Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Win Ben Stein's soul

By Jonathan

It is Memorial Day, a day to remember and a day to give thanks to those who have died to protect our country. So what could Ben Stein have possibly been thinking to speak the following words to family members of fallen soldiers?

The media try to rob your husbands' and wives' and kids' lives of meaning saying this war is not about anything.

They're wrong and they say what they say because they don't see the truth. They print a story on the front page about Marines killing civilians in a town in Iraq and if they did, it was wrong.

But the big media never report a MARINE throwing himself on a bomb to protect an Iraqi child, or a Marine giving his life to rid a town of murderers or a Marine or an Army man or woman or a Navy Seal or a Coast Guardsman offering up his life so that Iraqi human beings can have the same freedoms and rights we take for granted here in America.

The media are like grave robbers, robbing you of the certain knowledge that your spouses gave their lives for something deeply worthwhile: human dignity.


And the media like to criticize because they know -- in their hearts -- that they will never have the guts that the man and woman in uniform have. I think media envy of your loved ones' courage has a lot do with media mockery of the war.

What a sick, little man Ben Stein is. [via an approving, I assume, InstaPundit]

UDPATE: And not to be missed, check out the nutters new campaign! To bring utter shame on evil, evil Google for not being patriotic enough to emblazon on their front page a flag or an eagle or, perhaps, a picture of a dead soldier. Really now, this is what these people worry about on a day like this? Pathetic.

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