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[political-researchp] Bloglines - Getaway Car used in Murder of 9/11 Researcher found Burned

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Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation

Getaway Car used in Murder of 9/11 Researcher found Burned

By culhavoc on News

April 5th, 2006

An explosion that rocked a Brooklyn Park neighborhood about 10 p.m. Wednesday turned out to be from the getaway car in the Uptown Minneapolis murder. Police says it was apparently purposely set on fire.

One nearby resident, who asked that his name not be used for safety reasons, said, “we heard an explosion, it was enough to shake the house.” The resident ran from the house and saw not only the car in flames but, “I saw a black car take off speeding and the neighbor down the street said he saw him shut his lights off and take off.”

The description of that vehicle aided police in tracking down that car and arresting the two adults inside, a male and female. “We believe the man is related to one of the suspects who is wanted in connection to Michael Zebuhr’s death,” said Minneapolis police Lieutenant Lee Edwards.

Zebuhr is the South Carolina college graduate student who was shot and killed as he, his mother, sister and friend left Calhoun Square in the Uptown part of Minneapolis the night of March 18.

While police are glad to have tracked down the getaway car, its value as far as evidence is questionable. Lieutenant Edwards called finding the car “huge” but added, “Unfortunately the car was burned so we have some problem with the evidence, we don’t know what evidence might have been destroyed.”

As for one of the neighbors who heard the explosion Wednesday night, he had no doubt the car was the one police were looking for. “I watched the news an hour and a half earlier and I knew they were looking for a white Ford Taurus. When I saw it, it just hit me hey! that’s the car.”

Police say they are still looking for three teens including one who has a felony murder warrant out for his arrest in connection with the Uptown murder.

Lieutenant Edwards spoke directly to those three on Wednesday when he said, “people in the community are talking. There’s nowhere for you to hide so you may as well give yourself up.”

As for two other teens arrested Monday, including the alleged triggerman, prosecutors were given another 24 hours to come up with criminal charges. The extension was granted by a Hennepin County District court judge as police continue to work the case that seems to be changing daily with new developments.


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