Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[political-research] Re: Will the White House Moron Bring On Armageddon? - by Paul Craig Roberts

> Excerpt:
> The neoconservatives could not care less about public opinion.
Neocons are contemptuous of the American people. Leo Strauss taught
neocons that it was their duty to deceive the clueless American people
in order to implement their agenda of global domination. The neocons
believe that they have a perfect right, even the obligation, to
manipulate the public through propaganda and black ops in order to
create acceptance and support for their wars of aggression.

Amazing how Leo Strauss has been turned into a scapegoat in this
debate. This is not necessarily a new feature in public debates. But
it makes matters not more true if the are repeated over and over
again. I notice that the misuse of Leo Strauss for me has turned into
a signal that makes me hesitant about the rest:

Excerpt: Reading Leo Strauss, Steven B. Smith


Why Strauss, Why Now?


What Is a Straussian?

Once when I was in graduate school, at a party where there was
probably way too much to drink, a friend of mine—now by coincidence a
prominent attorney in New Haven—was asked if he was a Straussian. "If
you mean by that do I regard everything that Leo Strauss ever wrote as
true," he replied, "then, yes, I am a Straussian." We all laughed
because my friend's answer so perfectly captured and parodied the
common view of Straussianism. The question, am I a Straussian, is
something I have been asked on more than one occasion over the years.
Sometimes the question seems prompted by nothing more than the idle
desire to know what Straussianism means. At other times it has the
vague character of an "are you now or have you ever been . . ." kind
of accusation. In any case the question has caused me to think about
what it is to be a Straussian.


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