Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[political-research] Wall Street Doesn't Like This War


[In the REAL world, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld would have been fired a long time ago for gross incompetence. Also: more evidence that it is Israel and the Israel lobby, and The Lobby only, which is agitating for a war against Iran. Enough of this shit, all the pragmatists in the business world are muttering, more and more loudly with each passing month. They consider the neocons to be surpassing wankers, all mouth, zero skills in any field other than in manufacturing hate propaganda.]

Investment banker Ken Miller says that the war in Iraq, conflated with the other policies coming out of Washington, are of growing concern to American financiers.


Wall Streeters now fall mainly into two camps: Those who think the war in Iraq was itself a horrible mistake and those who think it could have been a good choice but was bungled in the execution. It is not the $800 billion the Iraq War is projected to cost that drives us nuts. A $13 trillion economy can make adjustments. But the troop drawdown and failure to finish the job in Afghanistan, the bad information in the run-up to the Iraq invasion, the ever-changing rationales, the failure to develop realistic scenarios after the collapse of Saddam Hussein and the chronic bloodletting without an exit plan -- these smack of the type of performance that, in the brutal meritocracy of the Street, would cost us our jobs.

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