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Re: [911InsideJobbers] Re: "Holocaust deniers" ..... Attention

There is ALWAYS "an active putsch" against the No Planers.
This happens because the fictional planes are the crux of every
faction's dream of universal slavery.
They don't care what lie we believe, as long as it is some lie.
From the safety of their REALLY BIG LIE, they can lay out endless
amounts of corruption and treachery, til at some point it becomes bragging.

The best case available is that they go silent once they understand we
are right.

With Nico's new evidence, the whole plot lies exposed.

Trying to change the subject to the much-more-reliable
kneejerk-antisemitism is typical.
This is Reich of the Black Sun
which reveals the real purpose behind Auschwitz.

The typical jewbaiting that goes on about Auschwitz is intended to keep
loud the meme Auschwitz+Deathcamp.
It was, and then some, but not because of gas or ovens...that is just a
dependable sideshow.
Hitler's Secret Saucers
tells a lot about the history of the technology on parade at 911.

We are dealing with a ten thousand year old hoax which has many fans,
each eager to make whatever coverup fits with whatever collection of
lies they have hooked together.
I will have more of a clue after I meet some of these suckers in the
flesh at the 911 Suburban Reptile conference.

xxxxxxx wrote:
> Oh god, thanks for relating that.
> I never go to the ST911 discussion board, I find it a waste of time,
> but what you say is very disturbing.
> What seems to be the case at ST911, from what I have heard through
> Judy Wood, is an active putsch against "no-planers". Judy Wood, who
> is in fact one of the few structural engineers in the group, actually
> finds the no-plane evidence compelling.

>> Lynn, what I quoted came from the Scholar for 911 Truth forum. I was
>> shocked and appalled to find out that several of the contributors to
>> that forum (NOT Jim Fetzer) are either holocaust-deniers or tolerant
>> of same. At the same time, one member was actually suspended for
>> accusing another member of being a govt agent! I wrote this in reply:
>> " Very, very bad move, Greg. I request that you reinstate Jeff Kellogg
>> immediately.
>> Since when is "accusing" somebody of working for the government a
>> crime, or even something bad? Furthermore, Jeff's analysis was quite
>> astute.
>> We all know that this forum, like all the 911 forums, includes
>> government employees, and very likely employees of intelligence
>> agencies of various kinds, governmental or private. So what?
>> At the same time, your (and others') tolerance of a raving anti-Semite
>> (read Jew-hater) like Peter Smith is absolutely shocking. I am not
>> Jewish, but I will stand up against you, Rick Raijter, Smith, and
>> every other member of this forum who tolerates this filth. It's bad
>> enough to have links to Wing TV and Michael Collins Piper on the s911t
>> website (though I think Jim has removed the Piper link, and I have
>> warned him about the others), but to allow this on the forum is not
>> only disgusting, but suicide on your part. Wait till Jim Hofman gets
>> hold of these posts by Smith (and others). He will be quite right to
>> denounce you. By allowing this, you are destroying the forum, Scholars
>> for 9/11 Truth, and maybe the entire 911 "truth movement" (if there
>> even is such a thing).
>> I am not for censorship or exclusion, but I demand some intelligence
>> and backbone from you, Steven Jones, Jim Fetzer, and the other members
>> of this organization. Would you tolerate racism? Sexism? No, certainly
>> not. But you tolerate this filth. If you have no sense of justice or
>> morality, where are your brains? You are killing yourselves.
>> If you and the wimpy-assed raving lunatic Jew-haters want to suspend
>> me, along with Jeff Kellogg, who has done nothing at all wrong, and
>> certainly nothing at all commensurate with the depraved snarling posts
>> of your Mr. Smith (it is a felony, by the way, in Germany, to deny the
>> holocaust, which is why David Irving is in jail), I will be proud to
>> go down with him, and a pox on all your houses!"
>> I am still in that forum, and I got Fetzer to come in and shut these
>> guys up to some degree, but I am still appalled by the lack of
>> resistance to this crap and don't really want to talk with these
>> people any more. As I said, it's worse than crap. It's a felony in
>> Germany and some other countries, and it will absolutely destroy the
>> 911 "truth movement." S911T used to link to a talk by Michael Collins
>> Piper, which I think Fetzer has since removed, but there are still
>> links to Wing TV, which is on the order of Piper, American Free Press,
>> etc.
>> Hence my question to this group. Rosalee has a link to a holcaust
>> denier (David Cole), which she referred to, and I have no idea what
>> this "Reich of the Black Sun" stuff is. I know about Eric Hufschmid,
>> did not know about Eastman. Rosalee says the Nazis won WW2, and if
>> she means the US protected some high-ranking Nazis afterwards and
>> helped them escape or even employed them (Reinhard Gehlen being the
>> best example, first head of the BND, or German CIA), she is right, but
>> what does it mean to say the Nazis won the war?
>> I refuse to even discuss any of this shit. It doesn't belong here,
>> and I repeat, anything like this, and most of all anything that sounds
>> remotely like "holocaust denial," is absolutely fatal. I will kill
>> you and everybody who has anything to do with you.
>> For example, Rick Raijter, who is one of the active s911t posters, has
>> a piece on the website and co-authors with Morgan Reynolds, is one of
>> the people "tolerant" of holocaust-denial. That guy is dead in the
>> water, and I am now very suspicious of Morgan Reynolds. That's how it
>> goes. And I'm not even Jewish (I don't think, although there is a
>> possibilty on my maternal side that I would be glad to discover). I
>> went to high school in New Rochelle and had a lot of Jewish friends,
>> and I react as viscerally to Jew-haters as I do to racists, even
>> though I'm not black either. And you know damn well that
>> anti-Semitism (read "Jew-hating") is exactly what "holocaust denial"
>> is all about, and nothing else.
>> We don't need a special "Jewish" website, for crissakes! What we need
>> to do is identify these pigs and expose them, because they will kill
>> us all. Look at Chris Bollyn. He does good work (e.g.,
>> seismographs), as far as I can tell, but since he works for American
>> Free Press, he too is a corpse. Zero credibility. Mark Rabinovitch
>> of Oil Empire site even smeared David Griffin, just because Griffin
>> cited Bollyn's article! That's the other extreme, but it shows you
>> how dangerous it is. If Rabinovitch or even Jim Hofman gets hold of
>> some of the pages of the s911t forum, it will kill them!
>> We have enough lies to uncover. If we need more, we can get into the
>> moon hoax, Pearl Harbor, or any number of other things, but leave the
>> Jews alone! Leave Israel alone, for that matter. I know, I know, the
>> Lobby that controls Wash., blah, blah. Mossad blah blah. We just
>> don't need it. We have the most powerful secret govt in the history of
>> the universe to fight, and we don't need to focus on the small stuff.
>> I'd very much like your reactions to this. I think it's very important.

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