Israeli Cabinet meets today to consider Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s recommendation that the UN cease-fire resolution be accepted, Israel’s major new thrust toward the Litani River in southern Lebanon will probably have expanded the conflict with Hezbollah. The slightest hint of a Hezbollah counterattack, under the one-sided terms of Friday’s Resolution 1701, will permit the Israeli military to mount "defensive" operations and thus keep the conflict going. W! e can confidently expect that Olmert’s Cabinet will willingly agree to the cease-fire — just as soon as Hezbollah stops its attacks. Israel is a past master at kicking its boot into the hive and then protesting that it must take action against the resulting swarm. Will the Security Council allow itself to be manipulated into remaining silent about Israel’s massive new push into Lebanese territory?...

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GI Special 4H13: " Well, What Are We Doing Here?" - August 13, 2006
Thomas F. Barton
..."Three months into Iraq, my friend, a man that I drank beer with, a man that I had even gone to college with for awhile, shot an innocent civilian who was raking rocks along the side of the road. I remember having to go back to Forward Operating Base Marez, and reporting to my commanding officer what I just seen. I remember writing a mission statement. I remember requesting an investigation be done and I remember it being r! efused. "’I can’t take this anymore!’ That’s what I thought to myself. This is not what I signed up for and it’s not what’s being shown to the American public. So, why the hell should I fight?...

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UN says 'peace tomorrow' despite Israeli attack
Conal Urquhart in Matulla, Mitchell Prothero in Beirut and Peter Beaumont in London, The Observer
Israel dramatically defied a unanimous United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolution by escalating its ground war yesterday in southern Lebanon, asserting that it needed more time to 'clean up' Hizbollah. Last night Kofi Annan, the secretary general of the UN, insisted that hostilities would end at 5am tomorrow, saying that both Israeli and Lebanese prime ministe! rs had agreed to a ceasefire. But yesterday there was little sign of peace as Israel sent more armour and helicopters into Lebanon. Dozens of helicopters ferried infantry deep into Lebanon in a race to grab territory. By the day's end, 30,000 Israeli soldiers had crossed the border. Despite reports that some troops had reached the Litani, it was also their bloodiest day of fighting, with at least 11 killed and 70 wounded...

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Israeli Leaders Fault Bush on War
Robert Parry
Amid the political and diplomatic fallout from Israel’s faltering invasion of Lebanon, some Israeli officials are privately blaming President George W. Bush for egging Prime Minister Ehud Olmert into the ill-conceived military adventure against the Hezbollah militia in south Lebanon. Bush conveyed his strong personal support for the military offensive during a White House meeting with Olmert on May 23, according to sources familiar with the thinking of senior Israeli! leaders. Olmert, who like Bush lacks direct wartime experience, agreed that a dose of military force against Hezbollah might damage the guerrilla group’s influence in Lebanon and intimidate its allies, Iran and Syria, countries that Bush has identified as the chief obstacles to U.S. interests in the Middle East...

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What The Hell Has Happened To The Army?
Uri Avnery
SO WHAT has happened to the Israeli army? This question is now being raised not only around the world, but also in Israel itself. Clearly, there is a huge gap between the army's boastful arrogance, on which generations of Israelis have grown up, and the picture presented by this war. Before the choir of generals utters their expected cries of being stabbed in the back - "The government has shackled our hands! The politicians did not allow the army to win! The pol! itical leadership is to blame for everything!" - it is worthwhile to examine this war from a professional military point of view...

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Today in Iraq
...Deputy head of provincial council of Diyala escapes assassination attempt, as does Governor of Nineveh Province, but bodyguard is injured in the latter attack. Police find 12 bodies trapped in a grate in the Tigris. All had been bound, blindfolded, and shot. AP also reports "Police also found 15 other bullet-riddled bodies of men who had been handcuffed and blindfolded in six neighborhoods throughout the Baghdad area, police Lt. Mohammed Khayoun said. An! other 21 people were killed yesterday, mostly in Baghdad but also in Hillah, Mosul and Basra."...

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24 Israeli soldiers killed in expanded offensive in Lebanon
Agence France-Presse
The Israeli army confirmed early Sunday that 24 of its soldiers had been killed the previous day in a series of clashes with the Hezbollah militia as it expanded its ground operations in south Lebanon. The updated toll includes the five members of the flight crew of a helicopter that was shot down, and 85 other soldiers were wounded in fighting, an army spokesman said...

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GI Special 4H12: " Why Am I Here?" - August 12, 2006
Thomas F. Barton
...SGT. RICKY CLOUSING: I chose to leave after experiencing the brutalities of war in this war in Iraq, and it was a process that I considered long and hard upon my return to Fort Bragg. Those two-and-a-half months of my integration back into the military and back into society really questioned and really forced me to reevaluate my beliefs and my own personal feelings and convictions, politically and spiritually, about my involvement in the w! ar in Iraq and also the organization of the military in general...

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UN ‘Israeli War Crimes’ Vote Reveals the West is Isolated
Steve Masterson,
The Western media focussed on the irrelevant and 'unanimous’ UN Security Council 'ceasefire’ vote, which only guarantees the fighting and slaughter will escalate. Another UN vote within hours of the 'ceasfire’ vote – of immense significance and hardly touched-upon in the Western media – exposed the real world-wide divisions and alliances embroiled in this global Lebanon war. In a crucial 27-11 vote, the UN Human Rights Co! uncil (UNHCR) condemned Israeli war crimes and agreed 'immediately despatch a high-level Inquiry Commission to Lebanon’...

Read the full article / Leggi l'articolo completo: a site gathering daily information concerning occupied Iraq: news, analysis, documents and texts of iraqi resistance available in Italian and English.


Seems like less than ceasing all aggressions to me....

Cease-fire begins; Israel says air, sea embargo still in place - Sunday, August 13 - Aug 14, 2006

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US accused of jumping the gun in blaming al-Qaeda


US accused of jumping the gun in blaming al-Qaeda

By _H_

BRITISH officials are furious with the US Administration for “jumping the gun” by declaring that al-Qaeda was behind the airline terror plot, The Times has learnt. Although the capture yesterday of seven people in Pakistan is being seen as further evidence of an “Afghanistan al-Qaeda connection”, the UK remains deeply wary of crediting the terror network with the plan. It is understood that

Bloglines - WTC Damage Photo

Blogger Thoughts:

I think the blindness of the authors of the Screw Loose Change blog is just beyond explanation. I don't have a problem posting their posts, especially when there is an issue of evidence at hand. The sheer thick-headedness of those who would think this picture of WTC 7 in any way lessens the deductive logic that leads to the conclusion of an obvious controlled demo of WTC 7 is simply beyond comprehension and explanation.

Screw Loose Change
Dedicated to Exposing the Lies, Distortions and Myths in the Movie Loose Change

WTC Damage Photo

By Pat

Debunking911 has a nice little scoop here--the best photo yet of the damage to the south side of WTC 7.

Iran: Ahmadinejad is Blogging!

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A journey through my mind

Iran: Ahmadinejad is Blogging!

By (ine[at]matuvu[dot]nu ine) on Linking context

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President has started his own blog in four languages. In his first post he talks about his life. On his blog the following question is asked: Do you think that the US and Israeli intention and goal by attacking Lebanon is pulling the trigger for another world war? Visitors are invited to vote yes or no to the question.

via globalvoices

It is like the orthodox jews with their ipods. Technology eventually rules over conservative minds.

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Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11

9/11 Blogger - Blogging 9/11 Related Alternative News
All comments are welcome! but please avoid hate speech and profanity, and use references when possible.

Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11

By reprehensor

Joseph P. Firmage has written an excellent introduction and overview of the multitude of facts and theories that challenge the official narrative of 9/11. The paper is called, appropriately, "Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11" and is freely downloadable at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. Here is a sample of the available analysis;

...A common refrain heard from the left – less often from the right – in response to suspicions about the official 9/11 story goes something like: “The Bush administration has demonstrated such incompetence on so many fronts that it strains the imagination to think they could of have pulled off something so elaborate, and kept it a secret.” This argument ignores three key facts.

First, while George W. Bush may be intellectually challenged across the board, and while neoconservatives may have a gravely naïve, overreaching geopolitical agenda, Bush officials in key national security positions have superlative experience in managing clandestine operations, and have repeatedly demonstrated ruthless, systematic, detailed-oriented control over sensitive programs and information. The historical preoccupation of key officials across the Bush administration with clandestine operations – both legal and illegal – is well known to historians of the field.

Second, vastly larger programs have remained secret for decades. A few examples: the National Security Agency has a larger budget and more employees than the CIA. It was organized in 1949. This entire agency of the federal government remained completely hidden from the public until the 1980s, over three decades later. One of the programs run by NSA, believed to have started in the 1940s, was Project Shamrock, through which all major transatlantic telegraph cables were tapped with the cooperation of AT&T and other communications carriers. This vast program – involving people building, installing and running equipment all over the world, and yet numerous others watching and translating conversations – was kept entirely secret until the 1990s. Most American citizens have never heard of this program to this day. Serious students of the U.S. national security apparatus know how effective its systems can be in controlling information and people, and compartmenting information and tasks into a startlingly small number of hands.

Third, the official 9/11 story asks us to believe that only a couple of dozen poorly trained Islamic radicals deftly maneuvered through the world’s most powerful intelligence gathering and military machine. How much easier might it have been for a similar number of people to do so, employing many unknowing others for secondary, compartmented tasks, if those handful with full knowledge of the plan also knew every aspect of the U.S. intelligence and military machine, and were in key positions governing its activities and responses?

The historical association between Bush officials, government and private intelligence networks and clandestine operations argues against the notion that incompetence allowed 9/11 to occur, and therefore this fact must raise suspicion...

Fingers Crossed?

Gregory, Stephanopoulos ignored, downplayed NBC report that U.S. officials rushed UK to make terror arrests

Media Matters for America
Latest Media Matters for America items

Gregory, Stephanopoulos ignored, downplayed NBC report that U.S. officials rushed UK to make terror arrests

In Terrorism

On the August 13 edition of NBC's Meet the Press, guest host and NBC News chief White House correspondent David Gregory interviewed Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff about the recently foiled British terror plot, but Gregory failed to question Chertoff about an August 12 report by his own network that, while British officials had intended to continue surveillance on the suspected plotters, U.S. authorities had pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. Meanwhile, on the August 13 edition of ABC's This Week, host George Stephanopoulos noted this report, but left the false impression that the allegations were the product of the "blogosphere," rather than of a major news outlet.

In an August 12 article on the NBC News website, the network's investigative unit, including reporters Aram Roston and Lisa Myers, reported that U.S. authorities had objected to a plan by the British police to "continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence" on the terror suspects. They attributed the story to a senior British official:

NBC News has learned that U.S. and British authorities had a significant disagreement over when to move in on the suspects in the alleged plot to bring down trans-Atlantic airliners bound for the United States.

A senior British official knowledgeable about the case said British police were planning to continue to run surveillance for at least another week to try to obtain more evidence, while American officials pressured them to arrest the suspects sooner. The official spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the case.

In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.


At the White House, a top aide to President Bush denied the account.

"There was unprecedented cooperation and coordination between the U.S., the U.K. and Pakistani officials throughout the case," said Frances Townsend, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, "and we worked together to protect our citizens from harm while ensuring that we gathered as much info as possible to bring the plotters to justice. There was no disagreement between U.S. and U.K. officials."

Another U.S. official, however, acknowledges there was disagreement over timing. Analysts say that in recent years, American security officials have become edgier than the British in such cases because of missed opportunities leading up to 9/11.

In his 12-minute interview with Chertoff, Gregory brought up the issue of "our coordination with British authorities," asking, "What worked here?" But Gregory failed to question Chertoff regarding the reported disagreement, despite the fact that his own network had broken the story a day earlier. From the August 13 interview:

GREGORY: Let me ask you about our coordination with British authorities. What worked here?

CHERTOFF: Well, what worked is deep relationships; trust -- the fact that we did not have leaks prior to the takedown. You know, that's one of the critical lessons out of this whole thing. The British trusted us with very sensitive information, and they were able to do it because they were confident we weren't going to leak. That's why leaks are so pernicious. Not only do they actually reveal secrets, but they undercut the basis of trust, which is the foundation of our whole international effort.

On the August 13 edition of ABC's This Week, Stephanopoulos noted the allegations that the United States had rushed the United Kingdom to make the arrests while "the Brits wanted to wait," but he left the impression that the story had been reported by bloggers. Stephanopoulos brought up the report after syndicated columnist George Will said, "I'm sure somewhere out in that fog of paranoia we call the blogosphere, there are all kinds of people writing that the British police ... and the Bush administration timed this all to counter" the political fallout from Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's loss in the August 8 Connecticut Democratic primary to anti-Iraq war candidate Ned Lamont. Stephanopoulos responded, "[T]here certainly is," and noted, "There was one report that said the United States ... rushed this -- the Brits wanted to wait." But Stephanopoulos failed to mention that this report had come from NBC News, not the blogosphere.

From the August 13 edition of ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos:

WILL: I'm sure somewhere out in that fog of paranoia we call the blogosphere, there are all kinds of people writing that the British police and the Pakistani police and the Bush administration timed all this to counter the Lamont --

STEPHANOPOULOS: I was reading -- I was reading on the internet last night -- there certainly is.

MARTHA RADDATZ (ABC News chief White House correspondent): Funny about that conspiracy, huh?

STEPHANAPOULOS: There was one report that said the United States rushed -- rushed this -- the Brits wanted to wait. I'm not verifying this. I'm just reporting it.

Bloglines - Liquid Bomb Pakistan Link Is False Flag Smoking Gun

infowarsnews at Yahoo! Groups
Alex Jones' Infowars News

Liquid Bomb Pakistan Link Is False Flag Smoking Gun

By Paul Joseph Watson

Liquid Bomb Pakistan Link Is False Flag Smoking Gun Veracity of liquid explosives method also put under dubious doubt Paul Joseph Watson/Prison |

Bloglines - South Tower Fly-By in Both "Live" 2nd Hit Videos

Humint Events Online
The 9/11 hijacking attacks were very likely facilitated by a rogue group within the US government that created an Islamic terrorist "Pearl Harbor" event as a catalyst for the military invasion of Middle Eastern countries. This weblog will explore the incredibly strange events of 9/11/01, and other issues of US government responsibility.

South Tower Fly-By in Both "Live" 2nd Hit Videos

By Spooked

In an earlier analysis of 2nd hit videos, I found that the plane position in the "CNN wide" video did not line up at all with the plane in another 2nd hit video-- the "blue plane" FOX video. I also found, somewhat unexpectedly, that the plane in the "CNN wide" video was much further away from the towers than I expected.

In fact, in retrospect, I didn't even need Flight Simulator to tell me this. If one simply looks at the picture here:

you can see the plane is still a way from the towers, particularly given the distance of the camera and the resulting perspective.

This finding made me wonder if other 2nd hit videos showed a similar phenomenon. So I looked at this famous ABC "live" shot, that I have discussed in the past.

I modeled this shot as carefully as I could using flight simulator-- in particular I tried to get the right angle of the building and the right size of the plane:

Interestingly, though, this plane is also quite a ways off from the towers as judged by the "blue plane" video angle:

And way off, according to the "CNN wide" video angle (note, the plane should be on the other, west, side of the building)

And looking from above, the plane is not so far from the south tower, but clearly is not on the right trajectory for the tower.

Keep in mind, that for the simulations above, I have not changed the plane position AT ALL, merely changed the camera angle.

So this finding suggests that the plane is actually MISSING the towers, and flying to the east of the towers. This is actually consistent with the CNN video (as shown in the link above) and with the Blue plane video.

Now, let's look at the other video of the 2nd hit that was shown live, the so-called Salter video (named for who it came from):

Here's the plane coming into this video:

As you can see, the towers are in near profile, as is the plane.

We know the width of the towers: 208 feet.
And a Boeing 767-200 is 160 feet long.

Since the plane came in at almost a perpendicular angle to the tower, there should be little foreshortening of the plane, and the ratio of the plane to the towers should be about 0.77.

The ratio of the plane to the towers here is 0.69, when only the west wall is measured (the towers show a little bit of northern wall in the photo). This suggests the plane is in fact a bit further away than it should be to hit the towers, and thus is smaller.

I did some modeling of this shot, but going about it a different way than above:

Here is the camera view-- very far away to the west as in the video:

Here is a zoom-in, showing the plane close to the towers, similar to the shot from the video:

You can see the trajectory is just right to hit the south tower in this modeling:

Now, what is the ratio of the plane length to the tower width in this simulation?
Keep in mind we are measuring just the west wall width, not the complete width of the towers.
The ratio is 0.8-- close to the 0.77 ideal ratio.

This indicates that the smaller ratio in the ACTUAL video indicates that the plane was either farther away than it had to be to hit the building-- or the wrong plane was used, or the video was faked somehow.

What is we keep the plane where it is and compare it to the ABC live shot I analyzed above:

It looks very similar! But what about the plane size?
The ratio of the plane to the overall building width here in this model is: 0.37
The ratio of the plane to the overall building width here in the actual video is: 0.34 (in other words, smaller).

In the ABC "live" model from above, the ratio of the plane to the overall building width here in the actual video is: 0.33-- fairly close to the video shot.

Taken together, we have four videos of the 2nd hit now, that were shown early on the morning of 9/11, that show the plane missing the towers and going off to the east.

This suggests either:
1) the plane that hit the towers was not a Boeing 767-200, but a smaller plane, or
2) the videos filmed a Boeing 767-200 flying past the towers then manipulated the video to make it seem as though the plane hit (i.e. vut out the plane continuing on past the towers), or
3) the videos show a computer generated image that is too small for a Boeing 767-200.

My guess is a plane did fly past the towers at some point, and this was spliced into footage of the towers exploding. This would be somewhat easier than completeley generating plane video from scratch.

The question is WHEN did the plane fly past?

Bloglines - More Work on the Val McClatchey Photo

Humint Events Online
The 9/11 hijacking attacks were very likely facilitated by a rogue group within the US government that created an Islamic terrorist "Pearl Harbor" event as a catalyst for the military invasion of Middle Eastern countries. This weblog will explore the incredibly strange events of 9/11/01, and other issues of US government responsibility.

Five Year Anniversary of 9/11

Stan Goff: Air Travel Under Orange Alert

The Huffington Post | Raw Feed
The Huffington Post Raw Feed

Stan Goff: Air Travel Under Orange Alert

By Stan Goff on Iraq

August 10, 2006 was my mom's 81st birthday. I hadn't seen her in over two years, so last month I booked a flight from my home in Raleigh, North Carolina to Little Rock, Arkansas. Mom lives in Hot Springs, where there is a big sign at the city limits that says "The Boyhood Home of President Bill Clinton," with an amusement park roller coaster track in the background. I reserved tickets to fly to Arkansas on August 9th, with a return flight August 12th.

My relatives are all busy Arkansans, mostly watching their household budgets, with family dramas that sprout like dandelions. The only internet hook-up is my sister's dial-up that takes around 45 minutes to load anything with an image. The legions of dusty, abraded grandkids and great-grandkids, who are rotated among the family to accommodate work schedules, like kids throughout the US of A, watch neuron-sedating television cartoons while they ingest sugar and food dye. My mom watches a channel with black-and-white movies.

The fact that a raccoon tipped over the trash last night has a lot more currency than anything Wolf Blitzer might have to say. My point is I was cut off, thankfully, from what passes for news.

I did not know that the ersatz journalists of print and airwave were, in their usual hyperventilative way, attempting to put the whole world on tenterhooks about some alleged plot to blow up airplanes with hair gel and Game Boys.

It was my mother, who is attracted to any whiff of the apocalypse like a Bedouin to an oasis, heard about it on her car radio (yes, she still drives... often for thousands of miles... mostly by sense of smell). In the spirit of Arkansas tale-telling, by the time she relayed the terrifying news to me, it was clear that I would board the plane without bags and probably be disrobed, hermetically sealed in non-flammable plastic, and drugged before I was allowed to take my assigned seat.

So I tuned in to Mom's television, as sticky great-nieces and great-nephews clambered over me. The high-priests of paranoia gushed away on CNN and MSNBC (FOX still causes me to experience unwelcome mortar-firing fantasies). The usual parade of know-nothing terrorism experts came aboard to answer questions designed to render the reality of the plot axiomatic. There was even an appearance -- I swear this is true -- by some macho-bizarro caricature who calls himself "Dog the Bounty Hunter." Dog's appearance can only be described as retro-mescaline. He was presented as "a terrorism expert."

I was completely frustrated, however, in any attempt to understand what the sources were for this story, and what actual evidence had been collected to support the nefarious plot's existence.

I know these are pedestrian concerns in times of such mortal peril. Perhaps I have become as lunatic as those people who refuse to leave their homes before volcanoes and hurricanes, though at least they seem to be warned by geologists and meteorologists. From what I could discern, we were being warned by governments -- by the governments of George W. Bush and Tony Blair, no less. Is it really too irascible of me to point out a fairly consistent history of co-conspirator delinquency here?

That they were aided by the government of... uh, Pervez Musharraf?

Now the same "news" media are branding those if us who still have a shred of skepticism as conspiracy theorists. That's a good one, especially from people who claim to have uncovered a plot by dozens of people to blow up an untold number of airplanes using toothpaste, hair cream, or root beer floats. From a government, in our case at least, that now claims it was tracking the case "for weeks," but that is just now warning the public that we were moments away from (oh, no hyperbole here) "mass murder on an inimaginable scale." Time Magazine wrote that script, carefully coached, no doubt, by whomever is doing Scooter Libby's job these days with whomsoever is the equivalent of Judith Miller.

Unimaginable? That means... what? More than Iraq? Dresden? Auschwitz? Native America? The Middle Passage? Hiroshima?

But back to my flying story...

I left Hot Springs for Little Rock, a one-hour drive, at noon in order to be ahe4ad of time for a 4 PM departure. I'm always compulsively early, a holdover from my years in the Army, but I had no idea what kind of "security" buffoonery I might encounter on this trip, so I brought along a copy of the latest Adbusters magazine, a 1997 Maize Magazine published by Arkansas Land Lesbians (yes, there is such a thing), and Alice Walker's "Anything We Love Can Be Saved" to help me wile away my temporal extension in Fluorescent Hell.

My expectation, based on Mom's interpretation of unfolding events, was that all baggage would have to be checked. I seldom check bags these days, even if it means wearing my socks for two days, because there is a special order by the government out to all airlines to misplace my luggage. So I stuck a strip of masking tape on every conceivable side of my old backpack and my rollaway mini-suitcase with the flight numbers and final destination as insurance against them disappearing in to some kind of corporate-bureaucratic ditch. My suitcase was full of documents related to an investigative venture, and the marginal notes that were accumulated therein were pretty much irreplaceable.

When I arrived at Little Rock Airport it was swarming with underpaid, non-unionized TSA people who'd been posted in squads in front of the x-ray conveyors, at the usual posts, albeit in larger numbers, with the metal detectors, and even in front of some of the boarding gates. I asked one of the people at the ticketing desk if all baggage had to be checked, and she explained the rules. Nothing soft and wet... not even the half-gallon bottle of water I was drinking.

"If I drink some of it in front of them," I asked, "can I keep the bottle of water?"

"No," she explained patiently. "You'll have to drink it before you go in. You can buy more water once you are inside, but you can't take that on the airplane."

Made sense to me. If I were a suicide airplane bomber, I'd have no problem chugging my gasoline or peroxide or botulinum toxin in front of TSA officials and pretending it was as smooth as Mountain Valley spring water. At least I didn't have to relinquish custody of my documents. Only my potential bomb-making material would have to be checked... toothpaste, shampoo, antiseptic cream. The slackers at Homeland Security had not considered the possibility that I might construct a slow chemical time-fuse to ignite a tube of fuselage-melting mousse.

When I was checked again at the gate, they rummaged through the redacted government papers and my subversive literature, overlooking the sedition right there in front of them in their obsession to identify bathroom bombardiers. They even allowed me on board with a pack of chewing gum, never suspecting that it might be C-4 plastic explosive.

One gentleman, taken by surprise at the prepare-to-board call, was forced to gulp a huge milkshake. I almost got a brain-freeze from watching him.

My layover was in Memphis, where I tried hard to focus on Alice Walker's poetry as a defense against the incessant CNN drivel that is pumped out at all airline passengers in the United States.

Gone were the internecine battles within the Republican Party. Gone was the defeat of Lieberman over the war. Gone was the destruction of Lebanon. Gone was Tony Blair's crooked fund-raiser. Gone was Iraq...

Gone, gone, gone...

There was an Orange Alert, and those of using the nation's airports were gulping, gulping, gulping down liquids to satisfy Michael Chertoff that we wouldn't smuggle mass death aboard disguised as a latte.

As always, however, the press was vigilant. The flagship New York Times had written on the 11th (at least in its on-line version), "Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said new restrictions imposed on travelers reflected a belief that the plotters planned to use liquids, 'each one of which would be benign, but mixed together could be used to create a bomb.'" As the public began to comment on how vague this seemed as the basis for wasting milkshakes and bottled water, the wording was changed to "Mr. Chertoff said the attackers planned to carry explosive material and detonation components disguised as beverages, electronic devices and other common objects' onto the planes."

Judith Miller worked for the Times, too.

But I suppose I am just a conspiracy theorist... an odd one, however, that is saying "be less afraid," lest we all allow ourselves to be made bigger nitwits than Dog the Bounty Hunter or Tony (the poodle) Blair.


Miri Eisen, Mother For Peace, Justifies Killing Arab Kids And Arab Bloggers See the Light


Miri Eisen, Mother For Peace, Justifies Killing Arab Kids And Arab Bloggers See the Light

Friday, August 11, 2006

And here we have two North American chicks coming "home" to Israel. These are the type of gals with whom naive Arab bloggers, self-professed "moderates," swap hummus recipes. Or used to...Lebanon has been a wake-up call.

The Christian Science Monitor writes that the Arab and North American transplant Zionist bloggers aren't seeing eye-to-eye so much nowadays. Pity that they no longer will be used by Zionist propagandists to put a good face on Israel.

Like Miri Eisen, a transplanted American, who is hailed as a "Mother For Peace," along with Vichy Palestinian Noni Darwish, who comes on CNN to put a nice face on Israel's slaughter of handicapped Lebanese kids. At least Rosemary Church of CNN International didn't let her get away with it (this is a great video).

And, we have a family of Lebanese refugees, fleeing Southern Lebanon, to make Israel a safe place for transplant American yuppies.

My letter to Christian Science Monitor re the above linked story:

Dear Editor:

Jews and Arabs co-existed for centuries before the onslaught of political Zionism. So-called "moderate" Arab bloggers who pride themselves on forging on-line relationships with Israeli bloggers, many of them transplants from North America, are naively allowing themselves to be used to put a good face on Israel. Israel's barbarism in Lebanon has perhaps opened their eyes once and for all to the effects of political Zionism. No one should feel good about comparing hummus recipes with privileged Americans who transplant themselves to Israel to live in historic Palestine, ninety-two percent of which was usurped by Israel from its rightful owners, who were expelled by Israel in 1948 and now are bombed in their Lebanese refugee camps.



Cosmic Iguana - Voice of the Evil Doers
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By cosmici

I knew something like this would come out, but we'll see whether it gets any play. MSNBC:

...In contrast to previous reports, the official suggested an attack was not imminent, saying the suspects had not yet purchased any airline tickets. In fact, some did not even have passports.... [*]

So.... like the Toronto and Florida "plots" could be just another far-fetched fantasy perpetuated by government agents? Could it be like the article below says, "induced, controlled terror for political purposes"?

No, no, it couldn't be -after all, agent provocateurs don't get paid for hatching plots, do they? And counter-intel folks don't get promoted for busting them. And the government doesn't get to look good in the war on terror. And the media doesn't get increased viewers and advertising. And the governing party doesn't swiftly increase fundraising.

No, no. None of these things happen in this best of all possible worlds.

Gives a whole new meaning to the song: "London Bridges...."

As expected, another white wash (and worse) of the truth