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I missed this testimony (made during the confirmation hearings) by new CIA Director Michael Hayden:

Senator Levin: "While the intelligence community was consistently dubious about links between Iraq and al Qaeda, Mr. Feith produced an alternative analysis, asserting that there was a strong connection. Were you comfortable with Mr. Feith's office's approach to intelligence analysis?"

General Hayden: "No, sir, I wasn't . . . No, sir, I wasn't comfortable."

Very interesting. So here we have statements by still another well positioned person that Douglas Feith, the Likudnik at the pentagon, conducted suspect research.

Despite the massive evidence, the WSJ has their panties in a bunch over this statement, and others like it by Mr. Hayden. They just keep telling the lies over and over again.

The WSJ claims that Hayden has promised to "retract" this statement, but they are not happy with the statement from Hayden. They shouldn't be because Hayden does not retract the statement at all.

Which should we belive? Well, as Steve Sailer points out here, the original statements by Hayden were made under oath, while the non-retraction retraction was not.
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