Monday, April 17, 2006

[political-research] [Eaglestrike] " Iran shoots down surveillance drone: report "


nb - According to CNN Christiane Amanapour ,reporting
at 4 am EST on September 21 , 2001 the US sent a UAV
( unmanned aerial vehicle / predator " drone" ) into
Afghanistan ,

this report broadcast approximately eight hours after
President Bush's " Either you're with us or against us
" speech to Congress.

The border crossing by this UAV , violating Afghan
territorial integrity was seemingly a trigger which
the Taliban had indicated would lead them to be " less
discouraging " of response to American incursion of
their sovereign state . This apparent provocation
obviously preceded the American invasion of
AFghanistan by about three weeks.

I stopped watching television that morning . It seemed
no longer a question of whether the US would do the
wrong thing in response to the 9/ 11 catastrophes ,
but what to do about this seeming.. injudicious..
decision , it presumably reinforcing the level of risk
of retaliation against America/ns only ten days after
9/ 11 .



" Iran shoots down surveillance drone: report "

TEHRAN, April 9 (AFP) Apr 09, 2006

Iran has shot down an unmanned surveillance plane in
the south

amid reports that the United States is planning
military strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, a
press report said Sunday.

"This plane had taken off from Iraq and was filming
border areas,"

a report in the hardline Jumhuri Eslami newspaper

It added the Islamic Republic

"officials have obtained information from the plane
system and recordings", without giving any further

US publications reported over the weekend that

the White House is studying options for military
strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities to pressure
Tehran to abandon its controversial nuclear program.

The US media have reported that

the US military has been secretly flying surveillance
drones over Iran since 2004 using radar, video, still
photography and air filters to detect traces of
nuclear activity not accessible to satellites.

All rights reserved. © 2005 Agence France-Presse.


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