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[political-research] Bloglines - War Crimes and BBC's Insane Society

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War Crimes and BBC's Insane Society

By The Cat's Dream

Dear Craig Oliver, Editor, Ten O'Clock News, BBC1

I read your email to a Media Lens’ poster (Posted by Mr Bombastic on June 12, 2006, 2:47 pm):
The story about rendition flights was an exclusive on Newsnight the previous day. It was covered widely in the national press and on radio on the day. We took the view that there was little more we could add to the story.
I do not agree that there was nothing new in the Rooney story. As we reported it was becoming increasingly clear that he was returning to Germany to play in the latter stages of the World Cup - should England qualify.
Best wishes,
Craig Oliver
Could you please inform your audience on which basis you "took the view that there was little more we could add to the story"?

From Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rapporteur Dick Marty’s report “Alleged secret detentions and unlawful inter-state transfers involving Council of Europe member states”:
280. Our analysis of the CIA 'rendition' programme has revealed a network that resembles a 'spider’s web' spun across the globe. The analysis is based on official information provided by national and international air traffic control authorities, as well as on other information including from sources inside intelligence services, in particular the American. This 'web', shown in the graphic239, is composed of several landing points, which we have subdivided into different categories, and which are linked up among themselves by civilian planes used by the CIA or military aircraft. (...)

292. With regards to these extremely serious allegations, it is urgent – that is the principal aim of this report – that all Council of Europe member states concerned finally comply with their positive obligation under the ECHR to investigate. It is also crucial that the proposals in the draft resolution and recommendation are implemented so that terrorism can be fought effectively whilst respecting human rights at the same time.
How can the BBC writes “that there was little more we could add to the story" when the government leading the “Coalition of the Willing”, the “War on Terror” and the “Exporting Democracy Enterprise” is guilty (together with your own government) of massive human rights violation according to the United Nations, the Council of Europe, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International among others?

When you "took the view that there was little more we could add to the story", had you read the Council of Europe’s report? This is what that reports states just about one point:
1.2. Guantanamo Bay

4. At Guantanamo Bay, on the island of Cuba, several hundred people are being detained without enjoying any of the guarantees provided for in the criminal procedure of a state governed by the rule of law or in the Geneva Conventions on the law of war. These people have been arrested in unknown circumstances, handed over by foreign authorities without any extradition procedure being followed, or illegally abducted in various countries by United States special services. They are considered enemy combatants, according to a new definition introduced by the American administration7.

5. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has strongly criticised this state of affairs: on 26 April 2005, with no votes against and just five abstentions, it adopted a resolution (1433/2005) and recommendation (1699/2005) in which it urges the United States Government to put a stop to this situation and to ensure respect for the principles of the rule of law and human rights. It also concludes that the United States has engaged in the unlawful practice of secret detention. In its reply of 17 June 2005 (doc. 10585), the Committee of Ministers expresses its full support to all such efforts and to all efforts to obtain a prompt release or fair trial of persons detained at Guantánamo Bay by an independent and impartial court. It urges the United States Government to ensure that the rights of all detainees are ensured and that the principle of the rule of law is fully respected. For its own part, it expresses the determination of the member states to ensure that the rights of persons released and returned to their jurisdiction are fully respected. The Committee of Ministers has conveyed a message in these terms to the Government of the United States of America8. To our knowledge, no reply has been received to date.

6. The UN Committee against Torture has also called for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in recent times, criticising its secret character and the denial of access to the ICRC9.
Your words “We took the view that there was little more we could add to the story” are dated June 10. In those same hours, three people – INNOCENT PEOPLE!!! - were killing themselves in the US concentration camp Guantanamo.

Once again the BBC is actively aiding and abetting in war crimes and crimes against humanity. And now, please, tell us everything about the Rooney story.

You have shown what an INSANE SOCIETY is.

Gabriele Zamparini


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