Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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'Bin Laden' tapes & 9/11 conspiracies

By somebigguy
THE LASTEST alleged bin Laden tape raises even more questions regarding the "official version" of 9/11.

Why would bin Laden wait until immediately after Moussaoui's sentencing to proclaim his innocence? Why do we never hear anything regarding the actual process by which these tapes are authenticated?

Are we to accept the word of the same intelligence authorities who assured us of the presence of WMDs in Iraq? Perhaps the tapes should be analyzed by independent experts before expecting the repeatedly duped American population to accept these findings at face value.

I find it particularly odd that "bin Laden" goes out of his way to take full responsibility for 9/11 here when he made such a point of categorically denying his involvement immediately following the attacks.

But the emphasis on "bin Laden's" claim of responsibility does start to make a bit more sense when you realize that these alleged tapes have appeared remarkably soon after the Pentagon video that clearly proved it was a missile that hit its wall on 9/11, and not a commercial airliner.

But this is all nonsense, of course, after all: Why would the Bush administration intentionally mislead the public about anything so important as matters regarding war and peace?

Richard Margolin
Hoboken, N.J.

Thanks to Bart (said like Homer) for this submission.

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