Tuesday, June 13, 2006

[political-research] Re: Begin allegedly involved in bid to kill then German Chancellor Adenauer


somehow I can understand that there are Israeli's or Jews that would
never speak a word with a German. Look at Goldhagen's thesis. We do
seem to have some peculiar cruelty in our genes and/or in our mental
history. The problem with this thesis is that the Nazi's wherever they
went did not have much difficulties in finding collaborators, as there
were Germans that did resist the Nazi spirit. In the little space left
after the "Gleichschaltung". So the empirical facts on the ground seem
to be much more complicated.

Concerning Adenauer - who had been the mayor of Cologne before the
Nazi's by the way - it's a really difficult affair. To pick out one
little part of his long life, he selected a couple of Nazis in his
cabinet, that's why the US didn't pass on informations about where
Eichmann went to the Israelis, Adenauer didn't want to get some of his
special former Nazis in troubles. I am very pleased that this is
finally on the table, somehow we have been suspecting this all along.
These matters troubled part of my generation. And ultimately led to
the terrorism of the seventies.

Lately I find Germans writing that the cold-war – and thus the easily
distributed "Persil" papers (Persil = German detergent brand), that
basically stated someone "was clean" – was very good for "us" Germans.
Admittedly this feels like some bad kind of senility to me.


> Excerpt:
> Former prime minister Menachem Begin played a central role in a
failed attempt to assassinate then-West German Chancellor Konrad
Adenauer, with the objective of sabotaging the reparations agreement
in the works with Israel, according to the journal of Eliezer Sudit,
one of the men who carried out the attempted hit.
> Sudit's journal, which was published in a limited number of copies
only, came into the possession of the Israel correspondent for the
German daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine.
> Excerpts from the diary passed on to Haaretz reveal that Begin knew
of the plans to assassinate Adenauer, and even initiated meetings to
promote the operation. Among other things, Sudit writes that he heard
Begin had offered to sell his gold watch to pay for the hit after the
operation ran into financial difficulties.
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