Friday, June 09, 2006

[political-research] Israel (and the Israel Lobby) Continue to Agitate for a Global Holy


[They keep being caught red-handed at these activities, so it's difficult to understand why they bother to deny what anyone can easily see they are up to. By the way, DOUGLAS FEITH and DAVID HOROWITZ are members of One Jerusalem. Do they think that everyone is stupid?]

Last night, at an event in New York City hosted by the Shalem Center, General Moshe "Boogie" Ya'alon, former Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Army gave an incredibly eye-opening account of the security threats facing the Western World and the State of Israel.

General Ya'alon clearly explained that the the war on terror is a clash of civilizations - a religious war - that must be characterized as such to be understood. General Ya'alon went on to say that the Western World must understand that this war will be a prolonged conflict and that radical Muslims like the Iranian President and Osama bin Laden are determined to conquer the entire Western World and transform it into an Islamic Caliphate. He warned that any concessions to the forces of radical Islam only encourage them to further attack the West and encourages enemies of America and Israel to feel like they are winning this war.

General Ya'alon mesmerized his audience by explaining the danger a two-state solution would pose to the existence of the State of Israel, the dangers of rewarding terror by making more land concessions to the Palestinians, and the dangers of Israel not responding more forcefully to terrorist attacks and Kassam rockets.

General Ya'alon is a 37 year military veteran who was described as the "best Chief of Staff in Israel's existence" by Daniel Polisar, the President of the Shalem Center.

Within the next few days we will be posting a video file of a lecture General Ya'alon delivered at the Aspen Institute Berlin a few weeks ago. Please be sure to check the One Jerusalem web site to hear his incredibly important message.

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