Wednesday, May 31, 2006

[911InsideJobbers] RE: 05/18: ABC forum censorship

Nico wrote (May 19):

> Here is a rare W-ABC 7 edit with the same CGI plane which accidentally
> "comes out" (from behind) of building,
> shortly before the real fireball starts.
> I recommend to save or record that part of video (though it's tough to get
> to the source coode), because YOUTUBE is another neocon front, controlled
> by 3 ex-paypal people, to sniff on 'profiling'.
> Play slow motion, or decompile it into frames and you can clearly see it.

I didn't read this on this list, which I've stayed off of, but on a new one,
"truthabout911", to which I was recently invited by a John Berkowitz. I've
spent the evening browsing through the more than 750 messages of its first
month of existence, and it was pretty much a waste of time except for a
couple of postings by xxxxxxxx, and xxxxxx's forwarding of the above-
quoted posting by Nico. I started to watch the video with some skepticism,
but was somewhat shocked to see that the alleged emergence was in fact easy
to see without slow motion or decompilation - it's quick, but quite visible.

I still had the question, however, whether the thing coming out of the
building was the same thing that had approached it from the other side.
So I took two screen shots, before and after so to speak, and then copied
the extrusion and the equivalently sized leftmost tip of the approaching
object to two JPG files, "2.jpg" and "1.jpg" respectively, which I have
now uploaded to the Files area of this list - this in preference to sending
them to Nico and Rosalee privately, on the chance that someone else might
be interested in having a look at this. The two snippets aren't exactly
identical, but there's a suggestive similarity and the emerging object
certainly resembles the approaching one far more closely than it does
the exploding fireball that follows several frames later.

Another of the few interesting things among the messages of the new list
was finding out that others hadn't been able to send certain messages
to Yahoo lists on May 15, the same day I sent my last message to this
list and it didn't appear. I assumed I'd been moderated, but perhaps
this wasn't the case. It's not urgent, I'll post it again later.


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