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Subject: Overselling Terror
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George W. Bush can expect a political boost from the killing of terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the recent arrest of 17 alleged terror plotters in Canada. But those developments obscure a very different reality: new intelligence discoveries suggest that Bush has long been exaggerating the danger from al-Qaeda and Islamic terrorism.

For the full story of how Bush has exploited American fears, go to at .

Below is a report to readers from editor Robert Parry on's recent performance and future plans:

"What Has Been Done, What Can Be Done"

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Yet the total cost of our operation for all of 2005 was only $67,052. That's everything: salaries, payments for articles, Internet service providers, computer costs, everything. As I have written before, we don't talk about bang for the buck here; we talk about bang for the penny.

We also want everyone who has contributed to our unique Web site to know that not only do we appreciate that support, but we honor it by doing as much as humanly possible with very limited resources.

But the sad reality is that we have had to forego planned expansions and have shelved promising investigative projects because our resources have been so thin. If we could raise more money, we would take those plans off the shelf.

We would expand our investigative reporting on more topics of importance to American democracy. We would press ahead with our goal of recruiting a team of professional journalists, editors and producers, and we would make our stories available in multi-media formats (print, radio, TV) for new and existing journalism outlets.

However, to get there -- indeed even to continue at our current pace -- we need more money. So, please consider one of the following steps:

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