Wednesday, May 31, 2006 | Unknown Tiffany Souers Killer - Fugitive Unknown Tiffany Souers Killer - Fugitive

2nd Clemson Engineering student murdered in 2006. Is this related to 9/11 Scholars for Truth?

Article published May 30, 2006
Clemson student's death shocks neighbors, college communityBy JACOB JORDANAssociated Press Writer
Neighbors of a 20-year-old Clemson University student who was strangled with a bikini top at her off-campus apartment were dealing with the news of her death while trying to figure out why local authorities are telling them so little about what happened.Tiffany Souers was killed early Friday, but authorities have released few details about her death. The junior who was taking summer classes, was found on her apartment bedroom floor by her former roommate and her boyfriend, who had come by to return a key. The top was still around her neck, authorities said.Investigators have not received the results of a sexual assault test and there are no clear suspects or motive, prosecutor Bob Ariail said Tuesday. He wouldn't talk about the timeline of events leading up to Souers' death, whether she had any prior relationships or if she knew her attacker. There was no sign of forced entry.Souers, a civil engineering student from Ladue, Mo., was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at Clemson, an agricultural and engineering school in the northwestern corner of the state about 30 miles west of Greenville. She also helped a local charity craft its bylaws and was planning an internship later this summer."This was an aspiring young girl who was an all-American kid from all appearances," Ariail said. "That does tug at your heartstrings."Neighbors said her apartment was quiet and they didn't hear anything unusual the night she was killed."I never expected anything like that to happen here," said 22-year-old Justin Garrick, who lives in the apartment directly above Souers'. "They're never loud or anything."Souers' building is in the back of a sprawling three-story apartment complex about three miles from campus. Orange tiger paws representing Clemson's mascot are painted on the pavement and students tan at the pool, exercise at the community center during all hours of the night and routinely leave their doors unlocked."Sometimes we were bad and left keys under the mat," said Kimberly Perry, 21, who will be a senior in the fall. "It was just kind of shocking. That kind of thing doesn't happen around here very often."Souers' ground-level apartment is down a narrow hallway that is dark even during the daylight hours. It opens away from the complex's center to a parking lot, which is bordered by a construction site.A red piece of evidence tape still dangled from Souers' door Tuesday.Some neighbors were disappointed local authorities didn't let them know what was going on. Residents said they saw the coroner's vehicle and several police cruisers, but even those questioned by police had to learn from media reports what had happened.Neighbor Roeun Eang said she and a friend spent two nights at a nearby hotel after hearing about the killing."I was just kind of freaking out a little bit," Eang said.By Tuesday, the apartment complex had sent out a letter informing residents of Souers' death. It also instructed residents to keep doors locked and identify visitors."With the circumstances surrounding Tiffany's death are unknown at this time, we urge everyone to exercise common sense security precautions," according to the letter.Ariail, who was taking media questions because local police were swamped with calls, advised residents to be mindful, but not concerned."I don't think they should be afraid to go back to their apartments," Ariail said.He said the entire police force in Central, which is just a few miles from the heart of campus, was working on the case. Other state and local authorities also were assisting in the investigation."It was frustrating I couldn't give them more help," said Seth Chinnis, a neighbor who was questioned by authorities. "I was 50 feet away."

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