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Re: [political-research] Re: On Michael Massing on the Israel Lobby

The Israel lobby, of which AIPAC is only one of many components worldwide, is a radically different and more sinister lobby than any other lobby in American political life, don't you think? The lobby includes the entire Israeli government, Mossad, the Russian oligarchs, the Russian Mafia, international organized crime, many Forbes billionaires, most of the mainstream media, a bevy of think tanks and research centers, and on and on. The lobby regularly seeks to utterly destroy anyone, especially American politicians and public figures, who opposes it. In the American context, it operates on behalf of a foreign government, which is driven by a messianic ethno-religious ideology. It controls a large cache of nuclear and biological weapons which it has threatened to use against the entire world (the Samson Option). It uses assassinations and false flag terrorist ops to achieve its ends. It was the prime mover behind the Iraq War, and it is the prime mover behind the campaign to ignite World War IV and an apocalyptic clash of civilizations, with an American nuclear attack on Iran being the next item on the deranged agenda.
Which other lobby in American politics is remotely like the Israel lobby? Perhaps the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)? The AARP is often mentioned in the same breath with AIPAC in discussions about powerful lobbies in American politics. The last I noticed, the AARP wasn't using Mossad-style tactics against American citizens to promote the interests of a foreign government which is essentially a messianic apocalyptic cult, deriving its inspiration from the most violent memes in the Old Testament.
Even the military-industrial complex in the United States, which is without a doubt significantly corrupt, is pursuing objectives on a relatively rational basis which benefit a major sector of the American economy. The Israel lobby is working to drive a wedge between the United States and nearly every other nation in the world, in ways which stand a good chance of destroying the American economy.
If you disagree, then name a lobby in American politics which you believe is similar to the Israel lobby. Who would be the equivalents in this lobby to Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes and that entire network of hysterical Armageddonists?
The author of the quote you produced really hasn't thought this through.

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> Comment: From a self-described Zionist blog -- "an on-line forum for Zionists from across the ideological and social spectrum to decipher, develop and debate issues affecting the Jewish people around the world." Quite sympathetic to the Mearsheimer and Walt paper. There are many people in the Zionist world who are capable of thinking outside the box.

The crux of the biscuit (Frank Zappa):

Indeed, the exposed inner workings of AIPAC do come across as somewhat sordid and, well, gross: power, money, oligarchy. I'm sure there will be much discussion as to the truth of Massing's claims. But what many of us have been wondering since the very beginning, and which Massing neglects to seriously consider, is whether this is abnormal or simply a feature of the American political system. If you have a problem with AIPAC, take it up with the system, not with a set of ideologically committed Jews, and sincere Americans, who have effectively learned to work within it.
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