Monday, April 17, 2006

[political-research] Re: Mainstream Media "Liberal" Joe Klein Wants to Keep Nukes on the Table

Sean, I know I am getting on your nerves but "keeping all options on
the table" is the usual state of affairs in any pressure scenario.
From this persepctive Hersh's message might have been considered quite
welcome. As is the reaction of the military. It sends a message to
the Iran people: They mean it! So better we get rid of the Mullahs
ourselves. But how should they? ...

["Keeping all options on the table" was Angela Merkel's position,
then still head of the German CDU, concerning the run up to the Iraq
war. She claimed that Schroeder made a serious mistake to state that
Germany wouldn't joined Iraq war forces. She said this in spite of all
the evidence we had, and that's the really strange part of the tale.]

I could imagine that the US military complex is quite eager to test
his new nuclear capacities with "minimal fallout".

Already in Kosovo they had minor tests in this respect. If this ever
takes place, we will be spoon fed with details of a nuclear
contamination that is close to the normal radioactivity of the earth
surface. At least the Christian leagues are well prepared to discover
the devil behind any one talking about environmental issues.


> A quintessential mainstream media neoliberal, one among many,
pushing the neoconservative agenda for all the obvious and usual reasons:
> Is Daily Kos, any more than the Huffington Post, able to connect the
dots here and exit from the hamster wheel? Nope. DK can get angry,
but it can't get smart.
> Keep those little feet moving and that little wheel spinning --
round and round we go.

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